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The Making of Table Tennis Blades and Rubbers (Japanese/Butterfly)

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Also check out how Table Tennis Balls are made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK5PkRsRfLI
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Eloi Mumford (28 days ago)
Would a paddle made entirely from a solid piece of hard wood , maple / oak , be better ? Equivalent ? Bad idea ? Too heavy ? Some way they do seems to be more artisanal than i tought.
Kusuma Wijaya (6 months ago)
I love play table tennis, i will love to have this product... Like how presisi
Tomas Santibañez (10 months ago)
La wea pulenti
Harshith Traders (11 months ago)
Chinese version of How its Made 👍.. Yep.. the version seems old and the Industry seems to be old. But cant resist the fact that these early eqipments were just awesome 😍
Marie T (8 months ago)
Maybe the programme itself is old?
Evan Stefanus (8 months ago)
Harshith Traders actually it's Butterfly, made in Japan.
Christian Mendiola (11 months ago)
So God damn expensive.
Talha Malik (1 year ago)
I wanted to see how they make pips
Gurubachan Singh (1 year ago)
I already India table tennis rubber making factory works I would I use a rubber in Japan or the technology in that I want to pay the full video
Gurubachan Singh (1 year ago)
I am already working in this type factory but I want Japanese formula for rubber mixing and cooking
Oueax (1 year ago)
0:34 WHAT THE FUCK LADY! Playing with a Jpen blade with shakehand grip. What on earth... :O
vadim vovk (1 year ago)
Китайцы не дурачины всё до мелочей демонстрировать будто мастерить основания для настольного тенниса высочайшего класса . Я издавна покупаю основания компании Yasaka и доволен , стоимость Yasaka дешёвая и высококачественная .
Eric Houston (1 year ago)
The quality of the wood and craftsmanship is amazing!!!
Adam Abraham (1 year ago)
Fuck Butterfly! I play with Yasaka Mark V and it's still the best out there. Like they say Old is Gold. Ps: Fuck you for such dope music
UltimatePong (1 year ago)
Who actually makes the rubber prior to cutting it? I need it by the roll, not pre cut. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
xevious2501 (2 years ago)
Im always for the working man, but sometimes you see a manufacturing line that just calls for robotics or just plain machine engineering. I hate seeing these poor souls doing the same mundane routing over and over and over again. i cant imagine doing that hour after hour day after day week after week for years on in. youd loose your mind. or go into some zen mode until one day you wind up hurting yourself. Ide rather see all these guys doing something more passion driven. but this is the reality of mass produced products still being done by hand. so the job aint great but it is a job.
Mullet Moore (9 months ago)
It’s so they can call it handmade
ddd ddd (2 years ago)
Butterfly rubbers that come from Hong kong are original?
ddd ddd (2 years ago)
who knows where is the butterfly factory located:?
ddd ddd (2 years ago)
where is this butterfly table tennis blades and rubbers located?
ddd ddd   japan.
Jose figueroa (3 years ago)
musica qla
David Herrera (3 years ago)
4 Table tennis they are 3 types of paddles, it's up 2 you to choose 1 of them.
Presidos (1 year ago)
David Herrera Not bad.
Fidel Navarrete (3 years ago)
Alguien sabe como se llaman cada una de esas maquinas?
Bean Cube (3 years ago)
Why don't we make the rubber transparent and use the red and black sponges to distinguish the two side of a tennis blade? How about allow the rubber to be repainted or resprayed rubber instead of re-glue rubber with sponge all the time? We need green sport, right? We need more good players and affordable equipment instead of greedy manufacturers. Players of the sport community should raise their voice about this.
ItsHamGod (3 years ago)
I like the brand`YingHe'
ItsHamGod (3 years ago)
They should realy make a new brand
LaZanzaraReturn (3 years ago)
I think the chinese quality control is near to 0
LaZanzaraReturn (2 years ago)
+mantecarlos - Fuck you Fucking BrokenAss. Shiva Bless Polland.
carlosmante (2 years ago)
LaMadrotta Return, Fuck you Fucking Redneck. God Bless China.
Caner Yıldırım (3 years ago)
@LaZanzaraReturn no, it is not...
LaZanzaraReturn (3 years ago)
@Caner Yıldırım Ok, it is the same thing...
Caner Yıldırım (3 years ago)
+LaZanzaraReturn it is Japanese ;)
Mario B (3 years ago)
way too expensive ,donic and stiga are much better/quality/price
xro (2 years ago)
Tibhar have some nice rubbers, like mxp
Jonathan Landeros (3 years ago)
donic and stiga are for pussies who suck at ping pong.
Captain Spook (4 years ago)
filmed with a potato. im not even watching it
Yoyo Wee (4 years ago)
@Lub Ricator do you think that 4k is average or something? lol
Yoyo Wee (4 years ago)
@Lub Ricator LMAO... the quality isn't even bad LOL
norman clemens (4 years ago)
any interest in a new rubber/paddle design?  from author of: Pots Did Stop.
David Zhang (4 years ago)
norman clemens (4 years ago)
time hath come for a new paddle/rubber design--email me: [email protected] manufacturers! or sponsors
Raj Shrestha (4 years ago)
subtitle please
Kevin Braatz (4 years ago)
Very interesting
alberto sanchez (4 years ago)
this video is a fucking shit¡¡¡¡
Dante hollow (4 years ago)
disciplined, diligent, accuracy, timeliness, persistence, unyielding , I find all of this in japanese industry product 
An athlete (4 years ago)
please fear GOD , Make these equipments affordable !!!
Eiji Muroya (1 year ago)
There are many good product that don't cost too much. People usually believe higher priced equipment will help or develop better strokes. Wrong. You won't be better if you have a viscaria glued with a pair of tenergy 05, but your technique does. I use a donic epox offensiv which cost between 40 and 50 dollars, with donic bluefire M2 and DHS hurricane 2 neo and it's more than enough. The best player of my university uses a donic ovtcharov with a pair of donic bluefire and he's got a lightning fast topspin stroke. Focus more on your technique, practice more and find a good coach.
john li (2 years ago)
more expensive does not mean better in table tennis. its more important to get a blade and rubber that matches your play style than buying the most expensive bat you can
xro (2 years ago)
Could be old stock
Colin Bilzerian (2 years ago)
Anything below retail is either a fake chinese version or it is a damaged/used product
PLandt (4 years ago)
@An athlete Yeah I completely agree but if you look in the right places you can find equipment much cheaper. For example take a look at:http://ttdepot.tictail.com/ They have some of the best prices.
Robert Comelli (5 years ago)
Looks like a drug lab.
etulybly (3 months ago)
Well, it is.
Joctan Villarroel (5 years ago)
Quiero una paleta :C
timurs (5 years ago)
Job=dream))) mmm, j-pen))))
Gaurav Raikar (5 years ago)
gd videos ...
Ono S (2 years ago)
Gaurav Raikar い
17teacmrocks (5 years ago)
this is their old production video from decades ago. i think they still make blades this way though. rubber has gone to more advanced processes though the overall technique remains the same
王鑫誠 (5 years ago)
TheFoeni007 (5 years ago)
fehlt eigentlich noch Modern Talking als Soundtrack
Kareem Ghandour (5 years ago)
I wish this was in English
Chan Daniel (6 years ago)
Nice video
Nice to know the process.
Rogério Reis (6 years ago)
very good this video.
peter chan (6 years ago)
nice video for knowledge
jose cardozo isea (6 years ago)
queremos trabajar haya. muchas gracias hojala las podamos comprar todas para jugar siempre es una empresa espectacular..
show!!! e eu pensava que era um pedaço de pau feito em casa...
Aplication Barhalamus (6 years ago)
IMHO, the editor just skipped this part of process where piece of wood was painted. Never mind.
José pxtwo (6 years ago)
i like a friendly porn music when i watch my making table tennis bats videos.
Andrew haifisch (6 years ago)
4:23 how they paint it??
Dale Howell (6 years ago)
Is there a version of this with English subtitles?
181florinel (6 years ago)
I just saw how they built my Xstar butterfly blade. I wish I owe this factory :)
Worldclassttennis (6 years ago)
Great.,.i wish I can have a tour in Tamasu, Japan/ Butterfly
KhalilMGebara (6 years ago)
XStar FL !!! I used to play with that!!! This brought me back 15 years. :]
Wellbeing Cooperation (6 years ago)
처음보는 동영상이네요 thank you!
Mariusz Kuryłek (6 years ago)
Welcome, 4:01 and that would mean that all the blades are painted butterfly?
slatz20 (6 years ago)
11:45 i want this box...:D
slatz20 (6 years ago)
true, but fight with scissors vs somebody who has a kalashnikov...u still lose no matter how good you are...
Hoysala Ragava (6 years ago)
Chinese version
strikewzen (6 years ago)
cheap ones in china are under 1 dollar, and i agree with you it's way to much for high end rubbers, but most popular sports require money to promote, for example you are paying for a company like butterfly to host events and sponsor players etc, plus their research cost. and after trying so many rubbers i still think butterfly is highest quality in both blades and rubber. they have the tech and skills to turn 5 dollar worth of material into best end product imo
VoiD (6 years ago)
yahhh no English? probably there's a secret here that we should not know about it heheheh
Enkidu1701 (6 years ago)
Interesting video, thank you. BTW When I see how fast the people who make the rubber are working (look from 9:40 to 11:00) I am still curious how we have to pay 30€, 40€ or even 50€ for a single rubber. (talking about prices in Germany - maybe it´s better in other countries) greetings e.
Lester Jonson (6 years ago)
i wish theres an english subs =)
Ronnachai Kaewbunruang (6 years ago)
Great Video, Thumbs UP.
Huy Bui (6 years ago)
its in japanese :D
Klougaumarrons (6 years ago)
Sorri, I didn't unederstande
LehmannDaHero (6 years ago)
sad that they don't show how they make the topsheet :/
SkoolyRatt (6 years ago)
yep its Yappanese!!!
Gaviano Fernando (6 years ago)
che incubo
BOBolaDOG (6 years ago)
Tong chi bin ho en iwn ni cok
takitalin (6 years ago)
Bung bung så toong ding ding suk ma dong nao yoo dik dong dong gold medal!
dedge202 (6 years ago)
very interesting video! thanks!
Stephen Hall (6 years ago)
only if i could speak japanese...
Alec McWilliam (6 years ago)
does anyone know what the music was through out this video? i'd like to know for a school project.
Dustin Nelson (6 years ago)
I'd like to see a video of how they made the handle for my Senkoh-1. :P
Klougaumarrons (6 years ago)
very interesting The problem is that I don't understand japanese Can someone traduce ?
Harry Tan (6 years ago)
no worries, thanks for sharing this video.
TT Tributes (6 years ago)
Oh how stupid of me haha, I should've known.
Harry Tan (6 years ago)
@ 1:53 it says that the wood sheets are classified and dried from 1 to 3 years.
Harry Tan (6 years ago)
Nice! This video is in Japanese not Chinese. Factory in Tamasu or Butterfly.

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