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Asian Americans Try To Speak Their Native Language

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Text Comments (13135)
DJZK Official (3 hours ago)
System.out.println("Im Sorry");
Pretty Girl Strks (15 hours ago)
I’m gonna cry
Random Otaku XD (1 day ago)
I love you- English Ti amo -Spanish Je T’aime- French Ich leibe dich -German Wô ái nî - Mandarin Chinese Aishiteru - Japanese That’s all I know lmao
Zolientluong Hmar (19 hours ago)
Wǒ aì nǐ**
Fredericus II (1 day ago)
Have the kids tried studying?
Ananditha Kudupudi (2 days ago)
Who else know more than 4 languages?👊👍
Sophie X. (2 days ago)
I’m glad that my parents taught me Chinese, it’s a source of pride whenever I’m around ABC’s and I speak really well lol :)
T makabu (4 days ago)
I just remember, I need to learn how to speak Latin so I can communicate with my ancestors.
• Dead Roses • (4 days ago)
I am bilingual My first language is spanish and english is my second language....and Its been a very long time since I spoke spanish because I got in trouble when I was little for speaking spanish to a spanish friend because a lot of teachers could not understand me. And Its been so long since I spoke spanish and My bisabuela only speaks spanish, she barely speaks english and I’m so rusty at it that I’m not confident in it at all anymore, I don’t even speak to kids that only speak spanish because I’m scared of making a mistake They only thing I do for them is read over their work thats in spanish to translate it for them. I can barely speak spanish anymore. But I can read it just fine. Quiero hablar español más 😞
s.unflowers (4 days ago)
Oml I can relate to this video uwuwu because I'm Hmong but i cant speak it and whenever i hear people around me speaking Hmong I get so confused 🤧😬😶
Marcus Leong (5 days ago)
Why must everything include crying nowadays
i mean (5 days ago)
im from the Philippines. When my parents speak Tagalog I can understand the topic but not certain details. I also can’t properly speak Tagalog, when they ask all my knowledge flys out of my head.
trollking99 (5 days ago)
Most Filipinos speak English anyway, even if they have to suffer nose bleeds.
Mendokusai - (7 days ago)
Its kinda weird how I know so much of my language (vietnamese) even though I was never taught it and only time I’ve visited vietnam was when I was four. Even vietnamese people say my pronunciation and grammar is good.
Mario Enrique (8 days ago)
It's good to get in touch with your roots
Mario Enrique (8 days ago)
It's good to get in with your roots
Prechha Tiwari (8 days ago)
I can speak Nepali because that's were I was born and English but both of my parents and grandparents were born in Bhutan so I am trying to speak it with them
Candy 108 (10 days ago)
Michelle I want to give u a hug
Sascha Bach (12 days ago)
Where is a Siberian-Russian representative?
Billy Batson (14 days ago)
Next : Russian-Asian try to speak their native language.
Elsa몬베베 (15 days ago)
i like korean peoples 한국 사람 사랑헤요 몬스타엑스 사랑헤요
Rosie. Salazar (16 days ago)
quentin mims (16 days ago)
I like The Asian Culture and Language everything in Asia is Amazing and I think it’s Ashamed that people look down or discriminate against people who want to speak their Native Language. I am Currently Learning Lao,Thai and Tagalog
George Costarica (17 days ago)
The most culturless minorities. They dont belong
ItzJustIshii (17 days ago)
*when ur multilingual* English friend: did you know, bla bla bla bla? Me: *accidentally speaks in korean*
Spill the Tea (17 days ago)
What’s so sad is that us Asians living in western countries our children and their children wouldn’t know that much of our culture and religion as we evolve around the country we are living in that we forget we are special and have our own origins that we are proud of . Sometimes we feel ashamed to have to speak our native language in front of other however we should feel proud as it makes us more unique
_Ak (18 days ago)
I’m also third generation but I would never refuse to not speak my mother tongue with my parents it’s so sad and I’m so proud that I can still speak my mother tongue fluently
NamNam Style (18 days ago)
The language im struggling with is Spanish, our country Phillippines was taken over by Spainyard for 330 years, and alot knows to speak but I cant understand we still speak our own language
Budhivali Rakieten (18 days ago)
I speak a lot of different languages and (out of these I could only speak 2) to the girl who spoke Hindi and the girl who spoke Japanese, you did VERY good!!!
Deepak Nohwar (18 days ago)
Yes the indian girl definitely sound weird in her native language now.but i like how she used pure hindi words 'aasha' and 'garv'.
Alex Vang (19 days ago)
Give it 30 or 40 more years and all native languages will be decreased to 0
PenguinTea (19 days ago)
I’m bilingual:P
Fleur delacour (21 days ago)
Michelle in buzzfeed 😲😲😲
Funny Llama (21 days ago)
I'm multilingual Thai, English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and French :)
Woah... Really? Where did you learn those languages from?
Katie Osle (22 days ago)
I knew the song the Japanese girl was going to sing before she sang it lol I loved that song growing up
thɪnkɪngofher ́- (22 days ago)
Bro I am not even indian but u grew up knowing some Hindi because my cousins are from India I'm grateful
divija d (22 days ago)
i can speak and understand telugu, but when i can’t pronounce certain words, or i only know them in english, i feel ashamed. i’m grateful that i can speak basic telugu, i just wish i could speak to my grandparents without that language barrier
tky2310 (22 days ago)
LisaXoXokeo 12345 (23 days ago)
I am Cambodian-American
Kalyssa Cheng (23 days ago)
Where all my Cambodians at!
anna xo (23 days ago)
I understand my parents (they speak Malayalam) but I can’t speak it
Jannie Stories101 (24 days ago)
Ever since I was young my grandma didn’t speak English, so I grew up speaking Hmong. I also have another language which is Mien but my dad was never in my life to help me learn that language and not a lot of people speak it.
Ruby Animations (25 days ago)
For those who don’t know how to say I love you in Japanese Aishiteru Mum In Japanese is Okasan And Dad is otousan. For those who speak Japanese I’m using Siri to translate into Japanese, I do know Japanese my self.. 私の名前はルビー11歳でヒリガナを研究しています.
I'm American and we think it's cool when people speak other languages unless they are brats and are straight up stupid or you are talking to us directly.
Tazeen Shaikh (26 days ago)
When the Indian girl said. I love you. She actually spoke correctly. Cuz on screen they had it written for masculine gender but she used feminine gender by herself. Makes me think she knows Hindi a little.
Zach Trapper (28 days ago)
At least they know what their native language is if they want to learn it
UrbanSipfly (28 days ago)
I have a niece who is approximately 8 years old, born and raised in the Philippines who does not understand her native Filipino dialect over English (British at that). She and I (being from the USA) are just going to get along fine when we meet for the first time in the flesh...
Kpop Multifandom (30 days ago)
I'm a Pakistani (mipuri) British Assalamualakam mei sari Pakistani Nae hai. Hello I'm not fully Pakistani.
Kpop Multifandom (21 days ago)
+Hania Asim Cool!
Hania Asim (21 days ago)
I am from Pakistan too 🇵🇰
ItsQueenJazz (30 days ago)
why do they act like they're depressed about it?
Teath Rosmawati (1 month ago)
Cambodia ❤️
Sondos Mohd (1 month ago)
Well I'm so glad that I'm native speaker of one of the hardest languages...arabic And I can speak it with all dialects
Elsie Martinez (1 month ago)
I’m speak a lot of languages like Spanish English french Norwegian Korean and Japanese 👌😁
There is a difference between mother tongue and native language
Let's discuss Hello! Here is my Opentalk Id https://opentalk.to/kizznyc to reach me. You can set up a call and specify when you would be available and I will give you an Opentalk call.
+Grace Chen Yes from birth or within the critical period... But suppose if they have grown up with both... Due to especially colonisation... Thus their mother tongue will be the language that their people have naturally helped created vs a colonial language or a language of the people of majority in their country
+Grace Chen https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-the-mother-tongue-and-the-native-language-of-a-speaker
Grace Chen (1 month ago)
موھمد آیاں Ayan ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ ಆಯಾನ್ دکھنی ದಖ್ನಿ “A first language, native language or mother/father/parent tongue (also known as arterial language or L1), is a language that a person has been exposed to from birth or within the critical period. “
+Grace Chen No please go and search Wikipedia
Evan Ravin racer (1 month ago)
ArianatorAndAriana ' (1 month ago)
I speak my native language mandarin and English and a type of Chinese fluently
Sooha Park (1 month ago)
The Korean girl doesn't have an accent like a I though she might when speaking Korean though, granted it's a really simple phrase, but still
HeAnG NaI ._. (1 month ago)
Cambodia 🇰🇭 🇰🇭🇰🇭🌹
pemba bhutia (1 month ago)
Tibetan one of the oldest language is enliisted in threat of extinction , along with it dies all tibetan origin himalayan tribal language forever,
pinktokkimin (1 month ago)
Whenever I watch this video it always makes me so happy that my family never gave up on teaching me Cantonese
Mrs. T. (1 month ago)
Omg im lao and i speak lao and i want to help that guy
NovaNick (4 days ago)
Mrs. T. He’s my cousin and it’s alright he’s ok
Mama Wildan (1 month ago)
Iyolana Thongdy (1 month ago)
I’m Laos 🇱🇦
Trixie da potato (1 month ago)
I love speaking my native language I speak filipino and I try to always to find friends that speak the same language and its so sad that my pilipino friends don't want to speak tagalog
Gamingbacon (1 month ago)
I’m now proud of being a kurd
Mystii (1 month ago)
I'm only half Vietnamese and I can barely speak my language
BrixForcee (1 month ago)
i dont know Vietnamese and im half
Izzy xo (17 days ago)
I can speak it but not fluently
Armando Estrada (1 month ago)
It tripped me out that I could tell that guy was Lao by the way he was speaking English, lol he sounded like my older brother
Andy Dang (1 month ago)
Andy Dang (1 month ago)
I speak 2 language and my school made learn another language
RAY (1 month ago)
Hindi was quite beautiful!
Sadaf Naureen (1 month ago)
Actually the accent was quite off so was the prononcutation
Fresnos Finest (1 month ago)
That lao dude was trying to say I or me in lao during the beginning of the sentence..but ended up mistakenly saying penis every time he started haha!! LOL wow
g (1 month ago)
damn i can relate to all of them. i can barely speak khmer but i understand it more than speaking.
Per Shop (1 month ago)
I know not every family does it, but I do believe being bilingual in America has to come from the parents. If the parents also speak English (to some degree) and communicate with the kids in English -- well that's it...that's the very likely end of the kids being bilingual. Certainly we don't want to enforce a particular language at home, because then it may scare the kids into thinking they can't speak English for fear of punishment. But the parents do need to push a little also, to keep the non-English language to be in active use at home.
Zawlwin Moe (2 months ago)
There are No Excuses for not knowing about YOur mother tongue! Never too late to learn! I don't care what color or where you come from! Of Course English is first!
Fitness & Bodybuilding (2 months ago)
You mean English?
Miguel Noble (2 months ago)
Pilipino ako
EverlastGX (2 months ago)
You will all lose your culture and roots because you are selfish. You will be a bland copy. But nothing wrong with that, its the way it is
Noah Galarze (2 months ago)
I’m learning Japanese and it is very hard!
The Rock (2 months ago)
Imagine not being able to speak your native language 💀
iBoyBeasty Games (2 months ago)
As a Mexican American, I wish my dad spoke Spanish to me more. I haven’t even been to Mexico and all my white friends have. :( Yo hablo un poco pero es no bien.
Rods Start (2 months ago)
Im From malaysia learn british english but I prefer american english and its accent
Rods Start (2 months ago)
asian that born and grow up in america then using American accent is really nice to hear for example shin lim !
Rods Start (2 months ago)
Where is shin lim
Ashton Garza (2 months ago)
Laotian sound like Vietnamese
Dianne Pasia (2 months ago)
wahyudi adi (2 months ago)
I will say terima kasih😊😊
Ultimate Cantante14 (2 months ago)
And here I am only able to speak english,spanish and some italian.
Fe jardin Francisco (2 months ago)
this is why i didnt stop speaking filipino (tagalog) My brother and sister did they dont know how to speak tagalog as much as i do never ever forget your language
leesdroidaccount harbin (2 months ago)
Your native language is whatever language you were born and raised speaking. They were born and raised speaking English, therefore, their native language is English.
Abhishek Singh Shekhu (2 months ago)
Just waiting for her Hindi😅
ɟlǝsʎɯ ǝʇɐɥ ı (2 months ago)
Yesssssss a Cambodian American
Taryn Hamrick (2 months ago)
That was so much deeper than I thought it was going to be.
Pooja Patel (2 months ago)
Whenever I’m in public with my cousin, we speak in Gujarati, and at school when we see someone that one of us or both of us hate, we trash talk them in Gujarati, as long as we say it with a smile, they think it’s a compliment when really I’m calling them a two faced snake with a voice of a two year old on a sugar high.
Sopon Chanseatipon (2 months ago)
I am a Chinese Thai , my wife is from Shanghai , China . Our son (was born in Thailand) is able to speak Chinese ( Mandarin) and Thai fluently because his mom can only speak Chinese ( not a word in Thai language).
ilysc (2 months ago)
Please do white Americans try speak their native language without sounding like a school shooter.
Ayayona LittleEagle (2 months ago)
At least your languages still exist my Native American languages do not exist anymore . Some tribes across Alaska and Canada and all of the America's only about 10% of their languages exist anymore...
Ahmed Seckinov (2 months ago)
Oooooooooooooooffff My parents made me learn Turkish *AND* Turkmen at the same time before i learend english.
The Real Jumin (1 month ago)
Sierra Janelle (2 months ago)
I’m greek CANT SPEAK IT But i will learn it
Gagana hn (2 months ago)
Kannada Telugu Tamil Hindi English
Peny Santiago (2 months ago)
that girl literally cries in every video
Yoshinori Todo (2 months ago)
Just embarrassing and disgraceful. You should have at least a basic knowledge of your NATIVE language (your parents' and grandparents' language)! But it's not too late to learn it yet!

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