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14 Dressing Rules Everyone Should Learn Once and for All

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How to choose clothes that suit you? “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman,” Coco Chanel said. It’s hard to disagree with her because clothes are a very important part of our image. Any flaw can be noticed — especially when you are going to meet someone for the first time. Bright Side has collected the most basic rules that will help you to look perfect all the time. TIMESTAMPS A jacket 0:11 A shirt or blouse 0:40 Bijouterie 1:00 How to tie a tie 1:19 A dress 1:38 A men shirt 1:58 A women shirt 2:11 A belt 2:33 A cardigan 2:47 How to wear a belt 3:03 Tags on clothes 3:21 Prints 3:36 A blouse 3:52 Socks 4:07 SUMMARY The middle button on a jacket should always be closed. When you are wearing a shirt or a blouse, you can unbutton no more than 2 buttons. Wear earrings that match your bracelet and a necklace that goes well with your ring. The tip of your tie should reach your waist and cross it just a little. Opt for either a miniskirt or cleavage. Both at once look too vulgar. If you are wearing a shirt without a jacket, you don’t need a tie. Your office shirt cleavage should not be deeper than 4″ from your collarbone. If you tucked in your shirt, you should wear a belt. Your naked skin should not be seen between your cardigan and your jeans. Wear a top if necessary. Your belt should be the same color as your shoes. All visible tags on clothes should be cut off. Don’t wear too many prints. Your socks should be long enough that your naked legs aren’t seen when you are sitting. An office blouse without sleeves should cover your shoulders. Share these tips with a friend of yours who is going to an important job interview or a coworker who is having trouble choosing a tie. Make the world around you a little better! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (1023)
BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
What do you think a person's clothes say about him/her? Btw, here's what shop assistants never tell anyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJLzSpTAEIM&
Imtiyaaj Om (2 months ago)
Hame aap ki video achi lagi isliye mai aap ko bahut acche Kehna Chahta Hoon
my (2 months ago)
+ania R. not true... You don't have to dress with the latest fashion to look good, or wear expensive clothes... To be able to keep a job ... or that doesn't mean you have low education and so on... Me, I'm always in trainers unless I have to go to some kind of event... Just because I like to be practical .. rarely I wear make-up too... I love my body as perfectly imperfect as it is.. and not try to hide behind clothes or make-up.. something like.. this is what you get..... The only person I would change for it's myself. Shame people these days are so obsessed with the latest trends and looks, that forget who they really are, or don't have the courage to show it to others.
There are no rules to dressing! You can dress however you want! So stop!
my (4 months ago)
Pratul Mahanta what did you smoke? 😂
Pratul Mahanta (4 months ago)
I follow all of them. I am a God
Alison Gerow (1 day ago)
Well I just got to say people tick in their shirts and pull bits of it out for it to look baggy for style *You don't need a belt* (I DONT OWN ONE)
GNP Subaru (5 days ago)
*M o d e r n*
Ćma (1 month ago)
this is not only wrong, but mildly offensive
mantu das (1 month ago)
Great channel
avinash singh (1 month ago)
Last tip is now changed ......of exposing ankle
Kumari Senadeera (1 month ago)
what's this background music btw?
S.S. Teresa (1 month ago)
Afzal Khan (1 month ago)
41 k men likes 41.5k women unlikes😂
Horsecrazy23 345 (1 month ago)
Vixie (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice that the background music is James charles' background music too?
Ish me Bob (1 month ago)
This is pretty much telling people not to do what they want just rude
Amina Gabulzada (1 month ago)
Nikita Patel (1 month ago)
Mr. Camacho (1 month ago)
Thanks fashion police.. But I follow my own rules!
MewMix (1 month ago)
I'm only here to improve my drawing fashion.
B Hawthorne (1 month ago)
I dont get the jacket button one...how come? Just curious
Janay Francis (2 months ago)
Most make sense but men still need a tie even without a jacket depending on where they're working
Hannah Jordan!! (2 months ago)
Old people liked it 🤔🤔🤔
turtle mgurtle (2 months ago)
Im not saying you shouldn’t dress nicely but most of this is random BS they made up on the fly
Umrav Singh (2 months ago)
Wear however you fill comfortable
onbekende telefoon (2 months ago)
This whole thing feels like finger pointing by people that do so much more wrong themselves
Mughal Sajawal (2 months ago)
Very Good
SATYA DEEKSHA (2 months ago)
Wonderfully Said
English Knight (2 months ago)
I've never seen anyone ever wear a belt. Is it to save money and get larger trousers but just fasten them so you don't have to pay more?
Arianator forever (2 months ago)
And the whole time I was wondering where are the faces of those people??
Shivani Patel (2 months ago)
Very nice for business environments!
Bethany Wozniak (2 months ago)
This is why so many people have self esteem issues today. Just wear what you feel happy in, there shouldn't be so many rules! If you want to wear 4 pieces of jewelry then go ahead!!
SANDILE THANKS (2 months ago)
Dios Sea Contigo (2 months ago)
I don’t have to, and besides who says so?
Ochako Uraraka (2 months ago)
So according to the thumbnail, people should just not wear necklaces? Wow proving argument mate
TheClaireWitchProject (2 months ago)
I'm curious why the bottom button on a jacket should never be closed
TheWeirdFoxLuna (2 months ago)
Okay *Dad*
Izzy Wizzy (2 months ago)
You can't really tell people how to wear there clothes
Dhivya Muthukumar (2 months ago)
Love how every toon is shaking for the music 😂
bertha yellowfinch (2 months ago)
GdayGnight ! (2 months ago)
Dont tell people they have to do these
laitila frey (2 months ago)
I never wear two pieces with full prints on them if the prints differ. They never match for my taste. If the pants , leggings or skirt have stripes, flowers or whatever print all over, the top part must be plain , plain with one framed print.or have just a little print on it. If the top has flowers , stripes, or any repeated pattern, the bottom part should be plain (Excuse my English), just draw attention to one of the pieces.
Maddison Rooney (2 months ago)
Girls do u lads do u
Good advices. sir thanks
Abbie Clark (2 months ago)
I don’t agree with a lot of these
Davo Davoson (2 months ago)
FunForSameer (2 months ago)
Imagine being triggered when told to be more modest
Sharib Mohammad (2 months ago)
Some of the things r very cool n not very hard to follow if u arrange properly
Vetri Chelvi (2 months ago)
avrill james (2 months ago)
I agree with everyone of these. Great video
kumaresan v (2 months ago)
ayu zakia (2 months ago)
What are the last button for, if it’s never used?
Jade Euchner (2 months ago)
3:28 I understand that but what if it's Gucci?
There at no rules to dressing! You can dress however you want!
Grace Ho (2 months ago)
🤣 thIs sounds like an absurd high school dress code
TJ Sealey (2 months ago)
I agree with all things mentioned...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Chloe ck (2 months ago)
Have we just been dress coded?
ikr (2 months ago)
I just think that the colour black goes with everything.
Sophie C ASMR (2 months ago)
I mean, you're not wrong
I bet justin Y is gonna be here
Collister Kannah (2 months ago)
I’m going to wear a chain with my turtle neck and y’all can smd
Afnan _ Limelight (2 months ago)
*Dani Cohn entered the chat* -saw --1:52- *Daniel Cohn has left the chat* Well um... that’s going to be hard for Dani...
Jhe Garingan (2 months ago)
Who would even wear clothes with tags on it? lol
Jade Diamond (2 months ago)
Good tips. Will apply
Monique Lucero (2 months ago)
Classy looks I LOVE it 😋 ALL 2019
Jason Cho (2 months ago)
Are you judging how I should wear my clothes bc this is no help at all
Jason Cho (2 months ago)
Are you judging how I should wear my clothes! You mean
Daisy Flower (2 months ago)
Honestly yes there is a line to be drawn about cleavage but sometimes people take it too far. You shouldn’t have everything poppin out in the office it’s a time for work and it’s being respectful but when they get extreme about it then I wanna scream “WELL MAYBE TEACH THE BOYS TO STARE AT MY FACE AND NOT MY CLEAVAGE AND TELL THEM TO CONTROL THEMSELVES!” And to All the people who say “boys will be boys” I feel like yes as teenagers boys will be boys and misbehave but that’s not a valid excuse for some matters. 🤷🏻‍♀️ you don’t have to agree I’m Js what I think and you can keep Scrolling if you disagree or do whatever you want idc.
Ewelina Wu (2 months ago)
Oh such a waste of time
Pooja Singhani (2 months ago)
Its today's fashion
How is this channel so popular? It's just garbage.
joseph e.r (2 months ago)
Ok so,who created this rules ?
Revelation of LIfe (2 months ago)
Let's add excessively long fake fingernails too much makeup, excessive fake hair, excessive perfume or body odor, too tight clothing , over fashionable shoes men or women, wrinkled clothing, any latest trends in hairstyles including off colors oh, unkempt facial hair , tattoos , piercings , and last but not least looking like a straight-up hoe
Sophie C ASMR (2 months ago)
+Debra Martin So would you like to dress every single person in the morning because you can't just control what everyone wears.
Swati Verma (2 months ago)
Really helpful video 👍👍
Prerna Singh (2 months ago)
Beautiful! Thankyou😊
Derpy DerpArt (2 months ago)
sanjeev saxena (3 months ago)
Bc h kya
Pubg mobile Türkiye (3 months ago)
Merry Christmas 🎅 the
Ambrish dubey (3 months ago)
Only for Girls!!!!
Lora Tana (3 months ago)
It said dressing rules? *I THOUGHT IT SAID DRAWING!!!*
sorryionlyspeakbroke (3 months ago)
Muhammad Sarfraz (3 months ago)
Vishnu Murthy (3 months ago)
Just come lord pastor told one upon time apset going oky kissssssss
Priyasakthi Priyasakthi (3 months ago)
any one time people her
BSM fashion Trendz (3 months ago)
I know that nobody will read this but For the one percent who reading this, If just a single person reads this it will make my day! 👍<33 Have a great life and good luck in the future <33 I know fame doesn’t happen over night but I am trying my hardest to become a successful youtuber. Wish and help me grow to 5000 😊💚😊
Ashiyana Hamara (3 months ago)
I already knew each of them!!!!!
Sadique Anwar (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this... These things are really helpful
sai varshini kunderu (3 months ago)
It looked like my mom was instructing me
Jane Rodr (3 months ago)
The fashion police. Let people dress how ever. Me hah I'm a ragamuffin. And loving it 😍
2006Heart (3 months ago)
this doesn't make sense people can wear whatever they think is appropriate for whatever occasion they are going to
Prathiksha K (3 months ago)
Just love this!!! I don't see what the f is wrong with this video that people are going insane with comments!! -_-
Deepa Bhatt (3 months ago)
N:B series (3 months ago)
Very nice
Aika Kim (3 months ago)
ADME?? -_-
Moni Singh (3 months ago)
Jeremy Mammen (3 months ago)
This weirded me out.
Jeremy Mammen (3 months ago)
Kinda liked it tho
Reena Verma (3 months ago)
thnkss for telling us.
Sangeethana Keerthana (3 months ago)
Good advice
Ebot Enow (3 months ago)
Ashish Marketing (3 months ago)
I don't feel them necessary, the cross are also not bad
saggitbow (3 months ago)
I never bothered about matching my earrings and bracelet or my necklace and ring. Now I know better.
KRO 222 (3 months ago)
Just in time for my next beach trip!
shree Kavya (3 months ago)
Pples Wht like they can do... Nothing rules in passion 😎😎😂😂😂
sara B (3 months ago)

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