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Most Googled HALLOWEEN COSTUMES of 2018?!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We hope you all have an incredible day! On today's episode of The Mom's View, we discuss the most Googled Halloween costumes of 2018! What Halloween costume are you or your kids wearing this year? Let us know in the comments below! Tag us in some pictures on IG so we can see some of your awesome costumes! Watch more episodes of The Mom's View: Our Favorite Fall Hats – https://youtu.be/T0NL-0kMmHc Updates, Babies, & Favorite Products! – https://youtu.be/9cmSv9mTSho Baby Lenny Update from Carlie – https://youtu.be/mDOMwE5EYsI Moms Try MICROBLADING – https://youtu.be/FuAJOQZThvs 5 Ways to Turn Your Flannel Into a Fashion Statement! – https://youtu.be/1UyMabFNLYw Moms Try Flavor Tripping Miracle Berry Tablets! – https://youtu.be/cSYKKVU8xiM 5 Ways to STYLE Your Leather Jacket! – https://youtu.be/sDWp0M7R2oY Kylie Jenner, Shane Dawson, & Makeup! – https://youtu.be/AnbdKPcDzr0 Goodbye From Carlie! [Maternity Leave] – https://youtu.be/YIa57UgqTw8 Wanna chat with us? Visit here: http://bit.ly/TMVpinterest http://bit.ly/TMVfacebook http://bit.ly/TMVtwitter http://bit.ly/TMVChannel See your favorite ladies behind the scenes @TheMomsView! http://bit.ly/TMVinstagram SUBSCRIBE to KAYLI http://bit.ly/HeyKayli @hey_kayli SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE http://bit.ly/KatiletteChannel @katilette SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ http://bit.ly/CarlieStylezChannel @CarlieStylez
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Text Comments (46)
WAVYSEASONS (15 days ago)
"Moms view" bunch of horny Mormon ladies stuck in this so called perfect world where you do things perfect to the tee. Curfews, no cursing, no alcohol, no everything lol. They're so basic. I'm bored now
Nadith Hannah (16 days ago)
I am 23 years old I still dress up because it makes my 8 year old little sister happy. she will tell you straight up that your never to old to trick or treat and or dress up lol. I was an angel during the day and a witch at night ;)
JoAnna Sturm (16 days ago)
Can you consider Christiana from the channel Flip Side of The Moon? Maybe for a Friday show? She is a smart, funny, real sahm of 3 boys and I would love to see her channel get the attention it deserves. Please check her out!
Brooke Elle (16 days ago)
Oh my goodness I agree with the cat costume every year, Kayli haha. It’s so easy! All you need is a black shirt, black pants, cat ears and a little bit of makeup. And it’s so cute! Love it.
Ainslee Rangel (17 days ago)
We did a family costume with my 14 month old! A family of pirates.
Thomas Montella (17 days ago)
I used to dress up as a cow boy man and masked I was a sorrow but I did not this year because I was helping dad load some tables and stuff😂😂😂u two are the cutest hope you had a sweet Halloween 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃❤️
KatieSparkles (17 days ago)
I dress up every year and I am now 26 you're definitely never too old ^.^ I also Trick or Treated until I was 20 or 21 just because it was so much fun and last year my friend and I decided to trick or treat at a few houses just for fun and it was in a neighborhood where they don't get many trick or treaters so the houses we went to were soooo excited to see us ^.^
Adalia M (17 days ago)
Love Halloween. I was the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland, my 16 year old daughter was a goth doll, her boyfriend was Morty from Rick and north her best friend was Lucia a dragon girl anime character and my mom was a Jack o lantern. W made pizza skulls and had a partty
Holly B (17 days ago)
Gosh, lots of Negative Nellies in the comments. I liked the video, short, sweet, current topic. Not EVERY video has to be 20 minutes long and about a deep dark issue that we "can relate to". I liked it, thanks Colette and Kayli!!
rebjack2 (18 days ago)
I was a unicorn for work. I saw the dinosaurs everywhere and I also saw the day of the dead theme a few times.
Helene (18 days ago)
I miss the topics when you guys started.
Aviq Macabee (18 days ago)
No shade but... What was that?! It's clear they want to keep the channel alive with minimal effort :/
WAVYSEASONS (18 days ago)
The low blow from kayli to colette. "What are you?" Lol. Colette look like avia when she was a kid lol. Colette what are uuuuuuu? Still love u
Val Neuman (18 days ago)
Hi Collette and Kayli! I went to a costume party over the weekend and I dressed up as a Prego jar of spaghetti sauce since we’re expecting our first child! Due in February! :)
Mandy G (18 days ago)
Katyli and SCollette 😂❤
vikakond (18 days ago)
3:51 Kayli still has the price tag on the sweater in arm pit area. She did say once or twice that she buys new tops just for the moms view and later returns them..
Ava Dalen (18 days ago)
I’m going to be a sloth because I have a sloth onesie.
MrsMissLisa (18 days ago)
Colette - Love your hair!! I thought I've been noticing a gradual red, but GURL you're DOIN' it!!
Ebony Clancy (18 days ago)
Hoping Carlie will be back soon!! I feel like the past few videos have been missing the TMV spark. I really hope you don’t take offence in anyway but to me, the videos are kinda boring. TMV was always a place where I felt like I could relate as a mom, and helped me to find humour in similar experiences with stories and topics that were shared. We miss you Carlie 💖
WhatsUpWoods (14 days ago)
That was super kind of you. Thank you so much. xo
Melanie Sylvestre (18 days ago)
I’m confused didn’t you guys rent out a studio place for tmv why are you filming in the house
Melanie Sylvestre (18 days ago)
Aleks S. Ahhh thank you !!
Aleks S. (18 days ago)
They bought a studio and are in the process of remodelling it.
Michelle Mathews (18 days ago)
I don’t have kids but my fiancé and I do have a dog ! && Halloween is my favorite so we always match the dog. The dog this year is going to be a shark and we are dressing up as if we got attacked by a shark!
Courtney Halloran (18 days ago)
We have an Alco! 😂😂😂
sillykidsnow (18 days ago)
Happy Halloween!! You guys are adorable!! Fun way to start my day!! Thanks, ladies!!💖💖🎃
Chrissa Todd (18 days ago)
My costume was not on the list I am being Wednesday Addams today.
darkangeltears (18 days ago)
So surprised that ghosts weren't on that list.
whateverjude (18 days ago)
I love y’all so much y’all are so pretty as well.. BUT.. please take this as a constructive criticism.. Take a look back to the Mom's view when you started. The topics where so interesting back then. You were talking about things which really matter in life. You invited guests (which I understand is maybe not possible now) and you went deep into the things. I specifically remember one episode where you talked about adoption and you helped me decide in my heart that once I have a husband and resources, I will go for an adoption for sure! The topics you choose now are so shallow and for someone who is not living in the States is this Halloween topic (which you bring out every year) so boring to watch over and over. I don't mind having a short episode of something like this once a week but you need to balance it out with something more meaningful like you used to do couple of years ago. Even when you come up with a topic which can be discussed you waist half of the episode on "updates" and then the topic is left unfinished. You are so smart and intelligent.. please come back to the real Mom's view to give us views, opinions, advice and not just consumerism lifestyle tips. Thanks for reading until the end. Greetings from Slovakia. Love you ladies!
Greta Peterson (14 days ago)
WhatsUpWoods 💕💕💕!
WhatsUpWoods (14 days ago)
Super constructive feedback. Thank you so very much. xo
Elle Harper (18 days ago)
Greta Peterson Awesome how you came up with topics. All things that I would love to hear about. I’m thinking, I’ll come back with my own list too.
Elle Harper (18 days ago)
whateverjude thanks! I did actually find great local friends that I could really relate to. And btw, that’s probably when I started to be less frustrated with the absence of deep content from TMV, because I had other mums to share experiences with, ask questions etc.
whateverjude (18 days ago)
+Greta Peterson I LOVED the massive reply! And all your topic ideas! <3 That's exactly what they did before. Talked about heavy topics in a respectful way.
Mia Tobin (18 days ago)
Love you
Mia Tobin (18 days ago)
Bree Rose (18 days ago)
I love y’all so much y’all are so pretty ♥️
Maggie James (18 days ago)
I’m dressed up (already) as Bender aka The Criminal from the movie The Breakfast Club. I’m going to be posting a picture on my Instagram later. It’s @maggie.james3 if y’all want to check it out!! I’ll tag TMV also :) Happy Halloween!!! 🎃

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