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Flutterbat (Bats!) | MLP: FiM [HD]

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Season 4 Episode: Bats! Watch in 720p
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Text Comments (3439)
Ana Forever (41 minutes ago)
Qual é o episódio?
Reymon Santos (17 hours ago)
I'm scared to fluttershy😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Rachel Santos (23 hours ago)
Maybe I think I know maybe because at the moon and Anime it hurts super duper duper a bat
Rachel Santos (23 hours ago)
I love it
Rey B (2 days ago)
Julia Berglund (3 days ago)
4:02 when I get something like this correct on my Test 13945832 : 4387
kidryz (3 days ago)
Maxie Wilcox (4 days ago)
Rainbow dash is a little bit mean
Lynette Uhila (5 days ago)
Wait,how is she a real MLP character?????
Cathwulf Coal (5 days ago)
That looks painful
SportaRose 10 (7 days ago)
Caramel Apple (8 days ago)
Rarity-thats not fluttershy thats flutterbat And rarity calls her fluttershy again
Mehmed Mehmedovic (1 day ago)
nashmilan007 (9 days ago)
How did rarity know she turned into flutterbat??
Flutterchu Animations (12 days ago)
0:16 That’s flutterBAAAAT
pinkies right when she said ''Maybe VAMPIRE PONIES EAT OTHER PONIES!!!
Drena Jashari (16 days ago)
Malcolm Heron (22 days ago)
get him down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khalisha Glesachi (23 days ago)
Proof changlled going in really d'nown right low
Khalisha Glesachi (22 days ago)
Pinkie pie ish cute (stoberry
HTF Puffy AmiYumi (23 days ago)
Ami : Flutterbat as Baman & i as Piderman.
maya blanchard (24 days ago)
2:20 and this is why you dont run with ur eyes closed
Abimanyu 123 (27 days ago)
3:48 its like sound fluttershy
Jareth The Goblin King (27 days ago)
Do they have Flutterbat stuffies?
Rika Chan (1 month ago)
Vampires can’t see themselves in the mirror
Jareth The Goblin King (22 days ago)
Shes part vampire fruit bat, not part vampire, there is a difference, on another note in some media, vampires drain life force from bodies, not blood, this being a kids show I can probably see that type of vampire being used, just cuz its not as gorey
Jasmin doghmi (1 month ago)
No Pinkie Pie that's not Fluttershy that's flutterbat
Farah Raihanun Gacha (1 month ago)
Its is not my Cutie Fluttershy, 😐
Brooke Hughes (1 month ago)
I'm like flutter bat because I'm kinda dark kinda nice
Shamira Armstrong (1 month ago)
🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 F sh
Virginia Beutler (1 month ago)
Sense pinkie pie digged under ground maybe pinkie pie is scared of bats
Nikki Rose Bersabal (1 month ago)
Apple jack’s flashlight is floating
Ione Sunas (1 month ago)
0:47 when you go to the cafeteria and when you are in front of the line there is no more food
chainstar X7 (1 month ago)
Okay I have a question how does your Twilight know how to make a holographic screen like that I mean that's sort of it like technology I mean how is she even able to do that anyway
Blue Matine (1 month ago)
Pinkie pie actually genuis she said " just let Flutterbat staring at Fluttetbat "
Aditya Craft (1 month ago)
nightmare 16 (1 month ago)
This might be weird but bite me please
Commandoz (1 month ago)
oh i love the part when there is magic
T Kayra S7 Edge (1 month ago)
Flutterbat drinking the juice of the apple looked like she didn't even put it in her mouth. Little weird.
Awww flutterbat looks so pretty! 😄
Anabela Lourenco (1 month ago)
Umm Twilight you said “ vampire fruit bats to be designed as a vampire Fruit bats” that makes no sense...
Nichole Cortez (1 month ago)
INTMASTER78 (1 month ago)
kol jol (1 month ago)
I Love Letupita725HD
Roseline Osemwegie (1 month ago)
Tsav Tsav (1 month ago)
"What if bat ponies eat other ponies!?!?!" Pinkie Pie, That's Cannibalism
Cute girl anushka (1 month ago)
Good job👍
Tahsina Jannat (1 month ago)
Did rainbow dash say 'cut the bad ass'?
Happylene Dela Torre (1 month ago)
ChunkyYetFunky Yep (1 month ago)
Imagine if Pinkie Pie got her hands on a V or Monster energy drink
Goong Patchara (1 month ago)
Derek Backofen (1 month ago)
Gotta love how spike is right next to rarity
Pinkie Pie (1 month ago)
Turn to that's so weird but just a bat
Susiaty Diana (1 month ago)
Dghkljfssggmkgzzcbmmgaasfhjkkkhfddsdccbnm Hkllkhgdss Fghjk
Tesfaye Semela (1 month ago)
Hey stranger scroling in the comments
Saul Palomar (1 month ago)
😐 why am i watching this when i dont even like mlp
Nichole Gaila (1 month ago)
Does she have a sneeze or something? It looks like she does...
Franklynda Roleplays (1 month ago)
Rarity: It’s not flutter shy it’s flutter bat Me: that’s the same thing -_-
Elise Ou (1 month ago)
You spelled it wrong it's film
Vere Clarke (1 month ago)
She love apples floordabat
Leticia Blanco (1 month ago)
Wu甜甜 (1 month ago)
I think Flutterbat wants to eat Applejack !
Anthony Barber (1 month ago)
I’d honestly be as scared as Pinkie right now.
Nicefisher (2 months ago)
Why don't they just use the thing where they use the magic that they obviously have to just grab her and not have to catch her by running around and stuff
Kumar Kumar (2 months ago)
Rarity “that’s not fluttershy that’s flutterbat”
Marilou Jane Suba (2 months ago)
Ummm isn’t flutter bat not be seeable in mirrors? She’s a bat...(WHERES THE LOGIC???!?!?!?!)
Jareth The Goblin King (2 months ago)
Uhh, I don't think shes that kind of vampire bat pony thingy.
Kayano ZenSenpai (2 months ago)
Pilot twist: fluttershy had still half vampire bat bond
Jesse TrainGamer (2 months ago)
Ahmed Zanati (2 months ago)
Mina Amora (2 months ago)
Pinkie:flutter shy Flutter bat:leave me alone,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinkie:OMG love MLP
Katherine Gallaway (2 months ago)
Good video
Davis Kuder (2 months ago)
Rainbow dash . a buck
Satah Rodriguez (2 months ago)
0:20 floating flashlight
RyuDieDragonYG [GD] EDYG (2 months ago)
Fluttershy as bat still cute :3:
jayson gaming (2 months ago)
"if bean attack by flutterbat!" me:i'l save you,tree powers ACTIVATED!!!(BECAME A TREE)
Julia Berglund (3 days ago)
LOL, I know that
jayson gaming (2 months ago)
i heal's a pony that will kill you!!!
Carl (2 months ago)
I thought vampires don't appear in mirrors
Zara rizal (2 months ago)
THAT batebat......HAHAHAHAHAHA what is thid batebad or batebat......i don,t now
julie gray (2 months ago)
Princess twilight sparkle rarity rainbow dash Applejack pinkie pie spike and izzy: yay hey no way
Jonathan Sim (2 months ago)
Maritza Cabral (2 months ago)
I’m Maritza’s sister I love pinkie pie
runima karmacharya (2 months ago)
That is scary.
Elizabeth Odicho (2 months ago)
Rainbow dash just cares about apple cider not fluttershy
Isaac Aririsukwu (2 months ago)
Paulina Zych (2 months ago)
cliff moffitt (2 months ago)
I. Like flutterbat with vampire. Fangs and OS. Sracy
Enderby 201 (2 months ago)
The way she grabs that apple with her tongue omg lol
CherryLily23 (2 months ago)
Flutter *bat*
sadaf amin (2 months ago)
0:17 there's something wrong with Rarity's eye
Ernesto Hernandez (3 months ago)
Eddie Ministerio (3 months ago)
It's back ☺☺☺
abdul muhari (3 months ago)
aid 12 (3 months ago)
Operation pie drill is go...that was fun
krassick13 (3 months ago)
Anthonette Oracion (3 months ago)
Me: fluttershy please turn back to normal please all the ponies are sorry to you please please turn back please l'm so scared to u please turn back to normal here l'll sing this to u and turn back to normal *sings* bats are kind not bad they are mamas and papas and they have a little kid that the bats family are always happy please fluttershy turn back to normal the bats need your help so much they like of the ponies they will say sorry and I will say sorry please be a kind bat and turn back to normal flutter shy please turn back to normal oh please turn back to normal~~~~~
Aryono Sasongko (3 months ago)
Kylie Althea D Sarmiento (3 months ago)
aww flutterbat love mlp
Leondra Charleau (3 months ago)
Leondra Charleau (3 months ago)
Ffff##defunct video version
Kristin Stenson (3 months ago)
Flutter shy cutie mark turned into bats
T u l i p s (3 months ago)
She got spook by mirror man

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