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HUGE Beard mistake you're making | Bad vs Good beard combs

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You need to stop using cheap combs on your beard!! This is a video tutorial explaining how that cheap comb is ruining your beard Kent Comb 2 Pack: http://amzn.to/2ouLRje Single Kent comb: http://amzn.to/2pTeS5i Budget Comb: http://amzn.to/2n5D5GO Other budget comb: http://amzn.to/2nUaZOw beard facial hair how to should you manscaping mustache balm oil scubatube hair bald razor kent best tutorial no shave november product biotin thicker scuba james fuller better easy DIY project care daily grooming
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Michael Brannock (3 hours ago)
Just bought my first Kent Comb after watching a few of your vids and... HOLY $H!t! I freakin Love it!! wish I would have watched these sooner. Trying to spread the good word about these awesome vids you put on and Kent Combs! Thanks man!
bandit 911 (5 days ago)
I only use a comb hand made by a monk on top of the alps made from the very hard to find unicorn horn, its called it the hornycorn beard comb for real men
Sean Scott (9 days ago)
I don't even use a comb. Its just pulls on my beard or breaks it. My beard is so freaking curly and strangely I prefer a beard brush
nfn7121 (14 days ago)
I use my fingers or grab a baby nephew or baby niece and have them comb with hands for a tighter finish.
Brad P (15 days ago)
First off man I’d like to say thanks for making these videos. I’ve always had a clean shaven face or a thin beard, never went for it 100% BUT I’m about to so it helps that I have some advice before jumping into it. Because a surely have been using a plastic comb and just ordered some beard oil and wash. My biggest question to start off I guess is : if I’ve already started growing it and have been using a plastic comb and no beard wash, should I shave it off completely and start from scratch? Or will using these products be able to “fix” the “damage” I’ve done with a plastic comb and using regular shampoo??
Cage (16 days ago)
Good shit man, I ordered my kent comb and some honest amish beard oil today based on your recommendation. Have watched tons of your videos and you’ve taught me a shitload. Thanks.
Possess the Rage! (24 days ago)
Hunter Jack makes a high quality comb.
Giants/Mets/Blazers (1 month ago)
I use a thick wooden comb by “Gentle Viking” beard products from Amazon. Best comb ever!
The Hollywoodian (1 month ago)
I Have A Bamboo Comb That I Use On My Beard
Mike Perez (2 months ago)
i just noticed your tat on how we are made of star stuff, that is bad ass!!!
Neil Anderson (2 months ago)
Would you recommend a plastic or wooden comb for a person growing out a Yeard? If so what combs are good?
Jered Ethridge (2 months ago)
I just recieved my first kent comb today off your recommendation. And I can totally see why you recommend them. They are amazing!!
Keegan McWethy (2 months ago)
Hey buddy I have a curly beard and use a wood beard comb that appears to have wider teeth than the Kent comb and it pulls here and there. Is the Kent comb gonna pull like that or is it just cause my beard is curly it pulls like that?
Keegan McWethy (2 months ago)
Hey buddy I have a curly beard and use a wood beard comb that appears to have wider teeth than the Kent comb and it pulls here and there. Is the Kent comb gonna pull like that or is it just cause my beard is curly it pulls like that?
Keegan McWethy (2 months ago)
Hey buddy I have a curly beard and use a wood beard comb that appears to have wider teeth than the Kent comb and it pulls here and there. Is the Kent comb gonna pull like that or is it just cause my beard is curly it pulls like that?
recklessdat (3 months ago)
I know you have said in other videos also that you dont like metal combs. I have one from koch. They are a awsome tool company and i have the copper culprit model(if you check them out it will make sense..lol) but the tines are wider amd nicely rounded on the edge. Do you think it is still damaging my beard like the cheapy plastic joints?
rob Hall (3 months ago)
Kent comb is literally in the mail. Thanx for all the inspiration. On month 3 ish of the beard growth, using all of your advice and happy thus far. I used that plastic comb for a while then got a wood one with my first order of balm. Thanx again!
17 Amarillo (4 months ago)
And what about a stainless steel comb?
10nestaw1993 (5 months ago)
you should try the wet brush there great and getting knots out they glide right through the beard.
Michael Yeager (5 months ago)
I seriously paused this video and threw away my cheap comb. Thank you for your expert opinion
Son of God (6 months ago)
We are not made of star stuff, we are created by the living God Almighty! This is the gospel! The coming of Christ is at hand Repent and obey the gospel of Christ John 8:24 I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins. Repent and believe the gospel, trust in the only begotten Son of God, the savior of all mankind deny thyself and take up your cross follow Christ learn of him and believe. The gospel of what God sent his son into the world to do, to die for the sins of all that all might have life, repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, truly repent that you may live forever and not die in your sins.
BeardTube (6 months ago)
I love how you can't help but copy and paste chapters of bible verses because that ancient book is all you are basing your life on. I will delete them every time though. Either have a conversation using grown up words, or keep on spewing nonsesne and go sit in the corner like a child. And again, I ask you, prove anything you are saying without quoting a bible verse or saying "I'm right" Try to think like an adult, little man
Son of God (6 months ago)
BeardTube unfortunately it does, ill just get to the point you're dead in your sins without Christ, and you know you're dead in your sins. You can't even lie, dead to lust and impurity, for your sins you'll go to hell and perish, don't want to take heed? You'll die in your sins YOUR SINS
BeardTube (6 months ago)
Using the bible to prove the bible is real is what's called circular reasoning. Doesn't work, little buddy. Try again next time
Andrew Leahan (6 months ago)
What do you think about the metal beard comb from Zeus?
Big man 24/7 (7 months ago)
What type of brush would you recommend
Jay Vee (7 months ago)
Those jagged edges are called mold flashing. It's caused by crappy injection molds and\or process.
Andre Carneiro (2 months ago)
hahaha was looking for someone with tool making experience that mentioned that fact
Josh Beals (9 months ago)
I bought my first Kent comb I paid $7.00 it on amazon
The Honey Badger (9 months ago)
What do you think about otf beard comb? Its like a otf knife but its a comb that pops out.
Fear None But ONE (9 months ago)
What mm tine size do you use, or does it matter?
Le Cobra (9 months ago)
I do have a cheap beard comb, it doesn't bend, teeth are clean and it's sturdy. Yet got it for free with a clipper machine... Anyway wooden comb > any plastic comb, period.
Michael Bridges (10 months ago)
What's your thoughts on an ox horn beard comb
Brandon Bombard (10 months ago)
The my smooth comb “the smaller one” in the video. Link is dead can you repost it please?
Andrew Mackness (10 months ago)
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all the great advice. I'm from Canada and paid the extra on shipping/duty to get the brio beard trimmer because you spoke so highly of it. I've struggled with my beard before after it gets so long and I think i'll be able to push through now because of your tips. Thanks again, dude!
sza3434 (11 months ago)
Kent makes a smaller size one perfect for pockets. I actually prefer it. It makes my beard lay better than the long Kent.
VooDoo X937 (11 months ago)
What about the bigger thick sandle wood combs?
علي الرسام (11 months ago)
شباب الخشب اي نوع. لو اله نوع خاص
Armed Bear (1 year ago)
Good advice. Thanks.
BEERDED (1 year ago)
Like a Bussman Brush
V REAL (1 year ago)
il never use it again. ...thanks for the info
Stephen Lloyd (1 year ago)
have you used the rocky mountain barber hair/ beard comb?
Kory Andrews (1 year ago)
I recently got a Cremo brand wooden comb made from sandal wood and I love it. I may not have a huge beard, but it still works for my goatee
Jarrod Kackley (1 year ago)
at what point in beard growth do you use all the products?
Beards and Cars (9 months ago)
Jarrod Kackley u can start using when ready..I always start with a beard oil and a good comb / brush even in my first months of growing
Jarrod Kackley (1 year ago)
at what point in beard growth do you use all the products?
Tony Wallick (1 year ago)
It says right on the comb that it's handmade. I just got mine in the mail yesterday
Ganjah King (1 year ago)
I have a Sandle wood comb from Peter's beard
Ink'd Kaiju Dude (1 year ago)
I got my beard comb from No Shave Life.
robert caton (1 year ago)
I'm just getting into beard grooming and find your vids awsome dude. I have just thrown my cheap comb away lol.
Effinsik (1 year ago)
math is 4 gay-fers
Stephen Haitch (1 year ago)
link to "budget comb" is busted
Ali Cay (1 year ago)
hey brother, the new foldable kent combs, are they even meant for beards? they seem a bit too thingly spaced.
Ali Cay (1 year ago)
BeardTube (1 year ago)
I'm gonna get one and check it out
LiquidBlackWolf (1 year ago)
I got a Horn comb :D
BeardTube (1 year ago)
yea they're awesome
Jerin Jose (1 year ago)
Bryan Heath (1 year ago)
hey bro...a little off topic but branch were you in? Fellow infidel here. Oorah!
Eddie Cardenas (1 year ago)
man, I was doing everything wrong . thanks for the videos bro. can't wait to have my beard like yours.
Jason Roberts (1 year ago)
I'm trying to find that beard comb the link you show say not available
Hillbilly Grizzly (1 year ago)
kent combs were my favorite until I tried a y.s. park comb (ys 332 my favorite). GODBLESS
Christopher Munkombwe (1 year ago)
ScubaTube how do i grow a beard i really want one and at the moment i hate the way i look
DallasValor (1 year ago)
Great video especially for beginners or stubborn cheap a$$'e$ that dont want to spend the cash for a decent comb. I was . . . . . one of the stubborn cheap a$$'e$ for to long before finding Kent combs. Its a daily driver for sure. Once I had those sweet saw tipped teeth gliding thru my beard. . . . . . uhhh yeah great video
Shaf Serious (1 year ago)
scuba!! what u think about hair straightening and longer beard to get it under control?
Royal Fritz (1 year ago)
very informative brotha you are so rite great video
bansheeboy1982 (1 year ago)
Slides through your beard like a hot knife through butter .
Shaf Serious (1 year ago)
bansheeboy1982 carlos ;)
HIELO KING (1 year ago)
awesome as always!!!
Daniel T (1 year ago)
I have a boar bristle brush for my beard, heard that those brushes are great. Now, do I need a comb as well as my brush for my beard or is the brush enough?
Windy City (1 year ago)
got one and they're dope! works great and doesn't tear at the thick facial hair I have.
er drt (1 year ago)
can you make a video about beard vitamins or supplements please
UntapUpkeepDraw (1 year ago)
is there a size I should get like wide blades or just a normal comb?
arvin solomon (1 year ago)
chrisnealholl (1 year ago)
Man, I bought 2 Kent combs (one as backup), and I love them, GREAT combs. So nice, thanks again
विनय V२१ (1 year ago)
Instigator Chronicles (1 year ago)
I do. The 87T is a smaller mustache comb. If you're like me and keep a neatly groomed stache, it's easier to use the smaller comb. Definitely not necessary though. Just a small convince.
Amir Zubair (1 year ago)
Awesome beard
Karnage Ghosh (1 year ago)
Is a "beard" brush better than a "beard" comb?
HeadBanging 67 (1 year ago)
ive been told to get a diane beard brush but idk lol im to broke for a comb
5thgendj (1 year ago)
My personal favorite I got from Rocky Mountain Barber, no kidding it even smells good and comes with a pocket case
sim (1 year ago)
Could you do a review on the "Badass Beard Balm - The Ladies Man"
BeardTube (1 year ago)
Yea I will reach out to them
rizv1 (1 year ago)
Nice! I've actually got the double sided one myself, but I tend to use a brush more than the comb!
BeardTube (1 year ago)
Yea a brush is better for shorter, but once it gets pretty long, I've found that a comb works best
Leo Sigman (1 year ago)
What do you think of Beardbrand's new combj(s)?
Shaf Serious (1 year ago)
Leo Sigman i think the rakes need to be longer on BB combs! quality is nice.
BeardTube (1 year ago)
I actually might be getting one here this week to review :) glad you asked about that
Juan Arroyo (1 year ago)
Check out beardedbandidos oil on Instagram
BeardTube (1 year ago)
will do!
goldenboy9 x (1 year ago)
I use a brush 99% of the time. It's a brush from the ethnic section in the hair products.
Zergterror (1 year ago)
Hi i was gonna get this offer https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MR67W60/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 do you recomend that wood comb?
NazarioCharlie (1 year ago)
first think i noticed using a cheap comb is all the beard hairs dropped in the sink :(
BeardTube (1 year ago)
Yea it will strip them off
SDMFAnthony (1 year ago)
I heard sandalwood combs were good.
BeardTube (1 year ago)
my favorite thing about the wooden combs is they absorb the oil over time and take on an awesome smell
Instigator Chronicles (1 year ago)
Hey just wondering of you have ever used the foldable Kent combs? Small comb that folds up like a pocket knife.. It's awesome to keep in a pocket all day.
G Reod (1 year ago)
87t wow that's another $15. I just use my 20t on both. You think it's worth it?
Instigator Chronicles (1 year ago)
Yes that's the one. I've been using the 20T on the beard and the 87T on the stache.
G Reod (1 year ago)
caleb I have that one. It unfolds like a pocket knife? I have the kent 20t "gentlemen's" model. Had it since last year in June. Love it and use it far more my other ones. Never leave the house without it!
BeardTube (1 year ago)
No I have seen them, but never tried it, I just use a smaller comb when keeping one on me
SDMFAnthony (1 year ago)
The "Rambo" of beard combs. Lol. Guys say they're good. Definitely a conversation starter for sure. https://madvikingbeard.com/products/beard-care/mad-viking-beard-combs/
Brandon T (1 year ago)
awesome video as always are u going to get into making any homemade beard oils and balms like step by step that would be cool
BeardTube (1 year ago)
Yea I actually made a batch not too long ago. The oil is pretty easy,m haven't tried balm yet
Jacob Sauer (1 year ago)
I just upgraded to Kent combs recently and I love them, I got a pocket comb and the big comb.
BeardTube (1 year ago)
Yea they're awesome. That link in the description is a special they're running right now, I think. It's two for like 16

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