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Swimsuit Model "Mission Beach Girl" Chelsey at Moonlight Beach

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Come with us behind the scenes on our swimsuit modeling shoot for SoCal Beaches Magazine with bikini model Chelsey at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. This surfer girl is the kind of model that makes Southern California a great place to live or visit. Check out more swimsuit modeling photos from this photo shoot at www.socalbeachmag.net www.missionbeachgirls.com www.encinitasbeachonline.com www.myspace.com/socalbeachesmagazine
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Text Comments (4)
Kaleo Delatori (7 years ago)
NHO's!! hahah
Mal Barter (8 years ago)
@redibeaver and no leg rope...haha
DeDaninn Carter (10 years ago)
I wonder how she likes the sewage that comes north from tijuana
Sliversofsilver (10 years ago)
partying Barbie makes scrinchie faces while walking ashore with dry hair and a short board. typical OC jive video. Waste of time.

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