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Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard Review

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Heyyyyy Guys! Here's our latest full and comprehensive review of the hotly anticipated Tenergy 05 Hard rubber by Butterfly! This is the harder sponged version of the popular Butterfly Tenergy 05. Dan is joined by Tom in the TableTennisDaily Studio where they give the rubber a full in depth analysis on how it performs! Watch our recent review of the Tenergy 05 with Michael Maze here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnZuvBMbPQE Tenergy 05 Hard Unboxing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rwJGIEi9wo TableTennisDaily Academy: https://tabletennisdailyacademy.com/ TableTennisDaily's Shop: https://shop.tabletennisdaily.co.uk/ Worldwide Table Tennis News here: www.tabletennisdaily.com Music Credit to: Electro Light ft. Kathryn MacLean - The Edge [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmFLLU9vCXE
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Text Comments (143)
bizzle (23 hours ago)
Hello, i,m looking for gameplay with mainly placement, control and i really want to feel the ball on the blade. Is sriver FX with a medium hard blade a good choice? Thank you
Oh Sang Eun (2 days ago)
Do Koki Niwa blade review pls
phaniraj patel (3 days ago)
Can you do review on Palio AK47 series
Yu Sung Son (3 days ago)
What about its durability? Does the hard version last longer than the tenergy 05? Because tenergy 05 dies out so fast.
rlt802cc (3 days ago)
Can you do a review of the nittaku fast arc series?
Johannes Obernoeder (3 days ago)
Personally, I liked your reviews more when they were shorter. Now your videos are at least 100% longer but they provide only 10%, or even less, of additional information. You two should go back to the voice-over-style. Please!
Deepak Chandra (4 days ago)
rakza series please
Спасибо за обозрение!
AgZ (5 days ago)
Seems to be too slow of a rubber.
Joe Nghiem (5 days ago)
I can,t help but feeling Butterfly is losing the plot ie. creating a product competing with its other product namely T64! Wonder how Butterfly is going to market it. The explanation used to be in terms of hardness: T05, T80fx, T80 then T64.
neal tran (6 days ago)
Dan, when did you start moaning like Dima?
Butterfly innerforce ALC please.
MaCy YT (7 days ago)
Is there a cheap alternativ for the Tenergy 05?
Deepak Chandra (4 days ago)
rakza series
Chase Bockoven (7 days ago)
Dan looks like youve added some power to your forehand technique! i like it, see you soon mate
OSfrog (8 days ago)
DHS Hurricane 3
tom ruffing (8 days ago)
Can you do it with a professional player next time? Otherwise it isn't interesting
Kehtut Moz (8 days ago)
What if i put these Tenergy 05 Hard on the Viscaria FL blade?
Niklas7Zer0 (8 days ago)
What Blade is your friend playing?
Tom Maynard (6 hours ago)
Stiga hybrid wood I use 👍
henrik i (8 days ago)
I feel that this review is biased towards showing more fancy attacking shots. Sure, those are a big part of the modern game, provide some fast and cool action and probably attract more viewers too. Nonetheless, I find it very important to show how a rubber performs in the boring short game. You would do well spending a couple of minutes on it instead of the two seconds summary at the end. Actually, your T05 review was much more balanced in that regard - you spent quite some time on touches, serving and returns.
tejas mody (8 days ago)
how is it different from Andro Rasanter R47?
Jaffar Lone (8 days ago)
To me, it seems that T05 hard suits more to a heavy looper. Someone with a medium-medium long drive style. It is probably not going to suit a player with short drive style. I use Nittaku fastarc p1, will give a more detailed comment right on this thread once i get my hands on a T05 hard. Thanks for the review Dan and tom, as usual informative.
Niranjan Sivaraman (8 days ago)
Can you do a review of Tibhar 5Q+ and Nittaku Barewell fleet blade ?
dhyey Mehta (8 days ago)
can u do a review on goldarc 8 pls
Damian Kar (8 days ago)
I'll probably keep posting this till it happens haha Killerspin stilo7 SVR Ping Pong Paddle - Limited Edition (And thoughts on opening up the potential for different blades for ITTF) Test out their rubbers, maybe throw some tenergy 05/ hard on it, could even say its your most expensive review to date! and Any top 10 player and their view on the blade, would they be interested in moving away from just 85% wood blades!
Mon-Albert Aguiling (8 days ago)
They sound so alike it’s hard to know who is taking lmao
Jon Garcia (8 days ago)
Tibhar cedric nuytick
Narayan.S. Kulkarni (8 days ago)
Review andro hexer powergrip ...
George B. (8 days ago)
Long story short - the rubber is not for average players, only top class guys are able to control it.
anjoooo (8 days ago)
I'm liking this more conversational style of review. Gives Tom a chance to give his opinion as well. Perhaps the fact that they're comparing two different rubbers also lends itself well to this style of review.
17teacmrocks (8 days ago)
4:23 tom got a lot better
Francis Parada (8 days ago)
assa1975 (8 days ago)
Now. The question is how it behaves boosted. Because I just don't buy pro players won't boost it. So...did you boost it??
Paul5tall (8 days ago)
I played with 05hard on FH and 05 on BH on Viscaria FL now for a month and find the combination very good. I find the 05 hard top sheet seems to grip the ball better and helps keep good control and , despite lower trajectory and higher speed, the ball tends to land on the other side. The 05hard also seems to produce more spin causing problems for the opponent. I agree however that, with 05hard you have to be more precise on the blade angle, pull on the topspin and play with confidence. Very good on serve and OK on short game.
Arkadi Danielyan (8 days ago)
You should compare to tenergy 25. It felt more like 25-like rubber
a b (8 days ago)
Can you review some of the victas rubbers
VeteranWS (8 days ago)
nothing to be excited about, it is difficult to control for majority , only for elite players. Guys are reacting as to any new thing but then in a game it wont forgive your subtle mistakes. It has no dwell at all
Sagar Sawant (8 days ago)
I tried it in my club as my practice partner brought it. He put it on Jun Mizutani blade and that set up was crazy fast for me. The balls just went of the table . On thing i noted was if i got the stroke correct the spin was crazy on the ball, but then sadly i don't play that strong every ball. Certainly a rubber who have decent technique and play strong game and don't depend on rubber for forgiveness. As they say "With great power comes great responsibility" :)
playandteach (8 days ago)
I'd like lots of you to switch, and send me your used 05 rubbers.
Very nice video!
Peter Nachtwey (8 days ago)
You lose all credibility when you mention the rubber is a high tension rubber. what is tensioned? what holds the rubber in tension? show us a formula that uses tension to compute spin or speed.
Alphasone0212 (8 days ago)
Captain Wuz (8 days ago)
Ey dan. My friend saw you at the joola North American team championships over thanksgiving. He was on the elevator with you and took a picture of you as you were on your phone.
Thoeun Kong (8 days ago)
Why didn't your friend just say hi?
wilkinru (8 days ago)
Dan is afraid to use his backhand like normal in the drill around 10 min mark. That's pretty telling.
jimmoas (8 days ago)
what stigablade did you try with?
Marcoo (8 days ago)
I think he tried it with hybrid wood nct, around 100€ on tabletennis11
Chris Cotton (8 days ago)
How does this compare to 64 then, because this just seems like a faster slightly less spinny 05 which is what I think 64 is?
Mia Solomon (8 days ago)
I wish I could afford this rubber it seems so good 🏓🏓🏓
Jonathan Ramos (8 days ago)
Another great review as always, thanks a lot. It was great seeing you in Washington DC. Hope to see you again in the future!
Rocky s (8 days ago)
Good speed and for blocking. But I don't like the feel. For touch shots the ball doesn't stay on the surface very long because it doesn't sink into the sponge. Also not good for serving.
ArtiomInAction (8 days ago)
lol 2.0 (8 days ago)
I play with joo sae hyuk def blade with tenergy 05 hard and feint long 3
FelMusik (7 days ago)
GUSTAVOPINGPONG the feeling, controlling, of those rubbers. I have the same blade but differents rubbers
How heavy is that bat?
FelMusik (8 days ago)
lol 2.0 Its ok?
Crazy Raizy (8 days ago)
James Harvey (8 days ago)
Would love to see a Nittaku fastarc series review.
Julot (5 days ago)
I didnt verify this info but i read it on an article, makes sense.
James Harvey (5 days ago)
Julot didn’t know that nice info 👍
Julot (5 days ago)
Best sellers in Japan
Ankur S (8 days ago)
Excellent review guys and nice of you to listen to feedback and use your own blades for the review.
CHP (8 days ago)
Rakza 7 please!
jghfk1 (8 days ago)
so they have a tabletennis plate at the black lodge now? pretty nice
LOuis Price (8 days ago)
Nice video
steve nichols (8 days ago)
And it's only ONE MILLION dollars per sheet:)
Nicht Du (8 days ago)
Is there any rubber with rgb? Its not for gaming if it has no rgb 😂😊
bibo Number One (8 days ago)
Nice dan keep going
Andy Zhao (8 days ago)
Tinarc 5, and Goldarc 5, 8 plz
bruno duarte (8 days ago)
Ei por favor coloquem legenda em português também
TT Genesis (8 days ago)
Hi dan, nice video, Keep it up
Pablo (8 days ago)
For me Xiom Vega Europe and Vega Pro are the real alternative ...and the price is incomparable!
HardeBaas (8 days ago)
Definitely a bh rubber, like Tom said. +, People generally like the tacky rubber on the fh, it would 1: be alot to give up, and 2: it's good twiddlable when you get into a smash lob rally, you can add even more power with the 05 hard rubber. Pretty nice actually!
Deivid luiz (8 days ago)
Ótimo vídeo
HardeBaas (8 days ago)
Nice review!
Alexey Trofimov (8 days ago)
Butterfly reinvented Xiom Vega Pro after 8 years. Bravo.
Bob Graham12345 (7 days ago)
Giacomo Cerea Agreed and it’s much worse
Giacomo Cerea (8 days ago)
Bob Graham12345 it’s a completely different rubber lmfao
Bob Graham12345 (8 days ago)
Alexey Trofimov Xiom wished they had a rubber anywhere near as good as Tenergy 😂
Paul Ispaul (8 days ago)
i'd like a review about the Butterfly Tenergy 80, please. Thank you very much.
Eemil Kivelä (8 days ago)
Do reviews on any yaska products
L. Gyger (8 days ago)
Sadly this rubber won't solve the tearing on the top sheet of my forehand rubber, since it seems to be the same for both rubbers. I also don't want a low trajectory rubber.
Harry Law (8 days ago)
Great Review Tom and Dan 😁
jesus Gomez (8 days ago)
Hi dan (tabletennisdaily) I love your videos. I see them almost daily, especially when you play against professional players and you lose hahaha, but you try the truth. I write this because I am 15 years old and I love this sport, but I live in Venezuela I have a lot of time training and my dream is to represent my country! but I do not even have my own racket because of the economic situation in the country! You could do me the great favor of giving me some used rubber, at least I would appreciate it very much and even more if you would give me a shovel!
M4T4D0RD3N00BS (8 days ago)
I want to use Tenergy 05 hard on Forehand and Tenergy 05 on Backhand. It's a good combination?
Dikman S F (7 days ago)
I think Timo Boll also use that set up. Hard for fh and standard for bh.
Sachit Saini (8 days ago)
I think the other way round is better
eduardo elali (8 days ago)
Wow! The difference of the angle is really visible
IHadToChooseThis1 (8 days ago)
Nice video! :) Can you make a review about Hurricane 3 Neo provincial/national?
Gromacss Edann (8 days ago)
Please review Andro Hexer Grip and Hexer Powergrip. thanks
Axel Edfalk (8 days ago)
I play with this rubber on both sides in 1.9. I Love it and I do recommend it for counter loopers. It loops from backspin like it would be no spin. Buy it
izi • (8 days ago)
Can you review DHS Hurricane III rubber
izi • (8 days ago)
This rubber looks to support my play style( I have the normal 05) do you think you could spare me one of your hard rubbers, I have money issues ;p
izi • (6 days ago)
its a fucking joke relax kid
ttt (8 days ago)
this is pathetic.
Gustavo Suenaga (8 days ago)
Please review Nittaku's Acoustic or Acoustic Carbon blade !
rmn15251 (8 days ago)
Seems to be like CRAZY FAST! Is it faster than Bryce Highspeed?? Definetly for pros, but i thought that regular T05 is for pros, so T05 hard is like for ITTF top 100 only ;)
Roman Macháň (8 days ago)
Joe thanks a lot :)
Joe (8 days ago)
Roman Macháň there are plenty. https://youtu.be/EGBVswAhJbw that's his channel
Roman Macháň (8 days ago)
Joe what german guy?
Joe (8 days ago)
L. Gyger you can actually buy professional rubbers without a problem. Even the professional tenergy version. I don't know why this is still not common knowledge, but I guess it's because of language barriers. There is a German guy on YouTube for example that is well informed about equipment and also professional equipment. I was really surprised when I first saw those videos, because I didn't hear that kind of information before.
L. Gyger (8 days ago)
Bryce Highspeed is still a lot faster. The Tenergy rubbers are so popular because they're also very controllable. I know the pros claim to use the rubbers we can buy in the store, but most of them simply don't. All of them get factory tuned or preselected rubbers that we can not buy in the store, because they would be uncontrollable for an average player. I think the T05 hard is just a tamed down version for the average customer.
江子彥 (8 days ago)
Good review, I hope you can review to DHS Hurricane Long 5 . (With DHS Hurricane 3 rubber of course)
Stevie G (8 days ago)
Does it perform like Chinese rubber?
Gustavo Suenaga (8 days ago)
probably not
David Hessling (8 days ago)
Like chinese boosted rubber
Chetan Adhikari (8 days ago)
Seems to have a lower throw angle than tenergy 05
Chetan Adhikari (6 days ago)
+Adi Hakim too much hardness or too little can reduce the effect of spring sponge thus lowering the throw angle
Adi Hakim (8 days ago)
+JM Lainez oh really? Never thought of that before...maybe i should try and see that too...hahaha...
JM Lainez (8 days ago)
+Adi Hakim The 05 FX though, has lower throw angle than the 05. In my experience.
Bob Graham12345 (8 days ago)
It’s a matter of opinion but 95% of people would agree with me
Tomori Naõ (8 days ago)
+Bob Graham12345 nope best forehand spin rubber is rasanter 47
Khaos PvP (8 days ago)
Can you do a review about hurricane rubbers?
Protox Sharky (8 days ago)
He did DHS H8 Review. But I think with his techniques, he can't do a proper orange or blue sponge H3, when you see Dan playing, you can clearly see that he plays like European peoples. He will just put all balls into the net because he doesn't have enough power to use H3 at his best
markjmarkjack (8 days ago)
Yes! Been waiting for this review. I'll try this rubber out. Also want to see a Yasaka Rakza 7 review. It what I use now and wonder if you could compare it to other popular rubbers you've used.
Darren Ü (8 days ago)
11:00 RIP Plastic Ball
Mirac Palak (9 days ago)
Ladder Shaw (9 days ago)
The main question, Dan is the bat heavy with the 05 and 05 hard because majority of players like me want a well balanced bat?
jimmoas (8 days ago)
+TableTennisDaily what stiga blade did you try with? and was it a big difference between the stigablade and the alc with 05 hard?
Ladder Shaw (8 days ago)
TableTennisDaily Also, I will buy the 05 hard to test out in my local club. btw will butterfly do a deal for 2 05 hard on a Boll ALC like they do with the Timo Boll ALC and 2 tenergy 05? If yes when will they release it?
Ladder Shaw (8 days ago)
TableTennisDaily Ok thanks for the reply Dan.:) I really thought that this in depth analysis of the rubber was really intuitive!
TableTennisDaily (8 days ago)
Hi Ladder, great question! On my Boll ALC it didn’t feel that different or too top heavy to me and still felt quite well balanced when compared to having Tenergy 05 on both sides. It also helps that I'm used to the weight of Tenergy 05 so I personally didn’t feel that balance was an issue but everyone will be different based on personal preference and depending on what you are used to. Hope that helps 💪
Miner5700 (9 days ago)
You should review the Yasaka ma Lin soft carbon. It’s my daily driver and is really good
AggeM21 (9 days ago)
Can you do a review on the Yasaka rakza series?
You have on my channel Rakza reviews.
Jonathan Ramos (8 days ago)
Rakza 7 has been the closest thing to Tenergy I have ever used. I use T64. I feel Rakza 7 is slower but still the best replacement in my opinion.
Bob Graham12345 (8 days ago)
Razka 7 a lot cheaper but about 10-15% less speed and spin. Easier for control though so better for lower level players (no offence meant). You get what you pay for.
Wietse van Keulen (8 days ago)
I would also really like to see a review on the rakza rubbers, especially the rakza x
Eemil Kivelä (8 days ago)
I use rakza 7 on bought sides and im loving it very high spin and good speed with good control
RaNeX :D (9 days ago)
you are good player tennis table
Meldrik Hövenmark (9 days ago)
Pragati Kakoty (9 days ago)
Love you r video s
TableTennisDaily (9 days ago)
Thanks for following Pragati!
Pragati Kakoty (9 days ago)
1st comment r dan
TableTennisDaily (8 days ago)
Smashed it bro!
Benjamin Hernandez (9 days ago)
Hi bro!!🇨🇱

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