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Ball Tracking Technology in Table Tennis! 2019 China Open

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Check out the latest development to enter table tennis at the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum China Open! Thoughts? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ittfchannel Watch LIVE Matches: https://tv.ittf.com Follow us on http://ITTF.com and on social media: http://twitter.com/ittfworld http://facebook.com/ITTFWorld http://instagram.com/ittfworld http://weibo.com/ITTFWorld ©ITTF All content is the copyright of the International Table Tennis Federation. Images may not be reproduced without prior approval from the ITTF.
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Text Comments (72)
Abstract Exchange (6 hours ago)
China becomes technology pioneer in table tennis organizing .
Specture (3 days ago)
0:56 why you gotta expose Xu Xin like that?
F0x Cuber (6 days ago)
mis spelled caption
Takeo 3 (7 days ago)
Why do they give information about the rpm. Nobody is interested in how often a ball rotates per minute, rps would be much more interesting.
Willy Huang (8 days ago)
When watching table tennis i prefer 576p60 than 1080p30. Who is with me
Abdalla Babikir (8 days ago)
While videos are 244p we have this...
Aditya Dey (12 days ago)
Great work ittf
Igor Nemo (13 days ago)
*IS THE VIDEO TRACKING SYSTEM GIVING US TRUE NUMBERS ???* Lets take some comparisons to a scientifical researches, as done with a precision measuring tools/ https://www.ittfeducation.com/experimental-research-table-tennis-spin/
loukas371 (13 days ago)
I was surprised very pleasantly when I saw these numbers during the matches. It definitely added to the experience. I hope it gets implemented everywhere.
Referre (13 days ago)
Good !
Norwall Music (13 days ago)
K (13 days ago)
the technology in China! so good
BIGBEART8 (14 days ago)
Nice! New technology! Tennis has only this for 10-15 years!
123 456 (13 days ago)
Well their sport actually attracts revenue :(
tabl10s (14 days ago)
Cool. Now they can go back to the 38mm and with increase in spin!
DimaKats2 (14 days ago)
01:18 is this guy this arrogant?! Allows me? Like he is the only commentator of the world or something
Ryan Nawangsidi (14 days ago)
i guess you are the only one who thinks that way
Zoltán Kasza (14 days ago)
First fix the framerate and resolution of the matches. Its like a kid trying to learn to run before he can walk.
Kishen Pankhania (14 days ago)
What I found super interesting is that Mima Ito's fh flat hits were actually faster then ma long and fan zhendong's forehand winners. Not something most of us would have noticed without seeing the numbers from the camera
Kishen Pankhania (12 days ago)
@Samuel Li Ml and FDD dont smash balls very often, 90% of their shots are topspins, Mima ito uses flat hit kill shots far more often. What would also be interesting would be to see the speed of mattias falk's shot vs ito's
Samuel Li (12 days ago)
Becuz these are smashes without a lot of spin. Mima Ito is kinda short so she can do these smashes easily with a relatively comfort position. The speed of that kind of smashes should be compared with the speed of smashing a very high ball e.g. from a long rally, not these heavy top spin winning shots performed by FZD or ML.
juanm128 (14 days ago)
Ok finally reaching something that Tennis have for years. With good showing, could make the matches more interesting to watch. Knowing the trajectory, the speed and ball rotation. Information is so powerful, this for sure can help Table Tenis to Reach the next level.
P B (14 days ago)
Is that the "No way Xu Xin!!!" guy at the end?
Dima Shevchenko (13 days ago)
Adam Bobrow yes, he is making the sport much better
MainDoodler (13 days ago)
Yes, he's an amazing commentator
Evan.Hongzheng Yang (14 days ago)
high speed camera: I've got the spin of the ball! me watching ITTF videos: which pixel is the ball ???
Abdalla Babikir (8 days ago)
Omg underrated comment
Fiyaaah (14 days ago)
Can you please organize a record setting challenge for all the top players to play the fastest/spinniest/etc ball? :)
zenzero27771 (14 days ago)
It is not clear how spin is computed.. Could someone help me to understand this? Thanks!
Tech Guy (14 days ago)
Wow those service placement statistics are actually very cool. As a player you can now estimate where your rival places their service.
Ramesh Vardhan (14 days ago)
Rajan Waterman (14 days ago)
Love the using of this. You can easily see the ball placement tactics. 👏🏾
SK Major Shea kiely (14 days ago)
that handshake between u xin and boll is what this sport is all about
Evangelus195 (14 days ago)
*F I X* *T H E* *C A M E R A* *A N G L E*
蕴升慕 (14 days ago)
Hmmm they still need show the advertisers....
Rocky s (14 days ago)
nice tech but can somebody please tell the camera man to stop moving during some of the long rallies? They try to follow the ball and it just makes everything blurry and me dizzy. Just zoom out and stay still. Also ITTF should figure out that the optimal camera angle is off axis on a diagonal. Not directly behind.
P B (14 days ago)
I dont know if there is one optimal angle. I think from a side view many people would be surprised how low over the net the placements are.
Derek Plonker (14 days ago)
How do you measure the rotations of the ball though?
Zephane (14 days ago)
@Derek Plonker The rotation speed of the ball will never be accurate and thats for sure, they are properly estimating based on the deviations of the balls surface. As no ball is completely round, they can measure how quickly one rotation is made by using a laser to measure the inconsistencies of the ball. It's either that or just complete bullshit statistics, however I doubt they would do that.
Derek Plonker (14 days ago)
Michael Ivoylov The second camera would be necessary when the logo is perpendicular to the line of sight of camera 1, because camera 1 would never see the logo. But when the logo is on the rotational axis, the logo would rotate on itself regardless of which angle you look at the ball. You may be able to see the logo with camera 2, if you couldn’t with camera 1, but you still wouldn’t be able to detect the number of rotations. To illustrate what I’m saying, imagine the logo is perfectly facing camera 1, and camera 1 is perpendicular to the table. Now imagine a player hits the ball with perfect topspin. Then camera 1 can see the logo spinning on itself, but it couldn’t physically detect from this information how many rotations per minute that is. Now this situation is more common than you think I would expect, and the logo may be facing the complete opposite direction to either camera, along with rotating on itself. So either you would need a third camera on the either side of the room, if the cameras are capable of detecting the rotations per minute just by looking at the logo, or you would need some type of sensor on the ball, or something completely different that i haven’t thought of.
Michael Ivoylov (14 days ago)
They have more than one camera so maybe they can capture all sides
Derek Plonker (14 days ago)
Michael Ivoylov But what if the logo is on the axis of rotation? Then it would be near impossible to detect the rotations of the ball. You would also need very precise and highly technical cameras.
Michael Ivoylov (14 days ago)
They might be using the logos on the balls to see how long it takes for the ball to rotate once. That's just my assumption
Cedric (14 days ago)
Lol remember the LCD table a few years back that displayed the score on the table? Gone. Number one priority should be replay cameras so players can contest the umpire's decision on an edge ball or let serve. It doesn't have to be on every Pro Tour, but at least use replay cameras on major tournaments like the World Championships and Olympics!
ttegg (13 days ago)
Zephane Here’s a compilation of controversial judgements. https://youtu.be/_ADCxKbU_Xs The uploader’s choice of examples might be a little biased against China, but still good enough to prove judges can make mistakes.
Zephane (14 days ago)
@Cedric examples
Cedric (14 days ago)
They do make mistakes though. Especially during crucial points in the match. You need replay cameras if both players won't acknowledgement if it's an edge ball or let service. Honest players acknowledge an uncalled edge ball or let service. The same can be said if a service was deemed bad by the umpire, but the player feels it's a bad call. So yes, replay cameras can fix that.
Zephane (14 days ago)
umpires never really make mistakes in table tennis, so I don't really get why replay cameras are a necessity, however that is a completely different story for tennis lol.
ttegg (14 days ago)
ITTF finally did something genuinely cool! ...but if you can do this much, what is keeping you away from introducing VAR?
ttegg (13 days ago)
Thanks for letting me know! Well, that kind of explains...
賴志偉 (14 days ago)
This isn't ITTF, this is Chinese TV production.
(14 days ago)
and where is the ITTF HD quality😆
賴志偉 (14 days ago)
This isn't ITTF, this is Chinese TV production.
Говорят о том, что в нба издавна кушать) берите образец)
Arpiar (14 days ago)
Very nice to get all these stats. I would like to see this at other tournaments.
Null DemokratieZwei (14 days ago)
I never believed how much spin the Pros can impart on the ball... 6.000 rpm means 100 rotations per second. This is absolutely crazy! And then consider, that the new ball with the greater diameter has decreased the maximum possible spin by ca. 20%. So this means that 20 years ago the 38 mm-balls had about 125 rotations per second...Amazing!
L. busyghost (14 days ago)
the new ball is 40mm+ made of ABS plastic, I think the 38mm celluloid ball can do more than 10,000rpm
Jk Yeong (14 days ago)
No use. The quality is still bad
賴志偉 (14 days ago)
This isn't ITTF, this is Chinese TV production.
Yang Guan Tang (14 days ago)
Innovations for TT! But how are they able to analyse the spin rate? Ball trajectory and speed are relatively easy parameters to obtain with the hi speed cameras
mmanu Fleurence (14 days ago)
something like that: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?client=ms-android-samsung&um=1&ie=UTF-8&lr&q=related:wwWgXXRmeBluJM:scholar.google.com/#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DwwWgXXRmeBkJ
Null DemokratieZwei (14 days ago)
I guess thats where the stamp on the ball comes into play.
GRLN (14 days ago)
Wow this is amazing I really like this
John Smith (14 days ago)
disgusting ped0phi|e at the 2nd half
German Big (14 days ago)
ima boy (14 days ago)
wow what a cool invention, looks like i can finally see how much spin ma long can generate......
German Big (14 days ago)
But please give us 1080p FullHD Videos with 60fps. Thank you.
DrivingHawaii (12 days ago)
I was in China for the World Championship in April and the video quality on live TV was perfect. I don't know why the ITTF internet streams are so bad.
Shayan Shahsiah (14 days ago)
I honestly care more about fps than video quality
賴志偉 (14 days ago)
This isn't ITTF, this is Chinese TV production.
Arpiar (14 days ago)
that would be very nice, especially for the final. A good 720p video should be the least.
Lil Ranga (14 days ago)
"I have made table tennis productions for many years".... don't tell me this is the guy responsible for world finals in 140p quality 😂😂

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