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The World Has A New Most Beautiful Girl In The World

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This Nigerian Beauty Jare Ijalana Has Been Introduced As The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There have been many girls over the years who held the title of “most beautiful girl in the world.” It started out with Thane Blondeau when she was only 6 years old. Russian child models Anastasiya Knyazeva and Kristina Pimenova have also held the title, but it seems there is a new contender. Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa recently posted some stunning photos of a young girl from Nigeria named Jare Ijalana. We’ll introduce you to the shockingly beautiful Jare, as well as her older sisters, Jomi and Joba. You can learn more about them on their J3 Instagram account, and you can also see many more lovely photos. Do you think that Jare deserves the title of most beautiful girl in the world? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get more videos from us here at TheTalko. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (5096)
Melanie CruXes (9 days ago)
*EVERY* girl is beautiful, not just her 💕💕
yaga Desire (6 hours ago)
HufflePuffin' (1 day ago)
I AGREE 100%!💖💖💛
Ava Savage (1 day ago)
jaja bears (1 day ago)
Bree Bree I’m not saying it is racist buuttt it seems that it is because when it was a Caucasian person who was deemed the most beautiful girl in the world everyone was like aww and all that but now that it’s an African American many people are saying EVERY girl is beautiful which they are it’s just it’s sort of unfair and seems racist
Lannon Oldenburg (1 day ago)
She looks so angelic
Weird Homestuckie (1 hour ago)
Yeah but puberty always gotta come and ruin things.
Troy Drake (1 hour ago)
The white girl was prettier
Ellen ! (1 hour ago)
wow i feel so ugly
Proudly an African (1 hour ago)
Some haters here are being racists
KaiEliLove (1 hour ago)
Why baby got a wig on tho?
Sha&Shan DIY (2 hours ago)
She looks so much like a doll! Sooo beautiful! 😍💗
Charlie Felton (2 hours ago)
Everyone is beautiful not just them. My friends little sister cried when we watch this. She thought she was not beautiful anymore and she hated the way she looked. This is just my opinion o. Everyone is a beautiful person and you all need to show your beauty.
Melanie Perekopsky (2 hours ago)
I have found my person ( same name as me above this comment )
A Person (2 hours ago)
She is so adorable! ^o^
Johanna's Stuff (2 hours ago)
Tbh I don't think she's that pretty Shes average in my opinion
khwhi1 (2 hours ago)
Why are peoples feelings hurt that a CHILD was deemed most beautiful? It’s just an opinion. You can’t depend on media to validate how you view yourself. It doesn’t work. Just because this little girl is beautiful doesn’t make others not beautiful
Marshall Felder (2 hours ago)
This is creepy. That being said, nope.
Mandy’s World (3 hours ago)
Ana Moran (3 hours ago)
Can I be the most beautiful girl in the world???? Edit:I wish I was bootifull 😭😭😢😢😢😓😓😓
Yvonne oliea,yvonne (3 hours ago)
I'd I had daughter I would not allow this I would not want it for myself. This is too weird
Sushi Sauce (3 hours ago)
ÅDRÏÃ HÂÑŠŌŃ (3 hours ago)
Why do they do these videos when everyone is so beautiful and unique
Inkii (3 hours ago)
I’m sorry but don’t say that there’s a “most beautiful girl in the world” everybody has there own opinion and I honest think that some of them aren’t as beautiful and can’t be called some of the most beautiful girls in the world” so yeah
BossLaday T (3 hours ago)
Jara is sooo beautiful omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 edit: Jare !!!
Brianna parcel (3 hours ago)
And the title is perfect
Førestal Skittles (3 hours ago)
Wow we wa?…
Brianna parcel (3 hours ago)
They are all beautiful
Bri and Ziy (4 hours ago)
Who looked at the thumbnail, then looked at the girls roots, and noticed it was a wig.
Adorey the Wolf101 (4 hours ago)
*is she a demon that just came to life? Sorry she ain’t perfection. Every girl is beautiful. She look cute. She still ain’t perfect.*
ToniBreland (4 hours ago)
It concerns me when I see children posed as adults. Who, really, is the target audience for such a thing?
Chloe P. (4 hours ago)
Nobody’s the most beautiful girl in the world.
antonia cabrera (4 hours ago)
LoveableStudio XX (4 hours ago)
It's doesn't matter to be the *most* pretty...All that matters is your personality not the looks who cares about the looks
Julissa p (4 hours ago)
So your calling me ugly..? Just kidding :)
All girls and boys are beautiful
Fîre Heårt (5 hours ago)
Ya saying I’m ugly.. wow
Natsuki ! (5 hours ago)
Everyone is Beautiful we are made in gods image and appreciate that don’t just make people who have depression think that they she is better then them TALKO!
Alyssa Fernadndez (5 hours ago)
Her lips are to pumped her eyes look fake her hair is a mess and some of her lip is a different color
Belinda Pierre-Paul (5 hours ago)
Melanie CruXes you sound FISHY no one said she was the only beautiful girl in the world were just giving her some glory and here you come down playing a little girls special moment You sound FISHY Melanie CruXes😝😡💯
Niusha Mashouf (5 hours ago)
The girl on the thumbnail is actually really ugly lol
Ginny Weasley Potter (5 hours ago)
Soooo pretty
Sacred Lotus Henna (5 hours ago)
all girls are cool and beautiful
ADiosChicago (5 hours ago)
Wow! That's what I call stunning. This little girl is beautiful.
Winston Baptiste (6 hours ago)
there is no world most beautiful girl
Little Sweetie (6 hours ago)
Jare is such a gorgeous little beauty.
Your mom have gay (6 hours ago)
YES, all those white little girls are looking up to her!! YOU GO GIRL. THAT LITTLE WHITE GIRL HAS *NEVER* been more beautiful!!
luna mayore (6 hours ago)
isn't *EVERY* girl beautiful?
bruh its aileen (7 hours ago)
so fake
Eskow 7 (7 hours ago)
Her eyes are stunning !
Sabrine (7 hours ago)
Wow so beautiful may God bless her.
Fatou Cisse (7 hours ago)
miku fan 100 Avon (7 hours ago)
Her eyes OMG
Jayla Varona (7 hours ago)
They only calling her most beautiful bc she has clear skin
Madison Brooks (7 hours ago)
“EvErY GiRl iS beAutIfuL” Look,I know you’re trying to be nice and all but this is not a video about who’s beautiful.Its just about this girl who looks gorgeous,and never once did the video say that she was prettier than everyone else.Just let her shine,doesn’t matter who she is.Sure,no one is perfect but the video never said that she is so perfect.The video just said that she is very pretty.Nothing offensive.
Shay M. (7 hours ago)
She's absolutely beautiful!!!
Her eyes are huge
Lily Cui (9 hours ago)
eew shes ugly
Luna Kat (9 hours ago)
So are you saying that im not beautiful?? Ok
Isabel Hernandez (9 hours ago)
Ok yes ; she is beautiful. But I m Latina n I’m not that Beautiful. But guess what; I don’t want to be her. I wonder why.
maryna martina (9 hours ago)
Every girl is beautiful not only them
Addicted To Mlp (9 hours ago)
*When people say only these girls are beautiful* They are liars, all girls are Beautiful
The photographer is very talented. his photos look like renaissance paintings
Tatianna Daniel (9 hours ago)
And her sisters are beautiful as well!!!!
Tatianna Daniel (9 hours ago)
LOL. People stay mad. She is extremely beautiful.
Hermione Granger (10 hours ago)
Instead my face looks like a pepperoni pizza
Hermione Granger (10 hours ago)
I wish I was that pretty
Jamesha Carter (10 hours ago)
shes so pretty im so ugly 😭 😩
carrie manning (10 hours ago)
So ugly
Safete Maliqi (10 hours ago)
ldk but l love the look of that skin condition l wish. had thattttt
Athena Craig (11 hours ago)
There's no (next most beautiful girl) every girl in this world are the most beautiful girls get it right💞💞💞💞
FierlyCZ (11 hours ago)
She looks like a doll... She looks really weird But i really love her hair!
Chinenye Uchenna (11 hours ago)
Wow.. She's a Nigerian
Riyas Riyasputech (12 hours ago)
Lauryn Nakitare (13 hours ago)
Awwwww I have her as my fb profile pic,I love her skin tone,hair,eyes and lips,hope she grows up loving her melanin.
shininge christophine (13 hours ago)
is sooooooo beautiful wow😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Affi Girl (14 hours ago)
She's looking like a living Doll yea she's beautiful
Shamila Thahir (14 hours ago)
She is super cute
wubtaye getachew (16 hours ago)
too beauty
world wide info. (16 hours ago)
Every girl is dull without me 😁😁😁😁😂😂 . . . . Just joking...every girl is beautiful... . . . . Like me...😂😁😂😁😂😁
dupsy angelina (16 hours ago)
Who else came to the comment section directly after clicking the video?
ShadesOf OrangeFoxes (17 hours ago)
I don't really think people can really define 'most beautiful' because different people have different preferences....
GymXtreme 004 (18 hours ago)
I mean, you can’t say she’s the most beautiful girl in the world if you see every girl in the world🤔🤔
Anjeza Kuliqi (18 hours ago)
Everyone has his/her beauty !!
Madison Mackie (18 hours ago)
Why would you said worlds cutes girl we are all beautiful
Ashwini Ghodke (19 hours ago)
She is really very beautiful 😍 can't take my eyes off her ❤
Nabila Bi (20 hours ago)
Every child is beautiful in their own way they are little angels 👼
Jersey Reynolds (20 hours ago)
Why do they just say the most beautiful girl in the world when she's not don't get me wrong she is beautiful but EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way it's like say this rock is the most beautiful rock in the world it's just so messed up
gmatthewsantos 909 (20 hours ago)
Unicorn_Andrea 101 (20 hours ago)
I wish in was beautiful like her she makes ne look ugly nobody tell me im pretty either
Addy (20 hours ago)
Looks can be deciving
Addy (20 hours ago)
Most people are talking about looks, but looks can be deceiving.
unicool 123 (21 hours ago)
She is freaking creppy
Paul Kurt (21 hours ago)
Her eyes 😍😍😍😍😍
Perfect StrHands (21 hours ago)
Wow 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽 https://youtu.be/WJoYxQOYaOs
Lilly Jane (21 hours ago)
Lalisa Blackpink (21 hours ago)
_Everyone_ Is unique and beautiful in their own way.
Niara Hancock (21 hours ago)
Every girl is beautiful
Chloe Lukasiak (21 hours ago)
Not everyone is perfect
Every one is equally beautiful
Rabail Rehman (21 hours ago)
One f them looked fake
Loko Priya Gogoi (22 hours ago)
shnzy _ (22 hours ago)
Her eyes r magical!!!
Unicorns RREAL (22 hours ago)
The most common thing you guys look at is the eyes...
It's simrin (22 hours ago)
She is beautiful because of her eyes

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