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Take Your Shoes OFF Right Now! | TMV Q&A

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Welcome back to The Mom's View! On today's episode, Kayli and Colette answer some of your questions you asked us on Instagram and Twitter! Tune in to hear if we answered any of your questions! Do you have any other questions for Kayli and Colette? Leave them in the comments below! Watch more episodes of The Mom's View: Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie! – https://youtu.be/5bLWad2PDCg Most Googled HALLOWEEN COSTUMES of 2018 – https://youtu.be/Fi2Y_B2ZTNg Our Favorite Fall Hats – https://youtu.be/T0NL-0kMmHc Updates, Babies, & Favorite Products! – https://youtu.be/9cmSv9mTSho Baby Lenny Update from Carlie – https://youtu.be/mDOMwE5EYsI Moms Try MICROBLADING – https://youtu.be/FuAJOQZThvs 5 Ways to Turn Your Flannel Into a Fashion Statement! – https://youtu.be/1UyMabFNLYw Moms Try Flavor Tripping Miracle Berry Tablets! – https://youtu.be/cSYKKVU8xiM 5 Ways to STYLE Your Leather Jacket! – https://youtu.be/sDWp0M7R2oY Wanna chat with us? Visit here: http://bit.ly/TMVpinterest http://bit.ly/TMVfacebook http://bit.ly/TMVtwitter http://bit.ly/TMVChannel See your favorite ladies behind the scenes @TheMomsView! http://bit.ly/TMVinstagram SUBSCRIBE to KAYLI http://bit.ly/HeyKayli @hey_kayli SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE http://bit.ly/KatiletteChannel @katilette SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ http://bit.ly/CarlieStylezChannel @CarlieStylez
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Text Comments (187)
missfitlick 10 (5 days ago)
I felt like colette was crying in the beginning before set
Liz J (7 days ago)
I'm Canadian and no one I know wears shoes in their house (or anyone else's)
Grey Smith (7 days ago)
Colette!!! I am obsessed with your shoes, where are they from?! Ps. Feel better 💛
Heather D. (7 days ago)
I am Canadian and I don't know anyone who does NOT take their shoes off in the house. When I wear my shoes in the house, it is always to run in and grab something quickly, as Kayli said. If my daughter wears her shoes in the house, I always tell her to go and take them off. When we go to someone's house, we automatically take our shoes off and it is VERY rare for someone to tell us to leave them on. I'd like to add on about the picky eaters. Be sure your kiddo is good and hungry at meal time. Cut them off of snacks well before the next meal so that they are hungry. You'll be surprised how they will go for what is on their plates if they are hungry enough. I also do agree with Kayli and Colette though... try not to stress out about it. Don't put too much pressure on them to eat if they are being picky, in fact, make them feel like they are missing out! My paediatrician told me (although my daughter was not a picky eater at all, she did kind of go off food when she was sick) "I promise, she is not going to starve herself - just make sure there are healthy choices available for when she will eat".
Susan Sanders (8 days ago)
When my son was 3 all he wanted was peanut butter. To the point I took him to the doctor. And he just said it has everything he needed nutritionally and to not worry he would grow out of it and want something else.
Susan Sanders (8 days ago)
We need to get those paper shoe covers. At every door so you can leave your shoes on but cover them up. I know in China it's totally the norm to take off shoes.
Jessica B (8 days ago)
I always take my shoes off when I get home, I’m from the US :)
Amber Pelton (8 days ago)
We dont wear shoes in our house. I never wore shoes in my moms house or even my gmas house you just take off your shoes. We have a friend who also doesnt want peoole to wear shoes in her house it just seems kinda normal thing.
SilentScream (8 days ago)
I think it's USA thing to wear shoes inside..? In Europe no one does that! at least here in Finland. always shoes off. maybe we have better heating systems or we wear warmer socks.. :DD
Jessica Peterson (9 days ago)
My parents called it a "thank you bite" 😀
Stanushka (9 days ago)
Seems like only americans wear shoes in the house :D In Europe it's very normal to take shoes off in the house. rude not to.
C Belle (9 days ago)
I think the shoe thing is a regional thing. I live in Ontario and we have friends just across the border in New York State. We always take off our shoes here, and when we visit them they look at us like we have two heads when we take off our shoes. When they come here, they don't take off their shoes and it is totally a rude thing to do here. Whenever people wear shoes in my house, I can't stop thinking about how I have to wash all the floors later, lol.
Erin Norton (9 days ago)
Shoes in the house are definitely a culture thing! I always push for no shoes. Not only for cleanliness, but also for structural development. I used to nanny for a family who wore shoes alllll day long. Their 2 year old would even wear them when napping, and it drove me crazy! I have a degree in Dance (lots of kinesiology) and shoes can cause lots of structural damage to growing babies/toddlers/kids over time. I'm planning on mine only wearing them when absolutely necessary
Mary Gilmore (9 days ago)
I live in Canada and we always take our shoes off in the house - it's considered rude not to. We also categorize Americans as people who leave their shoes on in the house - and find it very strange!! lol
Malaysian dont wear shoes inside of our house too. You can possibly step on dog/cat’s poop so wearing them inside is gross!!!!
LadyTressa (9 days ago)
i hate wearing shoes....so does my grandson.....lol....in fact in the summer when he visits....at the door he gets down just ti gis undies lol......fyi he is just a tiny 6 year old
cloveskiwis (9 days ago)
If your feet get cold just wear extra cozy socks and slippers. I just don't get how you would live wearing your shoes inside. Like, in the morning when you get up out of bed, would you just then put on shoes that you'd wear outside?!
Jackie N. (9 days ago)
I think the shoe thing is something American 😁 im Germany and here, its RARE that you can keep some on in someones House. I also saw this in American Movies, that even keep on their shoes when they randomly lay on their bed during the day🤣and im like HUH?!🤣 and I found it crazy how clean you guys can keep things so clean With shoes on, when i have the hardest Time keeping things clean With shoes off yet a doggy that sheds 9 outta 12 months 😜 GREAT FOOD IDEAS! THANK YOU
Vickie Greer (9 days ago)
It looks like you both have been crying. Hope things are ok.
The Oglesby Ohana (10 days ago)
Loved this video ladies! ♥️
Gabrielle Connolly (10 days ago)
Kayli’s makeup looks AMAZING!😍❤️
Bergamot Tea (10 days ago)
I love watching momsview! You are all great! And yes miss Carlie too!
Michelle Love (10 days ago)
Don't really care for the lighting in this video
Emma Page (10 days ago)
If you’re a family that runs back in the house 40 times before finally leaving the house... it’s so hard to take shoes off every time 😂😭
Just Joy Things (10 days ago)
Your kids probably have great immune systems.
Michelle Tomaino (10 days ago)
You ladies rock
Rach H (10 days ago)
It’s always been normal to take my shoes off inside despite living in Michigan. My dad’s side of the family always leave their shoes on, and my mom’s side takes their shoes off. My mom continued it from my grandma who’s a neat freak. It definitely keeps the house cleaner. I can’t stand having shoes on in the house now lol. Plus, feet need to breathe!
maegan lindsey (10 days ago)
I live in the south, and I don’t know anyone that allows shoes in the house. I think it’s totally a culture thing. My dad walks on the carpet to his recliner to take his boots off and it drives my mother crazy! 😂
Stef Duncan (10 days ago)
Kali!! Where is your adorable top from!?? 🥰
Shaye Rodgers (10 days ago)
When I was little my grandma made me take "thank you" bites, where I had to try a bite of everything on my plate
S P (10 days ago)
Both my kids hate Mac and cheese!
mommy loves makeup (10 days ago)
In 🇨🇦 where i live we don't wear shoes in the house. I wear slipper sandals in my house, because i don't like having bare feet. (I hate socks)😂
Nadya T (10 days ago)
We don’t wear shoes in the house. It’s gross!! Ah so gross. Lol. But I do think it’s a culture thing. I’m russian. So we never wear shoes in door
KYLIE ALYSSA (10 days ago)
The shoe thing might be a country thing. I'm from Canada, and I have never ever been to someones home where they left their shoes on. And I would lose my mind if someone walked through my house with theirs on haha! I've only seen it on Youtube or movies/TV and I always just assumed it was the places where they have nicer weather and don't have to worry as much about salt/snow, dirt/mud. IDK
Samantha Strickland (10 days ago)
I'm from Ohio and nobody I know wears shoes inside.
Alex Perez (10 days ago)
Reading the comments there are alot of people watching who are from Canada haha 😂
Thisisnotmyusername O (10 days ago)
Kayli suddenly looks so different! (In a good way)
gage omg :( how sweet :(
McKay Egan (10 days ago)
Poor Collette looks & sounds sick!! Hope you feel better fast!
larson511 (10 days ago)
Colette your shoes are cute, can you please respond where did you get them?! Brand? Thank you:)
ausBerlin1 (10 days ago)
okay, pink elephant...did kayli get upper lip injections? just subtle, but still? not hating. im just sittig here being totally distracted...
Ainslee Rangel (10 days ago)
I convinced my mom to move to Texas as soon as she can to be around me and my daughter!
gretchen ortner (10 days ago)
17:04 Polite bite! Oh my gosh I've never heard that before! My mom always called it a "No thank you bite." :D
E Walters (10 days ago)
What happened to collette’s hair? It looks really brassy.
Ashley O (10 days ago)
As far as the food question unless your child has special needs or some extreme disorder or aversion to food then kids will eat what you give them. They will not starve to death it takes up to 21 times to tolerate a food. Keep giving food to children <3 love you guys
lisalu101 (10 days ago)
I have people who come over to my house and don’t take their shoes off, and it absolutely makes me CRINGE. It feels as though that person has a complete disregard for tracking dirt/filth throughout my house. Especially when it’s on carpet.
Monserrat Juarez (10 days ago)
Y’all are so nice, my parents would make me stay at the table until I cleared my plate 😳 There was no such thing as being a picky eater at my house. They’d always say to me “this isn’t a restaurant” Whatever my parents made that day, is what we ate 😂
lee anna (10 days ago)
I’m Canadian and I feel like it’s the “norm” to not wear shoes in the house, perhaps to even rude
Taylor Bishop Deal (10 days ago)
It is usually a cultural thing, lots of asian countries don't wear shoes in the house. Here in Alaska, we have snow on the ground a majority of the time and I don't want to have snow tracked all over the house with my big snow boots. It is pretty common here for there to be a pile of shoes by the front door when you go to a party at a friend's house 😂
Whole Picture Home (10 days ago)
Colette you're so right on, sometimes the best time spent for ourselves is quality time investing in our kids. It can be draining but filling at the same time. They have alot to offer us and we often overlook them. Thanks for your ideas!
Whole Picture Home (10 days ago)
Hahaha Kayli I agree, the shoes indoors is disgusting but we still do it! 😋
Briana M (10 days ago)
Something I always do to get veggies in my kids diet is putting spinach in our ground beef! Cut up the fresh spinach tiny and they won’t even know!
Briana M (10 days ago)
In my house growing up, in Missouri, we weren’t allowed to wear shoes. We had a basket by the door. When our carpet got ripped up and we got hard floors, we started wearing our shoes around the house.
Briana M (10 days ago)
And now in my own home, I always wear shoes!
colz83 (10 days ago)
I'm Canadian and dont know anyone who wears shoes in there house
Samantha Norton (10 days ago)
It's funny how grossed out people are by shoes inside. So many Americans wear their shoes inside, and I've never heard of an American specific illness due to the practice. It doesn't seem worth the tedium.
Stef Duncan (10 days ago)
Samantha Norton I’m American and I trained my family to take our shoes off in the garage before coming inside. I hate the idea of walking inside my house with dirty shoes!
Jenna K (10 days ago)
I'm Canadian and no one here keeps their shoes on inside!
ammiella (10 days ago)
I usually take my shoes off unless I'm quickly going in to grab something but I always do if it has been raining and my shoes have gotten dirty. I had my brother and his friends come over and before I could tell them to take their shoes off they tracked mud all across my floor to the couch while I was going !!! I mean, mud, man :P THINK OF THE MUD
remytherat333 (11 days ago)
I think aside from the love languages the Myers Briggs personality test is also very helpful to understand ourselves and our kids better.
remytherat333 (11 days ago)
Kayli you say "house slippers". What other types of slippers are there?:p love you!
Yulia S (11 days ago)
In my country it’s a cultural thing to take shoes off inside. Even in schools kids have to bring clean shoes to wear inside. They would kick kids out without spare shoes. In the house you will not be welcome with shoes on, you won’t pass the doormat with shoes on. It’s gross. I mean people pee and spit, animals poop outside and you bring all that in your beloved home??? Ew. Plus we take shoes off not just because of dirt but because your feet need a rest. I don’t even wear shoes at work, only outside.
LoriMichelle W (11 days ago)
I grew up in Canada.you do take you shoes off at the front door. I always thought it was because winters are so wet springs are so muddy... but it's just respect to help with cleanlyness.8 raised my kids here in idaho but we do take our shoes off in our house just because thats how I grew up but not all friends did and that's ok!
Maryanne M (11 days ago)
"We've ruined a lot of rugs because we're disgusting" Lmao! So relatable!
TheLaetaPuella (11 days ago)
You two give such great advice! You’re both incredible mothers.
Josey C (11 days ago)
With the toddler not eating (I struggled with that too) I would make a different new meal every night so he can taste new things constantly and then when he likes something, I write it down. I also agree with making the food cute and fun. Thankfully my son will do the “polite bite”. I’m huge on the consistency of food so I can only imagine how some kids are and can’t explain why they don’t like it. Maybe the like scrambled eggs and not hard boiled. Just keep trying new things and in different ways :)
Mariah (11 days ago)
I'm so happy that you addressed the shoe thing! 😂 my mom would kill me if I wore shoes inside
no name (11 days ago)
In New Zealand we don't wear shows in the house, it's like an automatic thing to take them off when I go into a house.
roslyn_byrne (11 days ago)
I'm from Australia and in my family we take our shoes off, I think it's kind of a respect thing. Once you get in the habit it's no big deal. XXX
Christie K45 (11 days ago)
Ladies, you should read the book “The Child Whisperer” by Carol Tuttle. It helps you to understand your child’s nature, how they think and process things, how they act and react and how to communicate with them and their individual needs. It’s a game changer 😊
Moriah Green (11 days ago)
I feel like its an american thing with the shoes. My mom grew up wearing shoes in the house, but when she married my dad who's jamaican, she switched to taking shoes off at the door. growing up, most of my friends were immigrants, but looking back, all of my nonimmigrant friends and wore shoes indoors too! but i never thought much about it, talk about code switching!
Sean M (11 days ago)
It's an American thing to wear shoes inside your house. I cant stand it. We do not wear our shoes inside the house here. Well in general theres the odd exception, but most other countries don't wear shoes inside. Im from Canada for most people its rude to wear your shoes inside the house. Some people don't mind but ew those people lol
Connie Johnson (11 days ago)
You can see the difference in homes that have had people walking around in outdoor shoes inside, the flooring is in terrible shape. I saw a show where they showed what shoes have on them and what you bring into your home if you keep your shoes on.
Rach H (10 days ago)
Connie Johnson very true! We had a party and didn’t ask people to take their shoes off one time. The floor looked vile by the time it was over.
Leasha Slade (11 days ago)
Even in Australia it’s custom to take your shoes off before entering someone’s house (or your own)
Ashley Alfieri (11 days ago)
It’s so comfy to take your shoes off and put on a pair of fuzzy socks!
TeNa (11 days ago)
Exactly, EVERY child has a different love language.
Sarah Rasmussen (11 days ago)
Thanks for answering my question! Love you ladies 💕💕
8085 1074 (11 days ago)
Oh and hair tutorials please I need them So I can look CUTE😄
8085 1074 (11 days ago)
Hi could you please do some more recipie videos And could you please read my question on your show? I'm EXCITED
Victoria Smith (11 days ago)
I’m Canadian and sometimes when I forget something any where in the house that is not the entry way after I put my shoes on I still take them off just to run and grab it.
Sarah Severs (11 days ago)
Fuzzy socks, people! I live in America. Take your nasty ass shoes off. Lol. It’s so gross! I always take my shoes off in everyone’s house. I always have a pedicure or fuzzy nice socks on. It’s a respect thing. I respect everyone’s home and I respect my own. Maybe people from Idaho are different 🤷🏼‍♀️
Emily K (11 days ago)
How can you feel comfortable with shoes on in your own home? Never understood why Americans did that. From Canada here!
jaykay415 (11 days ago)
You gotta be careful when you say "Americans do this." There are over 300 million of us! Lots of different sub-cultures or regional differences all over the place!!!
Jocelyn (11 days ago)
Love how all the Canadians commented to show we are proud to take our shoes off inside :)
Jocelyn (11 days ago)
Just curious did Kayli get lip fillers ?! Her lips are so pretty, if she did I hope she does a video on it if she did.
TheRadlike (10 days ago)
Botox for sure, has the tell tale signs of that 100%. Idk about lip fillers though, maybe.
larson511 (10 days ago)
Also looks like botox in her forehead, but maybe not?
Shilah Bontrager (10 days ago)
I was thinking the same thing!
Tracy Louder (11 days ago)
I agree we always take our shoes off in our home or whoever's house we visit! Slippers always at the ready in our home 😁
Wendy Johnson (11 days ago)
Everyone I ever knew growing up and people I know now wear shoes in the house. I never even knew there were people that would request you take your shoes off in their house until I started watching vlogs on youtube.
Leora Kurtzer (11 days ago)
I'm currently volunteering with Peace Corps in China and everyone takes their shoes off here. I've definitely had to get used to that, but even in my own apartment I've implemented this rule (although I fail sometimes) because it's very common for people to spit on the ground and also a lot of toilets are squatty potties here so the feet tend to be closer to the toilet. For me, it's a matter of health to take my shoes off after I've been outside.
Mikayla Koegler (11 days ago)
Yes! I served my mission in the states and was surprised that people wear their shoes in the house. 8n canada we dont.. maybe just because there's always (not really always..) snow 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Heather Grugan (11 days ago)
Ok, after reading through these comments I feel like I HAVE to add my 2 cents..I am Canadian too (like many other people commenting) but we DO wear shoes in our house lol I didn’t realize it was considered Canadian to take them off 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 if I go to someone else’s house though I will follow their lead and I always take off my shoes it they do.
Kathryn Jackson (11 days ago)
I have two questions. First question: I'm afraid that I don't know what my love language is and that makes me so sad. Do you have any advice on how I can figure out or discover my love language? Second question: Kayli - will you share your hair color formula? I love your color and want my hair colorist to duplicate it on me.
remytherat333 (11 days ago)
you can take the test but you can also ask yourself how YOU tend to show people affection. Usually we instinctively do it the way we ourselves want to be loved. For example if gift giving is your love language. you will not necessarily sit around waiting for someone to give you a present, but you might be giving a lot of presents to other people. Or you might be someone who needs appreciation and words of affirmation, but you show it by always lifting others up with your words. hope this helps!
Rissa S (11 days ago)
You can actually take the 5 love languages quiz online to find what your love language may be!
Sarah Severs (11 days ago)
Kathryn Jackson Get the 5 love languages book! Super cheap on amazon. I love it
Em Bem (11 days ago)
I make half of all my toddler meals fruits and veggies...and we eat that way too, they are not picky as there are no junk options. Start early!
Cathy Miller (11 days ago)
Along with "excited" and "cute" goes "really, really....". Ya'll aren't the only ones who do it. One really is probably enough.
RaisingBraylee (11 days ago)
You guys should do little ''Toddler Meals'' ideas . My daughter is one and I cannot think of good meals to put together for her that is safe for her to eat. She has a mouth full of teeth but I still am refraining from giving her to much meats right now because of the choking fear lol! HELP!
spacie82 (11 days ago)
Here in Canada, at least Western, you definitely take your shoes off... It's considered very rude to not in someone else's home! And, we teach our children to take shoes off at the front door in our own home too. It's kind of gross if you don't, Ha!
Brittany Morley (11 days ago)
As a Canadian we always take our shoes off :) I wouldn't want to wear shoes in the house, uncomfortable in my opinion
Kelsey Haag (11 days ago)
Hey Kayli!!! Where did you get your sectional!! I love it!!!!
MrsBHise (11 days ago)
I’m from the US and we don’t wear shoes in the house. We have a shoe rack right by the front door and everyone must take their shoes off. There’s nothing I dislike more than stepping in water, that someone’s tracked in on the carpet, with socks on my feet.
jaykay415 (11 days ago)
We have a shoe rack by the front door too. Calif here.
T R (11 days ago)
In Hawaii, it is very rude not to remove your "slippers". We were around many Japanese and Filipino families when we lived there. I think it is a great rule to implement. :)
Luma (11 days ago)
A thought went through my head, that Collette is pregnant 😂
Mama to Five (11 days ago)
I think wearing shoes indoors is very much a cultural thing. Here in Canada, I never see anyone wear shoes indoors (unless they’re American! Haha) I’ve visiting many homes in the U.S. where wearing shoes indoors is common. Here it would definitely be considered rude 😊
LovelyLikeLaura (11 days ago)
I live in Massachusetts and most people ik take off their shoes inside! lol
sillykidsnow (11 days ago)
You are the best!! Love you guys!! You both look beautiful and are so kind!! Love your shirt, K!! 💖💖

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