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Shall Ocin - Crash into My Love (Official Video) "Cali Bear" Version [Culprit]

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Episode 3 of the Culprit "Cali" Bear Adventures: Bear comes to Party buy the track here: http://www.beatport.com/release/shall-ocin-crash-into-my-love-ep/1022580 Filmed on streets of Hollywood, and at Sound Club Directed by Ramos Valencia Models: Anabel Englund and Angie Smolarski Produced by One Sixty Studios
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Text Comments (12)
Itay Lifshitz (5 years ago)
where can i make an order on this cali bear`s mask?
CGG-83 (5 years ago)
Only the best tracks for the Cali Bear ! ;)
Vladimir Transeau (5 years ago)
Well guys that with the new release?
kelly infante (5 years ago)
Gimme goobie!!!!!!
Vladimir Transeau (5 years ago)
yes yes yes ;)
Culprit LA (5 years ago)
next week
Vladimir Transeau (5 years ago)
when the new episode?
Alexx Petrenko (5 years ago)
Guy Gerber at 1:48
Nicola Serio (5 years ago)
So gorgeous Anabel!
cosmyfication (5 years ago)
Anabel is amazing as usual!
me,myself & I (5 years ago)
I'm the bear.

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