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Asian Americans Try To Speak Their Native Language

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Text Comments (12895)
Tae tae (7 hours ago)
I can speak English Hindi ,Urdu ,Arabic,kashmiri (including reading and writing)and Japanese ,Korean (in speech )and I'm 16 ,also I'm currently learning to speak Spanish.Cmon at least make an effort to learn your native language !
Neha Singh (1 day ago)
I am India-german girl and I can speak my both native language
Jannat Bajwa (1 day ago)
I can speak 5 languages Urdu Hindi English Panjabi Spanish
David Charley (1 day ago)
Here in India, almost every person knows 3 to 5 languages. Even my friends knows four languages. It’s really seems to be cool to learn more and more languages in India. Which have very little difference from each other.
Avantika Pathania (2 days ago)
Well if you're talking to an elder person in Hindi, then you don't say 'tum' instead you use 'aap' to give respect.
RM gotJAMS (2 days ago)
Okay but michelle girl, you are such a sweetheart.
Winict Maximus Cosmo (2 days ago)
I am sure the Japanese lady can speak Japan.... and yes .. enable to speak your ancestor language is sacred and gift, fortunately, I do because no one can kill the whole race but language can kill. The day you stop speaking your own language, the day your race disappear from the face of the earth.
Brian Mckenzie (3 days ago)
It’s kinda stupid how they made it “emotional” just because they spoke their native language
jinkook daddy (4 days ago)
The parents are the only ones who can teach their kids the Language in an other country I have seen many people's parents who communicate with their kids in their native language and they speak so fluently
*varsha's world* (4 days ago)
Anyone who came here for saf???
Miciah Hogan (4 days ago)
my family is the same way except with spanish. my dad’s father was from panama, and his family came from cuba and columbia as well. my grandfather never taught his children spanish so now none of his grandchildren can communicate with his relatives as well. it’s really discouraging but i’m learning!
Paris Siripavaket (4 days ago)
Please teach your kids your language. It's so painful not having that piece of your culture.
girlygirlyblonde (5 days ago)
If you're not close to your extended family and if you have no intention of ever going to live in the country, no job opportunities or any type of future over there then it is totally pointless to learn the language. And it is shallow to be upset at someone for not knowing their parents nature language because we are all saying the same thing anyway.
curry muncher (5 days ago)
Serey Tepy (5 days ago)
Cambodia right here 🇰🇭
Abdul Hai (6 days ago)
No matter how successful you become in life, never ever be embarassed about your culture. Stay loyal to your roots.
Gacha Ryko (7 days ago)
Me: whyyyyyyy im Khmer and thai ooooooof
Nazia Parween (7 days ago)
I can speak: Hindi Urdu English Persian Arabic
Himesh Pathak (5 days ago)
I can speak only 3😢
Himesh Pathak (5 days ago)
Nazia Parween dont recognize urdu and hindi as separate languages 😂
loki (8 days ago)
2:34 she did it pretty nicely , except the " hai " part and 3:10 lol that is how a typical firangi talks
_Nitin _ (9 days ago)
Lol bhai mepunjabi hu mere ghar me sab punjabi bolte h bus muche bolni nhi samjh ati h :)
anjali kispotta (10 days ago)
True, Asian families do not express😂. I thought that was something Indian but I'm glad it's an Asian issue. Ily is something that never comes out of their mouths. 😂
Duncan Tuen (10 days ago)
Why sad? I’m pretty sure all people can learn and speak their second, third, fourth, ... languages fluently if they love to and devote their own time to practice it even as foreign languages. Luckily, these languages survive as world’s most spoken languages while small languages/dialects died out everyday and can’t be recovered. Many people have no chance to learn and talk their mother tongues to anyone. This is much more sad to me.
Fire_2000 (11 days ago)
I'm trying to learn Russian so I don't end up like these guys
lil_mochi97 (14 days ago)
I’m billingual but I don’t understand why they didn’t wanted to learn their own language that’s so sad and weird for me.
luna romance (7 days ago)
lil_mochi97 it isn't their choice it's their parents
Arijit Palit (15 days ago)
Languages I know, বাংলা हिंदी
mehul mishra (16 days ago)
No matter where I die but my body should be cremated in my own country India and a handful ashes should be thrown into the Ganga river.
Kim Taehyung (17 days ago)
This is made so dramatically, like it's not sad or moving whatsoever
Onel E Riveron (18 days ago)
Question, how is the other language their "native" language if they are Americans or born here in the states??? Buzzfeed gets stupider with every video they make.
Pakistani Cooking (19 days ago)
Lol this is me in front of my white friends.
Himesh Pathak (5 days ago)
Pakistani Cooking dufa hoja
Viktor Vaughn (19 days ago)
No.. your culture isn't going to die because you personally can't speak it. What a bunch of whiners. They all chose not to learn it because of their own insecurities, and try to make it a societal issue. This video is gay.
slushypupxoxo (20 days ago)
I can speak English, Bengali and Italian. Also I am learning French and Spanish.
MUVE NAN (20 days ago)
THIS is American’s education system! never mind! 🎌
Timur Dimitriev (20 days ago)
Oh please if you want to learn a language you can! Problem with people is that once things get tiny bit more challenging, they just quit. THEY DONT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH.
OCTRETTA (21 days ago)
I can speak 5 languages English Hindi Tamil (my native language) Kannada French
Nishant Biswas (21 days ago)
Man this Michelle chick cries in every single video.
Jade Belle (21 days ago)
Wouldn't their Native Language be English?
Amira Mustapha-Garba (21 days ago)
Honestly I relate its not that I dont know my language I dont know enough I guess like its so annoying i just know s few stuff
Josephine Ookeerrr (25 days ago)
Anubha Maheshwari (25 days ago)
I'm indian and its ok if u dont understand hindi
nadelina (25 days ago)
Seriously i ve had it with American millennial and their victim mentality. It s a generation that grew up watching too much opera and loved the attention victims get. You want to learn a language you go to school for it. Buy books buy software. Watch music and movies with that language. And stop whining and blaming your parents.
Lisa Mendoza (25 days ago)
I’m noticing that a lot of Filipino parents aren’t teaching their kids the language. There’s a huge amount Filipino community where I live in the uk (my family included) , none of them know the language. (me as well) which is why I’m dedicating my free time to teach myself
Lisa Mendoza (15 hours ago)
I know right 😂🙏🏼 I’ll be sure to do more research next time, thanks for your well needed feedback.
Utkarsh Ag (1 day ago)
You can't even English for that matter.
Yasmine Haidary (25 days ago)
I can relate to this..
Hoseok My baby (26 days ago)
When your a kpopper and the only person you understand is the Korean and Japanese lady XD
Kim Taehyung (17 days ago)
Army 💜
Kim Taehyung (17 days ago)
Looool same gurl
Shadow Senpai (27 days ago)
I'm Chinese, I can speak really well, I can speak a bit of Japanese because of anime
Jason L (18 days ago)
Shadow Senpai weeb
lvnie (28 days ago)
i am definitely upset that i never learned vietnamese or chinese. it’s hard now because when i try to learn i get discouraged and i don’t have confidence. my family always makes fun of me when i do try to speak and i get embarrassed. one time i was at my boyfriend’s house and his grandmother tried to speak to me in vietnamese and i tried to say something back but apparently it didn’t make sense. i got so embarrassed that i just didn’t talk for the rest of the time. //: i really regret not learning.
Kim Taehyung (17 days ago)
Never too late
Kitty G. (28 days ago)
I'm Native American but not Indian.
Sam Hoffman (30 days ago)
Yay a cambodian guy 🇰🇭
cathereen nicole (1 month ago)
Here in the Philippines. SOME Filipino parents teach their children English instead of Tagalog. That's why some teenagers/children here don't know how to speak Tagalog. It's so sad. My parents taught me Tagalog only when I was a child. I'm 14 years old now. They believe school can teach us English so we don't use English in our house. Tagalog is such a poetic language. It's really fun to learn. Nakakalungkot lang na isipin na mas gugustuhin pa nilang matuto ng Ingles kaysa matuto ng sarili nilang wika. Oo, kailangan natin ito at makakatulong ito sa atin ngunit hindi ba dapat muna nating matutunan ang sariling nating wika bago aralin ang wika ng mga banyaga?
Blitz (1 month ago)
Hmmmm I think watching lectures in your native language helps you understand the language a bit better
matthew mann (1 month ago)
Mandarin And Cantonese are probably the most difficult to learn Mongolian is no easy language either
Camille Bayer (1 month ago)
Go away....yeah.
All of my grandparents each speak a different language but I only understand one of them
Lia Kue (1 month ago)
Pranav Dayanand (1 month ago)
I feel bad for the Indian girl. Yeh sab apki gaalti nahi hai.(its not your fault).
XxKid PopxX (1 month ago)
When you watch too many k dramas, kpop, and anime and you know exactly what the Japanese and korean girl want to say.
Aya29jaila7 (1 month ago)
Whose Filipino here?
retipser j (1 month ago)
when you didn't care for your provenance while you moved or your parents moved,why the heck is this a big deal now...
hhh raychELELELEL (1 month ago)
hm now i feel grateful my selt taught third language isnt more worse than their native language
Richard Chagoya (1 month ago)
I'm preserving a dying Language Desert Cahuilla please any donations of recording software, mics, etc.. anything helps to keep the language going send to 66725 Martinez St Thermal Ca 92274 Attention Michelle Morreo Language Specialist.
tajrulzify (1 month ago)
the indian girl is pathetic, I was 12 and I knew 4 languages and I had to do extracurriculars and sports as well, and I'm african so the languages I knew were completely different from each other, (swahili, luganda,lango,lutoro and english).
Sun shine (13 days ago)
you are pathetic 😥😥 what else you know other than stupid languages
tajrulzify (18 days ago)
+Jason L Yeah what a crybaby, definitely raised in some sort of "safe-space".
Jason L (18 days ago)
tajrulzify she also cries a lot lol
Leona Inthavong (1 month ago)
An Cambodian/khmer to I understand but dont how to speak I only speak a liitle EXAMPLE: IKE=POOP SA.AT=PRETTY I KNOW MORE BUT LAZT TO YYPE IT
Asma Asmaton (1 month ago)
>Include indians >No chinese, no vietnamese, no mongolian, etc >"Asian" Might as well include russians, lol.
Mehr Kitab (7 days ago)
russians indigenous to the east are different from what you’re used to thinking of when you think of russians and they are in fact asian the russian you’d be more familiar with originate from the the european part of the country anyway east asians aren’t the default and you’re a piece of trash for thinking so
loki (8 days ago)
Indian are Asians bruh
The Internet (19 days ago)
Russians are considered Eurasian people, because the country is so large it spreads all the way from Europe (west Russia) to far east Asia (east Russia). India is part of Asia, yes. It is within the continent. The video isn't called 'Eastern-Asian Americans Try To Speak Their Native Language' now, is it? Please do more research before commenting. Indians, Arabs, etc. are also Asian because they are part of that continent -_-
Khyati Shirivastav (1 month ago)
Mali Baldwin (1 month ago)
I am Laotian American. I love it there❤️❤️
Arpita Panda (1 month ago)
Since my birth I have stayed in USA and didn't talk till I was 3 and went to school... I am from Odisha, India and my mother tongue is Odia and my national language is Hindi... My mom and dad gave proper time to reach me all three languages properly....and now I can speak all three of them properly with proper accent. Now I am 16 and I can speak along with those three Mandarin French German Spanish Japanese Arabic✌️ It's all the effort guys! Never look down on your culture due to the pressure of fitting into the western culture...always look upto your culture so that you can shine in the western culture! Love from an Indian-American✌️🇮🇳🇺🇸💕
Arpita Panda (19 hours ago)
+Megha Biswas i know it darling!❤
Megha Biswas (1 day ago)
Good to know that you could speak your mother tongue along with so many other incredible languages. But one thing I must clear out is India doesn't have any National language. It is a common misconception that Hindi is the national language when infact it is one of the official languages along with English.
DatFaceClan (1 month ago)
WHERE MY QUAD LINGUAL PEOPLE AT! I speak: English Arabic Berber and French
BRANDON LIAO (1 month ago)
Chào từ nước Mỹ! Các bạn giúp tôi học tiếng Việt! Cảm ơn! (Hello from America! You guys helped me learn Vietnamese! Thanks!)
Junbert Ligayo (1 month ago)
Young generation of the philippines are bilingual but the old generation is multilingual
Oun Sa (1 month ago)
Am A Cambodian-American
Bella Ancheta (1 month ago)
I am struggling to learn my heritage language. My family didn’t teach it to me growing up, 😢 but I’m trying my best to become fluent...
Deities Masterpiece (1 month ago)
Well I'm a lot of things so....
Colin SINGSON [09M1] (1 month ago)
I am Filipino, and I understand Tagalog and I know how to speak it but without fluency, although my vocabulary is quite limited. Lately my parents have started talking only in English, and with an accent. They speak English to me, and even to people back in the Philippines. I’m always feeling like she doesn’t want people to know she’s Filipino. All she told me was people will judge her if she doesn’t speak English.
Jason L (18 days ago)
Colin SINGSON [09M1] they hate being Filipinos? So sad, they want to be white and American
Rausan Aktar (1 month ago)
I love bengali
Aurora Myth (1 month ago)
i went to do research and confirmed my great-great-grandpa came from Italy, but i have no idea why my grandpa said his father which is my great-grandpa, was from Spain. Then grandpa said he has few different races all mixed up together, which are Spanish, tagalog, chinese, native Borneo. then come down to my dad, then me... well, I'm only good in English, Malay, Mandarin-Chinese, Hakka-Chinese, Cantonese-Chinese. I don't consider myself i am part of Spanish or Italian since I don't really look like one unless I dye my hair and wear contact lenses hahahahahaha So yeah, i don't know how to speak my great-great-grandpa & great-grandpa's original language/heritage language. But my grandpa knows how to speak Spanish and Tagalog! Sadly he din able to teach me eventho he is still around!
kkii lulu (1 month ago)
i got really sensitive
Alex Stephens (1 month ago)
i only speak 3 languages -german -english -american sign language
Wandering Soul (1 month ago)
“I refused to speak it because” STOP!!!!! ...... any sentence starting this way is negative. No wonder they cannot speak the languages of their heritages. So many bad excuses.
s0ng0ku s0ng0ku (1 month ago)
I was born in Colorado but both of my Parents are from Guatemala and they speak Mayan I can't speak Mayan but I could understand what their talking about ,funny but embarrassing
Johnny Tsim Meej Vaj (1 month ago)
I’m Hmong, ❤️🙂 Nyob zoo sawv daws.. Hello Everyone..
Im Filipino
StormyTV (2 months ago)
I’m South Korean. When I was a baby, I didn’t want to learn any more. So they stopped teaching me. Now I struggle to learn. I’m Korean American. I want to learn before I grow old because my dad always says it’s harder when your older.
Sommy Bunny (2 months ago)
Jr Animator (2 months ago)
lol learning my language is a total burden. it all started bc of interest and i dont know why, but there was always this 'force' that kept me learning it even though it was just so hard. practically no one speaks it in my family anymore. i hope my mom hasnt deleted those audio files we recorded for her phd dissertation. i'm literally learning from a dictionary published in 1992, a bad english-dusun dictionary and my mom's dissertation! the local newspapers only show like ONE page in dusun and it was all in a different dialect i couldnt understand.
Mister Doom's (2 months ago)
Korean girl is pretty
Adrinescence C (2 months ago)
It's really sad because their parents should try to force it actually, because it's such a great chance to speak 2 languages and your kids may not like it at first but it's necessary
Alina Thao (2 months ago)
Well I’m Hmong ;-;
Yunjin Karki (2 months ago)
Oh that Indian girl!! I love her Saranghae❤️
ooOmegAaa (2 months ago)
the asian is a hive mind, not a human
Ron Smith26 (2 months ago)
I am one of them..a Thai/American. I know this pain
Ser Petiks (2 months ago)
hahahahahahhaa her 'patawad' sounds like 'patuwad' (bend over)
Jack Austin (2 months ago)
I know more japanese than these kids even though i'm not from japan.Why ANIME ANIME ANIME ...
Sunforged (2 months ago)
They're not from Japan tho
Jack Austin (2 months ago)
lolloloooololollolo savage kids
Pam Jack (2 months ago)
I'm from South Africa and this is so sad.. Most of our people speak two or more languages cause there's 11 official languages (excluding the mixture/slang of these).. Point is we try and teach our people the languages so we don't go through this where a person only knows English and can't communicate with others or loved ones. Maybe Americans should adopt this nature.
B KG (2 months ago)
I can speak like 3 languages fluently. And just some bits and snippets of a few others but not nearly enough to be even close to fluent in them.
Tania KTH (2 months ago)
Thanks to my parents whom first learnt me bangla before french So that i can keep the culture
LonelyMan Rabby (2 months ago)
Monoglots should deserve punch and insult. That's what my country hates Americans.
Brian Lee (2 months ago)
Indian American girl EXTRA THICCC
Alsi Panda (2 months ago)
I can speak -English -Urdu -Hindi -Odia -Weeb language -Meme language The language of my mind
p.s. (2 months ago)
She really just cried damn just learn the damn language
Matthew Anden (2 months ago)
ข้อยหวังว่าเจ้าจะภูมิใจในตัวข้อย อื้ออออออออ

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