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Victoria's Secret Model Lais Ribeiro Names the Hottest Girl SHE Knows

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Lais Ribeiro is a Victoria's Secret model, so it goes without saying that she's very attractive. But who does she think is "the hottest girl"? Watch FNM's exclusive interview with the Brazilian bombshell to find out.
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Manuel Alvarado Jr (1 month ago)
i have dozens photos of Lais Ribeiro from her instagram page in a black folder because i really have a crush on her in real life❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nicholas Fruin (2 months ago)
She is absolutely gorgeous! She is like the Brazilian Gal Gadot!
Samuel Gourdange (8 months ago)
Lais Ribeiro was born the same day and same month as me, October 5 but not the same year, laughs
Julianne Li (1 year ago)
love, love, love Lais
Andrew Anane (1 year ago)
Larissa Mendes (1 year ago)
Thais Macedo (1 year ago)
She is stunning!!
Oliver Haynes (2 years ago)
you're the most beautiful of the VS angels
Caroline Penin (2 years ago)
What's wrong with the muscle of her neck :/
Jax Blueman (4 months ago)
That's how a normal neck looks, when it isn't covered in pounds of fat.
Chocolatier (1 year ago)
Everyone's neck does that, it's just more prominent on her.
tara za (2 years ago)
She is gorgeous I Love You show much but she can't feel
José (2 years ago)
omg she's so perfect
Diordan Caynny (2 years ago)
More of Lais
Lika Javakhishvili (2 years ago)
this video has no sound!
Diordan Caynny (2 years ago)

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