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Butterfly Table Tennis Presents: TENERGY 05 HARD

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TENERGY 05 HARD is the newest addition to the popular TENERGY series. Featuring a sponge with increased hardness and Spring Sponge technology, TENERGY 05 HARD enables highly dynamic play with even more precision, power and spin compared to other TENERGY rubbers. We recommend TENERGY 05 HARD especially for players with a well-developed technique able to cope with its increased weight and linear acceleration. TENERGY 05 HARD is designed to support most ambitious players looking for increased spin performance – European Champion and Butterfly Super Star Timo Boll is using it already. Please Like this video, and Subscribe to our Channel for more amazing Butterfly Table Tennis Content! For more information about TENERGY 05 HARD please visit: https://en.butterfly.tt/tenergy-05-hard.html Make sure you follow Butterfly Table Tennis on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Butterfly Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/butterflyttofficial Butterfly Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/butterflyttofficial Butterfly Twitter: https://twitter.com/butterflyeuropa
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Text Comments (21)
dhyey Mehta (6 months ago)
add name of fan zhendong in there for his backhand
Guillermo Morales (6 months ago)
Very powerful perfect sponge you don't need add booster but the only thing is I don't feel too much rotation in the service like H3 national blue sponge..🤔🏓😁
TV탁구 (6 months ago)
great !!
Mark Terrin (7 months ago)
I've tried it yesturday, that is amazing!
lola Doudoune (7 months ago)
lola Doudoune (7 months ago)
Very good Rubber. !!!
IHadToChooseThis1 (7 months ago)
Does anybody know if the tenergy 05 hard resembles the Chinese rubber hurricane 3 neo in any way?
Mark Terrin (6 months ago)
@Yohannes Idris Interesting! Will try, thx for the rubber
Yohannes Idris (6 months ago)
@Mark Terrin I would compare it with the Rasanter R50 i am using it currently and nothnig beats its Monstrous spin. this one looks exciting to try.
Mark Terrin (6 months ago)
I'm using H3 with hardness 41. I tried 05 hard yesterday. This is different rubber. You can say it is more nice. H3 very straight and hard to deal with. 05 hard easy to play, despite hardness 43 as declared it seems not that hard, nice feeling, great control, great spin, I think many proffesional tt players will be using it soon.
Jack Liu (7 months ago)
It doesn't hurricane is not spring sponge
Mike L (7 months ago)
My eyes can’t read at the speed of light
Mike L (7 months ago)
Ryuxx Yes I am
Mike L (7 months ago)
Jason Leung 😭
Ryuxx (7 months ago)
You are prob a slow ass reader😂
Jason Leung (7 months ago)
You are reading too slow lmao
Bj Latigay (7 months ago)
Is this new?
Gustav die Orange (7 months ago)

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