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5 Daily Rituals of a Devoted Yogi

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{presented by Aquaphor®} Self-care is key to living a well-balanced lifestyle, and Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D. believes this like it's her job — because it is! The Atlanta-based yogi is not only cofounder of a mission-driven yoga program, but also founder of a tuition-free camp that immerses teen girls in wellness-focused spaces where they may not normally feel represented. In addition to her regular yoga practice, a handful of daily rituals keep her mind, body, and soul feeling centered at all times. From a morning meditation to hydrating her skin head to toe, take a peek into her daily life in the video above. We've partnered with Aquaphor® to share how its versatile product lineup is essential to a well-rounded self-care routine.
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4athena3 (5 months ago)
Im a Christian we don't do yoga
Ryleigh Mullens (5 months ago)
4athena3 that sucks for Christians

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