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Hyderabad, India's fourth biggest city, is fast becoming one of the most exciting visitor destinations in the country. Its booming tech scene is attracting global attention and transforming this ancient city into a cosmopolitan hotspot. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.trib.al/rWl91R7 Discover Colombo: https://youtu.be/4COeTrjB6hA Discover Buenos Aires: https://youtu.be/q0pMg6rvc0s Discover Miami: https://youtu.be/sCi4FBN-7dA Discover Oaska: https://youtu.be/cNIrkT3WB24 Discover London: https://youtu.be/mIEsgVd17v8 Once home to the richest man in the world and the center of the global diamond trade, Hyderabad is full of hidden gems - you just have to know where to find them. Three passionate locals are about to take you on a tour of their city, revealing the secret spots where you can experience the real Hyderabad. If you want to capture the vibrancy, colour and sounds of Hyderabad you’ll need to get up early just like the flower merchants of Gudimalkapur flower market. As flowers are an integral part of Indian life—this market attracts buyers and sellers from across the region. It's also a favourite spot for keen photographers. Saurabh has taken his love of photography one step further and now shares it with visitors by running photowalks. By joining Saurabh it's a chance to see this city and its people through a very different lens. So called ‘Cyberabad’ is the home to Hyderabad’s flourishing Tech and Startup community. The ambition is to create India’s answer to Silicon Valley—and it’s fast attracting a young cosmopolitan crowd. But when Srinivas has business visitors he doesn’t take them to the newest parts of town. He takes them to the oldest. The street markets of Charminar in the old city have been the beating heart of Hyderabad for four hundred years. This was the centre of the world's diamond and pearl industry during the time of the Nizam's who ruled over Hyderabad from 1724 to 1948. The diamond industry may have moved on, but the pearl trade is still alive and well giving the city its moniker "The City of Pearls", attracting buyers from around the world. Since arriving in Hyderabad 13 years ago Jonty decided to set up her own business taking people to the true heart of the city, and a place where most travelers never get to visit - the authentic Indian kitchen. Home dining is becoming very popular with travelers but here at Usha’s they don't just come to eat but to learn the secrets and skills of Hyderabadi home cooking. This is no five-star restaurant but it offers visitors an even rarer experience - the opportunity to really see how the locals do it. The Falaknuma Palace Hotel used to be the royal guest house for the richest man in the world Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam ruler. For those in the know, tea here comes with a personal tour with the resident historian. At the top of Moala Ali Hill is a 16th century dargah - a Muslim shrine. The dargahs reputed healing properties turned it into a pilgrimage site and countless devotees climb the 500 steps to the top. But praying in Hyderabad isn’t all about quiet contemplation — it’s a chance to party too. And with over 50 religious festivals in the calendar year there’s always an opportunity to get involved. Every neighbourhood will hold its own festivities. And for Jonty, it’s the best way to immerse visitors in the Hyderabad street scene. It may seem overwhelming but If you want to properly appreciate these festivals, there’s only one thing for it - leap right in. Some of the most popular festivals last for up to eleven days. ___________________ Passport is an original travel series for the intellectually and culturally curious, exploring some of the most exciting city destinations in the world. The insiders’ guide to each city follows at the shoulder of three local characters as they reveal the experiences and places not covered in the guidebooks. Check out Economist Films: http://films.economist.com/ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEconomist/ Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeconomist Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeconomist/ Follow us on LINE: http://econ.st/1WXkOo6 Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@the_economist
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Text Comments (262)
Abdulhusain Dohadwala (31 minutes ago)
Historically, linguistically, culturally, politically, religiously, Hyderabad is more Muslim than any other Indian City You simply cant show Hyderabad without a Hyderabadi Muslim who speaks Urdu as your host😅
Abdulhusain Dohadwala (45 minutes ago)
No offense, but you want to show Huderabad without a *Hyderabadi Muslim Explorer* ? Thats not possible! Man, you just missed the trick!
meher angalla (45 minutes ago)
Wow.. Incredible Hyderabad!!
Taj Sultana (1 hour ago)
there is no mention about ...biryani, irani chai, ramzan festival...
Bull White (8 hours ago)
Coming intoxicants like traditional hukkah,todder which is extracted from some plants which resemble palm tree called eeta kallu,and thati kallu
Bull White (9 hours ago)
Festivals the 40 days of ramzan, bonalu,bathukamma and dussera are also the famous festivals
Bull White (9 hours ago)
The food she is showing at 8:45 is not the authenticated diet of local hyderabadies. They are showing the culture which settlers have developed . Hyderabad daily diet jowar rati,gehu roti and chawal sarvappa,bakshalu,jaggery rice and many eatables with rice Special sweet for lord hanuman which we do on hanuman jayanthi and special sweet for lord mallanna who is believed to be avatar of lord shiva. Birayani and haleem ,(kaddu khar kheer,kubani kha meeta,double kha meeta are some famous hyderabadi deserts) Tea is special in hyderabad with osmania biscuit
Sekhar chandra (9 hours ago)
Nice video but did not mention about biryani
Mohammad Junaid Khan (10 hours ago)
99% comments are about Two things only - 1) not finding any Telugu speaking in video, and 2) video is fake because no Hyderabadi biryani is mentioned in the video this shows how much these south Indians obsessed with identity crisis, hahahahahahaha, they want to show and prove their uniqueness in every fucking petty points... but remember real cultures not need to prove anything they just prevail and bloom. PS: i am from south too
One Rep Max (12 hours ago)
Where's biryani?
Kumaar A (12 hours ago)
ayurvedic alcohol ??? what strange ways to fuck your self up.
Moin khan Mohammeddh (13 hours ago)
they never show you how much destruction these people do to Hyderabad!! pollution.. come and see after the Nimarjanam, and Deepawali next morning, You hate the people!!literally...
Mohammad Junaid Khan (10 hours ago)
stop putting ur fucking agenda on other religions, we also kill goats and animals on Eid, it cause land pollution and disturb biological ecosystem and food web chain, if someone say this to us then? people like u are insult on our islam : and ues i am not fcking muslim radical or hindu radical like u got it
Valaas Hk (14 hours ago)
Thank you so much and beautiful way of presenting Hyderabad feel so proud... I do wish they would have some Hyderabad Hindi and Telugu
Nadia M.K (17 hours ago)
At 2:54 how sweet when he says he himself made his and his wife's garland for the wedding, that how he made it differently and special.
Jusdeep Anand (18 hours ago)
CEO just bargained 50% of the asking price
Suppergillow (1 day ago)
Hyderabadi khatta khatay mitha pattay
Mirza Maqsudh (1 day ago)
Where is the main thing BIRYANI of Hyderabad... The people who showed u Hyderabad showed only their things ...that does not do justice to show the true Hyderabad ... To the travellers
Sameer Uddin (1 day ago)
Sala Hyderabad ka Biryani Kidar hai... where is the Hyderabad Biryani....😂😂
Santosh Kumar Myana (1 day ago)
Thank you "The Economist" for a wonderful presentation of our city Hyderabad.. You could've added some more like Hyderabadi biryani, Bathukamma festival and some more visiting places like Golconda fort and other monumental attractions with rich history in hyderabad. But anyways thanks for bringing it to the world ..
Indian Marco polo (1 day ago)
Wtf.., without a Telugu and Biryani how this could become Hyderabad??
Raviteja Bhavirisetty (9 hours ago)
The idea was to showcase the less explored places of Hyderabad.
Ali mahmood Sohail (1 day ago)
No City is amazing like Mine ( Love u Hyderabad ..... Miss u)
Syedz Ahmed (2 days ago)
being a hyderabadi and without being biased to my city... Hyderabad is the most peaceful city in India with love and respect amongst all people irrespective of religion caste and creed. Love affection humour and less hard-work😉 is part of Hyderabad. I m speaking in general and not just for old or new city of hyderabad. On one side you would see a different nawabi style and another the modern progressive side of city. And most important aspect is Food with the most reasonable prices with the quantity and quality compare to any city in India.
Kiran Pothankar (1 day ago)
I am from Nizamabad which is 150 kms from Hyderabad towards north. Honestly speaking Hyderabad is not a good place to live now, people are not good they always try to scam you. It's bit cheaper than other cities but no jobs even if you find a job they pay very less. There is no proper transportation heavy traffic auto guys are rude and in local Citi busses you have to board by running and flying. Enjoy Hyderabad!
Sekhar chandra (22 hours ago)
Many marathi,north , bengalis working in hyderabad and hyderabad is like mini india, you have pharma, biotech,IT and many service sector companies there,even few of my friends working in bangalore chennai pune moved back with good offers because hyderabad is best compared to other cities in terms of cost,security,best schools, good infrastructure etc. just because you are not getting job does not mean city don't have jobs. Many like you there in bangalore, chennai, pune,mumbai. you guys have to try until you succeed.Even i struggled a lot to get my first job.
Kiran Pothankar (1 day ago)
+Sekhar chandra I have real skills not fake experience and fake skills.
Sekhar chandra (1 day ago)
Pothankar you must be uneducated or skilless to find a job..go to lathur osmanabad or peepli..you find jobs
suboor abdul (2 days ago)
Lol, u missed Hyderabadi Biryani
Narendhar Reddy (2 days ago)
No mention about Telugu Fastest growing language in USA
manou singh (2 days ago)
south indian accent for english is the worst english accent ever
Ravi Kishore (2 days ago)
Where is biryani
Moiz Mohd (2 days ago)
No mention of Biryani. Your video is not complete.
GREEN TUBE (3 days ago)
Making a documentary of hyderabad and i found non of them speaking telugu.....you guys are great.
Ravi Kishore (4 days ago)
11:15 moul-ali hill. Childhood memories
iam god (4 days ago)
The city was created by Kakatiyas (Telugus) who ruled from Gollakonda fort and the modern wealth was created by Telugus (of 3 regions). Nizam my arse!!!
please make a video on vizag
Omkar Reddy (5 days ago)
He's bad at bargaining! 😂 He paid a high price.
Manohar Dhruv (5 days ago)
Didn't hear any of our beautiful Telugu in Hyderabad. Anyway good video.
Nabil (6 days ago)
false documentary, their is no biryani.
Nabil (6 days ago)
their is one thing wrong in documentary. no one wakes up early in the morning in hyderabad.
Phani Kumar (6 days ago)
Thank you the economist for choosing Hyderabad on your first episode
MR Srikanth Sharma (6 days ago)
Hyderabad ❤️❤️❤️
Nathanael Gould (7 days ago)
They'd never comment on Christianity in such a kind and respectful way as they do Hinduism.
Mahesh12 (7 days ago)
Yay Hyderabad
Rhythm Tirunahari (7 days ago)
Kohinoor diamond was once largest diamond in the world, mined at Kollur Mine in the present state of Andhra Pradesh in India
thirdworldhipster (7 days ago)
BJP can fuck off from changing the name of the city
Google User (7 days ago)
You should show Tolichowki my Area
This is an amazing video. 🙏 Thank you Economist for this.
Liu Zhenguo Liu (8 days ago)
I come from China and now in Hyderabad. It is a little different to know this city without guide
Bro do lemme know if I could help you .thanks
KRISHNA VIKAS (6 days ago)
Let me be your guide. Find me!
Raghu Reddy (8 days ago)
Why so much concentration on Religious places ?
Mike Lee (8 days ago)
The secret code is not so secret anymore. And according to Google, it's on 8-2-409, Rd Number 6, Green Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Sadiq Ali (8 days ago)
I am from Hyderabad
gpk gpk (8 days ago)
Great video...but i remember reading somewhere...kohinoor diamond was mined near kollur which is part of current andhra pradesh.
srikanthcsk (8 days ago)
Well shot but not an accurate representation oh Hyderabad
Hammad Syed (8 days ago)
You guys literally focused on everything not unique to Hyderabad. Ganesh is from Bombay, the food you showed was Andhra cuisine, the bars??? No one comes to Hyderabad for its bars. Where was the Biryani, Golkonda, actual Hyderabadi culture????
RDM (14 hours ago)
+UTKARSH BHATNAGAR thats what india is ..the per capita is amongst the lowest. the city dewllers need to look beyond and see the real poor india. Indians who live in city and pretend to be live in first world country are ignorant bunch.
true its what western media you are lucky that didnt get some poor people pics because when they come to mumbai the only place they show is dhravi
Hammad Syed (3 days ago)
+Suresh the ganesh festival love :)
Euro Frontline (9 days ago)
Lol' the CEO man he's preaching how to trade with ppl,
Prasanth Sagar (9 days ago)
this t-hub fellow is enjoying life with telangana government money
Prasanth Sagar (9 days ago)
talib (9 days ago)
2:53 meri shaadi me maich haar banaliya 🤣 epic ....hahaha
Romit Mehta (9 days ago)
Good video and nice concept. Except, that haggling at 5:55 mark looks totally fake. No Indian haggles like this. It's an art form - a brutal game of chicken to see who blinks first. The one in the video is laughably sanitized
Chris Willis (8 days ago)
Yup. They fight like warriors 🤣
Sameer Rathore (9 days ago)
#LOVED this travel documentary so much... this is how travel docus should be... most others only reduce themselves to "Poverty Porn" in India.. without capturing the full spectrum of how the poor, the middle-class & the rich live in India. It also showed the incredible depth of culture that exists in Hyderabad.
Sanidhya Shivhare (9 days ago)
nice depiction. but wtf is that bar about :p fucking pin codes and menus on tablets and Ayurvedic cocktails, if there are any drinks like that, they surely are bitter and won't sell in a bar.
prashanth kumar (10 days ago)
Thank u the economist for filming my capital beautifully I hope u may make more videos regarding Hyderabad city
Adarsh Kumar (10 days ago)
Srinivas is the most common hyderabadi name I swear
Ràñdøm H!T (4 hours ago)
+Syedz Ahmed Bhai ja or 1 baar scche Dil se Apne oyare Islam or Muhammad k upper research kerle, jyada time nhi lgega . Meri mat maan bas 1 baar Muhammad k bare me padh le. Or Islam k bare me to hum jante hi he , 1400 sal hue h Islam ko ,or sirf Khoon bahaya he tabse tumhare Islam ne . Ja Thodi history pad apne religion k bare me , bina kiss bhed bhaaw k sab pta chal jayega.
Syedz Ahmed (4 hours ago)
+Ràñdøm H!T Bas yehi apni ghar ne baithi ko history banakar bas pagal kutto ki tarah bhoukne se jhuth sach nahi ho jaata re mayyakeloude
Ràñdøm H!T (2 days ago)
+Syedz Ahmed Gali to tu phele hi de Chuka he . Mene Muhammad ko Gali nhi di per ab dung or sun , Muhammad bhot bada tharki kutta that . Uski 19 biwiya or anginat rakhel thi. Usne apne sotele bete ki biwi see Shaadi kerne ke liye dono ka talakh kra Diya , tharki sala. Jake ke research kerle apne lodu Muhammad pe , pta chal jayega. Usne apni dost ki 6 saal ki beti Aisha see Shaadi ki sale 6 sa ki ladiki se Shaadi kerne wale ko tum apna idol mante ho . Islam dhram nhi chutiyapa he , tab hi tum long Allah hu fakbar chitale hua bomb lga k phat jate ho. Sale na jiyange na jine denge . Or ha. *Islam is Cancer* Islam or Muslimo ki bakchodiya ginane betha to comment section hang ho jayega , chutiya sala.
Syedz Ahmed (2 days ago)
+Ràñdøm H!T are bhosdike tera amma ko behen ko gali dena nahi chahta hu tujh jaise fasadi bhagwa ko paida kiya wahi sabse badi gaali hain aur na hi main tere jaisa tere bhagwan ko gaali dunha harami bhosdike. Mohammed SAW ke naam pe jaane se humara khoon ubaalna bandh karde bhosdike warna jo hoga woh tujh jaise harami bardasht nahi kar payenge bhagwa saale
Ràñdøm H!T (2 days ago)
+Syedz AhmedJali Jali suar ki Gand Jali .
call6060842 (10 days ago)
Haven't heard any Telugu spoken yet????
Valaas Hk (14 hours ago)
Lady in flower market asking in Telugu brother how much this flowers
mihir shah (14 hours ago)
+suboor abdul you just wait, NAMO will force you to speak hindi in coming 10 years..
suboor abdul (21 hours ago)
+mihir shah if no one speaks hindi in Andhra, then why it's offical language. The purpose of offical language is to tell the people of the state, about government schemes and policies. So don't check namo app. Come, face the ground reality. Even Chandra Babu Naidu, Cheif minister of Andhra doesn't speak hindi. Lol
suboor abdul (21 hours ago)
+UTKARSH BHATNAGAR I was there in Chennai for two months for my training. There I learnt Tamil script. I can read and write Tamil. I had to move to other place, so I missed learning it completely. I try to learn the state language in which I stay. Not like you North Indian, going everywhere and imposing Hindi
UTKARSH BHATNAGAR (21 hours ago)
+suboor abdul wow then lean tamil or Malayalam its easy right go for it india has 22 languages you cant expect north to learn your languages
Raghav Sharma (10 days ago)
Hyderabad= Mosquitoes
Don't whine mate, someday a city will come up in your state as well. haha
Leeba Chacko (11 days ago)
Give us our Kohinoor back!
John Johnny (11 days ago)
Do you get diarrhea after arriving ?
Yogendra Kalavalapalli (11 days ago)
A video well done. But The Economist misses the city's staple, Hyderabadi Biryani, Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits. That's how we locals live!
Anuradha Aravind (11 days ago)
Been there countless times, visited Golkonda Fort, many times.
Jabir Ansari (11 days ago)
Ayurveda alcohol.. The most chutiyapa thing I ever heard..
Arun Annu (7 hours ago)
I agree with you
UTKARSH BHATNAGAR (21 hours ago)
+Sakshi Sharma wow some people bring hindu muslim in everything
Sakshi Sharma (3 days ago)
you muslims are just jelous of hindus and nothing
TheCelticAlpineGene (10 days ago)
lol ..a new Ayurveda drug? :-)) ... study Ashlesha Nakshatra !
Apply Visa System For North Indians !!!
King K (3 days ago)
+عـامـر الـصـديـقـي apply visa for Muslim's in India they all belong to Pakistan
+Indi Yoma Nope To Save Hyderabadi Jobs & Culture From Beggers North Breeders !!!
TheCelticAlpineGene (11 days ago)
I love it ... Punarvasu India !!
Prash K (11 days ago)
Excellent Presentation on Hyderabad
sharad hotha (11 days ago)
There couldn't have been a more cringe-inducing profile of the city. Like you are explaining more India and Indian culture to me than that of Hyderabad.
When u need subscribers from India, after cnbc its economist.
AAa m (11 days ago)
Hyderabad is nice that it isnt a tourist nightmare like other cities where people are trying to sell or swindle you out of money. Its good if you want a normal relaxed life in india where things dont cost as much compared to other cities.
LOL 😂 I wonder what happened to Poverty Porn of the BritShit News Media. It’s Usually the Stereotypical Indian Background music and Poverty porn by Western medias
LOL 😂 British Talking About Diamonds And artifacts when they Stole Every one of them from India
no name (11 days ago)
Shouldn't the elephants pray to the elephant god? Was it the elephants who decided that he was a god for elephants?
Octagon Leo (11 days ago)
Lol, I thought they were talking about Hyderabad in pakistan. Hate India but love the indian people
Noor ZäîñäB (4 hours ago)
How is your pakistani toy charminar (dont take it serious lol)
SHIRK DAJJAL (3 days ago)
Idiot the people make the country. So you hate the people too. We are not a military ruled nation like your's.
Ràñdøm H!T (4 days ago)
Hate military cause they fuck your terrorists amry good ?
Octagon Leo (7 days ago)
Nambi Narayanan let's fact check that, retarded dumbass. Over 200million people care more about pakistan hydrabad then indias, and more than 1.5 million people live there. So I'd say a bunch of people care more about pakistan hydrabad then indias. 🤣🤣. DUMBASS!!
Nambi Narayanan (8 days ago)
Lol nobody cares about Pakistan's fake Hyderabad 😂
Mohammed Aleem Hussain (11 days ago)
Hyderabad! an ancient city? Paid can't rewrite history!
Narsimha. Meda (11 days ago)
Beautiful city with delicious/affordable food and lifestyle with stable and freindly government , moderate/pleasant weather...non seismic/non cyclonic..good law and order...no bias on caste creed region religion and colour, affordable Living... vibrant culture and so on....what else u need.
Matias Vera (11 days ago)
paid advertising
poreddy jeevanreddy (10 days ago)
u paid for this ???
Silver Star (11 days ago)
+Cherukuri Praharsha poverty porn 😂😂😂
Sebastian Vera Medina (11 days ago)
Cherukuri Praharsha (11 days ago)
atlest it is not poverty porn like most western media ventures where after leaving they go straight to fish market
Ravi Gopinathan (11 days ago)
But who would pay them for this? It doesn't benefit anyone in particular, it just promotes the city as a whole.
Shubham Gosavi (12 days ago)
TBH poorly made, this document is from new city people's perception. No mention of Biryani, Hyderabadi chai, Paya shorba or even Dosa.
mario bros (7 days ago)
Nilesh Chouhan (12 days ago)
they forgot hyderabadi Biryani....
amit krishnani (12 days ago)
It looks so fucking scripted😂😂😂😂😂made me cringe when he talks to the camera and no one else is looking😂😂😂😂 His fake accent AAAARRRRGGHHHHH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
amit krishnani (12 days ago)
Actually this video shows the most high end posh areas and US company campuses Ordinary regions in hyderabad look like shit because of people like owaisi
amit krishnani (12 days ago)
So he is teaching bargaining in front of the shopkeeper😂😂😂😂😂😂
narsimha rao ganta (10 hours ago)
Bargaining is great indian tradition,and famous and affluent are no exception to it.
sairamakrishna kante (4 days ago)
The shopkeepers are smarter than these smart guys .... the item would have not costed more than 500 rs😂😂
Lokesh DACHA (8 days ago)
i guess that is to show to tourists from other country should know about it and the best way is to bargain is get the help of a local guy.
Silver Star (11 days ago)
may be it was preplanned
Its 6th biggest city not 4rth
Syedz Ahmed (2 days ago)
pls upgrade ur knowledge my friend
santosh kumar Appala (9 days ago)
Now Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad are top four cities interms of GDP generation.
Chaitanya Rebel (11 days ago)
4th biggest city and 6th biggest metropolitan area wise
ABDULLAH the good (12 days ago)
Now it became 4th biggest city in India
H R (12 days ago)
amit krishnani (12 days ago)
Change its oisslamic name
Mohammad Junaid Khan (3 hours ago)
+Noor ZäîñäB Hyderabad was known originally as Bhagyanagar, a city Sultan Muhammad Quli of the Qutub Shahi dynasty had founded and named after his beloved Bhagmati or Bhagyamati in 1590.Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah of the Golconda Sultanate, named it after Bhagmati, a local nautch (dancing) girl with whom he had fallen in love. She converted to Islam and adopted the title Hyder Mahal. The city was named as Hyderabad in her honour after that
Noor ZäîñäB (3 hours ago)
+Mohammad Junaid Khan haan toh what was that?
Mohammad Junaid Khan (4 hours ago)
+Noor ZäîñäB the one which is before nizams
Noor ZäîñäB (4 hours ago)
+Mohammad Junaid Khan old one? which one
Mohammad Junaid Khan (10 hours ago)
+Vikas Kyatannawar is should be change ofcourse, why would a city be name after a fucking ruler.. give back its ancient name, i think u r slave by mind. i am hydrabadi and i suport name change back to old one
deepak ammanna (12 days ago)
Screw you.
Is this a reupload? Episode 1?
Yung Jelly (12 days ago)
think ill stick to my $6.99 roses from Kroger
India Vikrant (12 days ago)
Which are the 1st 3 biggest Cities ?
Chaitanya Rebel (11 days ago)
Mumbai,Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata.
H R (12 days ago)
+Cold Storage not Kolkata. Bangalore.
Cold Storage (12 days ago)
I believe New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
JE F (12 days ago)
If you are black / Africans don’t go.
varun reddy Mothe (10 days ago)
Cheema Gursimran why ?
Silver Star (11 days ago)
same for purple, yellow, red, orange people
Cheema Gursimran (12 days ago)
JE F and even if you are white, or from North India, haha
wow what about air pollution and sound pollution in wish they show that too
Kii Too (12 days ago)
Living in Hyderabad since 7 years. This city used to be great. Now it has grown to have terrible traffic, ton of BS institutions like THub, and increasing number of greedy violent people. Hope to shift to a better place in a year.
Smithsology (12 days ago)
Agree with this, a great city with amazing people and food!
Rational_Thinker_86 (12 days ago)
Average city with miserly and extreme money minded local population, both gultis settled from elsewhere and Urdu speaking Muslims. Traffic management is a joke and no good bus connections. Driving has always been an hellish task anywhere in India but this city takes it to next level with its extreme chaotic and arrogance. People on bikes race and go against the traffic at all places and traffic police play candy crush on their phones. People have to run behind auto guys and sometimes beg them to take you. Ameerpet is world famous for churning out fake experience letters and even degrees which the local US consulate runs multiple checks. In US recruiters too know this fake degree+experience mill and they are on alert if they find local Hyderabadi colleges and companies in resumes. On plus points about this city is that cost of living and rent/food expenses are relatively low compared to other metros. Another good feature is that locals welcome you unlike Chennai. Food is the best selling point of this city and kudos to them for making it tasty and affordable even though it’s not healthy on a long run. Almost every educated guy wants to get his US visa by hook or crook and that gets this city a bad name in US. This is most probably paid promotion by one of the bald heads you saw in video with fake US accent who have returned home after minting dollars and buying property 15 years back. They now need sheep to buy these startup “incubator “ hubs from VC fund guys. Good con show guys, keep it rolling!
Sekhar chandra (1 day ago)
You are one of those sour grapes burning with ego of telugus success. Fakes resume guys everywhere from north to south ..dont generalize one place. Tell me your city name then i tell the truth about people there and your city traffic etc. No city in india is immune to traffic or crime or whatever negative points you mentioned here. If you are a rational thinker, you cant just generalize a city or language or people. By the way from your language i understand you too from south and only south people address telugus as gultis . you have more issues in your so called cities than hyderabad i feel. So we are still in india and every city india is not immune to those issues.
Syedz Ahmed (2 days ago)
rational thinker pls follownur name and be rational and not the opposite
+Cheema Gursimran 22 still I can bet with you it's better then any of northern cities except Chandigarh.jatta ne aethe koke jad rakhe aa.
By the tone of which you speak, i think you are from tamil nadu
Lokesh DACHA (8 days ago)
I know that bus transportation is worst in Hyderabad but there is good connectivity. There is other way of transport the uber, ola other than auto rickshaw. There was news that the govt transitioning the buses to E vehicles. i think its gonna take time. yeah there is recklessness in the drivers as well that is because the Road transport Department system is fully corrupted people get licenses just by paying extra money. with out any test on the road safety and moral rules but the practical test is must.
Ray Weaver (12 days ago)
Enjoyed the video, this could become a great series.
lissa leggs (12 days ago)
Sorry not being strip searched to enter a jet to India.
Check Mate (12 days ago)
8:55 what is that?
Check Mate (10 days ago)
+Anuj Peri thank you
Check Mate (10 days ago)
+Hello Hello thank you
Hello Hello (11 days ago)
That's called Papaddam or Papad. It's a fried thing. Made of Rice or Lentils
Anuj Peri (12 days ago)
Check Mate that’s a pappat (sorry if I spelled wrong). It’s fried in oil.
MrChrist741 (12 days ago)
Hospitality of rape... Oppps...

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