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Hozier - Take Me To Church

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Listen to Take Me To Church : https://Hozier.lnk.to/HoizerListenID Follow Hozier : https://Hozier.lnk.to/FollowID Hozier Store : https://Hozier.lnk.to/StoreID Directed, Shot and Edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost http://www.feelgoodlost.me Produced by Adam McCarthy, Emmet O'Brien, Damien Murphy & Feel Good Lost Assistant Director: Emmet O'Brien Concept by: Brendan Canty, Conal Thomson, Emmet O'Brien and Andrew Byrne Actors: Emmet O'Riabhaigh, Daniel Coughlan,Patrick Sheahan & Christopher O'Flaherty Special thanks to: Diarmuid, Aidan & Val O'Donovan, Caoillian Sherlock, Denise Heffernan and David Maloney www.rubyworks.com
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Text Comments (192578)
Adriana Lombardi (13 hours ago)
Who is listening to this amazing song in NOVEMBER 2018? 😍😍 I wish you a great day and I wanna recommend you antother great song: Benedict Ammann - The Rules I love this song so much so I wanted to share it with you for your playlist :))
Nympheles Medjed (18 hours ago)
Lol, the first time I heard this was when I was eleven years old. Then, after heard it ninety times, I saw the video and... I was friking shocked :v This type of relationship was something completly weird and rare to me. Inconceivable (thou, I'm still thinking that). I'm not part of the LGBTQ+ movement, and I don't support them. I'm christian, but this doesn't mean I would treat anybody included in this thing as a monster. Everybody has rights and, after all, God doesn't like violence. I don't even know why I'm commenti- Wow I love this song as much as I love my stuffed characters from series! :v
_PashA_ Lengovysh (1 day ago)
*W* *A* *W*
Queen Queen (1 day ago)
Grizzley 69 (1 day ago)
My question is, what is in the box.
Luke O'Hare (1 day ago)
Why are there two ‘take me to church’s
Luke O'Hare (23 hours ago)
Audie Lajeunesse (23 hours ago)
The video with Sergei Polunin the ballet dancer is not an official video by Hozier. Was done by Sergei because he loved TMTC.
Тема норм с первого прослушивания зашла Мотив попросту огнь!!!
f a n i a (2 days ago)
I'm here everyday
KJ (2 days ago)
Anyone else re-listening to all the older hits right now?
Audie Lajeunesse (23 hours ago)
KJ - always!
Para Noid (2 days ago)
i dont get why this song so popular?? what about "like real people do" or "run" or "in the woods somewhere"
gay frogs club (2 days ago)
This is a roller coaster
NeonGreenLion (2 days ago)
First time watching the actual video since it’s release and wow it’s powerful
RedTxchzz Aka Antonio (2 days ago)
I can honestly careless if your homosexual, bisexual, pansexual or even heterosexual (straight) love is love and everyone’s the same. That goes with political views, race, or whatever, If you’re nice to me I’m nice to you. Simple.
s rose (2 days ago)
Gaaaaay Men! Gaaaaay Men! Gayyy Meeen.
teenie beenie (2 days ago)
teenie beenie (2 days ago)
teenie beenie (2 days ago)
teenie beenie (2 days ago)
Luciano Chiaramonte (2 days ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍- 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
AstralKoda (2 days ago)
Asriel Dreemurr (3 days ago)
New Thumbnail ?
Matty (3 days ago)
Damn I remember being in the last years of school listening to this.. how time flys
M Jay (3 days ago)
This could be a good movie
Adrian Strajescu (3 days ago)
Disgusting video, Splendid Song, Piece of art ) Yes i am a homophobe
Adrian Strajescu (2 days ago)
+RedTxchzz Aka Antonio Why? Because i dont disturb the laws of nature and reproduction ? Have you seen something like this in animal world? Your anus wasnt made by mother nature to be penetrated by a dick, it was made as a way out to the rests of food. I think its just a dereglation of mind, it has to be treated by psychologsits.
RedTxchzz Aka Antonio (2 days ago)
Adrian Strajescu I feel sorry for you.
A04-Ali (3 days ago)
For this video to have dislikes, and not just a few, it is sad.
A04-Ali (2 days ago)
Yeah :/ I don't see how they can't accept it, nothing wrong with it.
x Lyrette x (3 days ago)
Yep, it's a sad theres still so many people that think like homophobes...
AlishiaLPS tv (3 days ago)
The Yolktek (4 days ago)
gay music video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Killin With Ki11Roy (4 days ago)
Not a fan of them making Christians look like antifa
Silly Violet (4 days ago)
i already liked this song even i didn't watch the MV, now i am falling in love with this Epic song and MV as well
Silly Violet (4 days ago)
messages OMG
Nasty Natsu (4 days ago)
I cry every time I listen to this
Nasty Natsu (4 days ago)
2018 anyone?
cat Nyan (4 days ago)
님들 이거 노래는 좋은데 뮤비내용이 뭔 내용임?
x Lyrette x (3 days ago)
I don't know should I put this out there but I will. I'm 16 yo and yesterday in class we spoke about tolerance towards others. We were talking about different races, nationalities or beliefs and the teacher asked what other category do people don't tolerate so I answered _sexuality._ Afterwards, I got so f**king sick. People at the back of my class started shouting in how ''disgusting'' it is to be gay, even girls agreed. One guy even laughed on how he would kill every person that is homosexual, it broke my heart. I ran from the class and started crying, sobbing. I can't believe these people exist. I am, with millions of other people, to spread love, never forget that, please. And, dear God, please, if people like the ones from my class go to heaven and people who *love* don't, then I don't know what's the point to have feelings. #loveislove
Audie Lajeunesse (3 days ago)
Inga Sall (4 days ago)
Shortly after the song first came out and was everywhere was also the time I realized I wasn´t straight. The song always weirdly comforted me. At first it was by reminding me that I wasn´t the only one with that experience, later it more and more turned in a hymn of spite and pride for me as I learned to accept myself (and don´t give a fuck about those who wouldn´t accept me). (I should mention that, especially when I first listened to it, my english was quite bad so I my understanding of it also changed with me learning more english)) It is strange to go back to this video that I first watched as an ally, then as an afraid teen trying to supress my otherness and now as a proud queer person.
Audie Lajeunesse (3 days ago)
Inga Sall ❤️
Whiterun Guard (5 days ago)
Love is love. I hope homophobes get aids from their uncle early and fall over dick first with a boner.
Dermacrosis (2 days ago)
At the ones I go to I am sweetie.
Whiterun Guard (3 days ago)
Dermacrosis i bet you’re fun at parties
Dermacrosis (3 days ago)
Hoping people get a fatal illness isn't exactly helpful sweetie. If you need that explaining to you then you are beyond hope.
Whiterun Guard (4 days ago)
Fucken derro cunt honestly
Whiterun Guard (4 days ago)
Dermacrosis mate, what are you on? How am I harming people exactly?
Thays R (6 days ago)
Cups The cake (6 days ago)
Why do gay people get treated like monsters when there just like us humans
RedTxchzz Aka Antonio (2 days ago)
Cups The cake Facts man
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
They aren't "just like" they are humans,
JustinCage (6 days ago)
This song is about sex addiction by the way
x Lyrette x (3 days ago)
Actually, that is wrong.
Metro Lggin (6 days ago)
i’m not gay or bi but this song makes me really think about how hard lgbtq+ people live
Dylan Somoza (4 days ago)
Metro Lggin oh yeah, it must be hard getting ur dick sucked all the time (literally and metaphorically).
Metro Lggin (6 days ago)
so uh why is there 2 videos?
Stealth Fields (7 days ago)
I could write a whole book on why being part of the lgbt community isn’t bad, but I don’t think I have to, but the guys that stacked them, I want to kick their ass’s
Artez Williams (7 days ago)
November 2018?
Mixa REGRET (8 days ago)
Просто оставлю российский коментарий
иди нах (8 days ago)
чё за гейство?
DyKeM (8 days ago)
When all the churches, mosques, synagogues, and all other 'Houses' of 'God' are burned to the ground, only then, when he no longer has a place to hide, will God show his face. And we will all bear witness to the true face of evil.
DyKeM (2 days ago)
+Dermacrosis I agree, humanity is evil. I also agree that not all religious institutions are anti gay. Never met a Satanist who hated gays. Or a Wiccan, or ANY form of neo-Pagan. In fact historically, most non-Abrahamic religions didn't give a flying fuck, or openly celebrated/accepted it. I'm not calling religion evil. People NEED HOPE if they are to overcome their nature. I'm just calling that specific 'divine entity' evil.
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
Just look in the mirror and you will see the true face of evil. That face is ours. Not all religious institutions are anti gay.
João R1beiro (8 days ago)
Why I start crying everytime i watch this :c
Barbara Life (8 days ago)
It is the best I have ever seen , this song and video is amazing
Kay Drawings (8 days ago)
This is one of those songs that you make up the lyrics to so you sing it in the shower
Marco Verati (8 days ago)
Fuck you guys people
TraSH QUEEN (8 days ago)
Marco Verati ecks dee
Паныч (9 days ago)
Cesar Mendoza (9 days ago)
I thought this song was made in 2014 xddd
Thumbs up if you want Hozier back
Audie Lajeunesse (7 days ago)
TJK. Versace karisaike - he is back with new music, check it out- ep called Nina Cried Power. Never gone for me - kept listening to first lp.
Ainsley Harriott (9 days ago)
This song reminds me of my ex... Box 360, it was the best console I ever had...
All Around Izzie (9 days ago)
I love this song even after 4 years
The Springtrap (9 days ago)
I knew the song by heart... Then I saw the video... Very powerful.
Alex0563 3 (9 days ago)
Love this song!
LostInGames (10 days ago)
I'm not not LGBT but I still love this song
Jade Matthews (10 days ago)
I’ve always loved this song and the video just goes with it so well
Halo TR (11 days ago)
only gays listens this?
RINT SINT (2 days ago)
No I'm straight and this song is about the social of religion
Zion Connor (6 days ago)
LUÃ GUILHERME (11 days ago)
Fuck You all
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
So you're bisexual, it's good you felt you could state that. You shouldn't be ashamed of it.
Zion Connor (6 days ago)
You too
We're All Kek's People (11 days ago)
Kurt cobain- "We're all gay"
crying? me? its more likely than you thiNk-
กุไม่รู้มันร้องอะไร เเต่กุชอบMv
RINT SINT (2 days ago)
Mikayla Zamolodchikova (12 days ago)
I had no idea that this song came out in 2013 😂
Forest Prince (12 days ago)
The chorus is legendary
Aedan Derrick (12 days ago)
Damn 5 years ago i aint even know what gay was but the song was raw. I understand the video now, took my dumbass a while tho
ana García (12 days ago)
I like from de video
Bryan Mejía (12 days ago)
Lol, victoria's secret fashion show had nice asses and music
Frida Gutfelt (12 days ago)
Holy shit, I just noticed but this was published on my birthday.
Nemanja Curcic (13 days ago)
What the fuck piece of shit...wolrd hello, god fucking damn...i cant fucking belive i would burn these gays cocl suckers😈
Planeboy 2520 (5 days ago)
Dermacrosis he comes from the planet of rednecks
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
Would you like to try that again in any language that happens to be spoken on the planet Earth?
Planeboy 2520 (12 days ago)
Nemanja Curcic please come back when you have learned to spell correctly.
Nemanja Curcic (13 days ago)
+Planeboy 2520 u gay 2 go blow someone...onli gay would get bait on my coment, now get cum in throat and then kill your self trash of comunity
Planeboy 2520 (13 days ago)
Nemanja Curcic what are you even trying to say? Are you actually so retarded to the point where you can’t even type a sentence that actually makes sense?
Ruth Medley (13 days ago)
This makes me so sad I don’t know why
Dreamerkaa (13 days ago)
Fujjj w tym teledysku są geje
_ x.breathin.x _ (13 days ago)
i find it sad how people think christians hate LGBTQ+ members. Most of us dont...
Planeboy 2520 (13 days ago)
_ x.breathin.x _ np
_ x.breathin.x _ (13 days ago)
+Planeboy 2520 ty for understanding
Planeboy 2520 (13 days ago)
_ x.breathin.x _ well the problem is a few extremists actions are going to speak much louder than the rest.
The225thAC (14 days ago)
Bro are those poor 2 bastards living iin russia or some shit
Bane Di Caprio (3 days ago)
No they "living" in music video .
Dr. Knuckles (14 days ago)
Is the "Attention" really Worth it??.. Be proud.. But, be like the Rest of Us!!.. We don't go running around & advertising it..
Alex Pavlac (13 days ago)
how many music vids is with straight couples? when this vid is advertising then all of striaght love videos are advertising too
HotDisco Cat (14 days ago)
You dont need to say Oh im not gay but i like this song It doesnt matter. Just enjoj music,life and leave a happy coment to make someone a nice day. Thats all folks!
Lil J (14 days ago)
this video is an artistic representation  of the treatment of homosexuals in countries where they are prisoned, stoned, tortured or put to death for being gay. I myself am not gay but I can sympathize with a group of people who are being persecuted no matter who they are. and if you do happen to disagree with homosexuality please hate the sin not the sinner!
Sallie Miller (15 days ago)
Awesome video
hans van schijndel (15 days ago)
Should be played every day in countries like Pakistan, Iran etc.
Ralph Gabric (15 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Peter Klein (5 days ago)
Next year Bro :D
TimKan12 (15 days ago)
I need help. Can someone tell me how to give this song multiple thumbs down?
MegaAarontube Ly (16 days ago)
The first time I heard this was in Houston....AHH memorable
Brittany Petitt (16 days ago)
For reference: there are 325 million people in my country (USA) and I know they are not the totality of these views...I'm looking for 7.5 billion here
Davi Dias (16 days ago)
2019 alguém?
adrian sanchez (16 days ago)
Reminds me of ram ranch
Madi Les (16 days ago)
Love is Love ❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Dermacrosis (3 days ago)
No need to appologise, I learnt that lesson a long time ago. It is why I add "consensual" to that statement.
Planeboy 2520 (5 days ago)
Dermacrosis sorry lol, just had to clarify
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
And there we have someone taking it to a darker place than you imagined Madi.
Planeboy 2520 (13 days ago)
Madi Les as long as it’s not between a minor and an adult
pRAWd (16 days ago)
wow that is heavy stuff right there
Sam Njh (17 days ago)
No that’s Haram bro 😂
Dermacrosis (3 days ago)
Said by someone who has no leg to stand on.
Sam Njh (5 days ago)
Dermacrosis you Are disgusting
Dermacrosis (5 days ago)
Said by someone who is clean shaven.
BigDickBailey (17 days ago)
Leonardo Valdivieso (17 days ago)
DDA💕 1/NOV/18💓
Dark Raven (17 days ago)
Reminds me so much of Brokeback Mountain
x juju (17 days ago)
U or gay
Marcos Jaci De Jesus (18 days ago)
cadê os brasileiros que ouvir é Sá música linda de mais 2018 ????🎤🎤🎧🎵📢🔊🔈🎛️🔉🎼🎼🎼🎼
Maisie Rayner (18 days ago)
Awster (16 days ago)
Keona Ball (19 days ago)
#where the 2018 peeps 😍😍😋😋😋😋
irish1D (19 days ago)
sadly can not follow up on this.The latest efforts are poor to say the least.Just my take on it.
Franiuuu (19 days ago)
Now anyone?
Juan Minich (19 days ago)
So you´re gay and what?? You need privileges ??
Juan Minich (13 days ago)
+Planeboy 2520 lots of ppl are discriminated. Jews, catholics, black, arabs, yellow, latins... Actually this, is a HATE song. Hate against church, from gay ppl.
Planeboy 2520 (13 days ago)
Juan Minich actually gays can still be discriminated against in most states and in a lot of countries. Sure they can marry, but there’s a lot more to life than just marriage.
Juan Minich (16 days ago)
Carina Kriessman yes they were, nore more. now they have the same rights like u and me. now hate is directed from gays to Christians, like this song shows when u hear and watch it. it shows Christians as devil.
Carina Kriessman (16 days ago)
+Juan Minich Dude, no one said they were. You're saying that. You're trying to make a problem look like less of one by comparing it to one of histories greatest tragedies. They do get killed, they face hate crimes nowadays still, they get beat up and bullied. More recently there were reports of gay people being put in camps, even during the Holocaust, gay people were targets.
Juan Minich (19 days ago)
+Moloi Qhekwana laws make them equal to anybody, they defend Gays and transexuals like anyone, and most of them dont "get killed". Most of them commite suicide, their suicide rates are only comparable to suicide rates of jewish during nazism. Dont tell me they re more oppressed than jewish during nazism...
Jelly Beans (19 days ago)
This song freaks me out
JTRW (20 days ago)
If somebody could just simply point out this monolithic anti gay force I'll be sure to do something about it. Along with 325 million other people in the US.

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