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Hyderabad, India's fourth biggest city, is fast becoming one of the most exciting visitor destinations in the country. Its booming tech scene is attracting global attention and transforming this ancient city into a cosmopolitan hotspot. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.trib.al/rWl91R7 Discover Colombo: https://youtu.be/4COeTrjB6hA Discover Buenos Aires: https://youtu.be/q0pMg6rvc0s Discover Miami: https://youtu.be/sCi4FBN-7dA Discover Oaska: https://youtu.be/cNIrkT3WB24 Discover London: https://youtu.be/mIEsgVd17v8 Once home to the richest man in the world and the center of the global diamond trade, Hyderabad is full of hidden gems - you just have to know where to find them. Three passionate locals are about to take you on a tour of their city, revealing the secret spots where you can experience the real Hyderabad. If you want to capture the vibrancy, colour and sounds of Hyderabad you’ll need to get up early just like the flower merchants of Gudimalkapur flower market. As flowers are an integral part of Indian life—this market attracts buyers and sellers from across the region. It's also a favourite spot for keen photographers. Saurabh has taken his love of photography one step further and now shares it with visitors by running photowalks. By joining Saurabh it's a chance to see this city and its people through a very different lens. So called ‘Cyberabad’ is the home to Hyderabad’s flourishing Tech and Startup community. The ambition is to create India’s answer to Silicon Valley—and it’s fast attracting a young cosmopolitan crowd. But when Srinivas has business visitors he doesn’t take them to the newest parts of town. He takes them to the oldest. The street markets of Charminar in the old city have been the beating heart of Hyderabad for four hundred years. This was the centre of the world's diamond and pearl industry during the time of the Nizam's who ruled over Hyderabad from 1724 to 1948. The diamond industry may have moved on, but the pearl trade is still alive and well giving the city its moniker "The City of Pearls", attracting buyers from around the world. Since arriving in Hyderabad 13 years ago Jonty decided to set up her own business taking people to the true heart of the city, and a place where most travelers never get to visit - the authentic Indian kitchen. Home dining is becoming very popular with travelers but here at Usha’s they don't just come to eat but to learn the secrets and skills of Hyderabadi home cooking. This is no five-star restaurant but it offers visitors an even rarer experience - the opportunity to really see how the locals do it. The Falaknuma Palace Hotel used to be the royal guest house for the richest man in the world Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam ruler. For those in the know, tea here comes with a personal tour with the resident historian. At the top of Moala Ali Hill is a 16th century dargah - a Muslim shrine. The dargahs reputed healing properties turned it into a pilgrimage site and countless devotees climb the 500 steps to the top. But praying in Hyderabad isn’t all about quiet contemplation — it’s a chance to party too. And with over 50 religious festivals in the calendar year there’s always an opportunity to get involved. Every neighbourhood will hold its own festivities. And for Jonty, it’s the best way to immerse visitors in the Hyderabad street scene. It may seem overwhelming but If you want to properly appreciate these festivals, there’s only one thing for it - leap right in. Some of the most popular festivals last for up to eleven days. ___________________ Passport is an original travel series for the intellectually and culturally curious, exploring some of the most exciting city destinations in the world. The insiders’ guide to each city follows at the shoulder of three local characters as they reveal the experiences and places not covered in the guidebooks. Check out Economist Films: http://films.economist.com/ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEconomist/ Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeconomist Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeconomist/ Follow us on LINE: http://econ.st/1WXkOo6 Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@the_economist
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Text Comments (425)
Tech Jack (3 days ago)
Hyderabad does not deserve this attention. It was my mistake to move to this city for job. Condition of roads is pathetic and there is dust everywhere. People do not follow basic hygiene and throw garbage everywhere. Worst city to live in India. Hyderabad's growth will stop at some point.
Rajesh Mike (7 days ago)
Worst presentation
Amrith Nadendla (23 days ago)
that's where I'm from:)
All time Fun (24 days ago)
I'm Hyderabadi 😎🤘
juned khan (26 days ago)
Travel Adda (1 month ago)
Omg. Its awesome.
This doesn't not depict Hyderabad. Next time hire a hyderbadi to guide u
Love the authentic home cooking
Elizabeth Ann Cole (1 month ago)
Ohio University
Nikhilesh Manchi (2 months ago)
Gundu gaadu bagunnadu..... Free ga mandu vasthe evadu vadulukuntadu.........
sneha khandare (2 months ago)
13:41 There are only 33 supreme Gods in Hinduism. Being a Hindu, you are spreading wrong knowledge to the world.
Total how many?
Sri Vasu (2 months ago)
Great you tried some good, but not shown heart of city. Sure your channel looks international view or way but you had missed Hyderabads icon Charminar, world famous biryani and as you said whole City come live for Ganesh festival, but you can't even see the brightness of city during it's Bonalu and Bathukamma festival. So simply you missed the facts file.
KL Rider (2 months ago)
That bald guy gives me wrong vibes. Looks and acts like a villain from a South Indian movie.
Mridula Bhaskar Gond (2 months ago)
Every Indian looking for Hyderabady biryani.......that is famous for.
REAL INDIANS (2 months ago)
Still I'm not understanding
REAL INDIANS (2 months ago)
Why You have showed only hindu festivals ?
A Virk (2 months ago)
Stupid hindus.. go and drink some cow piss!
Hallow! (2 months ago)
I just say a video about Hyderbad without Biryani...Ok...
WCephei77HD (2 months ago)
Still cooking on teflon coated pans, awful!
Cooking with hair over food 🤮 I would never even taste it. But the palace is lavish 👑👍🏼
Hang Deng (2 months ago)
None of this for ordinary people.
J. Montrice (3 months ago)
No Thanks.
agafoorsyed (3 months ago)
It's a shame, that The Economist has blown up its reputation through a MISLEADING compilation like this. The contributions of Muslims has been skirted off quite cunningly throughout the video. Shameful!
agafoorsyed (3 months ago)
After watching this video, the real HYDERABADI wonders...let's make a video of London and get the Indians and Pakistanis to explain London. A very low standard job. This one.
agafoorsyed (3 months ago)
Click on the video, then click the 3 dots on the top right, select REPORT, select SPAM and MISLEADING!
Murali (3 months ago)
Thanks The Economist for highlighting a South Indian city this time.
RAJESH KUMAR (3 months ago)
bargain tutorials....lol
yuki teru (3 months ago)
Sarath Chandra (3 months ago)
All Hail CBN garu
hadi zaidi (3 months ago)
i wanna go to the ayurveda bar
Amit Kumar (3 months ago)
bar owner with a fake accent.
q_nihalahmad (3 months ago)
Remember it includes paid promotion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎 So I think that AYRVEDOOOL (alcohol) was ..........paid😎😎😎😎
Marco Polo (3 months ago)
@ibbu Qarnain , fuck ur shit,half dick
Ankush YMD (3 months ago)
I liked how you showed both sides of the culture.
METHODS (3 months ago)
mohammed m (3 months ago)
They forget to show the WorldsMost Popular Hyderabadi Biryani, and Goldonda Fort, Chowmohalla palace, Macca Masjid,.....This is incomplete video...:)
Ibbu Qarnain (3 months ago)
3 chutiye milke poora chutiya kehel gaye. . 3 volunteers to show the city. But none of them is from the region. And it's like seeing monalisa and saying this is a very beautiful French woman..... Jackass video... 🖕🏼
Cody consciousness (3 months ago)
going to Hyderabad in the spring for work/pleasure. this will be the first time going across the world from my small town. really wanna know where that bar is, at the same time trying to fit everything in a week, anybody want to be pen pals and meet up when I come :)
Jai Hind (3 months ago)
where is Hyderabdi biryani Irani chai osmania biscuit
Jai Hind (3 months ago)
This is the place where Kohinoor Diamond Found
Rashid khan Status (3 months ago)
You not show so many things of hyderabad like Hyderabadi people Telugu people biryani charminar golcunda ramoji film city dekh na baitha to Hyderabad ku dekh ta rah jata
MOHAMMAD Athar (3 months ago)
Pura video me khali hindus koch batara jaisa ke musalmana HYDERABAD me haich ni😠😠😠
Waheed Ali (3 months ago)
pure video mein telangana ke bare mein dikhaya nahi.kam se kam falaknama toh dikhaya
BIKE RIDER (3 months ago)
chutiya video ever made on Hyderabad
BIKE RIDER (3 months ago)
oh dear taqle Biryani k Baghair Hyderabad par video ? 😂
mohd ahmed (3 months ago)
mohd ahmed (3 months ago)
mohd ahmed (3 months ago)
kongorikishi (3 months ago)
You managed to make a video about Hyderabad without a single word spoken in Telugu.
sai harshan (3 months ago)
Moula Ali hill AAA vaamo
You can Studio's (3 months ago)
Uh racist uh haven't showed biryani nihari paaye shawarma dosa im gonna report uh
Rony Mathew (3 months ago)
Haggling doesn't really work, these guys have been doing this for generations. They will always get more than its worth...
Danish osama (3 months ago)
Hyderabadi shaan ki Khanna ki aur rehna ki Puri duniya mein nahi aati 😎😎😎
hyderabadi rider (3 months ago)
World's best country my Hyderabad 💗💙
Khusha Mujeeb (3 months ago)
Where’s Chai biryani paan ??!! I’m outraged as a core Hyderabadi
Lakhwinder Singh (3 months ago)
New fashioned cost 650 .😂😂😁😀
Sourav DAY (3 months ago)
Secret about beef in Hyderabad https://youtu.be/3vnsm5XcnZo
Vamsi Krishna (3 months ago)
yin ng (3 months ago)
looks like the air quality if very polluted.
Aman Rahmann (4 months ago)
Not an impressive video. Missed biryani
Abdul Quader (4 months ago)
Utter nonsense this is, Economist!!! No mention of biryani or haleem, no interaction with a Hyderabadi. No slang used from Hyderabad, no Telugu filmed properly. No mention of Bathukamma, no mention of Ramazan in Hyderabad. You get a travelling photographer, a women who was brought up in the north, a man, whose accent look like he has studied somewhere other than India..... Where is the essence of Hyderabad? You portrayed Andhra cuisine, no mention of Hyderabadi Masalas... What is wrong with your planning team? TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
Sandeep Streamer (2 months ago)
Abdul Quader yes
Syed akbar (4 months ago)
Thank you for the video! But, whatever you have shown was just a glimpse of Hyderabad. Tons of crucial information was missng and several facts were distorted in the video such as Chaminar diamond market (it was Golconda), Showing Andhra food (where is Biryani?), P & M Bar. Really!!! the video was more like an promotional video of the venues shown. And the people who are exploring the city are not at all have much knowledge about Hyderabad. Next time if you think of making something like this, than consider someone local 'a real local' who could show you a real hyderabad and hyderabadi's.
Shruti Sudam (4 months ago)
Beautiful video , should have also captured the authenticity of Hyderabadi food and the city’s telugu ppl .
naadeem sharif (4 months ago)
nizam of hyderabad our great king betrayed by his own country people, if hyderabad still ruled by nizam hyderabad should be the richest country in the world nizam did alots of thing for his people but no one mentions about it,respect to our great kings nizams of hyderabad
Ahmed Shareef (4 months ago)
Suraj Kumar u know u can add and edit in Wikipedia learn from authentic books not from the a Muslim haters writers books in ur perspective all muslim kings are evil and all Hindu king are good right
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
Mr Nadeem sharrif, history cannot be changed according to your likes and dislikes. Go the Archives or visit the Wikipedia, scores of Hindus were Butchered by the razzakars on the streets of Hyderabad. Rizvi was a murderer, wonder how he was allowed to go to Pakistan. He should have been tried for war crimes. Nizam allowed this genocide, hence he was a part of this crime. Hands of Nizam is full of Hindu blood.
naadeem sharif (4 months ago)
+Suraj Kumar brother dont say what u dont know what qasim rizvi did he gets punished nizam loved by his country hindu people, he nizam treated equally everyone with love and respect read history and plz dont be a travel agent ye mulk hamara tha hamara hai aur hamara rahega.(READ REAL HISTORY OF INDIA COMPLETELY THEN SAY I DONT WANT TO ARGUE MORE TAKE CARE HATE LESS BE HAPPY)
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
Nizam was responsible for genocide against Hindus. His dog Mr.Rizvi was deported to Pakistan. If you want you can also leave.
naadeem sharif (4 months ago)
this migrated people telling the history of hyderabad very funny
Gadde Sriharsha (4 months ago)
Chandra Babu Naidu the person who is the reason for the development of Hyderabad.. With out the mention of Chandra Babu it's waste to learn the history of Hyderabad
bhargav krishna Revalla (4 months ago)
10:15 hogwarts dining hall
bhargav krishna Revalla (4 months ago)
where is hyderabad biryani???
kiran sahith (4 months ago)
Food will be salty ?? What 😂😂😂
Mohammed Bilal (4 months ago)
Without biryani and makha masjid dis video is worst
MobileMusic (4 months ago)
LOL, the secret code to the super-secret P&M Bar is - 713970 Try it next time you go there - you don't need any intro :) You can thank me later...
Syeda (4 months ago)
One word for your coverage- 'Underwhelming' . A weak attempt to rechristen Hyderabad. it can be anything but cosmopolitan. The Three Passionate Locals @0:39 aren't that passionate at all in their job! ( I doubt if they are even local!) This isn't Hyderabad. Ganesha festival isn't big here, Bathukamma, Bonal, and EID are. Where's the cuisine? Lol. People gorge the famous Biryanis, Chais, Bakeries...The diversity of Old & the New City and the green patches...nothing that's shown here reflect the bustling city, Hyderabad.
Sai N (4 months ago)
Chandrababu naidu creator of cyberabad, creator of IT jobs
Dadhichi Tripathi (4 months ago)
is it a Ayurveda alcohol paid ad ?
Manjunath Mj (4 months ago)
This bald guy is too obsessed with luxury. The common misconception with Indian people is blindly following western culture. We can even make our culture look beautiful as our old kings did.
Mohammed Furqaan (4 months ago)
No Biryani, No Golconda, No ITC. Poor perspective of all 3 so called locals.
Abdulhusain Dohadwala (4 months ago)
Historically, linguistically, culturally, politically, religiously, Hyderabad is more Muslim than any other Indian City You simply cant show Hyderabad without a Hyderabadi Muslim who speaks Urdu as your host😅
Harsh Kulshrestha (4 months ago)
+Abdulhusain Dohadwala old city of hyderabad, yes. New IT hubs and more metropolitan areas, big no.
Abdulhusain Dohadwala (4 months ago)
+Harsh Kulshrestha But you'll still agree that Hyderabad is best represented by Muslims, because of its Muslim History, Cuisine & Culture, right?
Harsh Kulshrestha (4 months ago)
Hahahaha, hyderabad and urdu, hahaha, I laugh at that. Most of the people there speak telugu.
Abdulhusain Dohadwala (4 months ago)
No offense, but you want to show Huderabad without a *Hyderabadi Muslim Explorer* ? Thats not possible! Man, you just missed the trick!
meher angalla (4 months ago)
Wow.. Incredible Hyderabad!!
Taj Sultana (4 months ago)
there is no mention about ...biryani, irani chai, ramzan festival...
Bull White (4 months ago)
The food she is showing at 8:45 is not the authenticated diet of local hyderabadies. They are showing the culture which settlers have developed . Hyderabad daily diet jowar rati,gehu roti and chawal sarvappa,bakshalu,jaggery rice and many eatables with rice Special sweet for lord hanuman which we do on hanuman jayanthi and special sweet for lord mallanna who is believed to be avatar of lord shiva. Birayani and haleem ,(kaddu khar kheer,kubani kha meeta,double kha meeta are some famous hyderabadi deserts) Tea is special in hyderabad with osmania biscuit
Sekhar chandra (4 months ago)
Nice video but did not mention about biryani
Mohammad Junaid Khan (4 months ago)
99% comments are about Two things only - 1) not finding any Telugu speaking in video, and 2) video is fake because no Hyderabadi biryani is mentioned in the video this shows how much these south Indians obsessed with identity crisis, hahahahahahaha, they want to show and prove their uniqueness in every fucking petty points... but remember real cultures not need to prove anything they just prevail and bloom. PS: i am from south too
One Rep Max (4 months ago)
Where's biryani?
Kumaar A (4 months ago)
ayurvedic alcohol ??? what strange ways to fuck your self up.
Moin khan Mohammeddh (4 months ago)
they never show you how much destruction these people do to Hyderabad!! pollution.. come and see after the Nimarjanam, and Deepawali next morning, You hate the people!!literally...
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
Well said Junaid
Mohammad Junaid Khan (4 months ago)
stop putting ur fucking agenda on other religions, we also kill goats and animals on Eid, it cause land pollution and disturb biological ecosystem and food web chain, if someone say this to us then? people like u are insult on our islam : and ues i am not fcking muslim radical or hindu radical like u got it
Valaas Hk (4 months ago)
Thank you so much and beautiful way of presenting Hyderabad feel so proud... I do wish they would have some Hyderabad Hindi and Telugu
Nadia M.K (4 months ago)
At 2:54 how sweet when he says he himself made his and his wife's garland for the wedding, that how he made it differently and special.
Jusdeep Anand (4 months ago)
CEO just bargained 50% of the asking price
Suppergillow (4 months ago)
Hyderabadi khatta khatay mitha pattay
Mirza Maqsudh (4 months ago)
Where is the main thing BIRYANI of Hyderabad... The people who showed u Hyderabad showed only their things ...that does not do justice to show the true Hyderabad ... To the travellers
United Indian Muslim (4 months ago)
Sala Hyderabad ka Biryani Kidar hai... where is the Hyderabad Biryani....😂😂
Santosh Kumar Myana (4 months ago)
Thank you "The Economist" for a wonderful presentation of our city Hyderabad.. You could've added some more like Hyderabadi biryani, Bathukamma festival and some more visiting places like Golconda fort and other monumental attractions with rich history in hyderabad. But anyways thanks for bringing it to the world ..
Ali mahmood Sohail (4 months ago)
No City is amazing like Mine ( Love u Hyderabad ..... Miss u)
Syedz Ahmed (4 months ago)
being a hyderabadi and without being biased to my city... Hyderabad is the most peaceful city in India with love and respect amongst all people irrespective of religion caste and creed. Love affection humour and less hard-work😉 is part of Hyderabad. I m speaking in general and not just for old or new city of hyderabad. On one side you would see a different nawabi style and another the modern progressive side of city. And most important aspect is Food with the most reasonable prices with the quantity and quality compare to any city in India.
Syedz Ahmed (2 months ago)
+Appi Reddy Konda Exactly here people celebrate life without any notions about religious identities and when it comes to Religion its as simple as u follows urs and i follow mine. Alhumdullilah The best state and even beat city to live in.
Appi Reddy Konda (2 months ago)
And Hyderabad is a place with no language barrier,cultural barrier,religious barrier. Proud hyderabadi speaking!
Sp Syd (4 months ago)
Exactly.. Hyderabad is a city where anyone can live happily and peacefully rich or poor..
Kiran Pothankar (4 months ago)
I am from Nizamabad which is 150 kms from Hyderabad towards north. Honestly speaking Hyderabad is not a good place to live now, people are not good they always try to scam you. It's bit cheaper than other cities but no jobs even if you find a job they pay very less. There is no proper transportation heavy traffic auto guys are rude and in local Citi busses you have to board by running and flying. Enjoy Hyderabad!
Sekhar chandra (4 months ago)
I know you are in the disguise of a hyd guy but actually not, check your comment above . software companies are not fools to pay fake guys and anybody with fake skills cant survive . Faking is common among most people irrespective of states . I saw more fakes from many other cities like delhi bombay chennai bangalore etc. That does not mean all are fake. Hyderabad produce more IIT students than any other city. So don't generalise a particular city or state as fake people everywhere irrespective of state or city .
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
No I am from Hyderabad. It is the 5th richest city of the country in terms of GDP. BTW, you are from which state?
Sekhar chandra (4 months ago)
One more thing is your are from backward state with no developments , only corruption and crime also more rapes happen in your state. so ask your politicians to fix your state problems first before crying on others with EGO
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
Really , A P students are most employable in the country according to survey for the second time in a row.
Sekhar chandra (4 months ago)
Yes MR Suraj your state has full of fake resume guys . There is a survey recently , more fake resumes are from your state than any other. Hyderbadis are far better and they perform better than anybody thats why more software companies there
suboor abdul (4 months ago)
Lol, u missed Hyderabadi Biryani
Narendhar Reddy (4 months ago)
No mention about Telugu Fastest growing language in USA
Manohar Dhruv (4 months ago)
Badshah e Delhi sultanat (4 months ago)
south indian accent for english is the worst english accent ever
Ravi Kishore (4 months ago)
Where is biryani
Moiz Mohd (4 months ago)
No mention of Biryani. Your video is not complete.

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