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Hey LOVES! This past weekend I danced with my amazing zumba instructor and friend Mayra (tiger) Check out her dance channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxC79BQp_gVvfo0xN7nIXA Make show to show us some love and stay tuned for more! Guess who I am!!! ~ I do not own any rights to this song~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN
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Text Comments (407)
Bibi (1 hour ago)
meus parabéns, representaram ❤️
Bibi (1 hour ago)
lindíssimas ❤️💖💗💜❤️💗💖💜💜💖❤️
drksyde72 (15 hours ago)
U N I C OR N!!!!!!!....that is all......
Débby Laffite (1 day ago)
🐼 💕
Marcos Cruz (1 day ago)
Vídeo maneiro!!
vanze zops (1 day ago)
Whats the intro music song name
Josiah Lee (3 days ago)
That is one thick unicorn
Charity Mackey (3 days ago)
I call those animal hat things lice catchers
yung douche (3 days ago)
*god can’t save you now... you have become a furrie you shall forever be damned*
APÅCHË BR (3 days ago)
aiiiiiiii papai quem diria as gringas top dançando dançando nosso bit
Eliabe Castro (4 days ago)
Espero que sejam todas mulheres... Se não me lasquei kkkkk
Jeremiah Carter (4 days ago)
Unicorn can get it
YOung Haitiangang (5 days ago)
Looking good girl keep it up 100
Adrian Becerra (5 days ago)
Lyndon Fair (5 days ago)
Boring af
Notthefbi Aware (5 days ago)
I love you all i am Dennis Vidot the Chosen
Valdinei Cesar Bispo (6 days ago)
Death7trap (6 days ago)
the unicorn had something in pants that was making her butt jiggle more I think I need to investigate this further so we all can know it's not lethal
Jewan Troup (6 days ago)
So cute💓💕😁
Devinology (6 days ago)
Girl with the pink sweats, twerking with a flat skillet pan in her back pocket.. ain’t shit shaking but grease & back 🧐
play For Fun (6 days ago)
Im not comfortable with this
Kkkkkkkkkkk Que bosta funk é putaria caralho não coreografia kkkkkkkkk
Oliver Kenny (7 days ago)
The Unicorn
blountman747 (7 days ago)
They're all great but the Unicorn having the best curves the best biggest booty in the best moves should be front-and-center sorry tiger
Random Eyes (7 days ago)
Unicorn ftw
MR SONIC (7 days ago)
Ngentot ngentot ngentot sama loe smua
Lucas Monteiro (8 days ago)
Que top vei parabéns
GEEBRO (8 days ago)
That unicorn needs to get broken in.
Norris Nez (9 days ago)
Like the thick one in camo pants
Dis Dat (9 days ago)
That Unicorn has my vote....
Duke (10 days ago)
OMG the unicorn
Ryan Clark (10 days ago)
Your theUnicorn..lol
bootsy (10 days ago)
Didn't know I was into plushies. Now I definitely want me some tiger, panda, unicorn...........yeah
Aji Richards (10 days ago)
I want that tiger to twerk on me
Stanley Matt (10 days ago)
Zak New (10 days ago)
Look at this bitchs most popular all of them are just showing off her body
Zak New (10 days ago)
All shit at dancing
Gabriel Alexander (11 days ago)
The girl in the pink pants got crying over here🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dj Vegas (11 days ago)
Carlos Cifuentes (11 days ago)
Lol this what bitches doing now
vishal ghumman (11 days ago)
So beautiful my dear 💋
Sergio Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Unicorn and panther 😍😜
Georgiaboy706. (11 days ago)
Wow, 🤤.
Jay Peso (11 days ago)
Unicorn is thicc 🧐
UberGameMasters (11 days ago)
That shit was dope. 🔥 -Ya'll better watch out, Hollywood *_will_* try to steal that shit (and give *zero* credit). But we all know, we seen it here first! 💯🤩 -UGM
Roo Lockelar (11 days ago)
Hey look at these lady's DANCE with they mask on looking real cute.💓😀💓😀💓
larry olveda (11 days ago)
They got lice now
cleiton ps4 (11 days ago)
Estes animais tá cheio aqui no motel perto de casa e a raça de animais que mais cresce aqui no Brasil
Donny DeVille (11 days ago)
I SO believe in unicorns now😍😍😍
Jimmy Gutierrez (11 days ago)
Name unicornio😚??
essa de calça azul é a mais gostosa💐
Eladio Quijada (11 days ago)
0.24 jajaja
Gilmar Pinho (11 days ago)
Que mulherada ruim do inferno heim.....pqp..... não a toa usarem máscaras.... senão seria muito pior.....
Gilmar Pinho (11 days ago)
Que mulherada ruim do inferno heim.....pqp..... não a toa usarem máscaras.... senão seria muito pior.....
#Truck The World# (11 days ago)
Unicorn allday
Hachisillo mañanero (11 days ago)
*call me i can offert a house forma those animls*
eddie mane (11 days ago)
Just like in real life the unicorn is just a myth. Wow
Ameiii, 🤩😍 por serem de outro país, dançaram mais do Q eu Q sou brasileira, kk perfeitas... ❤
Cesar Ramos (11 days ago)
A pero que ricos chulitos bien formados😋
nasir khan (11 days ago)
Alan Sousa (11 days ago)
Unicórnio da rabeta grande
Andres Preciado (12 days ago)
Nom de la canción
Leticia Reis (12 days ago)
2:05 Sou eu de 4
Edgard Silveira (11 days ago)
é você mesma?? Esta demaaaaais Parabéns!! você nao tem canal???
Pharaoh Horus (12 days ago)
Unicorn should of been in front!
333 (12 days ago)
English, its what's for dinner!!
Oscar Velarde (12 days ago)
Hasta las huevas
Rafa Ban TheFox Games (12 days ago)
Rafa Ban TheFox Games (12 days ago)
Que Deus sempre abençoe sua vida é família. Parabéns pelo canal. Perdoa a ousadia equi com muito respeito convido VC para conhecer nosso canal. Tmj fiel. Deus é mas .
Eric Blue (12 days ago)
Love this song, but the ladies need help in the twerking department.
Brendan Bower (12 days ago)
Lol what on earth is this shit
havflo (12 days ago)
Unicorn my guest.. i like the panda also
amit yadav (12 days ago)
I love animals.
Jorge P21 (12 days ago)
2:27 q delícia caraaaaa
Yovani (12 days ago)
Pala madre tiene culote la de gris asta volví aver al video
Luis Bautista (12 days ago)
Wuaoooo q bonito unikornio
LUKKA.MAISMAIS Leandro (12 days ago)
Lindas maravilhosa amei bjs
roberto Murillo (13 days ago)
Panda sucks 😂😂😂love u 🦄 unicorn
Balu Sabinkar (13 days ago)
Emanuel Funez (13 days ago)
que rika está el unicornio
Tarcius Vinicius (13 days ago)
Tigresa dança bem!
Alex Irizarry (13 days ago)
Agreed the unicorn is that thang
CesarBoss Gamer (13 days ago)
que buenos culitos
Daddy0fDanish (13 days ago)
looks so funny hahaha am laughing
SA'medi Gaston (13 days ago)
Lol... Professor genkis twerk team
Robert Hernandez (13 days ago)
Damn I want that unicorn!!!
Pop ALott (13 days ago)
Dat unicorn 😘😍
What type of FORTNITE dance is that? The unicorn girl looks fuckable though
chipollino vafunculo (13 days ago)
If your gonna hide your faces use should get the booty and axe wounds out for all to enjoy
ItsMikeyMoe oo (13 days ago)
Granimals out here wilding
Synyster (13 days ago)
That unicorn os thicc AF!
oscar 1813 (13 days ago)
🦄 🐹 ❤💘👍😍😘
G Horn (13 days ago)
What the hell did I just watch?
MatyLobo Mercado (13 days ago)
lloyd porter (13 days ago)
smashonlamez (13 days ago)
Ppl walking to their parking spot like, “what is happening right now!! And why can’t I look away!”
Tony Syronf (13 days ago)
Is this one of those fury fetish things?
Jedi Luke 22 (13 days ago)
The unicorn is the only one I saw😍😍😍😍😍

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