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Girl Model Wears Painted On Pants & Walks Around In Public SUBSCRIBE ► https://youtube.com/user/whatever?sub_confirmation=1 MERCHANDISE ► https://amazon.com/shop/whatever Inspired by: Model Wears Painted On Pants In Public Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants! Model Pranksters / Leah Jung Elle se balade cul nu dans la rue BEHIND THE SCENES ► http://www.youtube.com/user/nevermind?sub_confirmation=1 ★FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA★ FACEBOOK ► http://facebook.com/whatever TWITTER (@whatever) ► http://twitter.com/whatever INSTAGRAM (@whatever) ► http://instagram.com/whatever ★MY EQUIPMENT★ CAMERA (1): http://amzn.to/2D5Afuz CAMERA (2): http://amzn.to/2AU20QZ CAMERA (3): http://amzn.to/2mnLJhK MICROPHONE: http://amzn.to/1UmEaC8 DRONE: http://amzn.to/2Fvr6ZT PATREON ► http://patreon.com/whatever
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Text Comments (12334)
Brian Atlas (2 years ago)
THANKS FOR WATCHING! Please consider checking out / subscribing to my second channel youtube.com/nevermind. Nudes at 1,000,000 subscribers. I post behind the scenes footage, extras, vlogs, and gaming videos. I am also going to be doing a giveaway for an aircraft carrier soon. You do not want to miss that, so go to youtube.com/nevermind and subscribe!
Brian Atlas and your never going to get 1M, good luck with that.
danny danny (3 days ago)
Davis ranga (5 days ago)
I wish i could paint her legs😍😍
Angel Rubio (8 months ago)
Please....the name of the song and the artist
janae jamerson (15 minutes ago)
Whats the purpose to show shes a lose women? I was kinda hoping it would have rained and then washed away all the paint
dr bobby (23 minutes ago)
Forget the girl - I saw minions wow!!!!!!
Sagar Shipra (1 hour ago)
That booty😍🔥
Will Givens (1 hour ago)
They're going to show that ass and pussy every chance they get but don't look at it too long because then you will be a sexual harasser
Danny Yang (1 hour ago)
I bet she's dripping wet...lol
hjames78 (1 hour ago)
She is wearing a thong so it's not like shes walking around butt nude from.the bottom
Carlos Santana (1 hour ago)
YouTube giving me recommendations 4 years old😂😂😂🤦
Carlos Santana (1 hour ago)
2:25 I laughed so hard XD
Jugg Season (2 hours ago)
I know one thing that ass is right 👌🏾
Ahmed Musa (2 hours ago)
🤩 oh nice.
Harry (2 hours ago)
Ficou bacana, bem intuitivo!
NPC Hova (2 hours ago)
Mfs was breaking their necks left and right
Lou Cifer (2 hours ago)
She would be so much hotter without all those ugly tatoos, women stop doing that you don't look good with tatoos
ArcticZurite (2 hours ago)
Recommend squad rise up
DUZTEM DE7IL (3 hours ago)
@1:22 I thought leather face was going to str8 up goose this bitch's ass crack....
Ryan Yam (3 hours ago)
Bruh she dummy thicc
kiko ramirez (3 hours ago)
I love this sluts doing whatever it takes just for some likes (Instagram and Facebook are included)
The Wild WarCry (3 hours ago)
Such indecent exposure let me guess this stuffs legal to do rite. Usually that's called indecent exposure.
Thomas Estwick (3 hours ago)
I don’t see anything different from what these female currently wear.
Lashon Hunter (4 hours ago)
Den (5 hours ago)
I think she will look better if she loses some pounds
Onur Batuhan Özçelik (6 hours ago)
We are the ones who got fucking fooled. People around her were able the see the damn reality. God protects the guy who is gonna be with her in her life.
Scott k (7 hours ago)
Gotta love those women with no morals what so ever.. That's a bang it an turn it loose kinda girl
Silent Nagato (7 hours ago)
Those cheeks though
khurram munir (11 hours ago)
His bf tried removing her Jeans whole night but couldn't
christobal10 (11 hours ago)
Putain ce cul !!
Derek Flores (11 hours ago)
Magnus Walker (11 hours ago)
Any vacancies for an assistant painter
The mod archives (11 hours ago)
What are you looking at you perv?! 😂
Leonis Zukaj (12 hours ago)
Seth Struble (12 hours ago)
I admire this woman’s bravery (and butt). L.A. is definitely not a safe place to be doing that kind of stuff. Lots of predators there.
Sonlirious 198 (13 hours ago)
They look so real
Draven Alderete (13 hours ago)
1:21 no one probably caught this but wtf is that leather face?
Terrell Wilson (13 hours ago)
Today on YouTube recommendations:
Souw Ooop (14 hours ago)
Better hope you don't have a sweaty butt crack lol.
TheHonest Liar (14 hours ago)
Yo the dudes wit the phones are not slick at all
Ms AL (14 hours ago)
Hope they clean that chair out after she gets up!
MCMLXXX VII IX (14 hours ago)
Tryna pull them jeans 2 da side 😉😛
6ft5 statue (14 hours ago)
Dam let me eat her pussy please
Mr Mojo Risin (14 hours ago)
Nice *ASS*
erick jordan (14 hours ago)
Ole boi caught her when she hit that sunlight. Tgen he tried to bring the camera up all the sudden... funny.
Praise OCE (15 hours ago)
Nobody: YouTube’s algorithm: WOMAN WITH NO PANTS WALK AROUND LA
Terry Scott (15 hours ago)
Well shes from LA probably a dude. And if not probably need anti biotics to talk to it.
good fellas (15 hours ago)
Her pooper is super duper!
Sgt. Salty (15 hours ago)
Courage level:1000 Shame level: -9000
ShiningStarAnimations (16 hours ago)
Man tattoos have gotten *WACK*
Francisco Goncalves (16 hours ago)
Lol just another whore who likes attention, deserved to be spanked i public AKA Gangbanged
RickyRisha410 (16 hours ago)
Probably they chose the day with least to no rainfall prediction
Dylan Howard (16 hours ago)
Wow amazing
ConservativeAtheist (17 hours ago)
That’s great but it’s not like she’s naked she’s wearing panties.
Darl (17 hours ago)
What a lucky camera man
Kris Wise (17 hours ago)
Nice jeans
Ramon Vega (17 hours ago)
MikaMikaze (17 hours ago)
Dat ass
Royle Hun (17 hours ago)
Well all women wear yogi pant nowdays. I could see all women's ass shape and some time pussy size
DULLEX_421 (17 hours ago)
I bet the camera man got hard
Jeans look great!
Royal Flush (17 hours ago)
That white girl got ass 🤗🤗🔥🔥🍑🍑👍👍😘
DREAM (17 hours ago)
1:20 hello leatherface
Mr Linkap (17 hours ago)
Al parecer ningún men se le queda viendo en el culo,
Brady22 (18 hours ago)
Thicco mode
MdSdn (18 hours ago)
damn... so many gays in LA
Sharp Style Fortune (18 hours ago)
Christopher Fischetti (18 hours ago)
Al Yeska (18 hours ago)
I need some tissues.... sniff, sniff
Jarrod Bouchard (18 hours ago)
In her head she's singing, iv got no pants on , I've got no pants and no one notices
Young Yeet (18 hours ago)
Bruh not even Leatherface could resist lmao
Sophiya Norton (18 hours ago)
LOL that one dude trying to take a pic of her ass But then acts like he did nothing.....
SirSnake V (18 hours ago)
Bitch got a juicy ass.
Gary Johnson (18 hours ago)
That's good art work
Pavan Mulani (18 hours ago)
Who else was was just starring at her butt the entire time
T Sleezy (19 hours ago)
Loose ragley stanky booty.....ass is flat
Swet tsb (19 hours ago)
Who's the girl????
Paulie Harrow (19 hours ago)
Is she one of those porn girls?
•Twenty4 M00n2• (19 hours ago)
What am I doing Commenting on a 4 year old Video
SLY SPY (19 hours ago)
Pretty amazing butt !
Angel in disguise (19 hours ago)
Vary nice frame
FireMonkeyMatrix (19 hours ago)
Starts raining. Brilliant!
MrPumpkinMan 712 (20 hours ago)
This : family friendly One f word: DEMONETIZED
Jure Capl (20 hours ago)
2:25 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Sorry Not Sorry (20 hours ago)
Wth just happened?!
Nick Gurr (20 hours ago)
Rapists: It's free real state
Winter Smith (20 hours ago)
2:05 pure savage
Who cares,....she's wearing a thong anyways
Sophaphone Manikhong (20 hours ago)
Dude at least she wore underwear because if u were not they would look in between the legs
T.V. Izzo (20 hours ago)
Reject Nova (20 hours ago)
Mark Jacob (20 hours ago)
Now that's a new term tight fitting jeans 😁
Edwin Sanchez (20 hours ago)
He's got his ass all right
Cactus Jack (20 hours ago)
Her instagram?
Eyup Aslan (21 hours ago)
She have don' t money for Jeans?
Juiley Hoyel (21 hours ago)
I would’ve fucked her
Psyyanide (21 hours ago)
"Guys are such perverts! Why are they staring at me?"
Perfectibilist (21 hours ago)
I tell ya, in-shape white women are the best women on the planet. Bar none.
SHARPS G. (21 hours ago)
Fucken chicken legs!
Jimmy Sibble (21 hours ago)
Can’t wait too see a boy do this prank
Michael Tropeano (22 hours ago)
No one has seen the reaction of the people but only her butt
Tom Butthurt (22 hours ago)
Would it come off with sex
Tom Butthurt (22 hours ago)
Now that's what I'm talkin about

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