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http://igg.me/at/franqgirl "81% of girls would rather see real or natural photos of models than touched up airbrushed versions, yet 47% say fashion magazines give them a body image to strive for." Introducing FRANQ GIRL, the first TRUE beauty magazine for REAL teen girls. FRANQ GIRL is a beautifully designed monthly digital magazine with the mission to empower and inspire teen girls globally, through imagery and content that is totally different from what is currently available. We use real teen girls as our models without the use of Photoshop, we show girls as girls in all shapes and sizes, and we represent them as dynamic holistic individuals with varied interests and dreams. We believe that all girls deserve the chance to see themselves and be seen as beautiful, to be represented in the media and to be shown that they are much more than just their looks. BECAUSE FRANQLY ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!
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Amin Jalili (4 years ago)
I really enjoyed the message. But I didn't quite understand the role of the male African-American individual at 0:11. I did a small research on the metaphors used in this video and the theories, but I am still slightly confused about his role.  Yours truly, Samantha Smith 

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