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Normani Kordei for Modeliste Magazine

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Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei graces Modeliste's September Cover!
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C.D. Ward (10 months ago)
Ugh normani why do I live for you!!!!😍😍😍
Elizabeth v. (1 year ago)
Iona Marques (1 year ago)
Lisa Vs Lisa (1 year ago)
Abymilde YT (1 year ago)
Why'd y'all lighten her eyes and make her nose smaller tho...? She looks gorgeous as is!!!
Rosely R. (1 year ago)
Wow so beautiful
Elizabeth v. (1 year ago)
0:28 She's talking to her own reflection
Nadia Dbyhs (1 year ago)
So Beautiful
Fochi Perezu (2 years ago)
Take them haters down Numbian Princess... best revenge is getting your happiness, success and your paper in that order!
Cathelia Armstrong (2 years ago)
yeses slay Mani

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