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Imagine Dragons - Demons (Live on SNL)

22115 ratings | 1581015 views
Get Smoke + Mirrors on iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/IDSmokeMirrors Get Smoke + Mirrors Deluxe version with 4 exclusive songs only at Target: http://smarturl.it/SmokeMirrorsTgt http://smarturl.it/ImagineDragons.News Imagine Dragons performing "Demons" Live on SNL. © 2014 Interscope #ImagineDragons #Demons #Vevo #Indie #OfficialLive #SNL
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Text Comments (685)
Stroller King (7 days ago)
Zach Pfeiffer (14 days ago)
That 4 part harmony is amazing
Alexandre Madeira (14 days ago)
I cried at 2:45
Oxуgеи ка (1 month ago)
Absolutely beautiful. I had chills on "unless you show me how" part. Wow
Hi (2 months ago)
At 1:50ish the drummer is lipsyncing behind Dan
White Co Bruh (3 months ago)
Oof 1:06 voice crack
Sonya Bunkum (3 months ago)
I can hardly hear them. 😩
Nicholas Haines (13 days ago)
Have you tried turning your volume up?
Rosella Bobbo (3 months ago)
Ogni volta che ascolto questa canzone piango....grandi sempre Imagine Dragons
Gabriel Cota Cime (5 months ago)
UNLESS SHOW ME HOW I finally found it
Scott Day (6 months ago)
This doesn't even sound like Imagine Dragons lol
Ilan Oliveira (6 months ago)
imagine dragons
Wolf Master (7 months ago)
Don’t get to close it’s dark inside
My name is : I don't (7 months ago)
They were born to be the legend !!!
Deborah pamplona (9 months ago)
Vesper Lynd (9 months ago)
Reen Musa,,,I agree with you,,,,in this video his voice is perfect
Vesper Lynd (9 months ago)
His voice is amazing
Farhad Jameel (9 months ago)
You sing great 👍
You are the best
Katie Miller (10 months ago)
Is this Gold?
Denise Cruz (10 months ago)
Andrea Manuel (11 months ago)
Ilove yah, dan reynolds and ur band is simply the best!
ariana batovsky (1 year ago)
ariana batovsky (1 year ago)
BloofieV2 (1 year ago)
i'm so late sorry but I love how Dan's always in movement. Constantly. It's awesome!!
his voice is so powerful I love them all one of my best friend was a big fan of them but he passed away of cancer prey for him
Nidanur Berber (1 year ago)
Rodhey Rod (1 year ago)
Why you delete the videos? Where is Mosnter?
I love Islam (1 year ago)
I love imagine dragons😀❤❤❤❤❤
Arash Chaukria (1 year ago)
Lyrics When the days are cold And the cards all fold And the saints we see Are all made of gold When your dreams all fail And the ones we hail Are the worst of all And the blood’s run stale I want to hide the truth I want to shelter you But with the beast inside There’s nowhere we can hide No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide When the curtain’s call Is the last of all When the lights fade out All the sinners crawl So they dug your grave And the masquerade Will come calling out At the mess you made Don’t want to let you down But I am hell bound Though this is all for you Don’t want to hide the truth No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide They say it's what you make I say it's up to fate It's woven in my soul I need to let you go Your eyes, they shine so bright I want to save their light I can't escape this now Unless you show me how When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide
Sári (1 year ago)
Melissa and ID? Im in heaven
Timmy Nguyễn (1 year ago)
They were there to do with the best of them are not the same thing to say it was the best
Marina Zindel (1 year ago)
This is Amazing , I loved
Suzanne Matthews (1 year ago)
Love the songs❤
VOVOSA (1 year ago)
- Firebreather - (1 year ago)
COLTON (1 year ago)
his leg tho omfg
billybob joe (1 year ago)
At this point Imagine Dragons just wanna make me buy a memory card for my phone.
Yaning Wu (1 year ago)
WHAT is Platz doing with his mouth open at the microphone hahahahahahah
Yaning Wu (1 year ago)
Why DOES Dan Reynolds hold his microphones like that? It's adorable, of course, like everything he does, but still...
swetank singh (2 years ago)
no words for this awesome talent
Pamela Cabbent (2 years ago)
amo.. una y mil veces.. 😭😭😭
SalkerYT (2 years ago)
Its not good song, original Amazing!
Mac logan (2 years ago)
2:50 😭😭😭😍😍😍
BLUEHAVEN (1 year ago)
What is? What is there?
Khudaidad Khan (2 years ago)
Yellowstone The Pony (2 years ago)
live is always diffrent. in a studio everything is clean because all sounds get absorbed. in a concert all sounds go everywhere and bounce back on all kinds of things. So things are not as clear as the CD. He still has a good voice.
Festus The Red (2 years ago)
Is this song about vampires?
Fu Jian He (2 years ago)
mahbuburrahman rifat (2 years ago)
+John Rose no...its about the demons everyone has inside of them.......we're constantly fighting our own demons..thats what it means
Ritu wasu (2 years ago)
im a fan of imagine dragons
MONSTRERVILL # (2 years ago)
bomos nunca se separen
MONSTRERVILL # (2 years ago)
me encanto
More MMgaming (2 years ago)
Dan yr voice is unreplacable
More MMgaming (2 years ago)
Dan I'm a big no HUGE fan
Golias 12 (2 years ago)
my eggs
it's where Matt Damon hide... ( Inception music )
PHX (3 years ago)
sr me da escalofrios es bello lo q logran. link 😖
nadia g (3 years ago)
voz doce canção pura I love you Imagine Dragons
Matthew Cornell (3 years ago)
He sings it in a lower key live
Mr.Nisegy 09 (3 years ago)
So I guess Dan and Daniel switched parts huh
dead channel (2 years ago)
Ada And Heidi (3 years ago)
Love it!!!!!!!!
Lucia Sanchez (3 years ago)
aliengaz96 (3 years ago)
Anyone Know what model the bassist is using?
Aren Messi (3 years ago)
love this music! =)
Haktan Polat (3 years ago)
Süpir bişi - a super thing
Vitor Fernandes (3 years ago)
Essi The fish (3 years ago)
I love this song it's awsome 😊😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😄
Labios Sabor Hachís (3 years ago)
Me hizo llorar
B. Rabbit G (3 years ago)
So many drummers
Orange Candy (3 years ago)
Blue Jacket (3 years ago)
i know this song be cuse minecraft trailer
Amo essa musica <3
Joker (3 years ago)
junto com shots
Aberturas de Animes (3 years ago)
Marcos Vinicius (3 years ago)
Eu tambem
Harrison Ray Walker (3 years ago)
His hair👏🏻
trash (3 years ago)
Buck Maine (2 years ago)
Hhahahahahahahahah 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂😂😂
cassie earle (3 years ago)
+LpsBeth7 okay but i went to one of their concerts and their techies had a box where is had pic of matt damon and its says that where he hides.
George Lawrence (3 years ago)
+themango1007 YA DIDNT HEAR IT but too true anyway lol
Masterov (3 years ago)
hahahaha i was thingking that to nice one Lpsbeth7
VIPMarker (3 years ago)
+LpsBeth7 What has been heard cannot be unheard....
Nyxato (3 years ago)
He doesnt sound bad... But I prefer auto tune.
maria hernandez (3 years ago)
¡Vamos Club America!
Harrison Ray Walker (3 years ago)
Malachy Lewin (3 years ago)
DingDong cheng (3 years ago)
The singing scale is not the same, they sound nice though
Janet Nimundele (3 years ago)
I'm pretty confused, can someone please explain to me.. i know there is Dan, Ben, Daniel & Wayne but who is the keyboardist who is always playing for them and is he part of Imgaine Dragons? cause i've never seen him in any interviews  
Wicked Fanatic (3 years ago)
Ryan Walker, not in the band, tour musician only.
Razzo85 (3 years ago)
The strings help the emotion of Song, wonderful
A&JPlayz (3 years ago)
He sort of sounds gangsta. Lol. Jk. Plz don't start an argument.
Matthew Cartwright (3 years ago)
You can tell how much the hold band actually cares about there performance and feels the music
Hunter Lord (3 years ago)
it's just Amazing.
Traitor Red (3 years ago)
That was spot on!
I Andreas (4 years ago)
John Reed (4 years ago)
Imagine dragons u are awesome
M Brewerman (4 years ago)
Erm... Maybe they're not as good live.
Jeremy Yee (3 years ago)
This one is better than the studio version
Skate Fast Eat Ass (3 years ago)
lol, ok then :)
Nyxato (3 years ago)
+Turka Gaming/Tutorials I get it now, I didnt notice you replied to Aleks whoever that is. His comment wasnt visible so I suggested you were responding to the first post.
Skate Fast Eat Ass (3 years ago)
do you need an eye check? i wrote that the dude that is bitching about their performance never been to a concert -_-
Nyxato (3 years ago)
+Turka Gaming/Tutorials You're saying Imagine Dragons have never been to a concert? *facepalm*
Krystian Winkowski (4 years ago)
I prefer "original" audiotune version (put confession bear pic here)
Akash Singh (4 years ago)
What happened he doesn't sound like In the video?
Sean Westbrook (4 years ago)
You're right. He's better.
Bob_the_007 (4 years ago)
The acoustics and all that stuff is different from the recording studio. Sound sounds different from here and the studios. Not only that usually performers will slightly alter their music to match the sound of the room do they alter the music here and there. Hope that answers your question
anya !!! (4 years ago)
they're seriously so incredible live... and acoustic... and in the studio.... honestly, their voices are just fantastic 
steadycracker 7 (11 months ago)
anya !!! I'm going to see them in July... I've seen them once before and it was the best day of my life!! I can't wait
Marcos Vinicius (3 years ago)
Nice one
trash (3 years ago)
Dan's voice is gold (See what I did there?!) no matter where he is.
D1 san (4 years ago)
Loved the lyrics
BarbieBieber1998 (4 years ago)
No matter what... This song will always be my favourite...
myriam (4 years ago)
AJ Downey (4 years ago)
laith madridi (4 years ago)
I love em ...idc if u say am gay 😜😜❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lu Hainey (4 years ago)
I guess I'm showing my age (36) but live vocal performances can't be outdone. Back in the day Milly vanilly was booed off the stage with that over computerized bullshit. WTF GET REAL right...
MISSY RAE (4 years ago)
Um no.
Bre Hipkin (4 years ago)
2:50 wow... would be so amazing to see them live! 
Sparticus Shakur (4 years ago)
imo he doesn't sound good live, this my song though, don't get me wrong
asoliderbear (4 years ago)
Christina Izmaylova (4 years ago)
Perfect live vocal performance. Much love and respect
Saurabh Sankalecha (4 years ago)
Sounds better than the studio version
Natalie Cristine (4 years ago)
That note at 2:50 :D
Ponchitox 85 (1 year ago)
Natalie Cristine should’ve waited but I didnt now I feel good and bad
mahbuburrahman rifat (2 years ago)
omg...that is so amazing....i watched that part like 10times
teamya (3 years ago)
totally agree!
myriam (4 years ago)
i know omgg it`s so beautiful 
Cole Seitz (4 years ago)
I love his voice live
Sam Banks (4 years ago)

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