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The Witchcraft Song Collection - Chants, rites, spells, dance songs

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This is my witchcraft playlist, consisting of rituals, spells, repetitive chants, curses and lots of dancing songs. Some of the songs here contain evil magic, but I tried to surround them with good and protective music, so hopefully no harm will come from listening to them (although the fact that the video got banned in some countries is a bad omen, some wicked curse started to work already. Possible witches listening to this, please help me undo it). Also, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM RELIGIOUS TALK IN THE COMMENTS. I cherish the magical power of music, and I hope you'll enjoy these songs as much as I do regardless of your faith. I realize that some of these songs carry sacred value for some listeners, while others may be offended by them, but I meant no harm or offense to either side when putting this collection together. Artwork by Anne Claire Payet:http://eireen.deviantart.com/ Playlist (timings will come later on): Wytches Chant - Inkubus Sukkubus Mummer's Dance -- Loreena McKennit Hecate -- Wendy Rule Dessumíis Luge -- Eluveitie Circle Within a Circle Chant-- Kate West Rítusének -- Bea Palya Mother of Darkness, Mother of Light Chant -- Alice Di Micele Unda -- Faun Hecate, Goddess of Witches -- Waning Moon The Goddess and the Weaver -- Spiral Dance Moon Chant -- Marie Bruce In the Name of the Dance -- S. J. Tucker Brictom -- Eluveitie Acchi Mantra -- Lisa Thiel The Earth Is Our Mother Chant -- Libana SONG SILENCED DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIM - SORRY =( Goddess Protection Chant -- Lisa Thiel Dance of the Darkness -- Blackmore's Night A Witch's Song -- Ordo Funebris All Souls' Night -- Loreena McKennit Karuna -- Faun Witch's Rune -- S.J. Tucker The Circle -- Blackmore's Night Ice Queen (Acoustic) -- Within Temptation Protection Chant -- Unknown Song and Dance -- Blackmore's Night Wytches Chant -- Inkubus Sukkubus
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Lani Nicole (3 days ago)
I am new to the practices of Wicca. I would love to connect with someone to help show me the way. We are very scarce in Eastern North Carolina, so online is my last hope. Blessed be
Jessica Nyx (3 days ago)
This is one of my favorites
Zeph (4 days ago)
Which of the songs do you say contain evil magic?
Jahsélynn (4 days ago)
Blessed be, friends )0(
Ian Toadvin (4 days ago)
Im a child of danu
Trent v (7 days ago)
Blessed be ❤💫🌲🌊🔥☁🌕
Chantal Smith (8 days ago)
So you said this: "(although the fact that the video got banned in some countries is a bad omen, some wicked curse started to work already. Possible witches listening to this, please help me undo it). " Well i am Intermediate Witch according to my Occult but i am practicing removing curse's i can remove small curse's not heavy one's so if you want i can help.
Karate Girl Ani (9 days ago)
The first song is beautiful!😍😍
Kristen Huff (10 days ago)
Thank you for posting this as well as the other playlist like this. My mom used to have a cassette tape with similar music and I have been trying hard to find the songs. I was pretty young, but I loved listening to it. A found a couple of the songs in your videos <3
florenna (15 days ago)
Nice video/playlist, but would be much better without Eluveitie ;)
Shaw (17 days ago)
It's ok that I'm a male witch right
Uener Beserra Regly (17 days ago)
Good night! I´m from Brasil and feeling too lost how to get in to wicca, every help is apreciated, thanks a lot for any serious sugestion. hugs.
Callie Brewster (3 hours ago)
Uener Beserra Regly Anyone of any Race, Sexual orientations, or gender can be Wiccan, you just need to decide when to start practicing! :)
Crabanedhel (19 days ago)
This is great! My only suggestion is some Omnia <3
Laval Laval (24 days ago)
Happy Mabon!
Aila Mortel (25 days ago)
Blessed be the sisters before us. Let the moon light our paths and bring forth endless energy.
Sylviane Osei (26 days ago)
This song triggers my spells really well
Lauren HUGGINS (28 days ago)
So I am wanting to convert to Wicca I have a couple of questions . 1. How does one formally convert . What oils and candles should I start off with . I also know there are different types of witches . What kind are there so I can find what works for me . Thank you . This compilation is so empowering .
Callie Brewster (3 hours ago)
Lauren HUGGINS 1.) You don’t really need to convert... anyone of any religion/any sexual orientations can become Wiccan, just choose when to start practicing. 2.) You don’t necessarily need anything to start off with, but different colors of candles would be best (doesn’t matter what brand), you could get a basic book on oils, and decide what you need afterwards. 3.) As of the different types of witches, there are many types (I’m still figuring out what I am), it just depends on what you’re drawn to, and what your intent is. I also suggest joining a group on the Amino app called: The Witches’ Circle; there are a ton of witches that are willing to help out if you have any more questions! I hope this helped. Blessed Be )O(
GeekGirl (1 month ago)
The Hungarian song from Palya Bea was really surprised to me! Ahh thanks my sister! That was amazing!!
Broken Uravity (1 month ago)
Im learning to be a wiccan and i hope i be blessed to help people in the world with the power of the witches
Rebelz Goth Wolf (1 month ago)
could someone please tell me the purpose for the very first chant?
Victoria Haponiuk (1 month ago)
Tom Tuttle (1 month ago)
Your "magic" is a joke.
Callie Brewster (3 hours ago)
Tom Tuttle Our Magick is real.
Meg (1 month ago)
I am not a witch but I would love to become one. I am very interested in the culture
Eunice Eu-nice (1 month ago)
I've suscribed
Michael Frazier (1 month ago)
Dancing and she's calling on history equities heck at ease
Stanislaw Kuczera (1 month ago)
modern day witches.............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2hStOn36vs
Aneta Mladenovska (1 month ago)
Dessumiis Luge !
armorboy24 Doe (1 month ago)
growing up i was raised Baptist but it never interested me or i never felt connected, i was there and i was saying everything i was told to read and sing and praise and told what to say but never internally felt connected to anything, I have heard of Wicca and pagan and other names of course being baptist its all evil they told me but i never really knew anything about it besides evil but till this year i did a lot of research and even got a book to read about it and i was surprised how connected they are to nature and there surroundings and all living things, im proud to say i have accepted paganism 3 months ago and i have never felt so connected to something before, im still new and learning but im excited about it, i would love to know more about anything about pagan and or wicca i am all ears and willing to learn,books,videos ect. thank you and blessings to all
Lunarny (1 month ago)
Jednorozce jestescie tu? <3
Siddhartha Omkara (1 month ago)
western hemi-circle darkness balances autumnal apple halved
RIyan PraTama (1 month ago)
Fandom Trash (1 month ago)
666k views... That's so ironic...
Crystal Nicodemus (1 month ago)
No one care a bout you old people
Bunni Anthes (1 month ago)
I am Scottish and pagan my grandmother was a pagan witch and it is a way of life a beautiful and in the lightning way to live my husband says I’m in the pipe piper of animals and I may be but I love all living things and many blessings to all the other witches in pagans out thereAnd this music is so beautiful and in lightning I’m sitting right now looking at a full moon in my backyard so again many many blessings
Siddhartha Omkara (1 month ago)
Scotland is the land of Alba, my daughter and sister and mother, From the highest craigs to the deepest lochs, From the lightest light to the darkest night, Let my spirit always be with brave Alba. Blessed be.
Melissa Wittwer (1 month ago)
I love this music
Ashley Barfield (1 month ago)
Blessed Be my fellow witches. I am a Polytheistic Witch and this music is so very relaxing for me and it helps me to connect to my practice more.
Nesta Selva (1 month ago)
Soyez bénis mes soeurs et frères par la grande mère. et merci Wiremux pour ces chansons. 🌛🌕🌜
Mojca ayaz (1 month ago)
wich ones are curses?
AnimeGal (1 month ago)
Oh so you casted a curse did you. All you have to do is say the words backwards and it reverse the curse.
AnimeGal (1 month ago)
Eh ill do it for you
AnimeGal (1 month ago)
Or it should
AnimeGal (1 month ago)
I am a real wiccan this is soothing to me and it helps me concentrate on spells and stuff like that very good thank you.
dave verdonkschot (1 month ago)
my name is nightwolf love this play list
Eleanor Marsh (2 months ago)
So sad seeing people the the comments trashing on different beliefs, let us all listen to this in harmony and in unison, we are all human regardless of beliefs.
Werewolf Blackstar (2 months ago)
I do know that some of the spells and ritual contains some curse but there ancient and I cannot undo them to make the good out of them , I know my spell,chants and etc anyway I tried my best to undo them and for other people that come across this comment, it is okay to think that I’m lying ,it’s fine by me weather or not you Believe me
Chrinolas Elderbark (2 months ago)
it's back!
videl san lopes (2 months ago)
wallpaper plis
Sean Jarnesky (2 months ago)
Hearing the chants it makes me feel free i cant understand by im completely liking wiccans
Brian Rappleye (2 months ago)
I feel your positive energy
Davida Lynne Pippert (2 months ago)
I love these songs and chants
Hello Darkness (2 months ago)
How do i become wicca?
新藤実幸 (2 months ago)
fascinating…and beautiful
juliet arabello (2 months ago)
All of the ppl from pagan and Wiccan families are so lucky! I wish I had someone like that close to me 😚😚
Voodoo Secret (2 months ago)
I was born into a Wiccan family yet I’m the only one who embraces it, I am proud to be a Wiccan
opecancanuc (2 months ago)
I love to walk the old path. Blessed Be, who walks with us, dear sisters and brothers. i send send you all my love.
Kimberly Taylor (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting this. I've only been practicing for a few months and love this playlist. Some are great for meditating by and others help me let my spirit fly free as I dance to them. I would like to know what the name of the silenced one is that is mentioned in the playlist.
Danijel Dani (2 months ago)
Susan King Benmark (2 months ago)
samme's world (2 months ago)
Ur new fnd dear bk fnd dear Vowwwww 👌😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜
Michael Ezzo (2 months ago)
Wow Thank you for the compilation. You have brightened my life with this pure magic.
Jade Harley (2 months ago)
The first/last song on this is probably my favourite song for when I do witchcraft, if not my favourite, it is quite up there.
Chad Goings (2 months ago)
does the tuning matter, should this be 428 or 432n?
Nicole Davis (2 months ago)
why not just take out the black magic?
Sabrina Francis (2 months ago)
What kind if language is this
Mysticofshadowyhearts (3 months ago)
I’m a beginner and I’m doing all the research I can to help me
yaoi lover (3 months ago)
I never new so much ppl liked witchcraft
Potatoes Mashymash (3 months ago)
Which of the songs contain evil magic so I can avoid them?
Wiremux (3 months ago)
Dessumíis Luge: https://mckies.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/curse-tablet-of-the-month-7-september-2014/
William Sova (3 months ago)
Blessed be
Carola Ransanz (3 months ago)
LOve this music, it helped me to relax and achieve positive thoughts! Thanks Wiremux
•NORSE• (3 months ago)
the funny thing is that my surname is pagan
James Juergensen (3 months ago)
excellent music, thanks for your hard work on it, dark blessings to all dark raven
Shane Stephens (3 months ago)
15:58...no words...
Pilar Bernardo (3 months ago)
These songs are good to my ears. Thanks for sharing.
USC FOOTBALLER (3 months ago)
Hey friends! I’m just dipping my toe into the whole world of Wiccan and magic. I’m about 90% sure there’s a hex on me. Lots of details. Is anyone willing to chat with me to get this thing removed and start practicing a bit.
donna leon (3 months ago)
very nice music and well needed for my prayers for all religions all fight one time together against things we all fight each day thank you for your vid
Indra Eindhoven (3 months ago)
Ah Loreena <3
jane edey (3 months ago)
Thanks absolutely beautiful!
goddess ofearth (3 months ago)
Luv it👍
Elizabeth Howell (3 months ago)
I'm I feel kind of out of place because most people here are Wiccan and I'm a werewolf
Elizabeth Howell ?
Diamond Jackson (4 months ago)
Isis mfjdlshshsofcjagso
anthony ferrell (4 months ago)
Never apologize for your belief my dear
gav hinds (4 months ago)
Blessed be...
cleusa1038 (4 months ago)
Como gostaria de saber o que e dito?sera que em legendado?
Brooke Griffin (4 months ago)
Deep and powerful just how I like
Desmond Lee (4 months ago)
What kind of flute is used for Moon chant
Arthur Bradberry (4 months ago)
Ft Beyonce lol
Shugenjya (4 months ago)
The advertisement is strong with this one!!!! :(
Mr Philson (4 months ago)
Mes ancêtres chassé les sorciers et sorcier mais moi je suis un sorcier du temps
radiantgirl100 (5 months ago)
Be careful what you upload. The first chant has a very wild feeling to it and a "higher" pulling to me. It makes me feel strange and my feeling on it is, as a white magic user, to be very sensitive to what you put out as far as vibrations. The music is very beautiful, but it has a very dark and passionate feeling to it. I will work a spell to help you undo any harm caused by the "darker" music. Be wary and careful, but thank you for the beautiful music.
PanzermansBunker (5 months ago)
15 advertisements.....that's 14 too many! No more visits from me.
Just get an adblocker, I have one and there’s no ads
Renaissance Girl (5 months ago)
I'm not wiccan, just a religionless witch and I STILL LOVE THIS
Renaissance Girl (5 months ago)
Møther_øf_Drøgøns_ (5 months ago)
Okay so I believe we need a mix of “dark and light” in our lives so I’m not worried about “evil” music but to any of my brother and sisters who may be worried May the goddess protect you from any evil that this music may cause to fall upon you.
Jane Sargeant (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this wonderful playlist
Victor L Moore (5 months ago)
Superb music that inspires me in writing my book 'The Sisterhood of The Dead'.
Kaylin Hudson (5 months ago)
Chibi Yubel (5 months ago)
budha tony bodhisatva (5 months ago)
U are the universe! Total consciousness.... Namaste!
đéo cần tên (5 months ago)
Love this video
william northam (5 months ago)
I love all religions and their music. anything spiritual brings happiness. anyone who wants a curse wanted it
Regan Grant (5 months ago)
Jason Kornyk (5 months ago)
I love all witchcraft, parnormal stuff and i am into something spirt keeping its bonding with spirt beings and enities in higher planes or relams of astral love it and they love this music and i love everyrthing about spiritual magic etc etc which is the same.

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