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6 Misconceptions About Native American People | Teen Vogue

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7 Native American girls debunk the common misconceptions about their culture. Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/tvyoutubesub ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, and more—everything you need to be ahead of the trends. Fashion starts here. 6 Misconceptions About Native American People | Teen Vogue Gaffers: Nicholas Kral and John Blazzi Sound Technician: AM Zick Stylist: Kirby Marzec Makeup: Suzy Gernstein for Honey Artists Hair: Corey Tuttle for Honey Artists Prop Stylist: Rosie Turnbull Featuring: Laurel Cotton, Duannette Reyome, Evannah Moniz-Reyome, Kiera Thompson, Wacantkiya Mani Win Eagle, and Wanbli Waunsila Win Eagle. Special Thanks to Beverly Cotton, Jon Eagle Sr., Martina Miller-Eagle, Launa Reyome, Rodney Reyome, and Tisha Thompson
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Marco Polo (8 hours ago)
Native "Americans" have really similar iq as gypsies. No wonder that they can not achieve anything.
GRIZZLYbear8910 boi (13 hours ago)
I'm a Pueblo naitive American and I just wanted to say why ask teenagers what their opinion about stuff if they're just affected my the media dont understand what really going on like wtf??
Kishore Chand (14 hours ago)
MyChilepepper (19 hours ago)
Eat more fried bread in lard. They're good for your health. The government endorsed it.
SaverOfTheHolyLand (21 hours ago)
But, they don't live off the land and use nature. They are Americans with native American ancestors. Bred into technology and city life.
Loso (1 day ago)
People saying "I'm offended of being called redskin" how are you not offended of being called native american? That's a false name
el bucky (1 day ago)
When I barely started truck driving I would pass through New Mexico and Arizona and I would stop at restaurants and I would see waiters and waitresses I thought they were Mexican so I would talk Spanish to them they were actually Native Americans there are like I'm not Mexican
Meessa Miramoto (1 day ago)
Finally REAL native Americans not white people with 0000000000000009% native blood
ThiCcForehead (1 day ago)
Im a Mexican and I can say, we don't take our culture that seriously, if me and my dad saw a person wearing a sombrero we would not get offended, my dad would just make a joke out of it
Hana (2 days ago)
They are all besutiful 💕 had to do my searches when one of my family members told me I looke like native Americans.
Mr. Pandawaffles (2 days ago)
Every time I’m talking to someone online or something and I tell them I live in Oklahoma they always ask if I live in a tp like where did you get the idea that we haven’t advanced technologically in 200 years I’m literally talking to you on a computer right now in my air conditioned house
Paeton Desjarlais (2 days ago)
I myself, a First Nation/Native the indigenous of Canada And America. Us people are treated so unfairly and when people think of us, they think they’re treated unfairly is just something .. these stereotypes or getting out of hand .. Smh; INDIANS!?! really?
Soraya (2 days ago)
Mexicans are also native Americans
Jerome Brusco (3 days ago)
Let me end this right here! The land you think you own is not actually yours no matter who was here first. We all were born onto it and we will all die and leave it
Bill Hope (3 days ago)
y'all look like white people to me you don't look like Indians where is the real Indians y'all look too much like white people
D Beezy (3 days ago)
My grandma is creole , black and Indian even though I’m brown skin you can see the Indian features in me like the high cheek bones
zac4three (4 days ago)
The OG americans
Spoon (4 days ago)
Misconception #1 Native Americans are Native Americans.
M A (4 days ago)
But, if you are a certain % of native American, you can get a scholarship... For just thay
Miriam Gustafson (4 days ago)
I call them Indians sometimes still but that’s only to tell the person I’m talking to who I am talking about. I usually call them native Americans tho cuz there is American Indians and the there’s Asian Indians i ain’t bein’ pc tho lol
Lischa (5 days ago)
Where are the boys?
How tf am I gonna get schooled about my own people?
Robert Alexandru (6 days ago)
The natives did the scalping not the europeans, so what they are saying about the redskin term is bs.
majil badui (6 days ago)
Quinnton Littlejohn (7 days ago)
These are not native Americans the. They may have some connection...
CHLOE RAFFERTY (7 days ago)
“it’s not like we have a mascot called white man” I SCREAMED
Dale Jenkins (8 days ago)
what native americans? these are not native americans...those who know, they know the truth #dane calloway
Ira S (9 days ago)
they are so pretty!
Miss Blue Nature (9 days ago)
These are the REAL ORIGINAL Americans
f you (9 days ago)
Most of them bitches ugly af
Kool Cool (9 days ago)
These are stupid fools.
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
I am happy to be Choctaw Native American.
Splaticus Blah (9 days ago)
Do you know that there are a group of black people who are claiming that they are indigenous Native Americans? They call themselves Moors and that they a Moroccans LMFAO!
szs voc (9 days ago)
dont make me laugh. aliens and other speices lived here 87000 yrs ago fukof
Sabrina Soistman (12 days ago)
“We own one but we don’t live in it... we use it to go camping whenever we want.” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Preach girl.
Eric W. (12 days ago)
They sound scripted. By the social justice warriors.
addanki venu (14 days ago)
I would like to know about natives of america.
Keyana Mx (14 days ago)
*"its not like we have a mascot called white man" lmao i tried to hold it in but i soon as they laughed i laughed and im still giggling idky*
Brian Holm (15 days ago)
Brian Holm (15 days ago)
Brian Holm (15 days ago)
Brian Holm (15 days ago)
Brian Holm (15 days ago)
shortymackinem (15 days ago)
Latinos in central america are more natives than united states natuve tbh
Dark Unknown (15 days ago)
I think if native Americans still had all their lands global warming wouldn’t be a thing, or if native Americans were introduced to guns before white man arrived, we would still have all our lands, we were strong fighters, we had nothing but our basically nature maid tools, and whites had guns bullets, life would of been way different.all these cities wouldn’t even be here.just something to think About🤔
Riley Night (16 days ago)
I am half Native American half Irish and I love both cultures both so different but beautiful
Quig Pig (16 days ago)
I thought the indians all died
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Quig Pig I mean...a lot of natives live in Oklahoms still and some other states...
Quig Pig (9 days ago)
+iiiVictxriaiii so some did survive, I never knew that
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Quig Pig ....... I am a native american....
Amat17395 (16 days ago)
Micah Baptisto (16 days ago)
Fry bread power
MariaV0071 (16 days ago)
Wow, some of the comments here are so racist and disrespectful. Very disgusting!
Gerald Waller (17 days ago)
The so called native americans are Hebrew Israelites
Ivan Drago (17 days ago)
oh, if it wasn't for the white man. Native would not have what you have today education technology cars computers condos. House. And you guy don't pay taxes. you guys used to live in tent. Your welcome. You ungrateful people you racist
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Ivan Drago Don't forget about what you did when you came and stole everything.
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Ivan Drago Also, you don't know what we would have. I know we would have still had our land, most of our people we had before, and a lot more stuff.
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Ivan Drago Learn to spell before you go commenting racist crap.
Zuhayr Ali (18 days ago)
I don't think most people still think these things.
Rada Duma (18 days ago)
don't forget your mother tongue
CB Nation (18 days ago)
This video shouldn’t exist
Messi Azimy (19 days ago)
I think these girls are the most beautiful girls They are the real owners of America
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Messi Azimy Thank you.
Epic Gamer (21 days ago)
>we have to meet the same academic requirements as everybody else LOL!
Bitch Mensa (21 days ago)
I'm sorry my ancestors pushed your ancestor's our of their land makes me ashamed to be English
Julian Kirkpatrick (22 days ago)
Amy Warnock (22 days ago)
Isn’t the red skin nickname a historical term? Native Americans aka red Indians, red skin because of the red pigment on their face or the blood on there face when the old immigrants wiped them out. Isn’t it not a racial term but just a historical name they were also known as?
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
Amy Warnock We were known as that before because most of us kind of looked red when we were out in the sun.
Josh Gobrecht (22 days ago)
No offense but if you do the research natives are of the same blood as what we call Mexicans. Meaning, like it or not they are the same. Mexicans are natives. The blood line is the same and they are built the same. Anyhow so my question is. Even so called native will argue this fact. It’s truth. Undeniable. Moral of my story. Your all beautiful the women that is. Just admit it dammit you’re Mexican hahahha 🤣 Sorry my gf an I have debated this for a while. She looks like Pocahontas an she says she’s part native. I say no. Your part Mexican lol.
Josh Gobrecht (22 days ago)
Never did ask my question.
Lee Hyunsik (22 days ago)
Allways thought red was native in the medicine wheel as asians were yellow and black n white were black n white?
Alexxx (23 days ago)
“ it’s not like we have a mascot of a white man” You had to use white people as an example? Couldn’t used a black or Mexican as an example? Kind of funny
Aniela Jenkins (23 days ago)
I feel left out because I don’t look anything like them and I am Native American (Tuscarora tribe sis)
Lee Francis (23 days ago)
The first misconceptions are indians aren't Americans never have been.
KRAZO G (24 days ago)
I see Alot of European in These young Women.
Shanna Jackson (24 days ago)
Im paiute and shoshone. I get all these comments when someone asks me if im native. Its disrespectful.
Kyaeniya (24 days ago)
I went to middle school with Daunnette ❤️
88 jlj (25 days ago)
Stop calling them indians, the people of India are the original indians.
jake jakelia (23 days ago)
No they are just people of India, these dudes are real Indians.
God (25 days ago)
They look asian...
That Bihh (24 days ago)
There is no way to look Asian
Adriana Melone (25 days ago)
Soon in Germany there will be such a video because all the foreigners invaded us
thud93factory (26 days ago)
beautiful people, I hope they all prosper and gain every thing good life has to offer. The true Americans.
Dark Side83 (26 days ago)
True american blood
Juan Frausto (26 days ago)
Mexicans are Native American white Anglo-Saxons are illegal immigrants
Finn Wraith (7 days ago)
But Mexicans are also Spanish. And that is not what immigrants are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJaGYcVFIVY&t=57s
Tina's baby (26 days ago)
You girls are so beautiful. So glad I watched this. Those of us who have the small traces of Native blood and culture are so lucky to have it. So grateful to have this glimpse into such a wonderful culture.
Lanee Occhipinti (26 days ago)
Fake Native Americans do your research
shay - josh (27 days ago)
I'm Cherokee and Choctaw Indian and I will always have a lot of pride
iiiVictxriaiii (9 days ago)
shay - josh I am choctaw too! [BTW my profile pic is just a member of a kpop boyband I love]
Salt And Vinegar Chips (27 days ago)
whoever thumbed down this video is either a racist or a very triggered native american
Madison Lorraine (28 days ago)
Their are beautiful girls
HARIBO (28 days ago)
We love y’all ❤️
David Sims (29 days ago)
Those Europeans came over and destroyed everything.
Predictable1 (6 days ago)
You look african descendant though, and it was the whites who brought the Africans.
LordSear1982 (28 days ago)
Dont forget African Moors
Ampeire Bridgette (29 days ago)
Y'all beautiful af
Rasky Sundays (29 days ago)
These are the real americans ,not that racist white people ,they are not american ,CAN'T RELATE
Y R (29 days ago)
1000% proud of my ancestry!!
Esther Bittker (29 days ago)
This summer my family went on a road trip in the southwest and we drove through lots of Native American reservations and a lot of the people where extremely poor
Charlene Jumalon (30 days ago)
These girls are so beautiful
Joey Jensen (30 days ago)
The reservations are ghetto and they're all fat.
Pax et Bonum (1 month ago)
The misconception is that the so called "white man" is better and everyone else is just not civilized! Native Americans are the true Americans, everyone else is an immigrant: like it or not!
LordSear1982 (28 days ago)
So when are you going to leave North America????
Marshall Kili (1 month ago)
Geeezzzz. I love these girls. They're not afraid to use their voice! I can especially understand the headdress. In my tribe, you have to show leadership qualities as well as... showing how tough you are. It's like JROTC. You have to go up and beyond to earn your ribbons and ranks. But it's feathers.
Lemon Tree (1 month ago)
They all have very beautyfull hair
Lemon Tree (1 month ago)
who dislike this???
laugh out loud (1 month ago)
1:10 BURN!😂😂😂
Petite Croissant (1 month ago)
R u werewolves?
Almira Kryss Bucao (1 month ago)
Its unfair that the natives are the ones bullied by migrants.
Lemons19902010 (1 month ago)
I haven't heard of 99% of these misconceptions, but when I was going to (high)school, my native american classmates DID receive free school supplies. They still do that in my son's school district.
LordSear1982 (28 days ago)
Some reservations have alot of money some are dirt poor. It just depends on the tribe.
Lily Vaughan (1 month ago)
At school we used to play a game called tps and Indians 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Kul Tigin Alip (1 month ago)
Every time if an white American tells me go to back to my country i just tell them to go back to Europe, America belongs to Native Americans
Kul Tigin Alip (27 days ago)
+LordSear1982 I dont live in America smh
LordSear1982 (28 days ago)
that would include you leaving as well
Karen Lol (1 month ago)
Such huge foreheads
Anna Louise (1 month ago)
I think we should have a sports team called White Men now!!

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