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Tournament of Champions 4 Trailer

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Well, I'm mighty early, but at least I reminded peoples to start making their awesome-tastic entries! The Tournament of Champions is the biggest Line Rider track tournament in history! It occurs every other year. Each competitor can submit one entry in their tracks. I used the tracks that made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year until the very end. The three tracks used at the end were Phun by Cereal, Sonic Motion by Rafael, and IRIS by Kramwood. All tracks used: Blue Champion- IGGB Breathtaking Silence- LRG Catalyst- BingLR Chaotic Dynamix- MrZNF Evolution- BHCS Fritz- SCG Heart Attack- Rafael Immersion- Lukking Incito- Aspi33 Manual Mayhem Supernatural- SorviusN Mojo- Anomaly76 Nocturnal- .boo The Painting- Nirobi Party Crasher- Pure5252 Pholonite Scened- Georgio_JC Vision- H4M Volatile- LeomurLR Phun- Cereal LR Sonic Motion- Rafael IRIS- Kramwood Tags: Tournament of Champions 4 Trailer T O C o four Four TOC4 ToC4 IRTL WRTL I We Ride the Lines efrazable preview line rider linerider beta 2 two promotion june
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