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My First XY- Line Rider 2

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My username is pronounced E-Fraz-A-Bl, not Ef-Ra-Zae-Bl. Okay? I wanted to just try doing an XY track for once, and this was the result. I know, it's more downward and mono-directional than most, but I tried. It took me about an hour and a half to make. THis was made with Line Rider 6.2, not 8.0. THe latest version was glitching on me and it would not load my saved track after I made it, so... hope you liked it! --efrazable The song is Sphere by cornandbeans. By the way, I changed my LR site from www.freearcade.ws to a site called www.weridethelines.com. It has a link in it to just a plain and simple line rider game with no ads, and it automatically fit my screen!
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