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Inside life on the Lakota Sioux reservation l Hidden America: Children of the Plains PART 1/5

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Children of the Plains Part 1: Robert lives in a crumbling trailer but has Oval Office dreams. [Original Air Date 10/14/2011]
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Gary D Flatt (21 minutes ago)
I would fix the leak in the roof, but it's not when it's raining. And when it's not raining it doesn't need to be fixed. Is it warmer downtown than it is in the summer?
C N (3 hours ago)
Perfect example of what happens when the government takes care of you...
Diane Keller (4 hours ago)
Debra Gonzales (15 hours ago)
You can be anything you want, don't give up. cast your care on the great spirit. you are the future.
Beverly Johnson (16 hours ago)
Robert, you are a sweet and strong young man with a clear vision. I pray you achieve your dream, and are blessed beyond all you can ask or think. Love from Tennessee:)
cannon 0357 (16 hours ago)
I love this boy! I hope he sticks to his dreams and WILL be the first president! I wish they could get help for these beautiful people! You are an angel sweet young man. I wish I knew how he is doing today..
anthony gomes (1 day ago)
i will vote for him.
Katrina I (1 day ago)
I wonder how hes doing now, i hope hes doing well this was in 2011 it says.
Neil Redstar (1 day ago)
Make your dream comme true brother
willow the midget (2 days ago)
I want to be the first native American president...lol I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing at your ignorance...lol🤣😂🤣
aryan clair (2 days ago)
Fucking outsiders European government of America it's native land and they have not home go back to you oun countries u fucking outsiders
Karen Otte (2 days ago)
Karen Otte (2 days ago)
I pray for the ego and I pray for somebody to put his mother into rehab and get her some help she's beautiful and I pray that this boy finds anything he wants in this world and Beyond in the name of Yeshua hamashiach
Karen Otte (2 days ago)
No matter what they do to that child in life they'll never take his Beauty he's got it from within
Karen Otte (2 days ago)
But people can raise billions of dollars for Cathedrals and temples but not for their neighbors
MJ 23 (2 days ago)
The Real American
Kenneth Clayton (3 days ago)
On a personal level fight to fight, it's will become even harder, because you've become a bigger threat to the problem. You are you, we all fight or become a victim. Follow your heart, you are a fighter. If you run, and are a good man, I will vote, bad is not better then worst.
Eva Land (3 days ago)
Stay strong! Many will support you!
Bob Strong (4 days ago)
I grew up with a drunk parent also , It seems to never stop bothering you, at 45 years old the pain never goes away.
Bob Strong (4 days ago)
This is so damn sad , they need help out there Now. Americans get help,even the rich ones , they are Americans to.
Michael James (4 days ago)
Proverbs 23:29-35 and the woes of alcoholism were praying for you
Michael James (3 days ago)
da Danke Yotanch'
Elias Dsouza (4 days ago)
Glenna Tomlin (4 days ago)
This is unacceptable
Willie Spoonemore (4 days ago)
Windows usually busted out a trailers and meth is rampant . Ya its a heck of a living .
wild bill hickup (4 days ago)
It's a tragedy they have to live in these shitty houses when we give so much to illegals that aren't even supposed to be hear. Indians are the original land owners. If I had bill gates money I would build houses for these people.
Jack Brown (4 days ago)
Wow, massively fucking patronising! —Even for American media... these people have been fucked over big time. Let’s all reflect on this...
KitaKat (4 days ago)
Where is this youngman now?
Erinese Geffrard (5 days ago)
My God!!! Please brothers and sisters let's try to help some how, yes we can make a difference with the little that God provides us. My heart bleeds.
MrSoarman (5 days ago)
So sad, I wish they recover and be in the mends.
TheFuture AirMen (5 days ago)
I would like to add The U.S governmsnt and normal avg. White man is the reason this young man and my people live the way we do
Zeek M (5 days ago)
We're not going to vote for an indian unless he or she can prove beyond any doubt that they will absolutely pursue and destroy the deep state. Quit bitching and start killing the deep state. If you'll recall correctly they are the ones who took your land and mine.
Dori Creed (5 days ago)
What an inspiration! I hope he never loses his vision and he goes all the way in life
bebe bebe (6 days ago)
Now that I would love to see the first Native American president wow that is something worth the dreaming for
Virginia Easterling (6 days ago)
Awsome. Never give up
Nancy Litton (6 days ago)
PLEASE do a follow-up on this young brave.
Taylynn Grey (6 days ago)
This is so heart breaking
Selvaway (6 days ago)
Another brainwashed kid. You dont have to go to college to make billions
Shady Cruz (6 days ago)
Robert is so adorable ! He’s got my vote fosholy 💖
Big Hate88 (7 days ago)
This is ashame...the government has money for war..they can rebuild housing for these people!!! Makes me sick!! They don't nead much.. wouldn't cost the government a lot of money.!!
Joe Ramirez (7 days ago)
God bless him.
Ricky TickySticky (7 days ago)
Im not registered to vote an honestly i dont believe in politics, but if this kid becomes the first native american to run for office then hes got my vote. It would be a true America with a native american president, it just makes perfect sense
Esperanza Stacky (7 days ago)
READ THE REAL HISTORY. Never give worth to what the white people say. They say things, document in writing information that is false and wrong only for the sake of controlling everyone and making themselves look smart. They study every culture and rob them of their belief and culture then apply to their "knowledge" as if they discovered it. They walk bare foot, they believe in breathing the air, appreciate the sun, robbing us of our belief. And make us look as if we are stupid and dirty to practice this custom. Lakota, Apache, Black foot, all people are the real people. All white people are Aliens to this land.
Nesrin eglantine (7 days ago)
What a brave young man... I cried alot watching this.. a culture of Honor and Glory is now forgotten.. What a shame. One day you'll be the president of America Robert.. dont give up on your dream.
Diego Rodriguez (8 days ago)
I wish you can be the first president . much love from the native Indian Mexican . NATIVE PRIDE .
Susan Sirianni (8 days ago)
I wonder what happened to Robert Looks Twice as of 2019?
Blue eyes (8 days ago)
This kid😔❤💜 what a blessing he is!
Bikki Johnson (8 days ago)
“Looks Twice”...you are stronger than a child should ever have to be...but warriors have no age...warriors are timeless. I send you love from my heart. You make me proud.
BIGD_OSpinner (8 days ago)
Hard not to cry when Robert breaks down bc of his mother's abuse.
Raquel Lira (9 days ago)
He is such a beautiful kid
Susie Q (9 days ago)
I have seen a few reservations and they always tell the same, sad story! Alcohol, drug addiction, suicide, and crippling poverty! I would LOVE to be around when this young man runs for President. I would definitely vote for him!! He looks like a true warrior to me. Keep your head up and you eyes and mind clearly on the prize. Robert Looks Twice for President!
Jordan Kay (9 days ago)
The little ndn babies. Hi diane. Love them babies.
im white buffalo only bow to pray or out of respect know god forgiven you the snake devil worshippers i saw child playing with a gun i clapped my hands messiah news said devil worshippers heart exploded Miami
Jarod Smith (10 days ago)
*To everyone asking for an update on Robert Looks Twice, You can find him on Facebook. It looks like he's doing really good. He looks happy.
MixedUpMargie (10 days ago)
Sad story, the people that should own more live in this sad situation, i wish i could adopt one or two of these kids. Why doesnt the government givethem housing. Too sad"
JESSICA RENE' HEFLEY (10 days ago)
JESSICA RENE' HEFLEY (10 days ago)
Neky Kamarudin (10 days ago)
This is the origin and still going on in America ... robbing robbing robbing and never give back
me you (10 days ago)
It's 2019 where's this boy today. Praying he's making it out there somewhere
Israel First (10 days ago)
Shame on you all America...Shame!!!
Hilda Deboer (11 days ago)
America breaks this people down. the woud not live like this if America not inte fair the way the do Manny years ago. the great people whit a strong history to be proud of. America great country look deeper in to America how Much people suffer also. America 😌😌😌😔
vinny sing (11 days ago)
You had a native american as vice president before, don't you know? He was Charles Curtis.
Mari Diaz (11 days ago)
I have a son who looks like him and people think he is native American but he dont mind it
I wish I was rich so I could help these people and as much as possible their heritage.
Nana J (11 days ago)
I hope this kid is doing great in life god bless
Char Shroat (11 days ago)
This documentary is eight years old. I wonder what became of him.
Jeffrey Grumbine (11 days ago)
I do not want to forget we are God people I will pray for you. All need Love 🙏🏻🎚
Bravo, go for it.. President
Miss G Booker (11 days ago)
A lot of things bad happened to a lot of Indians my people as well as African-Americans the worst sting one of the worst things because there were so many is abdication to the white man's ways if they would have just stayed in their teepees and they won't have to worry about being warm and leaking ceilings and Floors that are breaking up because they already had the knowledge before the so-called missionaries white Europeans came and we know what happened after that!!!!!!!
OMG this video is 7 years old. This kid must be grown up by now! I really hope he did not drop school. I would like to help if I can as well!
Lupo Canislupus (11 days ago)
First they stole the land, then they committed genocide. USA should never exist.
kachahaan (12 days ago)
Beautiful boy. Go in front of Trump and tell this fat old ugly creature that he is an immigrant in YOUR country and to go back to Europe.
Fan PERSON (12 days ago)
Screw alcoholics, why’d the white people have to create them? Why can’t they just drink “WATER,” I know that in the back day water wasn’t clean, but they deserve drinking it.
Fan PERSON (12 days ago)
This is so sad.
puneet kaur (12 days ago)
First native Indian American president 👍👍😊😊
TheSaintOfSundby (12 days ago)
A sad story, but wonderful to see a young native with aspirations. <3 to your people Robert
Rebecca Rush (12 days ago)
I think america should pay more respirations to ALL the people they have done wrong to in order to create america such as, native american indians, african americans, and others. We should at least work to repair their infrastructure, work to help the people struggling with drug and alcohol problems get some help/recover, we should help their children because NO CHILD deserves abuse and neglect. We should have it in our hearts to help these people. I know that we can as a human race and it breaks my heart that we don't.
The Crown Group (13 days ago)
I weep for my Native Indian brothers for the depressive state the White man has put them in. These fierce warriors are the original inhabitants of America and it's true citizens. Yet the White man has systematically made them extinct and the colonies that are left are subjected to trailer parks, poverty, disease and depression. America's not so hidden secret is that it was made on the bloodshed and extinction of the great Indian nations that were spread out across North America. The White man has a lot to answer for and this is why America is cursed with flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, forest fires, the highest crime rates in the world and soon to be economic collapse. The curse of the Native Indians lives on!!!!!!
BestKnOWnAgent (13 days ago)
I feel just as bad for the lost tribes in the States. Looks worse than Canada.
BestKnOWnAgent (13 days ago)
Sometimes I think Canada needs a Native Prime Minister too.
James Longstreet (13 days ago)
Shame on us,that natives have to live like that.Shame on us what we did to them.Hope this fine young man gets out.
I wish these in depth reports would happen more frequently a to expose the difficulty of life these young men and women face. They are up against it. I thought Billy Mills " Running Strong For American Indian Youth" was doing a lot of work on the reservation at Pine Ridge. I use to donately every month for 5 years to their cause. i never made the trip there, but would love to go and help in some capacity!
wm c barker (13 days ago)
closed captioning help me to learn to read, why didn't you close caption ? pictures are NOT a thousand words
Atsuneh (13 days ago)
President Looks Twice..I cant wait. He’s gonna do some amazing things
Tre Napier (13 days ago)
I hope this young man is doing well and excelling. Bless him.
Ines Naglic (13 days ago)
So sad, those beautiful proud people, once free, living their real lives, and now, it's not fair, no, no💔😢
Ang Ela (13 days ago)
I’ll vote for him ❤️
mariandrea Go (14 days ago)
Que injusto...ellos son los verdaderos americanos no deberian vivir asi tengo la esperanza que algun presidente los reivindique y les de los servicios que merecen.
I love being native american! 😍💕
Ryanavery Ash (14 days ago)
At the end of the day all of the lovely comments in this are nothing more than lovely sentiments. We've ruined hundreds of thousands of lives and exterminated many peoples and cultures while building America. Yet we require foreigners to assimilate.This is not news. Still, we write a lovely comment to get "likes" and nothing changes but we feel good about ourselves because we had a great, life altering idea that everyone liked! We don't have to know where this particular reservation is to help make a change. We have them all over the states. Pick one. They're all the same. To answer your question, I'm just as big a jerk because I know of many reservations in my state and I've done nothing either. But I will investigate further. I will learn and I will ask the right people what I can do until I put my lovely thoughts into action because this really hurt my heart. It hurt because I was already aware of it but didn't think much of it because I'm comfortable in MY life.
Mrs. Ben (14 days ago)
My sweet boy, I wish I could make things better for children like you. I hope you and they’re able to rise above. 💚 He’s so handsome too. ✊
Chelsea Carlson (14 days ago)
It would be great to get an update on this young man! Praying he can accomplish everything he plans to in life!
Lowkeyy (14 days ago)
He reminds me of Uncas from The Last of The Mohicans
arielle jods (14 days ago)
not respectful to display the ugly issues but not discuss the systematic oppression that caused those ugly issues
Steven Wolf (14 days ago)
It would be a great honor to have an American Native as President of our great lands. Maybe we will return to peace when this happens.
peedy (15 days ago)
Gods people always are on the bottom cause we broke his commandments. Blacks, Native Americans & Mexicans of Indian descent. The heathen nation stole all our resources. But its our time forever salvation is ours.
Arizona Sky (15 days ago)
What a sweet soul. If he were my son I would never hurt him or leave him. What a precious soul. God bless him. I hope he becomes president one day.
Native American Sioux
That boii khan (15 days ago)
Dude he looks good!
Ecoli ESRein (15 days ago)
Bahahaha, this is really rasict I mena not all Indian people look alike

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