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Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (The Making Of)

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http://smarturl.it/ImagineDragons.News Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Radioactive. (C) 2012 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records.
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Text Comments (1230)
Jorel Sad (12 days ago)
Greg Nolen (19 days ago)
I will go to chernobyl and scream the lyrics and run down the street at the same time
Kaiju Killer (21 days ago)
Jfc. The comments are either AlexANdrA DadDariO Or Some sad shit.
Autumn Willoby (25 days ago)
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alv :v (1 month ago)
Nemrac XD (2 months ago)
pta madre el 2012!! aun no puedo creer que ya pasaron 6 años de esta rola maravillosa!! 😍👌
Jayasri Unnikuttan (2 months ago)
Make a song called Terrible
Ms Hari haran (2 months ago)
Come to India
Harmony Bond (3 months ago)
You guys are amazing and you do"What ever it takes" to make amazing songs
wentendo gaming (3 months ago)
why puppets?
Hazal Akgöl (3 months ago)
OMG Radioactive
minebuster 44 (3 months ago)
I like you music that´s good
mapper mapping (4 months ago)
The early years of cuddle team leader
BonedTurkey69 (4 months ago)
Is that’s why they made the song what ever it takes?
Ericka Hunt (4 months ago)
Ommggg her eys
DanDragons Like (4 months ago)
Wow!! No comments))
¿Neta Neto? (4 months ago)
Those eyes are of Alexandra Daddario??
binh doan (5 months ago)
This song brought me to Imagine Dragons
Alex Brame (5 months ago)
hey im going to your concert
Amalkrishnan Ajay (5 months ago)
Every single one of you people has a crush on her. Unfuckingbelievable. Get a life
Yumi não oficial sz (6 months ago)
Wooouooooo woouooau im radiocative Im radiocative
conker's studio (6 months ago)
Where can i get this toy whit one eye ball and yellow and Orange ? Tell me plz i want it so bad
Krish Talati (6 months ago)
alexndra daddario!
Cami Araujo (6 months ago)
Alexandra daddario 😍❤️
Violet Nichols (6 months ago)
I was in Huricane Sandy but I wasn't near the water. But I didn't have power. I was 5 then. Now I am 11 almost 12.
Noor Dragneel (7 months ago)
Sathvick Satish (8 months ago)
Hey Annabeth!
Kenzie (8 months ago)
2:57 finish the video no matter what... Sounds to me they would do *Whatever it Takes* to get it done. *I Dont Know Why* but *I'm So Sorry* for my horrible pun😂 (I had to do this so dont judge!)😂😂😂😂😂
Jane Sadou (10 months ago)
I want the pink little bear 😍
Evelyn Jackson (10 months ago)
Annabeth!! Percy Jackson❤❤😍😍
sniper 0 (10 months ago)
Annabeth.. I didn’t know she was in music videos (not exactly) like this!
Lindsey is a cat (10 months ago)
Wow that's awesome they shot in two different places!!
sniper 0 (10 months ago)
Realised in the Original Video had a cast looked just like Alexandra Daddario and immediately went to this video.
sniper 0 (10 months ago)
Hakan Ultimet (11 months ago)
Fatahillah Ramadhan (11 months ago)
OMG Alex ... She's Perfect.
Lawl Person (11 months ago)
One of them looked like Ed Sheeren but now that I saw him in the light, he looks like another person.
unicorn kitty kitty Pugh (11 months ago)
Umm one question why why did you have to do this I mean the puppets are cute but the video is not it's all about fighting and violence I can't watch the vid anymore cuse I have nightmares but the pink teddy saves me yay anyway I not whining I'm complaining but your video is good have a good life and could you make a vid where pink teddy reacts to my vid please thanks oh and in my world your VIP
unicorn kitty kitty Pugh (11 months ago)
Hey pink teddy come to my house I'm a big fan each time I see you I go crazy like this lol lol lol 😂 I want the pink teddy cuse he is so cute
D.X.D Mashups (1 year ago)
I love Dan's hair
Skinny Spongbob (1 year ago)
I like her eye
Dan Reynolds |-/ (1 year ago)
You're doing amazing sweeties
Stra1ik iT (1 year ago)
Nice girl
You think training dogs is hard Imagine Dragons
Lukas Murmann (1 year ago)
If the knew the succes the song would have...
Ding Dong (1 year ago)
Who else sings the song in the background while watching?
Evil Queen (1 year ago)
Amo demais ❤❤❤❤❤❤
I love you pink teddy I love you I'm going to send some teddy faces for you 🐴🐴🐴🐴🌈😍😍😍😍😍😍🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 hope you come to my house
Ryan White (1 year ago)
These guys are about the only 21st century band that I respect. Glad there's still some bands around making music with actual musical instruments instead of computers.
Pink teddy notice me please I'm a big fan so my number is
Juanii Furlan (1 year ago)
That jacket, those tight jeans and those badass shoes= I'm pregnant
Stacey He (1 year ago)
Gentle Soul (1 year ago)
I am looking only for Lou 😂❤️
Gentle Soul (1 year ago)
Lou Diamond Phillips ❤️❤️❤️
John (1 year ago)
Özer HIZARCIOGLU (2 months ago)
Sathvick Satish (8 months ago)
Jenny Nguyen (10 months ago)
I love Percy Jackson and the olympinan
Diego Renteria (11 months ago)
What I wanna know is how did they make the stuffed animals move?!! I didn't see any hands!! How'd they do it? Was it like animation or something? How the heck did you guys make the stuffed animals move?!!
Blue Haze (1 year ago)
Good to see Richie Valen Alive
SlasH (1 year ago)
2:42 cringe?
I love pink bear he's adorable and I just want to hug him
SlasH (1 year ago)
RadEpicGaming bruh .....
ItzAliya (1 year ago)
I love Alexandra Daddario's eyes!
ItzAliya (1 year ago)
Kim _ʟɪʟʏ (2 years ago)
I love the pink teddy bears until I cry
ItzAliya (1 year ago)
Me too!!
Julier101 (2 years ago)
i lived in NY
Julier101 (2 years ago)
what hurricane in NY
Logan Osborne (2 years ago)
Does anyone else want to have the big purple monster in their puppet collection
Aashish Pala (2 years ago)
Magic in that place! While listening a single piece of RADIOACTIVE, it just feels me up Full of Enthusiasm throughout the whole day! Thanks you so much to whole for making this miracle song!
Henry Zhang (2 years ago)
I wanted an explanation for why people were betting on probably sentient stuffed animals...
Gökhan Utar (2 years ago)
Come Turkey MAN!
TWENTY ØNE PILØTS (2 years ago)
who else came here to see "making of radioactive" ( not Alexandra ddoddario)
Ramon Nunez (3 months ago)
BLUEHAVEN (1 year ago)
sheen productions (1 year ago)
i came for to see the pink teddy bear
yoni LOL (2 years ago)
Pich Hin (2 years ago)
just here to see alex
HearPcGaming (2 years ago)
+Pich Hin me too
Perez Sara (2 years ago)
I like pink bear he is so cute :)
Pugsrulee 34543 (1 year ago)
Perez Sara same
Ariel Sun (2 years ago)
who also came here for Alex's beauty <3 those eyes seriously caught me!
Özer HIZARCIOGLU (2 months ago)
Ariel Sun O
Pugsrulee 34543 (1 year ago)
Ariel Sun same
sniperg 153 (2 years ago)
that girl man. she is so beautiful
The Batman 01 (2 years ago)
Pink bear, most creative name ever.
black labs (2 years ago)
+The Batman 01 actually i would of never thought of that name lol
Pedro Rodriguez (2 years ago)
OMG, alex is so beautiful <3
phrantastic (2 years ago)
yves (2 years ago)
who else watch just for alex? <333
Me 😂
Logan Osborne (2 years ago)
Matilde Johansen (2 years ago)
Ben is so smol
Shenaya 28 (2 years ago)
her eyes though.....
Scorpion gamer yt (3 years ago)
hi imagine Dragons
matrodmedia (3 years ago)
Shooting Alex(a) with an Arri (Alex)a :)
Andre Rohsler (3 years ago)
eu nunca vi olhos tão lindos quanto aos dela
OMG I love Radioactive so much. It's song of all my life. Imagine Dragons please come to Russia so quickly as you can. Moscow is waiting for you ^_^
Maky Tochez (3 years ago)
I kind of get but not really can some one just fill me in please
Amanda Simpson (3 years ago)
I could just watch Lou forever
Aditya Pradana (3 years ago)
Alex is really perfect ! I love her face, that deep blue eyes, just aarrghhh...... She's a perfection !
Imelik Inimene (5 months ago)
Same 😍
sniperg 153 (2 years ago)
+kelly doe me I have a crush on her
Henry Zhang (2 years ago)
Why did you use like 25 emojis in a row
Ohhhhhhhhh I think someone has a crush on her!😱😃😀😊😍😘😂😏👍👌🙏🙆🙋👑💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓💖💞💘💌💋💍💎👥
Onyx War (2 years ago)
She really is perfect isn't she
_ TheCrazyUnicorn _ (3 years ago)
How did they make the green people invisible?
Henry Zhang (2 years ago)
I think it's some sort of green-screen computer editing wizardry.
I love how yall go everywhere to just make a video I respect that
NNNoscopeBoi (3 years ago)
the tows are live
Elvis Lemos (3 years ago)
Melhor MO <3 
wylie lytle (3 years ago)
This takes heart and serious bravery to make a music video when Hurricane Sandy is coming. Then again, this is my favorite band anyway, so i'm not suprised they are doing something this brave. I <3 u Imagine Dragons, keep up the bravery!
TheSimcraftFixion (3 years ago)
So glad that the video is successful! :)
Daniel Nguyen (3 years ago)
I saw Alexandra Daddario :)
Renata Sciacchitano (3 years ago)
+Lucía Perez quiero ese maldito oso!
zimmygirl777 (3 years ago)
Muppets rule! It's like the Muppets.
Zach S (3 years ago)
Most people say that this song is overplayed, but I see it as a song that basically says to wake up.
DeathMachineJoe (3 years ago)
In all honesty, I thought the original music was weird at some points, but the behind the scenes video was hilarious at some points!
chen wenbiao (3 years ago)
why is he puppet fighting!?
Lemon Moon (3 years ago)
+chen wenbiao because. reasons,
you rock!! :[)
Shopkin Cupcake Queen (3 years ago)
Who saw the teddy bear

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