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Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)

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Text Comments (20210)
jai patil (35 seconds ago)
I call it magic
Tablet Lenovo (9 hours ago)
juanmartin grasso (10 hours ago)
Tina Stella (16 hours ago)
che bello!
Jitev Singh (17 hours ago)
LoVe is Magic !
arun vijayan (23 hours ago)
Its pure Magic...
Saudades da Mury!!
Wink Game (1 day ago)
Cool Video Cool Song Nice Cinematography
Valentin Chelaru (1 day ago)
Do you belive in magic??
Barbara Montelli (1 day ago)
Fuor years😱😍
Eva T (2 days ago)
I'm sorry an amazing song, but why is this the video for it? I don't connect the song with the video tbh
Raissa T. Rangel (2 days ago)
Só eu q acordei cm essa msc na cabeça e vim procurar ela no yt?;-;
Aaron Samuel (2 days ago)
MAI HUONG PHAM (2 days ago)
Ouvindo 01:18 de 2018!
ELİF SULTAN GÜL (3 days ago)
👍for the song 👍for the act of chris good job 😊
Fati Ma (3 days ago)
runaway light (3 days ago)
why best things in life must become so fuckn frustrating often? :( grrr Well must be me n my stupid life, me always suffering by love oh no, stop it, im so fed up... but i still always need love and magic
MAI HUONG PHAM (3 days ago)
Yasmin Cordeiro (4 days ago)
Brasileiros??? 2018 pra eternidade
Izís Carvalho (4 days ago)
Música muito linda mas o clipe é muito besta. Nada a ver.
Koning Jasper (4 days ago)
I dont really understand the video! Can someone explaine?
Koning Jasper (3 days ago)
+runaway light thank you for explaining!
runaway light (3 days ago)
can suppose is talking about all the thoughts about relationships that our own imagination can bring us, and the hard it can be to follow our own feellings sometimes... confusing our believes with our needs, fears... Above all its saying magic is something to feel, you can believe it but actually love is meant to be like magic (desnt mean perfect of course). No song can relate with a whole life or experience, so u can find different meanings on a message, in the other han du can find what the author could be really feelling about or being inspired in...
sindhu parajuli (4 days ago)
such a piece of art <3 call it magic! this song is magic!
Sort3x (4 days ago)
everytime i watch it.... just beautiful!
James Martin (4 days ago)
2018 <3!
Oscar Ernst Yung (4 days ago)
*Legend said he is still flying upwards*
Ana Lucia (6 days ago)
são 02 da manhã e eu tô chorando ouvindo essa música.... relacionamentos ñ valem tempo de ngm
runaway light (3 days ago)
:_( veña, pra diante..
Melhor música ❤, alguém em 2018
Andrew Kwabula (7 days ago)
Those people who follow fake Prophets would think activities in this video are real and are conducted by some holy spirit.
KahaniSaaz (7 days ago)
i call it magic.
Rizal Loading (7 days ago)
The Prestige alternate ending
Samy Perfex (7 days ago)
Im really waiting for him to say 'mate' on a music video
Mi canción favorita tanto en letra, música y video 😍🌈 ¢0|DP[A¥
anahanbee (8 days ago)
_Parabéns a os brasileiros que ouvem música de verdade !!!!_
Voz incrível Dom divino💖
lilica penelope (8 days ago)
Donell Williams (8 days ago)
Have you ever just listened to this song and wished that you were in love?
Jackie Blake-belton (20 hours ago)
Listening to it always makes me wish I was in 💚
runaway light (1 day ago)
sure !! and love too ;)
Donell Williams (1 day ago)
It's great that you rediscovered Coldplay, they're such a great band.
runaway light (3 days ago)
yes i did (maybe it was another similar theme song xd recently rediscovered coldplay)
warda soultana (5 days ago)
Anu Chaudhry (8 days ago)
Douglas Silva (9 days ago)
Melhor música. 👏
Ruben Viveiros (10 days ago)
Best magic ever
Lindsay Dominique (10 days ago)
I love coldplay
Cibelly Vilaça (10 days ago)
Love 👏👏💚💛
rashida begum (10 days ago)
Chris and Ziyi should get married.
BOB_ SP (11 days ago)
Pow que somzeira. Coldplay muito bom.
patricia Gonçalves (12 days ago)
I love you are music!
Mike Symynyuk (12 days ago)
Саунд мэджик, клип хуеджик
Laurence Thomas (12 days ago)
Put de frisson ma 2eme drogue
Tarcisio Muniz (12 days ago)
Cadê os brs 😎
Moonchild’s McGee (13 days ago)
Do Something by Sam Lanin & His Orchestra
Magdalena Maria Zietek (13 days ago)
… simply… MAGIC… love it… <3
The Chosen One (14 days ago)
what an awesome vid ahaha the put me down part especially ahah
Lilly van Dinter (14 days ago)
Call it magic, or just a good unforgettable trick, why why why oh why are you so far away, wish you'd be here to stay, instead of running away, cause what I want to give you, is love from the heart it's true.
runaway light (1 day ago)
same here
Marouf Alameddine (14 days ago)
Goosebumps ❤️
anotherbuffer account (14 days ago)
LMAAAAOOO!!!! 3:34 Chris is literally swinginggg!!! XDXDXDXD
Gliwice 22 (14 days ago)
amazing, beautiful music This is Magic !!!!
Marina Irigoyen (15 days ago)
I miss you my love 👀💔
lyne 811 (15 days ago)
Octuber / octubre 2018
kVng KriPtiC (15 days ago)
Michael Jaffers (15 days ago)
22k dislikes? Damn! no magic in their lives I guess😀
The fangirl Squad (15 days ago)
I remembered watching this when I was 7 yrs cause my little sibling who was still a baby at this time loved this music video while we were moving to another home. Now he’s 6 yrs old and I’m 12 and we still love this.
pmlueraLOL24 (16 days ago)
Coldplay is just an amazing group and Chris' voice is just amazing. I have to say that on this song, I just can't get enough of the baseline its what caught my attention. Great song and awesome video. This group is just so addicting, I have started listening to them more and more.. they are great!!!
Franciaco Lopes (16 days ago)
armando escamilla (17 days ago)
like si eres de MEXICO
שיר שיר (18 days ago)
SO sad video
Chanel SP (18 days ago)
Somebody could tell me the name of the music at the start, please!!
Pirydion (18 days ago)
Fernanda Vega Gonzalez (18 days ago)
Francesco Montevecchi (18 days ago)
Ciao da faenza
Dean Connell (18 days ago)
Never ends only you
charito peña (19 days ago)
Dame like
charito peña (19 days ago)
على العذامى (19 days ago)
Beautiful song!!!
Erika Oliveira (19 days ago)
Paula Rosário (19 days ago)
Isso sim é música para meus ouvidos, aprecio o que realmente é bom, amo demais coldplay 😍😍😍
Ecordio lexa (19 days ago)
The big important things people need to learn away national curriculum
Hadda Elmaliky (19 days ago)
Beutiful singl ...27\09\2018
Mustafa Ramezanian (19 days ago)
tha best
Joao Willams (20 days ago)
today is my 26 birthday and im alone with youtube this early night A few easy steps to improve your experience with this song: 1. have a bad breakup 2. lie in bed in bed at about 3 am (preferably drunk as shit) 3. turn of all the lights 4. turn this song on and light a cigarette 5. cry miserably 6. rinse and repeat i wrote this song this night please read and like if you like it Alexsunagel - stay high Stay high watch the clouds carpe diem sunrise im crying pray to your god we are all passengers here no time at all I LOVE your SKIN AND hair your lips make me feel high om mani padme hum hare om tatsat ia guru deva om om nama shivaia remember your dreams be yourself and nothing to prove im jumping waterfalls my arms are near clouds my love is heavenly divine your kisses is like sweet flowers your eyes are blue oceans coffeebreak good view this is my favourite song smile if u can understand we are here forever memento mori here and now and now for forever always may gods love be with you bless your soul om mani padme hum hare om tatsat ia guru deva om om nama shivaia remember your dreams be yourself and nothing to prove im jumping waterfalls my arms are near clouds my love is heavenly divine your kisses is like sweet flowers your eyes are blue oceans you are my favoutite book and movie you are my soul and destiny proud to be close to you it is just a heatwave lady dont be so shy close your eyes open your mind our souls are children kisses love an words thats all we have in this mad world you are my salvation om mani padme hum hare om tatsat ia guru deva om om nama shivaia remember your dreams be yourself and nothing to prove im jumping waterfalls my arms are near clouds my love is heavenly divine your kisses is like sweet flowers your eyes are blue oceans love from AlexSunAngel magic
MLG Nick (20 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Gisely barbosa (20 days ago)
Demais ...😍
brew cafe (20 days ago)
i like that songs i play all time in my cafe
Kino Hbf (21 days ago)
Oh my god.... Mend light to my heart the miseries of this world, Hide from others my sins. Give me a little happiness today and, Tomorrow make me what will please your mercy. Umbilievable one of the greatest song i've ever heard.
jasmin martinez (21 days ago)
love coldplay awesome singer !!!!
Abson Luna (21 days ago)
Meu sonho é ir no show dele!
Abson Luna (21 days ago)
Karen (21 days ago)
love your music but it's evil. Demonic.
Karen (21 days ago)
and you know it£££££
NaNa F (22 days ago)
Best thing to hear in the morning... much love #Coldplay ❤
Shahariar Lenin (22 days ago)
No one cares what year you're listening to this 👏
Ahhtaczy (22 days ago)
We are just going to ignore the fact he just killed that guy? Even if he was very bad, its still murder lol.
Ashleigh (23 days ago)
Could listen to this over and over, Coldplay always get it right👌💕💕
FOXAMG63 (24 days ago)
Top 5 alltime Song for me
Selen B (25 days ago)
You Believe B?
Selen B (25 days ago)
BratsBe was here!!
Betty Olabode (25 days ago)
Alina Harvey (26 days ago)
this song is highly underrated
Jameka Louise Jackson (27 days ago)

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