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Magic Songs - R. Murray Schafer

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"Magic Songs" leads us back to the era of ‘tone magic’, when the purpose of singing was not merely to give pleasure but was intended to bring about a desired effect in the physical world. In spirit culture, everything has its voice and the aim of the singer is to unify her- or himself with this voice. The aim of these songs, with magic texts in a language spoken by no human, is to restore aspects of nature which have been destroyed or neglected by humanity. To the extent that the performers and the audience believe in them, they will be successful. This video has been created with permission from R. Murray Schafer and the Vancouver Chamber Choir for non-commercial use. Downloading this video is prohibited. Writing and music are available from Arcana: http://www.patria.org/arcana/ Recordings are available from the Vancouver Chamber Choir: https://vancouverchamberchoir.com/recordings/ PLEASE NOTE: If you missed our July 2018 concert that celebrated the innovative music of Canada’s preeminent composer, R. Murray Schafer, you can view it here: https://vancouverchamberchoir.com/schafer-85-live-stream/ *** SCHAFER/85 – A BIRTHDAY SPECTACULAR *** 8pm Fri, July 6, 2018 *** Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver, BC, Canada In recognition of Schafer’s 85th birthday, Jon Washburn leads the singers and soloists of the Vancouver Chamber Choir and the Vancouver Chamber Orchestra in three major works: - The Star Princess and the Waterlilies - Narcissus and Echo - The Love that Moves the Universe The concert also includes a film about the honoured composer, with additional features presented by his long-time musical colleague, Jon Washburn.
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