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Machine Gun Interview with Modeliste

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Machine Gun Kelly reveals all in his Modeliste Men's Interview
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Sarah Kelly Baker (2 months ago)
I love this interview
Annie Mayle (3 months ago)
Anyone who really cares about this man isn't here for the way he dresses.. so get off him for that. His vibe though, yeah, he is deep... He has dealt with a lot of shit and I think when he was younger he just kept pushing it to the back of his mind... now it seems like it's all coming to the surface. Let this man express his feelings, damn.. As he gets older, he's going to change - change is a part of life.... but EST means Everyone Stands Together. <3 I love you Kells and I think you're doing amazing!
Mama '93 (4 months ago)
"You can't put me in a box bitch. I'm 6 foot 4. It doesn't fit." My goodness I love this man 😍😂
Garou (6 months ago)
Emily Kilgore (7 months ago)
i think im in love with this man. i would actually have a full blown mental breakdown if i ever met him.
Bebaios (7 months ago)
Beautiful mind, talented artist, interesting personality etc...but I can't concentrate because he is soooo 🔥🔥🔥 he is a piece of art
Yasmine Yoh (7 months ago)
His outfit tho 🌹❤️🔥💕🤤👅😍
Billy Bees (8 months ago)
Looks like a bumble
KOPA ONE (9 months ago)
Ok just for my perspective: the people who lived his old shit but hate his new shit are so close minded. Like ok take someone who loved the song end of the road, I'll quote "the ones who fear change be the ones who d ont care look at themselves and see somebody else in the mirror" how could you not expect this change. Be happy for him, he has developed amazingly
Lukas Weder (9 months ago)
Intro Music ?
Devon Orr (10 months ago)
Please don't fucking aspire to act like Kanye.....Ever...don't give a fuck if it's prime tv
Adil Naqvi (10 months ago)
This the nigga who gonna play Goku in the future as long as he look like this on god. He just needa get bruce lee jacked and grow up a lil.
Gabriela Munoz (11 months ago)
Can't wait to meet him im 5'1 lmao
Rezaea Love (11 months ago)
SimbaRyan (11 months ago)
definitely has gotten industry but im not even mad at him for it. just out grew him in a way.
J essica (11 months ago)
SimbaRyan :(
Taylor Mucker (11 months ago)
I love MGK’s vibe and his music!
Marcin Malolepszy (11 months ago)
when my reality gets alll fucked up... i turn to this sht... it makes me human again... like it makes me realize that humanity prevails.... I dunno its weird... no opinion no bias... just reality!!! and I love it!!!!
Shane Hayes (11 months ago)
No more Chuck's, tanks, snapbacks, and real raw music, no more Lace Up. Everything he doing now is for the industry.
Shane Hayes (11 months ago)
The bitch ass sellout himself. Went from mgk to Justin Bieber
janakr99 (1 year ago)
He's simple perfect. The way he speaks just the truth. And 27 also blows my mind every time i hear it. The first song that makes me cry in my entire life. XX
Skizzy Starz (1 year ago)
I still remember when I first started listening to him in 2010 and he was wearing small tshirts with a Snapback and now he's killing it with style. My boy evolved 🤘🏼
Bison (1 year ago)
Hardcore MGK fans be like *WHO ARE YOU???*
Louden Brickley (8 months ago)
Hahahaha some people who don't follow him very closely are still used to the leather man haha
Mike T (11 months ago)
Bison gotcha bro ... So many people like I want the old MGK and shit
Bison (11 months ago)
Mike T I can careless what he's wearing, I was just kidding 😂
Mike T (11 months ago)
Bison ... No. I'm a hard core fan, and though I don't fuck w his style, I still fuck w him and his music. He's an artist, and he's evolving, and if he's happy I'm happy. Think about it, would you still expect a 15 to talk and think like he did when he was 5? So why expect a 27 year old to think like a 17 year old? It's an exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying. Point is, I can care less what he wears. He's a good dude, a good dad, he loves his fans and he deeply loves and appreciates music. That's why I like him and that's why "real" fans will always fuck with him. I'd rather him dress like an idiot, but be real and be genuine, than for him to dress how he thinks people want him too. Feel me? God bless!!
TeRiP Family (1 year ago)
TeRiP Family (1 year ago)
I hate you... Dipset
Sparrow HD (1 year ago)
I miss the wild boy MGK
MGK Q (1 year ago)
Alexis Armadillo (1 year ago)
Alexis Armadillo (1 year ago)
A white man with a black man's rap skills!
Alexis Armadillo (11 months ago)
Mike T I know I was kidding
Mike T (11 months ago)
Alexis Armadillo huh? Almost 2018, lotta great white rappers.
Patrick M (1 year ago)
Damn he looks like he's just getting over the stomach bug or something he looks pale as fuck
redhotchilifan98 (1 year ago)
PJ Mo detoxing of them drugs lol
Dicle Dlk (1 year ago)
Notyme xX (11 months ago)
prolly halsey lol
selenaquintanilla100 (11 months ago)
Faith Bowman lmao. Nah
Faith Bowman (1 year ago)
Obviously Camilla Cabello
Evi Hanson (1 year ago)
Okay that's not the real mgk look at interviews from a year ago he's totally different he's got a whole different persauna like jumping around can't sit still, does anyone see it? Like he's more preepy now and not "real" personality
Annie Mayle (3 months ago)
God forbid he's grown up, right? Not like he has a daughter to calm down for or anything..
chanice n (8 months ago)
Evi Hanson hes just happy dam nigguh was battling stds
Danielle Fields (9 months ago)
Dubious Jay thank u thats what im saying, like her comment was totally outta pocket
Dmariemoney Almaraz (9 months ago)
Evi Hanson STFU
Angel 505 (1 year ago)
Evi Hanson he’s just more mature he’s more calm. He’s still him but he’s getting older he can’t be “wild boy” actin stupid forever. He still is a lil crazy and has his edge he just evolving as a person like he should. He’s grown alot
Terrific Troll (1 year ago)
This dudes music is beyond HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEE...No wonder hes STILL only worth like 2 million the most
Jose Garcia (8 months ago)
Terrific Troll how much u worth fam?
Louden Brickley (8 months ago)
How much you worth?
Danielle Fields (9 months ago)
Your just a undercover fan lol stop heating a keep the vibe alive inside forever. ✌❤🤘
Angel 505 (1 year ago)
Terrific Troll than why are watching his interview 😂
HolyWhoreHouse (1 year ago)
He looks like the dude on that OF album
Ꮶ. (8 months ago)
Kadeesha Clemons odd future
Kadeesha Clemons (9 months ago)
Lucas Vercetti ? 😂
L Bo (1 year ago)
I adore this man.. For his genuine personality. But I am just not a fan of his new style. Lol but I with rock with it wherever his style, music, life takes him. #Laceup #EST
Trevor Paine (1 year ago)
Dude I swear you can here how upset he is that a lot of his fans don't fw his new album, especially towards the end talking about 27. He's pained man. I'm probably really stoned and just thinking about how many people flipped on him
Priscilla (10 months ago)
Michael Paulsen it's like an singer or performer you have to change with them (or not) because they aren't gonna stay the same
Michael Paulsen (1 year ago)
I've learned that as Kells evolves as an artist, I have to evolve as a fan. It's kinda required when you have a 6 hour lace up tat, jumping off this wagon any an option for me
Michael Paulsen (1 year ago)
That would be one of the major points I'd bring up if I ever had the chance to meet him again. It's tough, I'm generally one of those guys... whenever someone I've followed from being a nobody, to signing and getting radio play, I lose interest, typical hipster deebagg. But Kells is different, he's the only one I'll still die for. He's genuine, regardless of the type of song. Nobody is party wild boy all the time. Nobody wants to be depressed and dark all the time either. He's real with everything he does. He cares about the family. A true life changer
Angel 505 (1 year ago)
Lisa Boliaris forreal I don’t know why they expect his sound not to change. He’s happier and more at peace then he used to be. He’s not angry at the world anymore and his music is going to grow and reflect that. Just like any other artist. If they wanna leave and not listen to his music who cares. Cause you know they either still bumpin his shit in they car or will be here lurkin on his next album
Harley Cornell (1 year ago)
Harley connell thas on tha real u Dnt no hes a 4real bad mafucker can out rap a Shit load a people I no thts white still. Number1 Kevin gates theres never gonna be 1thtl beat my #1 nigga gates that alll ona real
Keshav Mainali (1 year ago)
Zania Rogers (1 year ago)
His evolution is so beautiful, I'm here for it🤘🏾
Fonso128 (1 year ago)
Zania Rogers Machine Gun Kelly is making the culture great again.
Mgkfeat Eminem (1 year ago)
He's getting dressed really bad lately.
Isaiah Jairam (1 year ago)
One of the dopest artist of this time
Dantes Inferno (1 year ago)
He looks like a super low budget Super Saiyan Goku lmfao still love him tho
Amanda Sunday (1 year ago)
Loved the interview but I think I loved the couch more.
Roy Crowder (9 months ago)
Amanda Sunday lol me too love the couch
Michaela Nelson (1 year ago)
One of the realest entertainers of this generation
Shane Hayes (11 months ago)
Lisa Boliaris how do you prove you're not a sellout by selling out.? Lol That logic I just can't comprehend
L Bo (11 months ago)
Shane Hayes you're an idiot. This man literally kept himself in a bubble and hated in the industry for *years* just to prove he isn't a sellout. Let the fucking man make some money for a change. He's not a sell out.
Shane Hayes (11 months ago)
On of the realest sellouts of the industry for sure. Listen to anything from his lace up album and before, then listen to general admission and bloom. He's industry, mainstream, a fuck boy. Whatever you wanna call it
L Bo (1 year ago)
Michaela Nelson facts

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