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Inside life on the Lakota Sioux reservation l Hidden America: Children of the Plains PART 1/5

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Children of the Plains Part 1: Robert lives in a crumbling trailer but has Oval Office dreams. [Original Air Date 10/14/2011]
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Razor Ramon HG (2 hours ago)
Eagle rains
Eric Girardet (7 hours ago)
Keep your dreams alive and work hard. Your are the future of the United States of America AND the Sioux nation!
David Hix (15 hours ago)
Thank you, for being a great warrior, you are learning many valuable lessons,, you will become a great and powerful and wise president,,,
Comment Comment (18 hours ago)
These are my people. I was here before any colonists were.
Robert Smith (22 hours ago)
Perhap the lost of their identidy, the connection they had with nature, hunters and warriors, and suddenly the land where they were walking on, had become in properties, and it is hard to lose traditions, wihtout the right point to sign and to achieve a better comunity, point them to another battles, to never lose their spirit of warriors, without making them feel less, but it is true after years and years or decades of the same, spirit gets lose, and might lose the track to come to remember, what was to live under only the sky, and support and survive every season of this Earth!!
Rhonda S (2 days ago)
I have been to your reservation for Sundance. Four years. You are a grand one young one. My heart is with you.
Creecaptain 17 god (2 days ago)
I hope this young man becomes the president of the United States!!! Youll make all the old chiefs proud and all of the people!!!
Daniel Arroyo (2 days ago)
Robert please brother from a nother mother as a native American taino we are worries off life we are worries dont give up fight for what you believe remember a warrior survive if you fight back you become president you can you can fight through the mud and you will win fight fight
Cpt Alpha (2 days ago)
How ever disliked has no soul one 👍 one vote for Robert to be president of the United States
Cpt Alpha (2 days ago)
I wish people shared this land equal ways for both sides an be happy
Robert Thai (2 days ago)
To change the fate of the Native American , Native Americans have to go to school and get into good university and then go into politics then you can speak and fight for the Native Americans...
Robert Thai (2 days ago)
I have always said the white men and women from Europe came to America and they have robbed the land from the Native Indians , over time these poor Indian were left to rot inside the Indian reservation without an Indian welfare ministry to spearhead the grooming, cultivation , encouragement of the Indian youth with special programs aim as poverty eradication and skills training..yet Donald j Trump is too busy trying to interfere with other regions life and bullying others in Asia and Russia, Europe and middle East .. Trying to get China to change course with their aims to become industrialized and put foods on the table for every family. President Xi leads with excellent leadership and calmed the world with his vision of near utopia perfection for world peace, despite communist China was branded as an atrocious government but yet they are the only one talking with San voice.. Trump whose mental stability is obviously hammered , has never ever put the welfare of the American Natives , first Nations into his oval office agenda, least are we hear him even spattered the slightly whispers by the corner of his lips about the Native Indian life matters. All non native politician couldn't careless about the Natives.. Most politicians including Nancy polocy , Obama , Clintons , Alan , the late John McCain and president Trump couldn't give a dame about Indian welfare and how they are doing, they just let them rot inside the reservation..drunken and drugged till they don't know about tomorrow.. One of my Indian friend in USA told me that she has brain and know how to think for herself and she is serving in the Army of U.S. military..she feels proud and honoured and feel great, for that i would say it is short sightedness and lack of exposure..she obviously do not know anything beyond the cold steel that she was trained to live her life with, without options , obviously one would hold fast to what ever that you have to keep yourself afloat of trouble water.. AMERICAN POLITICS ONLY SEND THE LESS PRIVILEGE PEOPLE AND THEIR SONS TO DEAD via war created by politicians , who are out to create markets for the Arms manufacturers and merchants.. So American Natives Indian don't be a fool to become a killing machines of the immoral Army led by crazy politicians.. In America most businesses are controlled by big businesses or conglomerate, small people has no hope of cultivation or small holdings of your own, however the other part of the world is different, you have got to jump out of the box and free yourself of the predicament that you are in.. Go to China and Asia then you will feel you are living again with freedom and peace..try it for yourself , don't just sit there.get moving!!!
Ella Sansolis (3 days ago)
What an extraordinary kid.
Jessie rod (3 days ago)
This is the real stuff not fake brand's imitations...💪💪💪
Ronald Krikorian (3 days ago)
Diane. U r washed up
Cruz Oma (4 days ago)
fr i thought native were gatting pay. well
wyy link34 (4 days ago)
They should move to where there is jobs like a big city... the Canadian natives do that...
Pamela Moore (6 days ago)
An inspiration to us all.
The Burnt One (6 days ago)
This is terrible... I wish I could do something to support his dreams.
Denise Molina (7 days ago)
Omg heartbroken when he cried
Donny Holman (7 days ago)
I have grown up amongst the whites.I am I believe 1/16 cherrokee on moms side and 1/32 Navajo.I also have been told we have Inuit blood.I have always wanted to be with my people though.I have never felt accepted in society.I want to learn more about my heritage.
Micah Parnass (8 days ago)
Im already tracer
Lucas Martinez (8 days ago)
Fuck the day when the fucking Europeans came to this continent, now thousands of natives people of this continent are living in misery and yet they think they all are from and the owner of this continent. I really hope with this president and his ideas will kill them all for good
Arturo Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Jaime Rodriguez (8 days ago)
I really no you be the next president of this country.
Judy Gagnon (9 days ago)
how come the men in the community don't help patch roofs and fix floors? how come no buisnesses there? other reservations, like in Arizona don't live like this. they have buisnesses, beautiful hotels etc. they have homes that are nice. what is going on with this tribe? time to put down the booze and drugs and start doing something to help themselves
Beverly Balius (9 days ago)
I had a friend I worked with offshore....he said he was on the Pine Ridge Rez helping them....he said after about 3 years he gave up....because they were all Alcholics/drug addicts and all abused their kids.... My Grandmother was half Native American.....i used to ask her why they never lived on a Reservation....her reply was....We weren't no Government Indians....to most of them that was shameful to stay on a reservation......her words.....she was born 1896.....passed away 1985
Beverly Balius (9 days ago)
So no men in that community can patch a roof???? Even my old grandmother kew how to patch a roof and Farm. Good luck young man.
CJ Hunter (10 days ago)
This is DISGUSTING!!!! We treat these people like RATS !!! They deserve BETTER!!!
reesa beee (11 days ago)
Wes Evans (11 days ago)
Diane, help them with repairs or a new trailer please.
bad Good (11 days ago)
This is from 2011 people. If you really want to help call the lakota nation and ask what you can do. Then call your senators and congressmen and ask why money is being spent on illegal immigrants when our native Americans are in need????
Richard C Hanson (11 days ago)
When there is nothing to hold on to........your grasp will slip.
Estella Edwards (11 days ago)
It’s shameful the American government doesn’t help these people
Estella Edwards (11 days ago)
It’s disgraceful what Europeans did with with natives in the Americas.
Tito Madrid (11 days ago)
I have always loved natives
Tito Madrid (11 days ago)
They are the real Americans not this wannabes so called americans
Kim Teel (11 days ago)
Damn heartbreaking. These poor kids.
Ed Brown (11 days ago)
Forget about becoming president and stay true to who you because you're The mirror that let evil doers see themselves.The sowers shall reap one day and that's day your ancestors can rest in peace.
Ed Brown (11 days ago)
If my people had the only true culture in this country, I would be the proudest person in the world nothing that land is our land.
suvariboy (11 days ago)
Lee Francis (12 days ago)
Most Americans don't consider indians as a nation.
Imran Akram (12 days ago)
The native indian is still fighting for survival shit still aint changed the goverment still sees them as hostile when will they be seen as equal
1besieged (13 days ago)
God bless the NATIVE AMERICANS & their TRIBES. Remember : God does return on a White Horse and I believe my God is Native American, God will even the score in due time for the enslavery, massacres, cruelty , SLAVERY , theft of their country (Native American country) , God is keeping score on all wrong doings against this beautiful colorful RACE of peoples God bless everyone who is Native American and mixed Native American blood. Freedom of speech &press USA * copyrighted material * no copying in full OR part !
Dustin Sirrine (13 days ago)
My great great grandparents where pulled away from there families and made to go to the white mans schools was told not to talk there native language made the young men cut there hair and told to forget about the way they use too live hunt dance and survive. The had to dress like the white man and be shamed... May we see a brother a true Native American become the president of the United States before I die ? What a blessing from God above that would be. If only my Great Grandmother Effie Bear could be here too witness such an historical event, if only my grandchildren could see such an historical event... If if if... May God be with you little brother Mighty Looks Twice... dance dance dance...
Jorge Toloza (13 days ago)
I live in Hollywood ,Florida we have Seminole Indians they get 5000 yes five thousad dollars a month per child from the casinos.. they owm the casinos..also we have the Micoosukies Indians aswell they too own CASINOS.and all these American Indians 8 living in a trailer....The Indians here in Florida are drinking to death and smoking crack due to all this money they get...
Matt Butler (13 days ago)
My dad goes to this reservation once to two times a year on mission trips and he says it is bad there
Melissa Wissler (13 days ago)
My heart goes out to these wonderful children. They don;t deserve to live in this squalor.
123alias (13 days ago)
I just came here to see the hot sexy Native American men with long hair but I didn’t finish reading the title so didn’t notice it said Children..... damn it.
Israel Kelley (14 days ago)
See Elizabeth Warren these are real natives real high cheek bones
Israel Kelley (14 days ago)
They live like that because section 8 goes to blacks food stamps welfare so they can sit in their as s and be gangsta wht can't these people get benefits makes no sense
777MANASSEH SELAH777 (14 days ago)
Our Native family are in the condition they’re in because of those evil enemies coming to our land and NOW LOOK AT EVERYTHING THAT THEY’VE DONE!!! LOOK AT THE SKY, AT THE ANIMALS THEY’VE NEARLY EXTERMINATED THEM ALL!.. LOOK AT THE OCEAN!!! It’s not suitable for sea life.. they beach themselves cuz it’s contamination!!! Every land they go they kill and destroy..
metamaggot (14 days ago)
tough lives make tough people
Daniel Collins (15 days ago)
Fallow your dreams, if I’m still alive you got my vote.
Daniel Collins (15 days ago)
I’m a white man and I think if any peoples need money from the government it’s the native Americans. They were here first. God bless all native Americans people.
Daniel Collins (15 days ago)
This pisses me off. Theses are great people. This country would been in lot better shape if we had never ever found it.
Sway Chester (15 days ago)
They have been brain washed to Destroy themselves
Sway Chester (15 days ago)
No you laughing because you know it’s unlikely to happen
Salvy Rivera (15 days ago)
Best leadership in human history came from the dust and he already is in camara and young looking true the shaman eyes and visions my brother you will be ridding the white horse one day i can see it already brother
Zion Gray (15 days ago)
So cute how the kids greet diane.
George Soros (16 days ago)
Well the Federal Government created this!
joshua Murphy (16 days ago)
This is what happens to any group of people in a welfare state. It’s truly sad ...... this is how free stuff enslaves a population
William McCoy (16 days ago)
Terrible conditions to live in, this is something they should do something about,ASAP TRUMP HERE IS YOUR CHANGE TO SHOW Who YOU ARE your a builder,. ?start building. These people deserve this, and change the names reservation ,start call them the home lands Try to establish some kind of economy in these homelands. With other words.Give these people hope.
S O E F I A H H (16 days ago)
Fry bread what about bannock???
Aaron Aviad (16 days ago)
What an intelligent boy. I hope he does make it to the Presidency. That would be amazing.
savior gomes (16 days ago)
Robin Strand (16 days ago)
We need a president from the Native American culture.
Janelle Bird (16 days ago)
😢❤ it's so sad, that many came from such Beauty, but now, desolation and sadness! Sending Blessings to the grandma, and those like her, taking on the responsibility of the children
SaL Leon (16 days ago)
any updates
Sarah Walker (16 days ago)
The only shame I have is the way we have treated these people. They need help and education. Instead of throwing our tax dollars to the illegal immigration, lets help these people.
william D ayers (16 days ago)
Yup jesus saids theres a strait gate and many go in thsts the easy life but they will pay for it. And theres a narrow. The hard life few enters in
Miriam Oviedo (17 days ago)
The first people of America, I wonder what the natives call this continent before and why they speak only English
Kalarajoan (17 days ago)
Oh my..... I’m aboriginal Australian. We have ‘ reservations’ but we call them missions. This really hits me hard... I wasn’t aware that other native people were going through this, like native Americans, we have low employment rate, high rate of high school dropouts and high alcohol consumptions...so, native people everywhere are still Oppressed? My heart aches.
robert 4 president
Arthur Gabriele (17 days ago)
It's to bad that they choose to drink and be non-productive, when they have land that can be used for farming, a chicken farm, cattle, pigs, sheep, etc. It would keep them busy so that they keep there minds off the drinking. And it would be great for the children.
Dan M (17 days ago)
Jesus who is making these kids and just dropping them off lol
V W (18 days ago)
If the government stopped supporting illegal immigrants and started helping naitives this will not b another tragic story. The democrats keep them as slaves. Wake up america. Or own people need help.
Parvez M (18 days ago)
SHAME on ABC, making millions of these story. They should help him pursue his dreams. I a common poor person wants to give him $100.00. I hope I see him rise to be a President of USA.
Gerry Lam (18 days ago)
How is he now?
hans peter (18 days ago)
True Americans
Lolly Pop (18 days ago)
Robert Looks Twice, you WILL rise like the eagles! My people WILL conquer that demon fire water and be proud nations once again! Our Grandfather never wanted us to suffer like we have. We are strong.
MICHAEL D. (18 days ago)
I wish great things for this young MAN. He’s already a leader paving a path with his own inner strength. Struggles like this all across this land yet some celebrities want recognized for donations abroad and building structures in other countries while ignoring home. This grandma could fill a stadium love. May God bless her.
keiipeibui dailiam (18 days ago)
😢😢 nathing I cnt do for them just my prayer of hope .. Keep fighting no matter what disaster strike. Blacksmith forge their iron in the red hot fire again n again until they get purest steel to shape best knife.
Four Sisters (18 days ago)
He is beautiful
Tom Smith (18 days ago)
you white people brought your problem s to are land we never want you we the Indian should have build the wall to keep you off this land white man is your justice is just for you how about are people use your justice against you
Delicia Estes (18 days ago)
I pray his dream will come true !
Tom Smith (18 days ago)
this land was never been given to the white man they killed are people and you people go to a church that is on land that white man por are blood on it dose that okay with you church people
Tom Smith (18 days ago)
this land belongs to the Indian people it dose not belongs to you white people your government worker's brackin the law s killed for and stolen for there greedy pockets
Tom Smith (18 days ago)
I hope you be come what your going after my the great God bless you listen to his sprites of God
Juanita Sullivan (18 days ago)
Can't find a link to the other parts of this.
Juanita Sullivan (18 days ago)
I hope I live long enough to see this wonderful young man become president!
claritza Sosa (18 days ago)
he will b the next president of the USA u can do it 😘
Sandy Wolf-Lit (19 days ago)
Whatever happen with Robert? Can you do a follow up story
ALLEN LADY (19 days ago)
missy nunyabiz (19 days ago)
Id like to share an opinion on why this young man will never even get close to the Whitehouse. Because of the Hate Natives openly show those they blame. What i see is a people that Know eho they are. They have their Beliefs and Traditions intact. What i also see is the young are disadvantaged by their elders when the Hate and Blame is passed down to them. They grow up feeling hopeless. They remain limited. They turn to vice because their souls want to feel free. They are someone else when they alter their minds through alcohol and drugs. Its a form of escape. I am Menominee, taken away as a baby and raised poor, bad neighborhood, gangs, did drugs, been locked up but the difference between you and me would be when we took a step back after being asked "who is to blame for the mess called life" i believe i am solely responsible for my mess. Your taught to believe that an outside force did this to you. I grew up with no support outside my mother and 3 other siblings. Youve all got whole tribes in your lives. Wtf! Its a trip to see you and to realize the potential you each have wasted. I have a HUGE burn on my stomach and leg from my life on the reservation. Im lucky. Why? Its my only scar physically and mentally.
Aragti (20 days ago)
sorry for thm.
Terri rainwater-branch (20 days ago)
100.00CB 🐺🥩🥩
clarkewi (20 days ago)
Give the money going to illegal immigrants to these deserving Americans. So they can have a decent roof over their heads.
clarkewi (20 days ago)
Awesome Americans.

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