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What's In Olivia Holt's Purse?

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"Kickin' It" cutie Olivia Holt drops by the Young Hollywood Studio and lays it all out on the table -- the contents of her purse, that is! Find out what must-haves she carries around in her bag, plus what fashion trends she'd like to kick it with or kick to the curb! Also, she reveals the one A-list movie star she's dying to meet and we discover her one true obsession! Hosted by Nikki Novak (@nikkinovak)..
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Text Comments (218)
htownshawn (2 months ago)
2013 please come back ♥
Anime Rules (8 months ago)
She's soooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Roe (1 year ago)
Olivia Skelhorn (1 year ago)
Omg I live ketchup my names Olivia and she's my role model I just found this out 😂
Emma Van Gemert (1 year ago)
Olivia is my favorite acter in the world
MrCazzaGMX (1 year ago)
She wants to get robbed 😂🤣
Aliitasi Uikirifi (2 years ago)
olivia holt i am such a big fan i just love you
Alexys Scell (2 years ago)
olivia do a room tour
Tullybunny (2 years ago)
I have that mirror 😄
darriona m (2 years ago)
this video was uploaded on my birthday
Lindsey Miller (2 years ago)
I'm obsessed with ketchup to
Brutishpilot862 (2 years ago)
with me
Brutishpilot862 (2 years ago)
Olivia Holt would you like to play some Call of Duty
Sky Kidder (2 years ago)
I am obsessed with Hello Kitty
CardboardDragon (2 years ago)
tbh we all know what she actually has in her purse u know wat i saying
Gill Meaney (2 years ago)
Omg I love Olivia she was one of my favorite people I have ever met 😍😍
Miraculous Licorne (2 years ago)
Kira Egg (2 years ago)
High waisted shorts and a crop top. Phoenix: High waist pants/capris and a crop top.
Hamilton Trash (2 years ago)
I was scared that she would have a pad or tampon in her purse😋😜
I'm just trin (2 years ago)
What's wrong which that
Allyson Wright (2 years ago)
Omg, same.
rose taber (2 years ago)
dezz nuts guy your sooooooooo stupid
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
a penny lol😂💩
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
CrazyDipsi (3 years ago)
Misleading title Why did i even write this?
andrew REYNOLDS (3 years ago)
I love ketchup
Matilde Reyes (3 years ago)
Olivia is the same like me
Matilde Reyes (3 years ago)
I love ketchup
JASMINE BERG (3 years ago)
love love love her dress
Franchesca Paz (3 years ago)
awesome Anna (3 years ago)
Olivia I live where you are from
Raquel Gonzalez (3 years ago)
tais e livia santos (3 years ago)
Fernanda Castellanos (3 years ago)
Olivia is amazing and I love her so much!!💜 She sings great and is an inspiration!
anna-marie cronje (3 years ago)
jou know it girl
Caribbean Thainaa (3 years ago)
I'm watching in 2015 and i'm the 2,015th like
Jonathan Alfonso (3 years ago)
what is that
Kimmie and Yari !! (3 years ago)
Me 2
alisaa has tea (3 years ago)
Cool I am in gymnastics too!
alexandru zatreanu (3 years ago)
I love ketup with fries and burgurs
tokidokimochi (3 years ago)
That little bottle of ketchup is so cute!!
Ella Taylor (3 years ago)
At 0:59 when she says "thank you" she reminds me of Selena Gomez. Same mannerisms.
Theodore Hetzel (3 days ago)
Not really by that much and i don't think so
Carter K (3 years ago)
What was the dress was she wearing? Like what is the name of the dress called?
Cathleen Lin (3 years ago)
Oh I have a same mirror 💜
Eva Reeves Holland (3 years ago)
Jagdeep Nerwal (3 years ago)
lies she would probably have some tampons 
Zebib Andemichael (4 years ago)
I love it
maria montoya (4 years ago)
Joel Panglao (3 years ago)
maria montoya (4 years ago)
I am obsessed with Ketchup and hello kitty so we are basically teensiest
Joel Panglao (3 years ago)
D'Ascoyne (4 years ago)
How the hell can anyone eat ketchup? Eww
Trina Dillard (1 month ago)
I love ketchup I'm obsessed with ketchup.
Raelee Myers (2 years ago)
I like ketchup on some stuff I want eat it plain
John Volkwyn (3 years ago)
I'm not saying you have to eat it .If u bothered to try it you would enjoy it
D'Ascoyne (3 years ago)
+John Volkwyn Fries? How the hell can you eat that shit! Eww
John Volkwyn (3 years ago)
We eat it with fries ok
Mya F (4 years ago)
Sadrack Cameau (4 years ago)
Qq. qq
Anita Brnic (4 years ago)
Mazzie Stone (4 years ago)
You meet Gabby Douglas?! *respect*
Miss Lexani (4 years ago)
Does it matter what's in her purse?
Alan Barreda (4 years ago)
Nice Pures Olivia
Ben Sheen (4 years ago)
yea lets see her go to mexico and get raped
Cristina Calixto (4 years ago)
Ok so while I argue with a potential sex offender would you do me a favor and go seek counseling? Cause you obviously have some "issues" to work out...
Cristina Calixto (4 years ago)
Like dude, seriously? The hell is your problem?
Kyut Unikorn (4 years ago)
First I thought it was all her bank money but actually it's a game hope she has a 3DS or 2DS
dja3745 (4 years ago)
yay this was posted on my B-day
Siale Moimoi (4 years ago)
I do care what's in your bag
ana silva (3 years ago)
Then why did you watch the video
Emily Yen (4 years ago)
love olivia holt! I met her when she visited australia.. she was so lovely
Cool Kids (4 years ago)
I have an hello kitty compact mirror
nisrine Tahri (4 years ago)
I'm a fann
JuiceDigger (4 years ago)
mahfuzur Rahman (4 years ago)
LOL BUT LOVE IT ★♥★♥♡☆♡☆♡☆
DarkFabled (4 years ago)
Olivia Holt is one of my top 5 celebrity crushes that are my age
Geo (3 years ago)
Pedo alert!
DarkFabled (3 years ago)
+Samantha McDermott I'm 17, and yeah, why is it so important for you to know about our ages?
John Volkwyn (3 years ago)
Im 8 turning 9 this year .& Im in grade 3
JuiceDigger (4 years ago)
im 16
BeastxJCW (4 years ago)
We'll, that's my future wife. Trust me ;)
Theodore Hetzel (18 days ago)
Well,guys for me Hahaha that's my future sister tho
Jed (1 year ago)
False - she will be mine!
Clara Valdivia (4 years ago)
JuiceDigger (4 years ago)
Hannah Kent (4 years ago)
I a l s o l o v e k a c h u p t o o :-) :-). :-)
Hannah Kent (4 years ago)
C o o l :-)
Hannah Kent (4 years ago)
Don't pay attion to my other comment.But I still love her.:-)
Hannah Kent (4 years ago)
I love her she's my idole and she's also amazing...love her :-) :-) :-)
Darren Christian (4 years ago)
OMG!!!!!OLIVIA HOLT I've always wanted to see her in real life i have collectables of her but not all.If i see anything like posters, collectables, songs and vids or just anything that come across me i would totally buy it no matter how much is it as long it has anything that got to do with Olivia. I prayed hard everyday just to meet Olivia and act in a movie cast with her one day
Minor Turbyalance (4 years ago)
Olivia holt is real hot.
Minor Turbyalance (4 years ago)
WTF was that. She plays video game I wonder if she plays the elder scrolls?
JuiceDigger (4 years ago)
Halo and Call Of Duty lol
Mirthy81 (4 years ago)
She is pretty and cool
YeezyPZ (4 years ago)
Do u play Call Of Duty Olivia
Baljit Kaur (4 years ago)
+Miss Lexani its a joke...
Miss Lexani (4 years ago)
What kind of question is that?
YeezyPZ (4 years ago)
I saw that kickin it episode
Cool Kids (4 years ago)
So did i
Zaira Mejia (4 years ago)
Tiute Tootoo (4 years ago)
type in something
Tenzin Tsering (5 years ago)
Leo and Olivia is good
Tiute Tootoo (4 years ago)
what do you mean by good like good as a couple or by their action 
Tenzin Tsering (5 years ago)
Leo Howard and Olivia Holt is should be boyfriend and girlfriend
SunnyDays (5 years ago)
ommgg i want her hello kitty mirror! ~ O:
Russell Westbrook (5 years ago)
MangoBrum (5 years ago)
VAd är penny på svenska?
Imela Ifezue (5 years ago)
I love ketchup and chicken
lyalaxsparkle (5 years ago)
Oh my god!! I love Olivia holt's purse and I think she is soooo pretty!! But how come she doesn't carry a wallet?
// Mana // (5 years ago)
thats why they made wallets
Jailia Yang (5 years ago)
I like it
Jailia Yang (5 years ago)
BieberTeamMEX (5 years ago)
@chandman11 It's a Louis Vuitton....
chandman11 (5 years ago)
That is like such a fake MK...........look at the color..like ew?
Naomie Tat (5 years ago)
The quantity of ketchup she received by fans after this ibterview...
Liam Rodgers (5 years ago)
I love kickin if
Last Fantasy 1310 (5 years ago)
She is pretty
Ryushi Gaming (5 years ago)
I love you Olivia holt
Gino Marino (5 years ago)
Jack from kick-in it she loves him
None Yah (5 years ago)
3:26just in case I wanna go to mexico
King Lamron (5 years ago)
william hynes (5 years ago)
I love your song it's the best
Ryushi Gaming (5 years ago)
She is realy cute i love you
Thais Ramos (5 years ago)
I love olivia holt
Bria Jones (5 years ago)
I love the boot look!
Melisa (5 years ago)
Actually its not Bridgits boot thing millions of people do it and did it before her or it doesnt matter.
Brigit menderler did the sock boot thing first ,
Byron Pavez (5 years ago)

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