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What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla's Model 3

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Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.
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René Gusset (12 hours ago)
Video sponsert by Ford and Chevrolet Hahahahahahahahahah Fake, Fake, Fake
xellossaxon (13 hours ago)
This is all bullshit. Ask any electrical engineer and he will show you with a handful of calculations: e-mobility is a deadend because the power grid and the infrastructure cannot support e-cars for everybody. Either indidividualized traffic will vanish and we get "Minority Report"-style traffic, or individualized traffic will prevail, then it can only be hydrogen. Also, Tesla's cars are very expensive and lack interior quality big time. On the German Autobahn - the few Teslas you see there - are never in the left lane but in the right lane creeping in slow motion at 80 mph or less, often even behind big trucks at 50 mph. Ridiculous. Nobody will pay those insane Tesla prices without having the real world Mecedes-Benz or Porsche performance. It is silly marketing: Kick down and blind the customers by the initial acceleration which is absolutely useless and no decisive feature...divert the customer's attention away from all the low quality surrounding them and all the disadvantages like the silly touchpad controls (distracted driving is already really bad in the US). As usual: Seems only to work with dumb Americans. Europeans are immediately very critical when expected basic features are missing (too much touchscreen is seen as negative, interior quality must be there, daily driving abilities need to reasonable, even on fast motorways) Sorry, from an objective point of view Tesla is nothing but an empty hype who builds mediocre e-cars for a bunch of hipsters. Tesla has no concept and no solution for the traffic problems of the future, and there is nothing in those cars others could not build as good or far better. You actually see more i3 in Germany than Tesla. Also on top of that, Tesla could be seen as more stoneage than the excellent Euro6 Diesels available in Europe: Tesla cars are VERY heavy. In most of the cases only one person will be in them. So - it is already one of the biggest, most pivotal resource problems (even for efficient European compact cars) that individualized traffic leads to an insane ratio of 70-80 kg of human (or 150-200 kg for the typical dumb fat American XD) in 1300-1500 kg of car. Teslas are as heavy as super high quality upper class Mercedes Benz, which means, the ratio of weight of the car to weight of 1 human is even worse. Clearly a dinosaur without any answers and solutions for the future.
Jackson Kelley (18 hours ago)
Why should they pay another factory to make theur stuff and not make it themselves?
JustSaiyanSteve (1 day ago)
This car is the future. The automakers cant even catch up. Lol.
B Nagy (1 day ago)
so this guy makes a living out of spying on the industry for other auto makers...
Kal El (1 day ago)
The fucking music isnt loud enough!
Yoobin Bush (1 day ago)
Okay multiple problems. They're neodymium not neodydium or whatever the guy said. A Halbach array does increase the strength of the magnetic field in the direction it's created for, however, it is also more likely to cause demagnetization. Then of course, the whole "too stiff" part is just fucking ridiculous.
IDontHaveAVideo (1 day ago)
“Neodidium magnet” SMH..
InitialK (2 days ago)
It’s a known fact that Tesla has been losing for money for years... but that’s not why Musk continues to fund it, he’s saving the world at the cost of his own wealth
Antonio Renteria (3 days ago)
so theyre putting tesla on blast for not having chevy or fords infrastructure. how about we put chevy or ford on blast for not providing what tesla is trying to provide
Takezo San (3 days ago)
hahahahahha " its to complex"? sound like grandfather trying to use the internet in 1996**..... the bias is palpable ,"" had it been made at FORD, CHEVY ,GM blablabla blablabla...yeah it would of been SHIT
Jared Jeanotte (3 days ago)
Analyst: The frame and is too complicated Government testers: this is the safest car ever tested Tesla: I’m ok with that
Dmitri Pachenko (8 hours ago)
Jared Jeanotte He meant “wrong” in the sense that is not efficient for manufacturability. The body is perhaps the safest because it is heavier and made of more parts, but it is more expensive
Howard Luken (4 days ago)
These are the same guys who for decades tore apart amurrican cars and said they were efficient, economical and safe all the while Detroit kept farting out cars that were dinosaurs. I have a 2013 Cadillac XTS and its a piece of shit frankly. Typical GM bullshit that fails just about when the warranties end. Cadillac dealers also had every excuse in the book to refuse to do recall and free repair and replacement work on the thing even while it was under warranty. I would love to unload it and get a Tesla now that Tesla has increased their highway range. Unfortunately I am underwater and owe more that the Bluebook value of this Caddy dogshit.
D G (4 days ago)
I wonder what Elon says about this...
Maxisokol S (4 days ago)
4:08 - "These are neodidium magnets..." xD
asifjavedcloud (4 days ago)
Why are people so upset about his review, if someone told me you have an amazing world leading , popular product , BUT I think you have the potential to produce it more quickly and more cheaply , I would be like Thank you for the free advice and keep it in mind when it comes to redesigning the manufacturing process for the future models.
realHKV (4 days ago)
Tesla should make amendments to their bodies
Andrew Young (5 days ago)
I wonder if the five out of five safety rating has anything to do with some of that manufacturing process. Also I like how he's' comparing companies that have been around for eons to one it just released its first iteration.
Lawerance Lanham (5 days ago)
Tesla's showing where the rest of them fail. They charge the same price for a more expensive body that's...safer to be in, doesn't produce carbon monoxide, etc, etc. 🤣 The argument kinda falls on it's face.
Jeff Stewart (6 days ago)
The comments here are way better than the video.
nakfx134 (6 days ago)
Design for manufacturability takes time and multiple iterations down the road. For Tesla's first go at it, it's pretty amazing. Tesla's design engineers still have work to do in simplifying and reducing overall part count, which overtime will decrease Tesla's cost to manufacture.
Flum Channel (6 days ago)
The body is too sturdy and its isnt manufactured cheaply, its horrible.
Renato D'Amico (6 days ago)
Tesla is awesome
andrew moon (6 days ago)
The body is to expensive, complicated and hard to build ummmm....... no wounder elon musk is the only person to have ever built a car that scored top marks in the N cap safety tests, he puts lives ahead of cheap fast paste easy to build tin coffins other fat cat profit seeking companies do! I'm out of here already.
Kareem Barazi (8 days ago)
That’s a model S
jlg395 (8 days ago)
This is a Model S, you out-of-touch dipshits.
NeutronPrime (8 days ago)
“It has a stiff body” Well you don’t want people to die would you?
Tony Firenze (8 days ago)
It couldn't be any more obvious that you're being paid by Big Oil
Grozaaïmid (9 days ago)
Haha... Ford would have a “brilliant design”! Why has the quality been so poor?
Rakshith Bekal (9 days ago)
Yeah I think tesla should collab with honda or toyota on that and use their help for manufacturing and development of the car. It would be unbeatable
Rakshith Bekal (8 days ago)
Well Tesla has a good headstart and manufacturing and the batteries. The JV would see Honda and toyota work on the motors and car design. and use their manufacturing. This would mean more cars produced.
bighosre10 (8 days ago)
Why in hell would Honda and Toyota do that?
00crashtest (9 days ago)
So much for Elon Musk's affordability goals, more like lies. $35K is still expensive for a midsize sedan. The $35K Model 3 is not "mass market", the $23K Camry and Accord are. Tesla is overpriced like Apple. Tesla SUCKS!
ScytheNoire (10 days ago)
EXCEPT, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler DIDN'T do it and instead worked with the oil industry to kill and hold off the electric car for as long as possible. They are only now starting to make them because of the profits Tesla is showing are available, as there is a huge market out there for it. All the old auto-makers can suck on it, they have been a part of the problem.
Keyboard Dancers (9 days ago)
no doubt you're familiar with the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car?
Dr Alchemy (10 days ago)
Lol this old dude has no clue wtf he is talking about😂 the body is to stiff what does that mean? It's the cars frame bro can't build shit without structural integrity.
00crashtest (10 days ago)
Guys, a car is just to get you from point A to point B, not show off. So instead of an overpriced Tesla or ANY LUXURY CAR, just get a Toyota Prius Prime, Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, or VW e-Golf. Instead of changing your expensive DEPRECIATING liability cars every 6.5 years like most Americans (per IHS Automotive), why not just drive a reliable Toyota or Honda 'til it dies 20+ years later, and instead invest the savings into APPRECIATING assets like stocks, gold, silver, or even a higher-class house for yourself.
papa bits (11 days ago)
It’s a golf cart with a iPad!
Bernd Engels (11 days ago)
I think they are mistaken with respect to the Halbach magnet array. The magnets are simply embedded in V-Shape into the sheet metal stack to improve magnetic flux. Looking at the sheet metal stack you can also recognise an offset in the alignment: this reduces ripple. Magnets are expensive and some shapes and sizes are just cheaper to source. So they took what was economically viable and glued four inexpensive magnets together to get the dimension they needed - which was clever to do by the way.
NOOB NOOB (14 days ago)
He is so mad
Helder Barbosa (14 days ago)
Extra OONF
Northy (15 days ago)
Electric motors produce Ozone. I dont know how much they produce but if everyone was driving an EV, Im sure it would mount up. Ozone is toxic.
Slava Demushkin (15 days ago)
I bet you are not vaccinated and belive the earth is flat
AT R (15 days ago)
Extremely interesting. I'm an Industrial Electrical Technician. My degree specializes in electric motors and drive systems.... Electric cars are nothing new. This technology has existed in the worlds largest mining equipment for 40 years. It is insanely amazing though, and such a strange wonder why it didn't take off like this decades ago. Just goes to show how much big oil dominated. I'm all for gas, coal, and oil. But also, modern electrical technology is incredibly efficient too! (I do love my internal combustion engine in my truck though....)
staalman (16 days ago)
A long lasting battery pack it might be, but I'm not sure whether it will be enough to let the guy finish his sentence (03:05). And where can I buy these Neo-Didium Magnets? (04:08). I also understand why the music volume is that high, it looks like they want to disable viewers to consume the BS content..
Darryl Kechnie (16 days ago)
Gotta love how the narrator says Chevy bolt, shows a picture of a Volt, and even has the guy being interviewed saying Volt, but the narrator never catches on.
ripp846 (16 days ago)
The Volt is a dead car. No more production.
BugattiveyronO1 (16 days ago)
Tesla is one of the greatest engineering platforms for vehicles in the 21st century. They have gone out and have produced vehicles outside of mainstream and have vehicles decimating the mainstream market with performance that isn’t just a step above, but a huge advancement. By saying Tesla should have built their cars in a convention Ford or Toyota plant has no point to Tesla as a manufacture. Their idea is new… Sometimes new ideas can take time and many steps to get a hold of the consumer. Look at the market in the USA for example. There are already 100’s of very good, cheaper, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel vehicles, yet the Ford F-series truck topped sales last year in 2018. There is nothing to say the full electric Tesla will just take over the market going into a faster mass production regardless of price. Also, sometimes new idea might have fault or flaw that needs to be recalled at a big cost to the manufacture. Having an expense bill for 20,000 recalls is cheaper than having 200,000 vehicles to recall for a design issue. Another challenge unique to a manufacture like Tesla is power source as they don’t rely on petroleum. They must balance the ability to charge the vehicles from a home or business with the costs of the charge stations. These charge stations need to grow with the market demand and same goes the other way. Tesla is just trying to get a hold of the market for now. Profit may be little but its still a profit and their minor profit margin should not be looked at with negativity. They are making ground building vehicles that other manufactures have said they couldn’t make for a profit producing. Though looking at it another way the new Tesla Roadster for example has performance figures that are compared with super-cars at a fraction of the cost. Comment like chassis too heavy and too stiff have no grounds unless you understand the reason. Did you test the vehicle on the road, and it feels heavy or just dismantle it? This vehicle is a performance vehicle and I’m sure some owners will drive it like one. I’m no engineer but just looking at the massive battery module which is big and flat using a large area of the chassis floor. You have a vehicle which has a drive system that produces huge amount of torque and must support a thin flat battery that doesn’t flex. Maybe, I don’t know but this might be a reason for the chassis to be a rigid design or maybe because it’s a performance vehicle.
FBI (17 days ago)
No one should hate on Elon... he hosted meme review
4Your Soul (17 days ago)
This the guy that talks shit about Tesla but would give up everything to be in Elons shoes
Anthony (14 days ago)
I would give up everything I have to be a billionaire, I mean wouldn't you give up debts to be wealthy?
Mark Steiner (17 days ago)
it is all against ecars !!!
Mark Steiner (17 days ago)
think even if you don't like the tesla car, the message is the thing !!! somone have to start here !!
Russell Renfrow (17 days ago)
Yeah the chassis might suck, but have you seen the way the trim doesn’t lineup straight, or how terrible the factory paint looks.
geoff washington (17 days ago)
Fake Tesla propaganda produced by their Wall St shills
GreyPoupon (18 days ago)
was this a model 3 teardown or a model s/x teardown?
Adriel Averia (18 days ago)
This is stupid...
Science is Real (18 days ago)
Why would any electric car motor not use the halbach effect to its advantage. It makes it more than 60% more efficient in a motor format. Other car companies have no chance of catching up to Tesla.
Christopher Evans (19 days ago)
Prototypes often are like that.
IntenseNetwork (19 days ago)
Tesla can never be a Ford Found on road dead 💀
IntenseNetwork (19 days ago)
If Tesla is building the car then it must not be difficult
Davor Ristic (20 days ago)
Do you know where is Serbia the country that gave you Tesla you useless boring people, money lovers, money will destroy the world
Virgil Kellogg (20 days ago)
They lose money on the cars. They make money on "energy credits" its a green energy scam. Welcome to reality
Alastair Underwood (21 days ago)
the point is this about the model 3 body construction, do you have a stiff rigid body capable to survive a car head on impact, rear impact or side on accident, or be hurt by a soft body work car construction. Too many cars these days design on a critical design, rather than a over engineered design for car safety.
James Hurst (21 days ago)
Stop the music.
Rd Fc (22 days ago)
The music in this video isn't loud enough. You can still hear what the man is saying.
Larry Carley (22 days ago)
Considering the fact that Tesla started from scratch with ZERO car building experience, it's amazing what they have accomplished. The other big auto makers all said electric cars were too impractical and nobody wanted to build them. But Elon Musk had a vision and made it happen in spite of all the nay-sayers. No, their cars are not perfect but Tesla has set a benchmark for performance that the rest of the industry is scrambling to catch up to. Go Tesla!
Chris England (22 days ago)
This bloke is little more than any foolish and 'know nothing' critic. He attempts to talk knowledgeably and with authority, yet makes factual mistake after mistake. What a ridiculous this to say that: "The body is much too stiff" and it's "too heavy"..for God's sake. Ever since cars were first invented, manufacturers have been trying to stiffen up their chassis.. to make the suspension and handling work better. Every single manufacturer is working flat out to improve body stiffness. As for the Tesla being too heavy.. well, let's see what this prat had to say about it himself: The car is "more agile, more exciting" ' than the competition. 'It has the best battery' The battery is likely to be longer lasting'. We already know that their driving range is at least as good as the competition's.. and a damn sight better than some of them. So how the fuck does being slightly heavier in any way detract from the overall performance? I'll bet my last fiver that the competition would just LOVE to have a car that beat the Tesla hands down in most metrics. It's easy to be a critic, if this bloke, or any other clever dick, thinks the build of the car they take apart is so bad, let them build a car of their own.. and then WE can see just how good they are. After all, they have first hand data on everybody else's builds haven't they... But this will never happen, of course. Critics make money by being 'sensational' and attempt to point out the failings in others. How many of these self appointed 'experts' (who can't even get the model of car correct) are asked to join the design teams of major manufacturers, for their knowledge and skill? Very few to none. As the saying goes, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. Is someone else's opinion any better than yours? Rarely, in my experience. Frankly, they get on my tits, this bloke in particular. ..
katakisLives (22 days ago)
So basically its overengineered which needs to change if they're gonna get the cost down to mass market prices
Matt Soul (23 days ago)
is the audio broken?
Hugh Gleaves (23 days ago)
These cars are overrated junk. They catch fire, their software is buggy as is their software design methods and tools. The whole self-driving fad is a joke played on a gullible public who are irattionaly enraptured by technology yet have no basic understanding of it.
Joe Bloaks (24 days ago)
Jeeze someone is jealous...
M Oczakow (24 days ago)
Half ass annalists, they called model3 vaporware, how about now assholes. It is 35K now, so much for annalists.
uski59 (24 days ago)
$35,000 to manufacture? .....that is absolutely outrageous. Ive always said the model 3 is a POS. Rear gull wing doors, ridiculous, ....insanely stupid third seat, tons of relays to operate stuff.....(more shit to break)....He did say poor design, fully correct on that.....as far as being stiff,.....which everyone seems to complain about.....well yeah.....its a battery with wheels, besides I prefer a stiff chassy,....unibodys are crap for handling, give me a full frame anytime.
NO DRUGS (25 days ago)
Maybe that's why it got 5 stars in all categories of crash tests?...
sgsg sgsg (19 days ago)
cengeb (22 days ago)
CU now says also UNRELIABLE, poor fit and finish, it's junk....
katakisLives (22 days ago)
Doesn't explain why it needs so many different nuts and bolts to put it together,
Hugh Gleaves (23 days ago)
Maybe Elon was stoned on weed when he designed it NoDrugs.
Danny_Boy S (25 days ago)
Came to find triggered Musk Fanboys. Not dissappinted.
Dario Guevara (26 days ago)
I worked for tesla, I did all the safety features including running fresh build Tesla s and x on the roll test at the Fremont factory. My experience after seeing how this cars are build from beginning to end is that I agree with this video. Tesla has many design flaws. It’s just not mechanic/ technician friendly, that’s why repairs will hurt your wallet. I like the main idea behind this cars but ppl would not buy them if they really knew about it lol. Not going to say what I think it’s wrong (I’ll leave it for your own research) specially model 3, in my opinion that car is an expensive nightmare. However, what I can say about tesla and again I like the mission of this company and how they want to be environmentally friendly but I hate its culture. They really don’t care about their workers! Very bad safety regulation and very unorganized and disconnected from management. Workers can’t even talk to HR without being approved by a supervisor and if by a miracle you get approve HR would tell you to suck it up or there’s the door! (Assholes like that). Work very long hrs sometimes 14 to 16hrs shifts, a normal day would be 12hr with one lunch. Everyone takes one lunch since you have to waive your right for a second lunch when you start working for them. They work in the grey area when it comes to workers rights (specially on pay) No union, so they can do whatever they want (no job security). The 3,500 employees they recently laid off where agencies workers, technically they don’t qualify for unemployment benefits from tesla. So they worked the same amount of hours/same work and got paid 4dollars less than me. Really show no appreciation for the hard work ppl do there everyday. I don’t think ppl would by a Tesla if they knew it costed someone their leg or arm. Don’t belief me? Search for “tesla employees’ stories” in YouTube.
bluebloodbc (26 days ago)
by the time tesla is as old as ford, there will be no ford. fucking incorrect haters. oh yeah, by the way, how's the chevy "VOLT" doing? and the fucking Prius, really? they are FUCKING HYBRIDS, not the same thing. fucking Detroit, really. is this clip real? because 1. shitty old big 3 engineers trying to strip search and criticize the science and success they still don't understand. 2. fucking Bloomberg? another fucking relic, no agenda there. i am actually embarrassed for everyone involved in this vid. i'm actually embarrassed myself for watching it. careful Elon, they'll steal your shit. by the way Elon, you need to invest more of your time and respect to the man who's name defines your company, when you don't you sound like the assholes in this vid.
dublux (27 days ago)
REAL video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAS-yjWj9DY. FuckBerg continuous faking facts.
TheBooledozer (27 days ago)
Body too stiff... A stiff body is usually better except for crash test. Good battery design ! For battery cells, Panasonic has a good design. For packaging, that's a so bad design. For motor, cutting magnet is almost a must to remove constraint. I am not able to discuss further more. However, for previous models, motor design was near acceptable. Inverter design was student design level. Tesla minus : design (mechanical, electric), weight, too much battery for normal user's needs. Tesla pro : look (indice, outside), driving. Apart that Mr. Elon Musk is brillant. To the author of that video, I think that you should remove it from the net and redo your work. You should perform a better analysis and justify your point with scientific explanation. Sorry.
Ben Terry (1 month ago)
So the problem is it has a stiff chassis, you know that thing car manufacturers all try to do to their chassis make it as stiff as possible.
Nek Nosnaws (1 month ago)
Why do video makers find it so necessary to have loud music soundtracks that can't be turned down independently, and just make it difficult to hear what the commenters are trying to say? If I wanted to listen to music, I'd LISTEN to music!
Paul Grimm (1 month ago)
My Ford F 150 is all aluminum . Drop a Tesla motor in it
Google Reviewer (1 month ago)
This is why Tesla never make any money and the cars are a financial time bomb out of warranty.
Tom McDaniel (1 month ago)
The car companies don't want to listen and keep raking in profits from petrol. Tesla will catch up and smoke them!
Fraser Card (1 month ago)
how about the music gets thrown out so we can Actually hear ???????????
Edward Andersen (1 month ago)
This dude sucks. This is why Detroit has more packs of wild dogs than respectable manufacturing facilities. Take your bullshit to China
Alasdair Fulton (1 month ago)
"they're not yet sure what type of motor it is"?!?! Erm, quick google, 3 phase, AC Induction. Who is this clueless dinosaur they wheeled in to badmouth Tesla?
3deaster (1 month ago)
Mean while this guy is selling the info to rivian
Yorh Ekin (1 month ago)
1:14 ... Koenigsegg ... carbon fiber
moose mooser (1 month ago)
I think the fox in all of this is the battery producer..talk about win win huh?
mark kormony (1 month ago)
THAT. Is not a model three. I build model 3, I know.
Recon Smith (1 month ago)
Shows how car company's steal ideas and not get in trouble haha
MAVIC 514 (1 month ago)
Fuck this shit negga don’t even know witch car is on his vid
prankster gangster (1 month ago)
electric car smart car
Bkat 2d11 (1 month ago)
those Global car manufacturers have been pursuing monocoque chassis, It think that's the difference between Tesla and the modern manufacturers, if you look at the sheet metal process that Tesla uses to manufacture the chassis, you'll realize it's full of stress points ready to fail, especially on a stiff chassis, heavy frame that holds heavy batteries with a constant inertia on a highway that's like s*** full of potholes that should cause chassis fatigue.... Tesla has no data on performance mileage or anything, it's a brand new manufacturer... Only history will tell, it could go away like the DeLorean???? Good luck Tesla
T Milani (1 month ago)
Well not exactly like the DeLorean?? lol.. his only problem was that it was backed by drug money and thats how they were able to take him down! Tesla is backed by Elon Musk and his ingenuity! lol... Plus the DeLorean is making hopefully a comback? You can now order one online! lol... Such a sweet car! Have a great day!
Bkat 2d11 (1 month ago)
Sell out now while you got a chance!
a b (1 month ago)
When Engineers tore Tesla apart they found nothing but steel, glass and rubber that people worship and think other people who can't afford this junk are not humans. what a waste of technology and resources.
ashlesh dange (1 month ago)
I would take a sniper and shoot him . Cut his head and send it to elon musk. Who the hell he thinks he is? Elon has put his everything on model s and that was a big damn success. There is no production car ever made(correct me if i am wrong) which can win in a quarter mile.
ygg drasil (1 month ago)
I'll be buying a Model 3 as my next car then.
Trigger Troll (1 month ago)
When Elon is done fleecing the rich green snowflakes he’s going to fly off in his rocket 🚀
Henry Sangret (1 month ago)
How stupid ... first off the ceo doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about ... second it’s all sour grapes .. by digging for stupid problems and highlighting them
Tahmid Rafi (1 month ago)
what's up with the music? Jesus!
Arvind Das (1 month ago)
As a visitor to US I was surprised at the price but ... 2 facts the car tesla stands apart look wise and performance wise ! I have seen the way it revvs past other cars! Plus the price tag though it punches but the catch is u save $ on your fuel ! Rest all is a secret !
Js Travelers (1 month ago)
And this is why I am waiting a few years to buy a Tesla. And this is also why I am buying a Tesla.
radioactive75 (1 month ago)
Munro's way of thinking is exactly why american cars last only 5 years if you are lucky
Mike Gaffney (1 month ago)
Hes a reverse engineer. Bottom feeder.

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