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Swimsuit Model Summer in Mission Beach "Mission Beach Girl"

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Come take a minute to hang out with SoCal Beaches Magazine swimsuit Model Summer in South Mission Beach San Diego. This San Diego State student lives at the beach and is one of the key figuires behind Codewear Clothing. Come spend a few minutes with swimsuit model Summer. To see the photos from this photoshoot visit www.socalbeachmag.net or www.myspace.com/socalbeachesmagazine
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Text Comments (80)
John Keubler (11 days ago)
Guys can't get in her pants but they can pound there dick muscles to her video regularly as they view good piece of raw women.
Dave Donahue (9 months ago)
Dude this is Ocean Beach.Look at Stubbs jetty.
Jordy Reitsma (1 year ago)
i love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
KAREN b (3 years ago)
Enrique Rodriguez (4 years ago)
muy buena
daintellekt (6 years ago)
healthy !
crypto986 (7 years ago)
why is she talking, not just walking?
tinaa140 (7 years ago)
Big tits, no hips
Milan Johnson (7 years ago)
Boomdy Richardson (7 years ago)
WHo ever disliked Is Gay
Kevin Tran (7 years ago)
Where's the hotel part 2 of this video?
scintards (7 years ago)
why does this sound like a porno?
kyliewog1 (7 years ago)
HOLY SHIT look at that amazing left
PrisonEarth (7 years ago)
nice handfuls
alexkg1 (7 years ago)
@datehole30 there was a beach there?
Tadek (7 years ago)
Fajna laska
JBofBrisbane (7 years ago)
When I saw Mission Beach, I was thinking of near Tully in far north Queensland. Sorry to see this Mission Beach is a bit further away than that.
TheRjjrjjr (7 years ago)
I thought it was chain mail. . .
TheRjjrjjr (7 years ago)
I have never seen chain mail look so good. . .
Major Buto (7 years ago)
Im spraining my wrist right now guys! :D
Butterz88 (7 years ago)
@ballsthatclank something in HD! =P
Rich41 (7 years ago)
nice beach
ReturnTrip (7 years ago)
Nice girl, film her on a better camera next time.
fred church (7 years ago)
if she found a hundred dollars on the sand i want to know where she would put it? two guesses.
samer820 (7 years ago)
who is this sweet and hot girl?
AllStar5657 (7 years ago)
Marry me?..
the turdmonster (7 years ago)
your not all that...id like to see you walk out with a pooh balanced on ur head,that would be more entertaing
bosooooooooooooooooo (7 years ago)
what is this sensation in my balls?
Official Me (7 years ago)
N0Crrap (7 years ago)
Adam booth santa-cruz (7 years ago)
Hey Summer - darling, I 'll go travelling with ya, honey!!!
Flat0506313609 (7 years ago)
PHEW thought i was gonno get rick rolled or tht stupid sxephil or something but now im happy with a boner :)
finalman25 (7 years ago)
lexis cousin?
Yeti (7 years ago)
Damn those are some nice waves. Makes me want to go to the beach.
will gardner (7 years ago)
Justin Bieber's penis is the size of the dislike bar
Michael Kelly (7 years ago)
@RossinTrev wgat/
Cmoney6004 (7 years ago)
thumbs up if u tried to pause it at 2:02 to c omething
sasha2007kaz (7 years ago)
no tail.
toddyballer21 (7 years ago)
Thank you God
Trainwreck_j (7 years ago)
no hips
is this just go with it
Son's family (7 years ago)
beautiful girl!!
Ronny Perez (7 years ago)
dustysnoop (7 years ago)
fucking hell what a body and perfect tits - i would love to rape her.
sahn deeahgo (7 years ago)
oooooh...a degree in fashion merchandising...and a stop at the silver fox...be still my beatin' heart. ya gotta love the SD chicas...not a lot going on and easy to please
Anime1Anastasia (7 years ago)
boing, boing boing!
Billy Bob Wilson (7 years ago)
@RossinTrev good one !
John Anderson (7 years ago)
Not really..
Lamb bo (8 years ago)
HollanderT12345 (8 years ago)
johnvir ocon (8 years ago)
im cuming
speeddemon002 (8 years ago)
Wish he had her spin so flash dat ass
whiteribbonman1 (8 years ago)
The hottest ones educate themselves in school as well as take great care of their bodies!
SOUTHPAW731 (8 years ago)
dam it now we'll never get that smell out of the ocean
frank smith (8 years ago)
What was she saying?
Ron Perillo (8 years ago)
It should be a crime not to have videos of hot girls in HD.
sweetheart815 (8 years ago)
@100things2do She had a face?
Gebehard Bixer (8 years ago)
tatoo, too bad!
Frank Bergmann (8 years ago)
love her hair, wanna cum on them
RossinTrev (8 years ago)
any one else commenting with one hand?
fred church (8 years ago)
i hope she has a real safe place on her to carry her money.
GaTiger11 (8 years ago)
California girl! The Beach Boys would be proud.
videoclipsmiami (8 years ago)
Very nice!
ufcwannab91 (8 years ago)
Wow, beyond hot...I need to move to california. Best looking babes on the planet!
TheDavidIsaac (8 years ago)
I don't have all day to listen to some bitch talk. Either start bouncing around or I'm leavin.. Haha jk, no but really, those tittes have too much clothes on them...
plutoplatters (8 years ago)
@browneyes4 well put..share that thought with your grandmother ?
Homoud Al-Nasrallah (8 years ago)
Do you think I can gold fish there ?
fandecie (8 years ago)
Indy Jones (8 years ago)
correct me if i'm wrong but i didn't see a kitchen on that beach
swatus (8 years ago)
less talking, more RUNNING ?
SanchoKlos (9 years ago)
Shes hot.
Dhaamin Zain (9 years ago)
all night longgggg baby!!!
PlasticCoffee (9 years ago)
omg those waves are huge!
wesjoe311 (9 years ago)
Damn, that's a shame. I lived in SD for a couple of years. It was still legal on the beaches last time I was there.
GaTiger11 (9 years ago)
Nice. Very very nice.
Roy (9 years ago)
Rene Carreon (9 years ago)
Is that real or a dream wonderful
sandiego lilbam (9 years ago)
We got the best lookin ladies in san diego!
Spencer Blevins (10 years ago)
very few people have enough skin to pull that off.. besides, those are real.
Robert Brown (10 years ago)
Check out MY Mission Beach videos!

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