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Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell - Magic (Acoustic Version)

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Magic (Official Music Video) ▶ https://youtu.be/lRkTgVynmbM Magic (Official Vertical Video) ▶ https://youtu.be/2PooFVFdzKM Magic (Spotify) ▶ http://spoti.fi/2CSBs3A Magic (Apple Music) ▶ https://apple.co/2oGeyqW Magic (Everywhere) ▶ https://shots.com/magic WATCH MAGIC (LoKii Remix) ▶ https://youtu.be/_nOsOYQbzFw WATCH MORE ▶ https://youtu.be/nsZvmFUXkrI SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5jkXpfnBhlDjqh0ir5FsIQ?sub_confirmation=1 ARTISTS: Rudy Mancuso | http://youtube.com/c/rudymancuso Maia Mitchell | https://instagram.com/maiamitchell LYRICS: When I run from the blame, Hide from the pain, I feel it in my body. When I just can’t let go, Fear starts to show, I feel it in my body. Oh I feel this Magic, And it’s deep inside. Cause I believe in Magic, When I see your eyes. You know that it’s Magic. Cause I believe in Magic. When I’m numb from the game, Tired of the blame, I feel it in my body. When I just can’t say no, Fear starts to show, I feel it in my body. Oh I feel this Magic, And it’s deep inside. Cause I believe in Magic, When I see your eyes. You know that it’s Magic. Cause I believe in Magic. THANKS FOR WATCHING! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ----------------------------------------------------------- FIND ME ON: Instagram | http://instagram.com/rudymancuso Twitter | http://twitter.com/rudymancuso Facebook | http://facebook.com/rudymancuso FOLLOW THE SHOTS FAMILY ▶ http://instagram.com/theshotsfamily Shots Studios Channels: Alesso | http://youtube.com/c/alesso Anitta | http://youtube.com/c/anitta Anwar Jibawi | http://youtube.com/c/anwar Awkward Puppets | http://youtube.com/c/awkwardpuppets Delaney Glazer | http://youtube.com/c/deeglazer Hannah Stocking | http://youtube.com/c/hannahstocking Lele Pons | http://youtube.com/c/lelepons Rudy Mancuso | http://youtube.com/c/rudymancuso Shots Studios | http://youtube.com/c/shots The Shots Family [Vertical] | http://youtube.com/c/theshotsfamily #RudyMusic #RudyMancuso #MaiaMitchell #Magic
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Text Comments (6240)
Rudy Mancuso (8 months ago)
Enjoy. More videos coming soon.
Sawda Mohamoud (2 days ago)
You are hot
Brendalin Hernandez (2 days ago)
Rudy Mancuso hi are you good
Jaymala Sandhoo (6 days ago)
Your song is very nice
The Queen of Dimonds (17 days ago)
Rudy mancuso your the best
balloonywedge (1 hour ago)
Didn't know Rudy was dating kendall jenner
robert knOx whazZup (20 hours ago)
Who ever said rudy is not talented must wrong...he is so talented
Ismartuber Gonçalves (22 hours ago)
Adoro seu canal muito bom quando vc puder visita meu canal vou ama
Milk&Cookies (1 day ago)
The view on the window though 😍
Kenneth Alvarez (1 day ago)
Kenneth Alvarez (1 day ago)
Kenneth Alvarez (1 day ago)
Great song 😎💯
Stephan Wirtz (2 days ago)
Maria Escalera (2 days ago)
You. Stay. Away. From. Ruby. Bitch
Soumyadeep Ghosh (3 days ago)
How many Eminem fans over here
Rafaela Parada (3 days ago)
Who else thinks maia and rudy looks good cupoles
Shivani Suneja (4 days ago)
You guys are sooooooo adorable together💝🥰
Shivani Suneja (4 days ago)
Mad Skill Mill (4 days ago)
and the bakrownd is awesome
Mad Skill Mill (4 days ago)
this is dop
mylie kamdyn (5 days ago)
what the fuck this is so good 😻
David Catalan (6 days ago)
Great Song Brother,
Nurlan Aidarkulov (6 days ago)
Хочу такие же окна!
Yned Univers (9 days ago)
One day when I grow up I'm going to be like Rudy😁
yoshinolover 510 (10 days ago)
omg teach me how to play i asked my bro but hes to buzy so as u but ill pay you plz rudy
Saptorshi Athai (10 days ago)
I wanna be like u😐
Lupita Herrera (11 days ago)
Maia Mitchell looks sad with him
ana buffone (11 days ago)
DOSS KZ (12 days ago)
Cooooool! 👍👍👍 from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿
DIANA (12 days ago)
Crystal Melendez (13 days ago)
Beautiful ❤️ so talented!
Yassine Ks (13 days ago)
Waw 💙💙💙💙💙
Love Learning (13 days ago)
Wow this is magic you know why its cause they flew to space without breathing and they made this song
Simone Zing (15 days ago)
Take a second and look at that window
Billy the bully (16 days ago)
If your Australian u gotta remember maia from mortified
Lupe Torres (16 days ago)
The Clueless Uploader (16 days ago)
Maia's vocals 🔥
El Chapo (16 days ago)
Day one right here
The Queen of Dimonds (17 days ago)
I love this song
I I l I lo I lov I love I love r I love ru I love rud I love Rudy I love rudy’ I love Rudy’s I love Rudy’s m I love Rudy’s mu I love Rudy’s mus I love Rudy’s musi I love Rudy’s music I love Rudy’s music!
Ellie May Gooding (17 days ago)
Go on xfacter
Junvincent Gambon (17 days ago)
Fuck the haters
Elaine Mae Cases (17 days ago)
Ryan Higa and Rudy Mancuso should collab!!! Both are lyrically and musically superb!!!!!!
Loago Thamuku (17 days ago)
Maia looks like she was promised a date but then this happened
xxby (10 days ago)
Irene Toutoudaki (17 days ago)
Is it just me or does Maia look kinda like Kendall Jenner no only me ok...
Irene Toutoudaki (18 hours ago)
Logo Lee hahaha I know right!!!
Logo Lee (19 hours ago)
Yes yes! 🙌
Xbeast 1 (18 days ago)
Anyone in 2019
FrolaAn - Minecraft (18 days ago)
Из вас бы вышла хорошая чета)
Aritra Mallick (18 days ago)
Listen in x1.25 . . . . U r welcome
its just Aaron (19 days ago)
What type of magic hmmm?
iceking fortnite (19 days ago)
Is she your girlfriend
Happy Boi (19 days ago)
Uhhh.....Rudy your house is flying to space.......nvm just continue the music...
King Once Va (19 days ago)
Love it, it soo good
Jazelle 1475 (19 days ago)
I know that is a green screen I am not dumb
Jonathan Valdovinos (19 days ago)
月先生 (19 days ago)
I like your work very much. Come on.
Ruslanman Man (20 days ago)
Sith Monstour (20 days ago)
First Acoustic song I heard and not think is kinda cringey. . .
Chris Alvarado (21 days ago)
Rudy Ur song has to be on the RADIO it has to be it's to powerful and magical LOVE YOU,👉💋💓💗❤
Sandeep Mahala (21 days ago)
Rudy and mia BF 😍GF waoooo i love it .
Balam Delgado (22 days ago)
This not acoustic version.
Maddie Cringe Master (23 days ago)
Wait Rudy is she your girlfriend? If not, she’s yours dude. Power couple am I right?
Morgan Weston (23 days ago)
He has a lot of talent I SHIP THESE TWO THEY WOULD BE CUTE
Irma Morales (23 days ago)
Am just a little girl my name is Nena and am 5
Irma Morales (23 days ago)
I love them they are like a family to me i live with them put a tums up if it's true by the way aways follow you're Hart people say it ture wen you follow you're Hart it is nice ☺️💐🌸. it's pretty well bye
Mag Play (23 days ago)
your voice is like my fat ass :)
Anne Pickering (24 days ago)
Your amazing
VocallyTalented (26 days ago)
You two are the cutest thing! 😍
king of AFG (27 days ago)
hồ thắng (27 days ago)
"I believe in magic , when i see your eyes "
Ra Ga (28 days ago)
Good stuff man.
Aanya Pandey (28 days ago)
I ship so hard
Salute from Eritrea
Awesome music
Alejandro Arias (30 days ago)
Maia has no soul hahahahaha jk
Mint techaskul (30 days ago)
Good song it is really calming and love the background I’m going to ask me dad Me:dad can I have a window Dad:nooooo Me:😭 Dad:ok
Nof Al-Bidany (30 days ago)
This deserves more views
I love that song
pete flicks (1 month ago)
It’s Bear (1 month ago)
Put the speed to 1.25
bree nesea (1 month ago)
Watch this then terrible magicians you will believe in magic more
Selena Trang (1 month ago)
You guys have beautiful voices!
Loane Marx (1 month ago)
She looks so sad
Barrett family (1 month ago)
he should just go full time with music tbh
karlos perez (1 month ago)
tonality of the song, please
Karen Benitez (1 month ago)
best song
Coolsak 123456 (1 month ago)
🐶 👕 👖
Annabell Sullivan (1 month ago)
i love it
The Epic Gamer (1 month ago)
Senõr Grinch.
lil spark (1 month ago)
The way Maia looks at Rudy is justtt GOALLSS
冯甘雨 (1 month ago)
bhoomi malik (1 month ago)
Damn Rudy is so fuking talented 😍❤️
Rohit Nair (1 month ago)
“Magic”al voices ❤️ Anyone still here?
This dude inspires me like his music makes cry and i feel good about it cause of him
Coolsak 123456 (1 month ago)
🎶🎶🎶🎶 i Belive is magic
Coolsak 123456 (1 month ago)
🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 All i feel si magic
viria judith sava (1 month ago)
Nep Tup (1 month ago)
Incredible song ❤
fLaMiNg iGuAnA (1 month ago)
Only 2.5mil views? when I first heard this song, I thought it had at least 100mil!
Dina (1 month ago)
The girl has no emotions at all))) Rudy is a talented !
Katie Raidard (1 month ago)
Hannah + Twan Maia + Rudy Lele + Junpa Ianna + spencer or ray diaz
10COPS (1 month ago)
so gd inspired 100%
Angela Lewis (1 month ago)
love you Rudy love your music
Amarie Estrada (1 month ago)
i love you
Peer vanGeldrop (1 month ago)
She gon kill him

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