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THE ONLY THING KEEPING US ALIVE... Amazing New Survival Game! - The Light Keeps Us Safe Gameplay

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The Light Keeps Us Safe - Early Access Gameplay Part 1 - Welcome to The Light Keeps Us Safe! The Light Keeps Us Safe is an open-world stealth survival game set in a world overrun by machines. Your Torch is your only defense, and you must use the light on the machines to keep them away. Can we survive the dark? Let's play The Light Keeps Us Safe! Want more The Light Keeps Us Safe gameplay? Let me know in the comments! ---------- The Light Keeps Us Safe on Steam Early Access: https://store.steampowered.com/app/853240/The_Light_Keeps_Us_Safe/ About The Light Keeps Us Safe: THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE is a procedurally-generated apocalypse in which only The Light can save us. Use stealth and evasion to avoid terrifying machines that patrol the desolate world, and employ the powers of Light to unpick their deadly traps. The sky has flickered and gone out. The food is gone and the power can't last much longer. You can’t stay down here, cowering in the bunker. Those things out there in the dark will only take so long to find their way in... It's time to go outside and face what's waiting for you out there. Maybe then you can go into The Light, like the others... Only The Light Can Keep Us Safe. ---------- Want more IGP? Check out these links: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/IGP_Subscribe IGP Twitter: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twit IGP Twitch: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twitch Join the IGParadise: https://discord.gg/vBzHaWd
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Text Comments (428)
IGP (4 months ago)
I just found out that Big Robot (Sir, You Are Being Hunted) also made this game. Ignore me and my ignorance lol This is an awesome game. I should also check out Sir. What do you think?
JaeDogg (1 month ago)
Do it for the memes edge god
Jess Belliveau (2 months ago)
Where the f*** is my little blacksmith episodes
Neil Sosa (4 months ago)
HELL YEAH DO IT (thats my opinion)
BooM Box (4 months ago)
PaveHog Hero (4 months ago)
Play Sir! Its a crazy game with interesting mechanics, but I cant help but say it feels a bit old... unless they've updated it since Ive last played the game.
MortallicA91 (2 days ago)
Now imagine this with RTX on and a SOMA vibe to it. The fact that they released this early access is a big no no. The worst thing to do is show to the audience all the crap getting developed. Make a trailer you stupid piece of humans. Another that I won't be playing unless it changes by a lot.
The20ph (7 days ago)
21:23, You watch Captain Disillusion?! Yes, I agree! Captain Disillusion is the only good superhero!
John McEntagart (9 days ago)
16:12 "I hear a dead body though" well said man
JASON WALKER (10 days ago)
Will this game be available on the ps4?
kritikus nézőpont (13 days ago)
Seems like this is an exciting game. Also, at the beginning you were talking about a story about an AI, which was signing greeting cards and then took over the world etc. Does anyone know which story that was? I couldn't really find it anywhere.
Matthew Vollmerhause (14 days ago)
OMG your commentary is so good!
Mehran Moradi (18 days ago)
its a flash light not a torch mu dude
Adam Osgood (20 days ago)
over acting
Jerolim Konj (23 days ago)
11:31 hahahahhahah
Lee Owen (24 days ago)
11:30 I had a similar reaction the first time I saw Caitlin Jenner......
HELLRAISEROID (27 days ago)
It's the Darkness that keeps everyone safe as you're not safe in light, but a target in the light, but I would say I feel safe in the Dark as I always slept with no lights on since I was 5 years old, because the Dark gives me comfort and the light drives me mad
Transgenderific (28 days ago)
Allen Wake in the future
Mr Bay (30 days ago)
35:30 trying to speak with robot, rofl
Lucas Fisher (1 month ago)
Just put a thing wear the robots are not aloud to hurt people
they're already on the moon .. and other planets .. you're fighting the low robots... on earth. would badly know how the evolution looks like
Fadhli M.T (1 month ago)
I like it when you scream at 32:49 hahaha
Matty Lee (1 month ago)
Genuine fear in your voice when you went to the water for the first time 😱😂
shafiq Saifullah (1 month ago)
Ai takeover great!! need a gun. Ak? No M4? No give me flashlight. Best weapon ever
shafiq Saifullah (1 month ago)
Please I beg you sir PLEASE increase the gamma I'm agonizing in not seeing anything
JaeDogg (1 month ago)
I'm only 20 minutes in but i just realized that isn't the moon. Thats the sun. It has some weird shield around it
C2.CaitoMXD (1 month ago)
first i thought the letters were korean but it seems that it's a game own alien language.
Did anybody figure out WTF that demonic Phoenix was?
Cottn Budz (1 month ago)
BirdBox With Lights
Marijn Kieboom (1 month ago)
2:20 nice reference man, love it
agustin vaira (1 month ago)
OMG wtf was that thing on the lake. It almost gave me a heart attack
GG Supporter Steve (1 month ago)
Its like Generation Zero. Almost. Cause the place is overun by machines. And also what happened to Generation Zero ;-;
anime/hentai fan (1 month ago)
You (IGP) sound like Anthomia
Peter Mortega (1 month ago)
Yes more please lol
Canada loves you (1 month ago)
Billy VanderVeer (1 month ago)
what does igp stand for
Billy VanderVeer (1 month ago)
what does igp stand for
Aldin Basic (1 month ago)
Terminator anyone?
YellowStone (1 month ago)
Will this be on xbox one
Green Smartie (1 month ago)
But if the light keeps you safe, why not go out during the day? Wouldn't that make more sense?
ツAvichayil (2 months ago)
hmm i wounder where they got there idea for that title huh.
DaRealFxVnM (2 months ago)
The start kinda reminds me of the original bioshock
Nero Reaver (2 months ago)
Dominick Schjolin (2 months ago)
That is runic code on the wall
Andreas Spyrou (2 months ago)
11:50 well... that’s a creative way to say out of bounds.
Dr.xkencx (2 months ago)
Igp: if you have played one survival game, you have played them all. Also Igp: hey a monster..... let's run at it
GiftBazille (2 months ago)
I feel like the thing at the water, that scared you (and me lol), looked like a burning human..Not to mention the scream and the poison looking water. I wonder if it's just my imagination. xD
Gucci Fur (2 months ago)
Yawn @ the game
Major Lawliet (2 months ago)
Actually, the machines were the good party in the Matrix. They became smarter until they were pretty much people, which triggered a... funny reaction when a machine killed one of it's owners after a fuck ton of abuse. Like a toy or a thing it was broken and destroyed, and many machines just started leaving. A city was made as they congregated, neither needing water or food and only the energy of the sun. But they grew too damned fast, and humans got scared... and despite attempt of piece by the machines, the humans just too stupid and paranoid, especially after long generations of complacency and comfort with advanced technology, and they just bombed the place with a nuke. Like idiots they forgot what the machine where as the blast wouldn't destroy them all, heat wouldn't do much and radiation wasn't a problem. And they let go of the humanoid shapes they had been created with to adopt more efficient forms, more powerful forms. More lethal forms. And like idiots once again as humanity got into a war the machines hadn't asked for in the first place, overwhelmed by their technology as they rapidly developed, they did a final strategy and snuffed out the sun. That perpetual black you see in the real Earth is the fault of no one but the humans, advanced nanomachines blotting out the skies so the machines would be destroyed with their reliance on solar energy, and forsaking the entire world by proxy as they killed plants and the foundation of the ecosystem.
A- Shotter (2 months ago)
play the blackout club again
elijah roets (2 months ago)
Sounds like the story on Twitter “the sun vanished “ but in that it was aliens that used robots that control people that poised the water so more people could be controlled
Raging lion (2 months ago)
pretty sure all these "gamer" youtubers are just playing these games to sightsee, because everyone I've found who play these type of games just ignore all the simple game mechanics and just explore like children and aww at everything they see all the while just winging everything like fucking autists lmao
enoch wade (2 months ago)
I had no idea you call it wheelbarrel in english in spanish we say carreta hahaha traeme la carreta wow
enoch wade (2 months ago)
Your scream in the water gave me taquecardia. 😂 scared the life out of me
Great Power (2 months ago)
Well like george carlin said the sky fills up with green sh*t at the end of the world.
Hunter Ryan (2 months ago)
Is it just me or does the UI in the upper right corner look strikingly similar to "This War of Mine?"
Sollar Cipher (2 months ago)
I am so upset its only for windows ):
CorruptedRipper (2 months ago)
While watching this, I was thinking about what the woman on the radio said.. I don't think there is any safe place. I think everyone is dead. The woman said how everyone else "went into the light" which is typically something said in reference to dying. When someone dies, they go into the light... I don't know, I know nothing about the game.. I'm not even half way through the video
Calvin Nel (2 months ago)
for someone who has played what i can assume is a lot of games.... its annoying to watch the dumb... like dn't simplify it so much... its like over kill
hans davis (2 months ago)
11:14 To run around and flash my...........light......yeah.......
AlexAnom420 (2 months ago)
Look, another squirrel...
AlexAnom420 (2 months ago)
Stealth is right up your ally... goes around breaking glass...smh
Abara Nihei (2 months ago)
Only Gameplay Channel besides Frankie i eatch anf actually love for its content! Also, we need a Horror Survival Game set in the BLAME! Universe made by these guys or the studio who made Call of Cthullu, in VR my head would explode.
Sies KingMegabytes (3 months ago)
edit: nevermind, You work for IGN and act like you have never played a video game ever. and you are just annoying and incredibility stupid in general.
GarrysFactor (3 months ago)
Seems intrestimg
Copper Boltwire (3 months ago)
yes, you are right, Capt' D is the best hero ;)
MLG MOMMENTS (3 months ago)
Trash bsg ahhhh
Meesoe Dontask (3 months ago)
I hear a dead body??? Is that like seeing thunder??? LOL!!!
*nuzzles u* (3 months ago)
I liked the video because you made that Captain Dissilusion joke
wolf pack (3 months ago)
At 11;32 u pee your self
The_Sourkraut (3 months ago)
" thats not a language that people speak is it" > Space Korean
Zachary Maneja (3 months ago)
I think games are boss when u don't know what's in the game.
Wooty Wooter (3 months ago)
Cant wait for Ray tracing for these types of games.
kubel83 (3 months ago)
Just love the high pitched scream at the end of the intro hahahaha.
Games For Cykits (3 months ago)
Freaking love this, so weird and cool, so these are some of the games other youtubers have been posting about like top 10 survival games coming soon, can't wait to try it
Kekistan Shitlord (3 months ago)
His screams are just the best part of the entire thing
Masterzoroark 666 (3 months ago)
I think that by going into the light they meant surrender to the robots and die. I really think that voice was in your character's head
Verdant (3 months ago)
This is just 9 but with a human
Eto Hige Gamer Culture (3 months ago)
Kinda looks like Korean letters
darkmoon death (3 months ago)
You mean I am legend
OldLeatherHands&Friends (3 months ago)
It sounds more like his family killed themselves (going into the light) and he was taking a shit or something during the family kill yourself event.
HaZe Gaming (3 months ago)
22:36 she of soron
Eli Adams (3 months ago)
His scream😂
zarria blitsy (3 months ago)
cant find this on steam IGP :P
Cassie L (3 months ago)
I'm just here for that scream... "leave me alone oh goJEZUS CHRIIISSSSTTTT!!!!"
Cocoa Bear (3 months ago)
As soon as you said "Hole in the Earth," I smiled and did a shimmy. When you said Deftones, I nearly cheered! <3
Riven wood (3 months ago)
Seems like those mots are the peoples memories ?
Lightning Wolf (3 months ago)
igp's terrified screams are like music to my ears hehe funny moments
Lin Edede (3 months ago)
co to za chujnia
Meya Enyo (3 months ago)
Matrix story was AI created their own nation, traded and weren't the aggressors, humans didn't trust them, and were kinda jealous of their tech so they decided to strike them first, if humans never attacked the machines the world would have been better off, also that cloud you see NEo fly over was created by a human doomsday weapon or something to starve the machines of sunlight since they were all solar powered so after machines won the war they had to use a different powersource and so Humans were it. In otherwords Humans started the war the Machines finished it and they still didn't want to kill off humans and came up with a peaceful solution for all.
Leonardo Resende (3 months ago)
Like the truth is EVERY youtuber becomes "dumb" ( no offence) they ignore HP they sneak when there is nothing they run like crazy people when the monster/machinne is close but did no seen him , and the worst is that they forget the things like in 10 seconds....
Tsumiki Ayato (3 months ago)
Thesunvanished: the game?
RaptorBaptist (3 months ago)
I believe the language is chinese.
Wil liam (3 months ago)
Play sir you are being hunted
Maximilian Borcaeas (3 months ago)
Liked it just for the Captain Disilusion reference
En' Peacee Shekelstein (3 months ago)
Holy crap, IGN screaming was scarier then that water thingy.
Anonymous Ron (3 months ago)
"Didnt lose that much." Motes down to 1
Anonymous Ron (3 months ago)
Koreans not human?
Andrei Telebrico (3 months ago)
It's like Generation Zero
Shut the u hoe (3 months ago)
your character is a robot
famewolf 259 (3 months ago)
Lightzzzzz wordzzzzz
luis ramos (3 months ago)
if light good and dark bad why go out at night
Caroline Williams (3 months ago)
11:28 me when the is no internet......
foxboi unknown (3 months ago)
So essentially, your running from dubstep robots
Johan Wolney (3 months ago)
U really need to play this some more dude

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