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Modeliste Cover Girl: Ava Sambora

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Modeliste Magazine's September 2015 issue's Cover Girl, Ava Sambora, behind the scenes at her cover shoot.
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Text Comments (8)
cohobast92 (2 years ago)
Dat body...
codi schumacher (3 years ago)
nice video except that its in black&white.
joelotion21 (3 years ago)
My favorite. I could watch her all day
teri l (3 years ago)
Looks like her mom
blake moneé. (3 years ago)
idk. she doesn't really have a model face. she's very basic and kind weird looking.
Chris Coulson (3 years ago)
I think it would be even better in color I mean after all its 2015 not the 1960s
SwordBreaker925 (3 years ago)
Nero Freak (3 years ago)
so pity is only on black and white, she lok so freakin HOT and sexy.

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