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I tried being an Indian Bride (Special FX) | MISSSPERU

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HEY PERUVEEZ Its October and here in the US it means it's HALLOWEEN season where we dress up, look cute, or scary. After many requests to do this video I finally filmed it. I found an Indian bride costume at my local Halloween shop and dressed it up with lots of accessories (I'm not a big jewelry person but it looks so beautiful). * Stay tuned for the second half of the video if you would like to see how I turned it into a rotting face. If you do not like GORE, HORROR, or MAKEUP SPECIAL FX please DO NOT WATCH THIS PART! I also do not mean to offend anyone with this beautiful outfit costume and my seasonal spin on it. I also have no idea how to Bollywood dance so let me live... Hope you enjoy! TRIKKI TRIII XO SONGS: 1. TRUTH HURTS - ADDICTIVE 2. EPIDEMICSOUND.COM - NIKLAS AHLSTROM- HINDI ELEPHANT 3 3. EPIDEMICSOUND.COM - F SIDE TRAPPIE - PUSH N' GLIDE 4. DADDY YANKEE - MIRAME
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Text Comments (444)
Fiorella Zelaya (29 days ago)
Royel Malik (15 days ago)
Royel Malik (15 days ago)
ι αм ѕєχу вσу 👙👙👙👙👙 ѕєχу 8077630123
Edivandro Sai (17 days ago)
Você fiorella e uma delícia de mulher que corpo lindo você tem em
Andres Reyes (18 days ago)
Fiorella Zelaya call me
Andres Reyes (18 days ago)
Fiorella Zelaya nice mamii
Sunil Salve (8 hours ago)
Hot you are boob's
Mohammad ali (1 day ago)
I like Indian traditional dress
TheSummerSamar (3 days ago)
Omg this video is amazing, you should make another video just dancing in a Bollywood/Indian see through net saree ❤️😍.
JAI HINDU (8 days ago)
Tu to bas Teri 👙 hi phna KR . That suits u best...
Ravi Patel (9 days ago)
You look so beautiful in Indian costume
Juan Quiroga (10 days ago)
Rajkumar Nayak (11 days ago)
Raju Kumar (13 days ago)
Beautiful ❤️
Jee Jess (14 days ago)
Shivank Mittal (14 days ago)
Except song, nothing is indian
subrajit ghosh (14 days ago)
This is not Indian. Though the songs may be indian
Blue Danish Cheese (14 days ago)
If this done by white people ... People will say cultural appropriation
Jay Yadav (15 days ago)
Not Indian
Amarjyoti Kakati (15 days ago)
Looks like Arabian Bride .... Not Indian... You are using the Naqab
Avinash Khot (16 days ago)
you looks like bar dancer not bride Doing such a worst thing
Bhawesh Saraf (17 days ago)
Aae laudeya madarchod gaitonde hai mai..saala taaboot tere gaand mei ghusaane kaa bheinchod
Beautiful . girl. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Sergio Candia (17 days ago)
Si antes parecías una Reyna. Ahora si que eres una Diosa,mamita. Beautyful
minhaz shk (17 days ago)
Indian culture
Baltazar Barajas (17 days ago)
So prettii n beeatiifull indian bride marry me plz🧝🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🧡
Sameer Ahmad (17 days ago)
I like your all videos 😍😍😍
faisal khan (18 days ago)
I. Love you baby
ayush Nair (18 days ago)
Ohh baby amazy gorgeous beauty u hv u beautiful u aesthetic
alok sharma (18 days ago)
Wal habibi
Mr. Warrior (18 days ago)
Bellísima ❤
Kainat Rohan Chowdhury (18 days ago)
Kainat Rohan Chowdhury (18 days ago)
I need
Billy Brockway (19 days ago)
You are extremely beautiful and don’t really understand this video 🤷‍♂️
Ali Ali (19 days ago)
ghostmanromeo uk (21 days ago)
Now guys n gals this is what we call..... 'The genital herpes dance'
Shreedhar Gangadhar (21 days ago)
I want you to try out a sleeveless sexy saree
Noor Ali (21 days ago)
فدوه الله 😍💕💖🌸🌹
Poonam Yadav (22 days ago)
Its not a indian dress oo please get change ur dress and learn about indian dress 🙄🙄
swadesh ghosh (22 days ago)
Raj Aryan (22 days ago)
I wanna see more of your videos in Indian Saree. Please upload few more videos
Raj Aryan (22 days ago)
Awesome. Will you be my bride. OMG how beautiful you are looking in Indian Saree. I love you so much ♥💝💞💖💟💟 I love you
Sandeep Wasnik (22 days ago)
fioreela very nice dance baby very sexxxxxy randi lag rahi hai mathar chod randi tere gaand me land gussa raha hai khup chuda rahi hai fioreela
Frankie M (22 days ago)
That why you always use protection you never know when was your partners last check up. Lol just joking your fx makeup looks good. Would of loved to hear the whole addicted song but that second tune wasn't bad either.
jazmane swavski (22 days ago)
Let me specify something for the lost people in the comments saying this is arab and not indian. Us Arabs got inspired FROM indians food wise and especially in the clothing. Face masks are NOT niqabs, and yes a lot of people in india use to wear them. So stop hating the girl. Shes hella hot and shes still smart asf. 🤦‍♀️men
Naseem Ahmad (22 days ago)
Fiorella You are looking very sweet in Indian costume. Lots of love 😘
Jaden Bergmann (23 days ago)
Hmmm, you're so beautiful and sexy!
ALEXANDER GOMEZ 503 (23 days ago)
Eres una delicia de mujer quien sera el dichoso perro que te esta follando.
Angel Dejesus (23 days ago)
Nice makeup along with your costume
Prince Sharma (23 days ago)
I Love You.....By The Way This Is Not Indian Dress...
Alisjana Koco (23 days ago)
iele foa (23 days ago)
You're one hot man..
Raj Rock (23 days ago)
Please make some more vedios like indian dresses
Mike Kleinz (23 days ago)
Still beutiful after extra makeup.. Look into her eyes to see the true beauty...
E DV (24 days ago)
Guys relax. Thank your gods that she exists instead of getting mad at a little mix up. 👯💞
Cloudsley Falconbridge (24 days ago)
If you want to be an Indian bride, we can take it all the way, and practice the Kama Sutra.
Ritesh Pandit (24 days ago)
hola fiorella ....espero que estas bien... has hecho un buen esfuerzo para mostrar la cultura de la india.... sin embargo...lo que has puesto es el vestido arabe... pero te respeto mucho...cuidate..besos...desde delhi, india
Hot videos (24 days ago)
Arabian Not Indian
Satnam Singh (24 days ago)
wow vary Amzing I like Indian cloth
A C E (24 days ago)
Debu ktushan Behera (24 days ago)
Your pronstar yes or no
vicky khan (24 days ago)
Im big ur fan
vicky khan (24 days ago)
Baetfull more indiani song palz
vicky khan (24 days ago)
SsikG (24 days ago)
Ngl the song at the beginning is an absolute banger 👏👏🎉🎉 but you on the other hand are on whole other Level 😋😍😍
ten410 (25 days ago)
I dream of Fiorella 😍😍😍
AJAB GAJAB (25 days ago)
U may tried the indian dress.... But u didnt follow Indian culture completely. 😠😠😠
sushkumar123 (25 days ago)
Big fan of yours but this is not Indian style. This is something Arabic.
channelAFK K (25 days ago)
stephin siby (25 days ago)
soo sexy with that Arabian outfit and you body looks amazing
Anthony McCord (25 days ago)
I would still marry that woman
Suraj Shrestha (25 days ago)
You are looking beautiful though😍😍
Suraj Shrestha (25 days ago)
this is Arabian style. u just played Indian songs to make it Indian.. Dont be confused and research more about Indian outfit which is one of a kind in the world..
arijit chakraborty (25 days ago)
This is not indian dress it's arabic style.....bit ur a hot and sexy Jeannie....ur bf is one Lucky guy....jealous of him
Asif Rehman (25 days ago)
U looks so beautiful.. from where u learn dance
Tony Yataco ruiz (25 days ago)
Ke rika eres
Lakhwinder Singh (26 days ago)
Hahahahaha so weird, looking like a kinner
Jay Buc (26 days ago)
Who gives a shit what it is she is a snack.
MIKE CHORIZO (26 days ago)
Can u try on some pantyhose 😍
MN Nambiar (26 days ago)
Almost Indian look with arabic touch !! next time try saree , that'll suit you better
Brazzers Thief (26 days ago)
AAP mere comments ka reply kiu nahi deti mujhe bahut Bura lagta h
AMAR 2020 (26 days ago)
this is not indian brides dress otherwise video is superb...
Ashish Ambre (26 days ago)
Being an indian never seen such kinda bride😂 And ya you have misaligned boobs.
Gabriel M.M. (26 days ago)
Estas bien buena.. hermosa
Leonardo Hernandez (26 days ago)
just when i thought i seen it all...
Brazzers Thief (26 days ago)
Big gaint boobs
Jitendra Sidhpura (27 days ago)
looking gorgeous
rahul k singh (27 days ago)
I m from India..nd u r looking so beautiful...
Arijit Biswas (27 days ago)
This is not indian culture ...👎👎👎👎
Gulab S. Jadhav (27 days ago)
very nice,looking very very beautiful.
euabcde (27 days ago)
Eu cuidava de você delicia! 😉
Picsart Lovers (27 days ago)
Any body from 🇮🇳 India...??
ghostmanromeo uk (21 days ago)
Naa, I don't even want to be associated with India either. Brit-Indian here & I hate going there. Full of stink dirt and shit. The best India has to offer is Goa or Gurgaon. Dehli's full of skets both girls and boys. Things never change, nor do the people.
MaX Khan OFFICIAL (27 days ago)
Loooking superbbb.....😍😍👍👍
Seddik Belkacemi (27 days ago)
u must be in indo movie ... it ll be amazing
Derrick G (27 days ago)
Mukbang next vid with a burp ^_^
Ayman Shahfai (27 days ago)
عايز اتعرف ع عربيه هنا ٠٠٩٦٦٠٥٤٣٥٤٠١٤٤
Mayank Sinha (27 days ago)
This is arabian not Indian Naqab is Arabian dress not Indian Your dress is Arabian dress not Indian
JoeNavajoJoe JohnJoe. (27 days ago)
Sexy hot lady
Vinod Tripathi (27 days ago)
Ashish Khare (27 days ago)
You're a real looking Indian bridal
Muhammad Faisal (27 days ago)
I love you
Muhammad Faisal (27 days ago)
O m g you are so beautiful
Troy Mccollum (27 days ago)
Fiorella is the number baddest female on Youtube idc what nobody say! Ik u see this comment mamacita heart me😍
Fernando Hernandez (27 days ago)
Dam baby u sexy no matter what u dress like

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