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Inside life on the Lakota Sioux reservation l Hidden America: Children of the Plains PART 1/5

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Children of the Plains Part 1: Robert lives in a crumbling trailer but has Oval Office dreams. [Original Air Date 10/14/2011]
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Rudy Barrios (28 minutes ago)
Wow very proud of this warrior and I hope he keeps his mind set to the sharpest because if not him who ....! keep on going kid don't you slow down eaven better don't eaven think about slowin down my best wishes to you and your family,by the way you have a great grandma, love her....!
Howling Wolf (5 hours ago)
I'll vote for him
Chen Zaragoza (6 hours ago)
God Bless this kid..
Angela Nelson (9 hours ago)
Aww I love him.. made me cry. Go for your dreams
Parker Coker (18 hours ago)
This kid is beautiful.
Health & safety (19 hours ago)
I was born in new Zealand but my grandfather was from American his grandmother was the Queen of the Cherokee. I have heard storys of the bull shit the native American indians had to go through. in new Zealand have to put up with the government lies that the maoris are native to nz. Well they are not they came from Asia they are Asian people but they keep bleeding nz for what they can. if they want there land back and payouts from the tax payers go back to Asia. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.
Raging Bull (22 hours ago)
Don't give up Boy, don't give up, you are the future
LUCY (1 day ago)
Please don’t lose your dream of being the first Native American President! You’ll have my vote! :)
Debra Fischer (1 day ago)
What an amazing young warrior. He is going to go far in life he is so brave and strong. God Bless him and his wonderful Grandmother and Family
Tara R (2 days ago)
Roldy"Ssjblue" Yes we must not forget the Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide of the Native Americans We must not forget that White Americans captured and enslaved millions of Africans Must not forget Slavery
Yuna Kim (2 days ago)
devastating .
Alicia Phroper (2 days ago)
You have my vote to be the best president in the United States
Alicia Phroper (2 days ago)
I haved loved lakota for so long but I feel so bad for him this changes my life now I wish I could meet him and help him with what he needs and I also know a girl at girls ink with the same last name and on Tuesday I am going to ask her about this I hope she isn't suffering with this to I love that he is fighting with this but I want to help I really do and he is really good at dancing
sweetncool (3 days ago)
4:37 this made me cry. I feel for him. I wish the government would do something to help these reservations since they put them on them.
Ryan Tendieson (3 days ago)
Looks Twice lives up to the wisdom of his name. Very smart for a young boy. Especially on a reservation that suffers from addiction. I had an old friend who came from a reservation in Arizona who told me how hard it is for these kids with what’s happening around them
S.R. Hurst (3 days ago)
I am a Lakota Sioux who was scooped and adopted by white people. They tried to force us to assimilate. They tried but failed. I hope this young man keeps working hard and does become the first Indigenous president. I also wish he and his family could all come north to live with me!
Virginia GB (3 days ago)
Can someone please provide an update on this child, I'm heartbroken 😭💔
aint she K (3 days ago)
I hope he lives his dreams
Kenny Raicherter (3 days ago)
Oh god bless him we need a president like him who been through hard knocks and stick it up trumps ass.
Arthur Huizar (3 days ago)
No matter what your skin color, anyone who can survive those conditions and truly relate to the poorest communities should be proud and confident.
Timothy George (4 days ago)
Don't lose hope in yourself
Timothy George (4 days ago)
Be proud Lakota Prince be proud What you want to achieve is already in you As your tears of impotence fall on prairie grass Your voice is heard by the everywhere spirit A friend from abroad
Chelsea Keniston (4 days ago)
I cry for the natives all the time. I pray one day this curse will be broken, and that we will see that native president. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jubilentcharlie 7768 (5 days ago)
I'll definitely vote for you, as long as you're on the conservative side👌
MIRIAM Garcia (5 days ago)
Proud of his ancestors! Love it !
Harley (5 days ago)
They are the real Americans, white people took their homes and committed genocide on the Native Americans, its shameful, its shameful that we dont do more for them. Our president doesnt want people coming in and "stealing" our stuff even though that's exactly what we did long ago, we need to do more for the Native Americans, and I hope that boy does become president, I really do
Donald Duck (5 days ago)
What did ABC news do for these Natives after their report? I bet they didn't even help them fix their trailer, typical liberal bs sympathy
Joseph Stalin (5 days ago)
Damn this kid is around 21 now
Yosef Ben Israel (2 hours ago)
They are the Mongloid Asian natives they were unclean not the original or real natives they have white in them The real natives were swarthy look that up. American history is a made up lie smh. Go to the wounded Knee massacre there are genuine pictures of the real natives. These are a mix of white, mongoloid people not real native Americans they were swarthy meaning black described in every book.
Lady Bird Starshine (6 days ago)
And these are the ones suffering from the government shutdown...😢
shawn kidwell (6 days ago)
noone forces them to stay on the rez they are taught to stay there so the counsil can get more money. instead of becoming part of the country they do the isolation and then play a victim.
Gabriel uewouw (7 days ago)
What a great kid I hope he makes it the world needs him.
Anna Lanciano (7 days ago)
For President 👍👏💖
Cautiously Optimistic (7 days ago)
The Native Americans are the only true Americans !! The white man is still speaking with forked tongue , when he speaks of removing illegal immigrants . It seems funny that the white immigrant now feels threatened by the brown immigrant .
Paula Mahaffey (7 days ago)
Why are they living in such poor conditions ?? This breaks my heart. American freeloaders live better than they do !!!!! Time for a change , a change past due.
Dencil Dean (8 days ago)
So sad just look what happened to people that were free all because GOLD was found so long ago they are now on reservations
E Nizzle (8 days ago)
Damn...white America put them on a dry land with no resources to progress economically smh...Let's just continue on with these false history books and shade the truth.
Micah (8 days ago)
I'm really curious what anybody from a tribal background or anybody who's lived on a reservation would have to say about this story or what might help to make things better. I'd love to hear.
Hey There (9 days ago)
These are the kind of kids that would make big difference in politics with the experience they have.
Pat Shirley (9 days ago)
Did she set him up with a new home? Or at least help in some way? !!!
Sigma Life (9 days ago)
God bless this young man and all Native Americans, and help them get passed all that holds them back!
Benjamin Sheridan (9 days ago)
Ugh this is really rough
Vega 13 (9 days ago)
I honestly know how their chest feels cuz it's just only my mother and my kids yeah I have somebody beside me but that doesn't mean I'm rich being an Indian tribe some of my tribe people came to the US submarine were already in the US but nobody knows about the toltecas nobody knows about our music our cultural food our history why do we know so much the dirt the land if I was rich I wouldn't shove it on this kid's face I would prove him wrong that not all rich people are messed up my road is not easy either I'm still struggling don't have a job taking care of two kids helping my mother in any way I can donating plasma it's not easy I'm getting tired I didn't use this kid if he ever becomes president I wants to be elected he'll definitely have my I'll do what I can to help we need somebody who has a good head on their shoulders and knows where he truly came from
John Brown (9 days ago)
Go for it. You have my vote for President.
Sergio Hernandez (9 days ago)
samantha maney (9 days ago)
I will gladly become an american citizen if this boy becomes president
cody harmon (9 days ago)
Can we start a go fund me to get this kids house fixed??
Alfonso Verduzco (9 days ago)
A true all American
kevin frankl (10 days ago)
He will achieve it!!! That sprit!
jim mcdowall (10 days ago)
Outstanding individual from a still proud nation best of luck to him & the whole Lakota people
James Gunn (10 days ago)
This is the way we treat the REAL TRUE AMERICANS. We should get down on our knees and beg for forgiveness. We treat the Black people better than we do the NATIVE AMERICANS. GOD FORGIVE US, I don't know if they will ever
1970harleybike (10 days ago)
America should be ashamed of it's self ..Stop giving money to our enemies and lets help our people starting with this Native American Family.. He is a Warrior...….
Catherine Bronte (10 days ago)
the dark spirits are trying to break you. they know you can be great. do not listen to them in the voice of your mother or anyone else.
Catherine Bronte (10 days ago)
there is an old scottish saying. charity begins in the home. why are we so worried about people from other countries when we need to look to our own.
THOU GOD THY GUIDE (11 days ago)
From When the Soul Of Man Was at One With the Earth A People of Many tribe's Waiting Patiently Until they Are given Back what the ancestral Spirit's Gave A Garden And A Gift from Our One True GOD FOR ALL OF MAN TO ROAM AND LIVE
Calvin Howard (11 days ago)
look twice for President. hope im still alive to vote for you. god bless you
liesa scott (11 days ago)
I am German and live for two years on an Indian reservation while wotking for their clinic. It was an amazingly interesting and stimulating time. I loved everything about it and made very good friends there. I often think I should write a book about. Indians do have problems but they own them and try to learn to do better. Their strong feelings of togetherness and belonging have been damaged and destroyed by generetions forceful separtions of children from their parents. It is socially and psychologically hard to recover from that becuse there are few peope to learn from what is normal. I have the highest respect for them and hope they can find back to their proud identity soon.
P-M LIN. (12 days ago)
Why do the right owners of The USA have 2 live in RESERVATIONS in their own land...hmmmm...i am just asking.. " Dog Spirit " P-M Denmark.
LordSear1982 (9 days ago)
Because all white people are assholes and Native Americans look to those white assholes in hopes that the very same government that put them in reservations will take care of them and all their problems. You wont ever find that shit in Latin America with the indigenous.  North America is the worlds garbage can
Debbie Marquis (12 days ago)
Ljubica Golubovic (11 days ago)
SHAME ON YOU,WHITE AMERICA. You killed millions and millions of native people of America. You slaved millions of African people.. Your history swims in BLOOD of innosents... You bombed my country Serbia,1999,during three months,killed 2.000 people.. You bombed many other countries... Evil USA,God will JUDGE you.
LordSear1982 (9 days ago)
Yeah because Serbs are so innocent and Eastern Europeans didnt invent horrible things like Communism lol moron
Germaine Bulsey (12 days ago)
Good luck n hope your path n dreams come true my indigenous brother, respect and love from your indigenous aboriginal brother n sisters from Australia 🦘
Joe Kid (12 days ago)
Wat a pendejo he shud lrn to use an oozy
Voilà (13 days ago)
Go for it kid! Hope you got to go to college! Keep fighting!
Voilà (13 days ago)
America really belongs to these people!
Wattz Monster (14 days ago)
Man, that kid is AMAZING. He has true grit and soul. ✌
Andria B (14 days ago)
I personally love Native American culture. I've always admired the Lakota, Sioux and Navajo tribes especially. I find it very sad that the Native American people have been pushed to the slums of poverty. Especially since they were once such a proud and independent people. To see where they have ended up destroys my heart.
Sharon McComas (14 days ago)
A Native American President just might help this country out. For them to be here before any of us came here should not be cold or wet is a shame. Go Looks Twice we need you. So many come here demanding things. This is a shame. GOD BLESS THEM
Tahoe Tom (14 days ago)
Hope he makes something of himself I really do. I don’t know about anyone else but it killed me to see how they are living. If I was closer I would honestly fix that trailer for them free of cost. It’s not right he lives like that. I’m not putting anyone down but man I feel so bad for this kid.
Dawn Harley (15 days ago)
This broke my heart I hope he gets his dream
shortymackinem (15 days ago)
You have my vote my native brother
Grymonia Racemosa (15 days ago)
Beautiful boy
LUNGBUSTER CRNVR (15 days ago)
Hey Robert NEVER GIVE UP YOUNG WORRIOR! At your young age you already have the HEART and MIND of a True CHIEF! You are a BRAVE young man and I believe in you so NEVER STOP CHASING YOUR DREAM!!! May the Creator Bless you and all your Tribe!
Lily However!!!! (15 days ago)
Shame on you Sir Trump.
Maria Vest (15 days ago)
He is such a brave strong boy I hope all his dreams come true .. I will vote for you when you run
Lynette Marie (16 days ago)
I hope his dream becomes reality and he becomes president. Amazing story of strength and courage. ~🌼~
The Olive (16 days ago)
He’s got my vote!
KASH 0409 (16 days ago)
😭😭😭 I hope that boy makes it- Love that quote his grandpa gave him
Ashlee Wiseman (16 days ago)
I'm sry for your pain. Much love to u. Stay strong🦋
Robina Forrand-Adams (16 days ago)
His optimism is absolutely amazing.
Ivan Drago (17 days ago)
Devil worshipers
chanson2431 (17 days ago)
i wish him all the best and pray he gets where he dreams to be ...but at the same time, these national media seems to get off on the negative plights of indigenous people more than also showing those that have made a success out of life too. Not just indigenous people in the USA but world wide. this gives off a sense that every native american lives in conditions like this and drop outs and alcoholics?? Really??
Charles Head (18 days ago)
Give it hell young man you can do it ..
Skate or die (18 days ago)
I would love to have a native American president
LampRed (18 days ago)
Those Indians are so strong they let their continent be easily taken wow so fearsome
manuel cervantes (18 days ago)
and yet, illegals are given much more benefits, money, medical, and housing. what's wrong with this picture? God bless Looks Twice
Rochelle Pratt (19 days ago)
They are one of Gods greatest creation !! God's beautiful people for sure, never forget what happened and what was stolen from them.
Sean Terrington-Wright (19 days ago)
Good luck, Robert Looks Twice!
Fernando Guerrero (19 days ago)
El chico ablando Un perfecto ingles cuando en este pais se deveria ablar La lengua natal de los indios. o no es verdad europeos americanos alas gringos
Vfro junebug (20 days ago)
Him now in the documentary https://youtu.be/Ouu5LirxBxo
kenna stout (21 days ago)
Robert my man, you go! Take the White House! Follow your dreams. Proud of you, lad! 🥇
Vfro junebug (20 days ago)
I got the documentary of him last year
Xueshan Spotted corn (21 days ago)
Greetings. I have free Lakota and astrology readings for people in Recovery. Hope everyone has a fantastic new years.
Elie Elis (21 days ago)
So beautiful. We must protect this tribe. Providing a way to make a living without alcohol. Make it a resort. Golf. Tennis byob
Cryptino (22 days ago)
If he ran, it will be the first time in my life that I will vote 🗳 Looks Twice 2048 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Mian Cheng (23 days ago)
It will be great if America really has a native President
teejay Trujillo (23 days ago)
It was Democrat policies that created the situation this kid is in but if he does get into politics it will probably be as a Democrat supporting Elizabeth Warren.
Erin Squire (23 days ago)
that’s a sad true story that I have ever heard take cure for you and your family
YossefD'Perez (24 days ago)
Do you know where he is now??
YossefD'Perez (24 days ago)
2018, I trully hope he is fine and that he is in college.
Darrell Brock (26 days ago)
We should concentrate on a better tomorrow at home and not import trouble from abroad.
Jacqueline Judge (26 days ago)
The lakota people surely are one of the most beautiful people in the world,their ancestors were unbelievably brave,and look what the colonists did,they live an awful life.cmon people,be like us,the Irish,fight back,take your country, bravery back

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