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Put It In My Mouth.

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SB2K6 Broke Phi Broke Style.
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Text Comments (169)
Michael Kaye (3 years ago)
not a problem ... dont think there are many guys who wouldnt put it in your mouth... just sayn...
Dreyhunter16 (4 years ago)
This is why I'm not a fan of white girls...
David Mitchell (4 years ago)
Love this! It' so natural!
Pete Ped (5 years ago)
Should def learn the words before making a video. Cause all you saying is put it in my mouth lmao
acidsould (5 years ago)
The girl in the back has such a disappointing manly voice. Freak in bed no doubt though
Xiuhcoatl (5 years ago)
imagine the awkward moment if a cop pulled them over Officer: Mam do you know why i pulled you over? Girls: PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!
Len Connor (5 years ago)
De evolution in progress
Jordan Schwantz (6 years ago)
I bet they are on their way to football practice!!!
TheGrizzzle (6 years ago)
If I'm driving and see a car with more then 1 girl in it I turn around and head the opposite direction
HEYuILLGETU (6 years ago)
u like the driver in the pink?? u mean the RIKKI LAKE look alike lol
SasoriInGame (6 years ago)
What the fuck are you doing?! Where is my sandwich?! Get your ass to kitchen
instiicz (6 years ago)
anyone else think "Wow i hope they werent late to pick their kids up from soccer practice"?
logan w (6 years ago)
This is y dumb ass bitches crash
logan w (6 years ago)
Ok open wide
teeahbee sm (6 years ago)
she sed nigga O))_____((O
carl lockhart (6 years ago)
The drivers gay! Haha just kidding I love you!
Pongo1320 (6 years ago)
aww damn the one chick front seat (non driver) was not down with it ~ messed it up just sayin,...
hbswift (6 years ago)
hbswift (6 years ago)
shit ill show u some shit u never had when i lick that shit for u girl so think bout that and e-mail me
RustyPanda259 (7 years ago)
@cdubsell for sure man!!! XD
cdubsell (7 years ago)
@RustyPanda259 I'll take the driver!
BIGSTEWE (7 years ago)
lizard478 (7 years ago)
this is the reason why girls car insurance is higher
Starleata Maxwell (7 years ago)
NattyMonster (7 years ago)
Pay attention to the road!
craig brown (7 years ago)
lol they probably go to justin beibers concerts
Lee Hyacinthe (7 years ago)
yes...white girls rapping this...secretly wanting some chocolate loving...LOL
BigKev96 (7 years ago)
I like the one ridin shotgun personally !
BigKev96 (7 years ago)
This is why I love white girls lol
Frogger gee (7 years ago)
Five years old I bet all three has babies cuz they dint put it in there mouth!
acidsould (7 years ago)
The one in the back was good... till the last 5 seconds. Her voice is kinda manly... whos with me?
James Serna (7 years ago)
they said nigga! =o
stil603 (7 years ago)
you moms mus be proud lol
ScorpioJones (7 years ago)
phatest whyt bitches eva
Lalo Pacheco (7 years ago)
What the name of the song?
Angel Dudak (7 years ago)
they r all cute
Jason Robinson (7 years ago)
Yall look like Pros
MLGNasTy (7 years ago)
ill fuck da shit out of all three of them
Charles Haskett (7 years ago)
girl in the back? girl in the front!
FraisC (7 years ago)
the one in the back looks like she loves it in her mouth
wilson rivera (7 years ago)
dope ass video-lol
Jack Mehoff (7 years ago)
put it in all there mouths
sZeRo0Xx (7 years ago)
@codyrichardson099 true! haha
RustyPanda259 (7 years ago)
I will put anything in the girl in the back mouth
hassoonee (7 years ago)
the girl in the back really wants it in her mouth...u can tell
Strydza (7 years ago)
@ShadowsHaveShadows1 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
GetDatGreg (8 years ago)
Herpes is for life, y'know?
aonesaucy (8 years ago)
what's with the ugly fat thing on the left
Andrel Graham (8 years ago)
The girl in the middle is so hood...I love it!!!
Michael Leite (8 years ago)
Daddy would be sooo proud
puropinche (8 years ago)
mmmmmmm, that chica in the back is hott!
copper40handz (8 years ago)
the girl in the back is badass lol
kay g (8 years ago)
@MizzAnderson2009 i sure as hell agree with you there
Emanuel Santiago (8 years ago)
fucking slores!
Atrum Vir (8 years ago)
White...as....fuck lol
sellthemanicans (8 years ago)
sluts rule
cvunit (8 years ago)
2:20 - 2:29 girl in the back, is the best part xD
Howard (8 years ago)
can i but it in your butt
Tye Pogue (8 years ago)
AlphaDwg (8 years ago)
yeah they definitely suck dick.
wimplo897 (8 years ago)
the girl in the back is geting down lol she hella hot
RedmanX2K6 (9 years ago)
LMAO!!! I love it when they know the whole lyrics on the 2nd verse. XD
80babyboi (9 years ago)
They're cute, i didnt think anybody still listen to this song.
Nicole A Falchi (9 years ago)
case worker? i am not. you're wrong.
javier ibanez (9 years ago)
the one driving is pretty hot and ill put it there lol
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
The chick on the left probably wins in all 3 categories. lol
upabittoolate (9 years ago)
At 1 time, in 1 session or aggregate numbers?
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
Uh, Cable, Detroit is in Michigan, not Africa. Or, were you trying to be funny? Pothead humor? I don't think pot is a hard drug, but it is for losers.
CableReadyTechnoSIut (9 years ago)
Thanks for the info BRYGUY, totally didnt know that there is a large percentage Why didn't you just tell me that there are alot of blacks in Africa, einstein. My town is .99% African American, so to every 100 people you get 1 black mixed in. And yea, my dealer, sorry your one of those nerds who thinks MJ is a hard drug.
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
Your dealer, lol, loser. If you want to see lots of black people, move to Detroit. The city is 82% black. It's also a fucking ghetto. Lots of dealers for you too.
CableReadyTechnoSIut (9 years ago)
Thats my point, I mean my dealer is black and he lives like 5 minutes away, but you have to go out of your way to see a black person. They don't shop, or walk around here.
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
Which chick do you think has had the most dicks in her mouth? My money is on the chick on the left.
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
Cable, I bet if you look really hard, you can spot a negro somewhere, even if you live in those places.
CableReadyTechnoSIut (9 years ago)
0:52 backseat Incase you didn't know where to put it....
CableReadyTechnoSIut (9 years ago)
Obviously you've never been to East Bridgewater, Massachusettes... or New Hampshire.
Jason (9 years ago)
tpot91 (9 years ago)
And girls wonder why they cant drive. And nice track suit you dumb bitch!!! Hahaha
Grand Pappy (9 years ago)
plus there all cute and there all funny so i mean of course i would haha
Grand Pappy (9 years ago)
shit id chill wit all 3 ofem i dont judge
jtoke174 (9 years ago)
prolly not. but ill introduce them to one. they can meet my chocolate beatin stick.. bust up in tha roof of they mouth, make the bitch spit it out on the one on the left, lick it up n swallow that shit. yea im nasty. bitch what
BRYAN351 (9 years ago)
devil03, do you honestly believe there are places in America where you can live your whole life and never see a black person? I guess maybe, if you lived all alone in a cabin in the wilderness, but these chicks don't live there. Besides, what does it matter?
Tre Williams (9 years ago)
Lol white girls is funny i wuld put n yall mouth..wuldnt d able 2 sing dis dam song..
Tre Williams (9 years ago)
Hell yea..
Sam CRESPO (9 years ago)
the one in the back got rhythm and she got a nice set of hands to grab my shit just right and stroke a load down her throat. the other two could learn
RuleSeventySix (9 years ago)
This is funny.
Brian P (9 years ago)
gurl in the pink on the right is drop dead gorgeous :p
King Lane (9 years ago)
hahaha ohwow
rickyshwarz (9 years ago)
definitely wanna put it in all y'all mouths
Ben Nagler (9 years ago)
HOW CLIP . COM (9 years ago)
there needs to be a penis in between all three of them.
sefik777 (9 years ago)
Aber in welchen Mund soll ich es zu erst Legen??
coolchickie76 (9 years ago)
Sooo funny, love the video!
icebergslick (9 years ago)
at 2:15 they acted like there were african Americans around or something? LMAO!!! Great video!
ReekoChet (9 years ago)
I had slutty girlfriend. I knew she wouldn't be faithful,but she was fine....BOOYA..!!! I just wanted to tap it when I wanted it. She didn't like the arrangement. So this song comes out and sure enough, she was puttin' it in her mouth...lol...What's funny is I put it in his mouth too...A 9MM GLOCK....and watched him cry like a BITCH. His dick shrunk and he peed himself. Needless to say, I let him go, he was my Homie, WTF. I ain't gonna kill my Homie over a HO.....I do miss tappin' it...
kevobum (9 years ago)
you suck
brian coleman (9 years ago)
yall r so nasty !! lol funny
haha... nice.. u better go to school ... music is not for you girlz..
mugetmydrift (9 years ago)
i wont 2 put in your mouth
Monera96 (9 years ago)
MiKe (9 years ago)
lol.. i bet the girl in the back is all about it..fat girls give the best head because they're hungry. =)

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