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Life in a Crazy-Small 8m2 Tokyo Apartment

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This super tiny Tokyo apartment may just be one of the smallest places we have seen so far, yet at 8 m2 (82 ft2) it still provides a perfect space to allow Emma (originally from Australia) to live a big life in Japan. Become a Living Big Patron: https://www.patreon.com/livingbig Read More: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/tiny-tokyo-apartment/ Emma (Tokidoki Traveller) is also a YouTuber and makes films on her travels as well as her life in Japan. You can follow her adventures here: https://www.youtube.com/tokidokitraveller Follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/livingbiginatinyhouse Follow me on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow me on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: http://www.youtube.com/brycelangston 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd
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Text Comments (16662)
Try Rara (4 hours ago)
U amazing
Paul Loh (9 hours ago)
Truly amazing and could feel the supremesy on the other side.....this awkward sense of tranquility offers not only a cosy and cost effective habitat but can also be kind of a SOHO being protested here
q a (11 hours ago)
Good for a lazy person. Everything is just around.
Nomadic Spirit (22 hours ago)
What’s wrong with sleeping in the wilderness than this rabbit warren ?
Zoloo B (1 day ago)
I can't breathe. I will get a panic attack in a minute there. but 600$ a month is a good price. You will get just a bedroom in a shared apartment in Shanghai.
Nate loves to Shop (1 day ago)
Can you touch both walls?
Emma looks cute .
Vera Schwarz (1 day ago)
Someone just has to say it for once : the presenter in this channel is so open minded and enthusiastic about everything new. He interviews so great and finds bits and pieces everywhere that can spark off a new thing to talk about. Such an excitable and considerate attitude!
Raymond Isiah (1 day ago)
The toilet reveal was very refreshing lol
Viki Demos (1 day ago)
A cockroach would be suffocating in that place...
ClubLulu (1 day ago)
Fuck that. Not for me
TruDatBellyFat (1 day ago)
Count the "yeahs" in this video.
Ella es muy dulce, she's so sweet
WinterGirl (2 days ago)
Wow - I hope they have the death penalty in Japan because I hate to think of murderers and rapists living in jail cells twice as big as this poor girl and without having to pay any rent or bills. How does it not get mouldy?
Sadiq Khan (2 days ago)
i am dam sure I don't want to be your kid i know you will throw me in potholes
Diane Kerrison (2 days ago)
its marginally bigger than Harry Potter's bedroom under the stairs but she's doing a great job rationalising it
WinterGirl (2 days ago)
That was my exact thought as well. The whole "If I have a bigger place, I'm going to want more and more" argument is fallacious. The truth is she's willing to put up with this tiny space in order to get to experience a big Japanese city.
NICHT DA (3 days ago)
i love tiny houses but this is smaller than a prisoncell, no thanks lol
Adriana Laura (3 days ago)
Le falta de algo de decoración:(
Carine Osselaer (3 days ago)
Marky D (4 days ago)
Hard to have sex in that room
Moomanni (4 days ago)
She has 8 metres and she has SEVERAL plants in there and she has hardly any closet space but she wears a huge toboggan, INSIDE??
Nan (4 days ago)
@12:51 his hand ❤
Edward Vazquez (4 days ago)
Reminds me of when I lived in San Francisco 😱😱😱
TeeBryanToo (4 days ago)
How did you get DOWN? That's the part that would freak me out
Derek Garcia (4 days ago)
So much nostalgia Mmmm i love this so much. Good vibes 😆
Omaima aa (4 days ago)
She organized very well 😊😊👍....
hasanxxyyzz (4 days ago)
Cute girl & cute apartment. I love the way she keeps saying "yeah, yeah". :D
مهنا طيب (4 days ago)
i could not finish this video ! i felt choking !
Richuu Gt (5 days ago)
I've rented out loft twice as big for half the price she said (32000yen) so no, I wouldn't say she got 'a pretty good deal'. It was probably so-called "gaijin-friendly'' agency that scams tenants even more than regular ones. Cozy, though.
JosieJo2000 (5 days ago)
Once more for the people at the back YOU CAN TOUCH BOTH WALLS AT THE SAME TIME!
Abi Lee (5 days ago)
Feel panicky just watching this. Don't think I could go in there 😂 and I like small homes.
Better to be homeless. You have the whole world for you.
Roel G (6 days ago)
The bathroom blows my mind, i loved it, and she's so cute and so optimist
Tatiana Križanová (7 days ago)
strašne žijú v tých preľudnených mestách.
zavany (7 days ago)
I just think she must had the saddest super boring sex life. :(
Nohemi M8 (7 days ago)
My Beautiful Life (8 days ago)
If i am living alone i would prefer living in a smaller spaces, because i freak out at night in large spaces.
Razif Ismail (8 days ago)
I don't want tiny apartment like this😝😝😝
Ashmani Tara (8 days ago)
That's smaller than my room.
Tuna Umut Koc (10 days ago)
Best Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime Emma uses the word "like"
miladmzz (10 days ago)
I would feel so claustrophobic that I am gonna punch two big holes in the walls across from each other just two stretch my arms out!
steve bennetts (11 days ago)
like like like like like like
Clara Merkin (12 days ago)
Shes a YouTuber too but says 'like' every other word?? Can't take her seriously.
Elisa Blandon Guzman (12 days ago)
So claustrophobic...
Camizer (12 days ago)
six hundred f*cking dollars man...
michael armstrong (12 days ago)
How does she have crazy sex?
J Applic (12 days ago)
I lived like this in a bedroom community outside of Tokyo in the early 90s. My apartment was 9'x12' (much more spacious lol) and I also had the loft concept, but my ladder was vertical and I had a lower ceiling height. I paid over $1000/month plus key money. It was modern, clean and bright with large windows and a nice view. I remember my Japanese colleagues saying how nice my place was and how Japanese people my age would be envious. I actually didn't mind the small space, it wasn't hard to adapt. Cleaning was super quick and easy. I spent a lot of my time working and socializing so it worked for me.
truubeell truubeell (13 days ago)
" tight right cosy place " sounds like your pussy
Julieth (13 days ago)
I don’t know why YouTube recommended me this.
How much is the rent? Okay, 600$
Dave Hyler (14 days ago)
Still larger than Manhattan microstudios 👌
Ze N (14 days ago)
Its amazing to have a roof top🥝
TheVikingGirl (14 days ago)
I would die from depression if I had to live in such a small space. I’ve lived in 22 m2 and that is way too small. This is just crazy.
Akío Aslan (14 days ago)
Sorry, but this is a no no. This is abusive from the government and building owners.
David Stemmler (14 days ago)
Cool lady!
Misfits Joe (15 days ago)
I would last 1 day in this cage house...
MrDannii83 (15 days ago)
I will never take my dancing space for granted again after watching this.
Slava Slavia (15 days ago)
In what culture do you walk with shoes inside? Walking on spit, dog feces, chewing gums and then you walk inside of your house with that dirt?
Foster Cat (13 days ago)
Was wondering that too. I live in Alberta, Canada, and I have slip on sandals that I wear only inside. My street shoes are taken off as soon as I get in the door. It's pretty customary here, and is considered polite when going to someone else's home.
Dr. Loomis (15 days ago)
Why is she wearing a winter hat indoors?
Carlos Ávila (15 days ago)
Bryce saying "yah" like "Omg she's crazy"
Carlos Ávila (15 days ago)
I liked her more than the house, she's super nice.
Elfuelte (15 days ago)
Ella es muy amable, me cae bien, en ese apartamento no podría vivir jaja, necesito almenos 50 metros jaja
AKNetworkEdit (15 days ago)
Weird episode of MTV Cribs.
Aranyo Zorba (15 days ago)
I saw a big crush happening in a tiny home and I loved it
John Crichton (16 days ago)
Is living in Tokyo really worth all this? Zero space, $600 a month, it's theft. My mortgage is $777 and I live near one of the IL suburbs that's loaded with Asian markets and restaurants. I'll stay here.
White Noise (16 days ago)
motzkeksalarm (16 days ago)
Why is she wearing a hat at home?
Sly 19 (16 days ago)
Damn, 8ft? That's tinier than my washroom.
Miguel Elizalde (16 days ago)
Nice Girl*
aleks wallner (16 days ago)
oh please, my space is literally half this square footage. not impressed
Guen Kennedy (14 days ago)
aleks wallner do you live in a closet
Avaan Rana (16 days ago)
Show me around 😃 just turn around.!! One should be Happy' with what u have, Even people in many countries don't have this much of space 👃
KJER ERRT (16 days ago)
Alicia Molinar (16 days ago)
Why do I low-key ship them tho....????
sonldpsdnk (16 days ago)
I prefer to be in jail than live in japan
fmellark (16 days ago)
I like small spaces but this loft area makes me gasp for air. I would not be able to sleep there, it's too claustrophobic.
oyoby (17 days ago)
i feel claustrophobic just looking at it
PUMA-INFINITY (17 days ago)
por que no hay comentarios en español¡
OZBA (17 days ago)
I can't take oxygen
KJER ERRT (17 days ago)
Garolfa (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who don’t understand why is she using a beanie indoors ??
Leander Herman (17 days ago)
Ok that's like the size of both rooms in my house in Greece so like it's all 4 rooms are the exact size her apartment is so atleast i have some walkimg space 😆
daniel rosa (17 days ago)
Muito legal. Adorei o apartamento e o video
Katarzyna Giedrojć (17 days ago)
Where are you from, your accents are really great 😍😍😍
Artist Survivor (17 days ago)
I typically like the tiny houses, but this was crazy to me. The narrowness of it would drive me nuts. It was claustrophobic to me.
Jane Rodr (17 days ago)
She says 2 live simple this is not it. At all.
Jane Rodr (17 days ago)
She needs to b a minimalist. She has lots of good junk🤣
Yasmin Blink (18 days ago)
I like this house
Yasmin Blink (18 days ago)
But this too narrow
TheNewDragon91 (18 days ago)
Thanks but no thanks
casey m (18 days ago)
When you live in a closet. 🤗 In an earthquake!?! But still cool. BTW, she figured out why sink space is preferred.
Sam Shepherd (19 days ago)
I'd have this apartment smelling like fart in 10 minutes.
Break Your Boundaries (19 days ago)
This was pretty awesome...unique look at an interesting living space!!
Martin Vetere (19 days ago)
2 levels? Not 8m2
MK Christiansen (19 days ago)
She is hilarious. This was delightful to watch.
Suvadra Tripathy (20 days ago)
This just isn't right. Too small. :( I feel bad.
0 subs with no vids (20 days ago)
I rlly wanna live there it's exactly what I want
Hollaback Girlzxx (20 days ago)
whyte people loooooooooove overpaying for 10 foot apartments and acting like they got a good ass deal
Nati Castro Montero (20 days ago)
So cute I loved the appartment
king jester (20 days ago)
Can anyone guess the rent? For a pretzel?
RHYS Style (21 days ago)
Feels like a start of a porn.
purple violet (22 days ago)

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