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Shuttle (2008) Strip Scene ft. Peyton List & Cameron Goodman HD

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Mel (Peyton List) & Jules (Cameron Goodman) were abducted by a shuttle bus driver & forced to strip before him & an associate for "merchandise inspection".
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pisceanrat (21 days ago)
Ok so this wasn't the peyton list i was looking for from the little mix video.. got me confused for a sec. Blonde in here was the older peyton
Rick Logan (27 days ago)
What a creepy looking place. I'd be scared to go there in a tank. Lighting is harsh. I'm not sure how this works. Thanks, I'll look into it.
ffggddss (27 days ago)
I'm seeing a resemblance, in the actress on the right (Cameron Goodman?), to Bonnie Raitt, ca 1970. Anyone else? Fred
Tell the truth. (27 days ago)
BONBONGOGETEM (27 days ago)
Phim moi. Com
sugar sun (28 days ago)
https://youtu.be/aqX3BIi9GGw https://youtu.be/ljeYk9fE2DY https://youtu.be/EUoQuFNK9OU https://youtu.be/Jsygx2EjpFQ https://youtu.be/9IVMSQ0pEsk https://youtu.be/wGXFA3YKQQs https://youtu.be/Riv0b6t58yM
watchingrob (28 days ago)
Good lord thats creepy
Matt Norton (28 days ago)
Underwear stays on? I click off.
Nicholas Dean (28 days ago)
very nice m m m
Shannon Jones (29 days ago)
Grover Padilla (28 days ago)
Nice you
07832355115 ع خاص
Nicholas Dean (1 month ago)
love Y cloth
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
1) Peyton List born 1986 in Boston Massachusetts US and acting since 2000. 2)Peyton Roi List born 1998 Florida US and acting since 2002
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
I think, from details I've read, and I there are actually 2 different actresses with the name Peyton List!!
Andrew (1 month ago)
They didn't have to get naked? They don't know how to make movies any more.
Váradi G. István (30 days ago)
+Steve Curtis f
Andrew (1 month ago)
Exactly. Completely unrealistic.
Steve Curtis (1 month ago)
Andrew They were not naked
You got that right! Now that I'm an old fogey I can say: Well, in my time, they knew how to make movies. When I was a kid, 1970-1974, you would have gotten full 70's-bush and natural boobs. Those were the days!
Richard Morgan (1 month ago)
They should have tagged teamed his ass.
Joe S (1 month ago)
There are two actresses named Peyton List. There is a younger one and the one here, the taller one. She was on Mad Men a few years ago.
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
Joe S See my details sent not to long ago.
whatthehellimbored (1 month ago)
Oh look more jewish degeneracy.
MrHarleythedevil (26 days ago)
What the FUCK is with you ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
zevys (27 days ago)
Huh!? Your foolish prejudices are showing!
80's Boombox Collector (28 days ago)
Say what
Alien4UFO (1 month ago)
i haven't seen this movie , what is it about? and why did they strip?
80's Boombox Collector (28 days ago)
Uh, nice spoiler bro
mike troyanovsky (1 month ago)
Alien4UFO i watched it awhile ago late night and was pleasantly surprised. It has good plot twists and is very interesing.
mike troyanovsky (1 month ago)
They kidnap them and sell them to chinese guys to be sex slaves i think. They ship them in containers like cargo, it’s pretty messed up.
Alien4UFO (1 month ago)
I just found out that there is such a movie like this, Is it worth to watch?
Mario Arias (1 month ago)
Good answer why not?
MR DEARBORN (1 month ago)
Peyton list would have been 10 when this movie came out.
beeney2 (1 month ago)
I think the younger Peyton List was the one that was in the Children's programme ' Jessie ' where Jessie was the nanny and Peyton List played the eldest Daughter of the family .
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
MR DEARBORN There were 2--see details I sent not long ago.
Mouhed Khan (1 month ago)
Tery to very much so that you Mouj Your friend is a good workout like that nice
darryld126 (1 month ago)
None of those girls look like Peyton List.
Hiawatha Smalls (1 month ago)
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
Hiawatha Smalls Some of the people writing here don't seem to be aware!!
Hiawatha Smalls (1 month ago)
JOHN HAWKINS I'm well aware that there are two.
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
darryld126 See details I sent not long ago.
Hiawatha Smalls (1 month ago)
darryld126 The blonde one's named Peyton List. She played Captain Colds sister on an episode of The Flash.
Ken Corey (1 month ago)
Those are super Hot Actresses!!! I wish I knew what movie this is from.....nevermind
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
Very nice looking BUT how degrading for them and not nice.
mike troyanovsky (1 month ago)
They are being sold as sex slaves and shipped in wooden crates like they’re cargo to china.
JOHN HAWKINS (1 month ago)
Andrew I know that it's a movie & they're brilliant actresses BUT movies from many years ago didn't need those scenes and indeed left them to people's imagination!!
Andrew (1 month ago)
It's a movie fgs. They signed up for it knowing what it entails and I think most secretly get off on doing it.
Tu te Kohe (1 month ago)
Yep, Id buy both of them.
Alien4UFO (1 month ago)
Mouhed Khan what the heck did you say?
Mouhed Khan (1 month ago)
Tu te kohe Love it allah MU en you friends with Yep Id both of them. How are you Friend good a wonderful day and work like this
Nicholas Dean (1 month ago)
look good in their panties
Yes Sure (1 month ago)
To see a woman in underwear does not qualify a person as a pedophile. Learn your facts.
seb gaming (1 month ago)
+Ashley cook I don't think there under age
Ashley cook (1 month ago)
Nasty ass pedophile
Nicholas Dean (1 month ago)
very nice
80's Boombox Collector (28 days ago)
If u get off on slavery scenes
crime wave (1 month ago)
Nicholas Dean are you some psycho or just retarded
steve wurzbacher (1 month ago)
Anyway to get a guy a rise in his Levi's
Abbas A.K (2 months ago)
Use your inner instinct to solve your proplem
bill grant (2 months ago)
Come a little bit closer now. That ie
Why you not attacked the man.He don't have anything.You can kill him.
Life 4 Fire Forever (2 months ago)
He had a 🔫 and 🔪
CorsetGrace (6 months ago)
I know I would have attacked him. He didn't have a gun (that I could see) and I know I could do some serious damage to a man with my nails and teeth if nothing else. Always fight, ladies. Always.
deanw0rmer (1 year ago)
This scene made no sense. If you're gonna make them strip have them get down to the pink!!!
Wesley Morales (1 month ago)
Wesley Morales (1 month ago)
Life 4 Fire Forever (2 months ago)
Bad guy wins One dies other gets sent off to Asia to be raped for the rest of her short life as a sex slave

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