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Battle station! Enemies ahead! - TimTheTatMan (Sea of Thieves)

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Text Comments (17)
Some person ;D (1 month ago)
43:51 sooo does ammo automatically go up now?
johson 253 (1 month ago)
Hilarious keep up the good work
Dave Von Saunder (1 month ago)
Captain Fat Sparrow, your sea of thieves play throughs are far more interesting than your fortnite play throughs.
Gravewalker 21 (1 month ago)
TimtheTatman reminds me alot about Lanceypooh
Zach aka Mr. Zark (2 months ago)
This game IS THE BEST
Zach aka Mr. Zark (2 months ago)
I love sea of thieves! THIS DESERVES GAME OF THE YEAR!
Zach aka Mr. Zark (2 months ago)
I thought you Xbox account wasn't working
tyler stein (1 month ago)
He just said it because he got bored of playing sea of theives he only was playing it for his subscribers😎
Jake Dreher (2 months ago)
Once you get tattoos on the player model it will be spot on, this is hilarious. Thank god because fortnite sucks!!!
whoopthereitwas (2 months ago)
Tim btw when u shoot urself out of a cannon u can aim up lol my god I watched u shoot urself a few times now and u hit short every time lul
whoopthereitwas (2 months ago)
Olivier Hughes (2 months ago)
Watching sea of thieves is already way more entertaining than fortnite... though that may be me playing that game for 4 seasons in a row now...
lol omega (2 months ago)
1 like xdd
Blake Morgan (2 months ago)
Really injoy ur streams bro
Jhillman (1 month ago)
Z English
Jhillman (1 month ago)
Stop just stop
Z English (2 months ago)

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