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Nayanthara and Trisha's Fashion Statement : Sidney Sladen Opens Up | Costume Designer

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Sidney Sladen is a famous stylist and costume designer down South. In this interview with us, he shares his experience styling for the celebs and lots more. For all the latest updates on Kollywood movies, celebrities & events, hit SUBSCRIBE at : http://www.youtube.com/user/igtamil?sub_confirmation=1 For More, visit ►► https://www.indiaglitz.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/igtamizh Twitter: https://twitter.com/igtamil Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/106782450872200226945/+IGtamil
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Text Comments (79)
arish ali (3 months ago)
Please Nayanthara Lady Super Star don't Compare to Thirisha.... Nayanthara Nigar Nayanthara Only Very Sweet and dream 💓💓💞💞
S Dharun Nithish Kumar (4 months ago)
Love u Trisha.....
Ajeetha Nathan (6 months ago)
Address to his boutique or name of it?
Son Goku Ultra Instinct (7 months ago)
priyanka jeni (7 months ago)
Trisha anjol very beutiful...
Nayanthara FaN (7 months ago)
Thalaivi Nayanthara
Shruthi Sneha (7 months ago)
What a voice man... I don't know whether I like his voice or didn't like ... Unique yaar!!! Nice
Shamini Govindasamy (7 months ago)
Superb interview, kaushick! Loved your probing questions....quite informative content we received on fashion.
Srilekha M (7 months ago)
His anytime anytime, Cha Cha anytime at the end sounded honest... Good talk...
Pandian Raja (7 months ago)
I have a content.... clash between two artist... if yu wish to publish that ill send yu personally...
Asmita (7 months ago)
Out of all trisha is the best..she is the one who carries herself is just awesome..her fashion sense simply amazing
hema latha (7 months ago)
Kaushik😘 love u lotsssssss
kaushick gab (7 months ago)
hema latha Insta handle " ikaushi "
hema latha (7 months ago)
kaushick gab pls tell me whats ur instagram acc? Mine is hemalatha_23 do respond me dudeeee
hema latha (7 months ago)
kaushick gab woooooooow u replied me 😍
kaushick gab (7 months ago)
hema latha Hey, Thanks a ton for your love and support... My best wishes for your life. Cheers
chitra Nandhini (7 months ago)
Vry talent designer😊😊 i like nayan drlg 😘😘😘😘angel 😍😍
Saravana Chandra Kumar (7 months ago)
One lucky Niga out there
Fathima Hafsha (7 months ago)
sidney sladen is so cool very down to earth and sweet.. speaks well the interviewer h become less hesitant with his questions nowadays.. when he started he use to be a bit scared to actually ask a question that he presumes to be a little out of the normal. :)
Little Champ (7 months ago)
Brilliant designer..
Kaveenesh kaveen Keveen (7 months ago)
evergreen Trisha. always best..
HKrish Trashers (7 months ago)
Trisha only cute
Deep (7 months ago)
Trisha the Best
Praveen Babitha (7 months ago)
trisha S best compare to her, simple, nd super star!!
LOL X (7 months ago)
Nayanthara the Best 🔥👌😎
Vidya B (7 months ago)
Why I liked the video... cox he spoke about thalaivar
Masss Masss (7 months ago)
Did I see dhruvanachathiram Vikram here 😉😉😉😉😉😉
Inthu Mathy (7 months ago)
I love trisha
Avinash Musically (7 months ago)
Love you Thara😍😍❤️
Bharat BK (7 months ago)
I like this guy, the way he speaks. Just attracting me to his speech 👌
sree vengadesh (7 months ago)
please respect senior artist .
ramya swaminathan (7 months ago)
Ivaru voice sema bore... thookam varudu
V. Kalaivani Kalai (7 months ago)
Nayan dan mass
Adwaith Murali (7 months ago)
Munja paaru....
Sangeetha RV (7 months ago)
kaushik bro .u seem to be much calm n cool in recent interviews! nice about that improving..
kaushick gab (7 months ago)
Thank you...
srividya V (7 months ago)
Sangeetha RV 😊
Rohith K (7 months ago)
He looks like my Bike mechanic .....😂😂😂
Swathy Ramya (7 months ago)
likewise don't talk abt his looks and look at how much he's achieved!!! simple 😂
Rohith K (7 months ago)
Swathy Ramya i know my worth and my wealth...so chillax😀😀
Swathy Ramya (7 months ago)
Rohith K but he ll earn more than u ever can 😂😂😂
The-Virtual Vlog (7 months ago)
Avanoda Base voise semya irka....classy slage
Siret Sillavee (7 months ago)
The-Virtual Vlog s
Kavitha A (7 months ago)
Yaru da ne komali.tamil channel la peter vidoringa
Deepa Krg (7 months ago)
no Tamil heroine in Tamil film industry. even Tamil hero don't act with Tamil heroine. funny
Thalapathi Mass (7 months ago)
Ajithuku ivanoda hair style semaya irukum
Deppa Naidu (7 months ago)
ya respect every person... thalapathi mass na vechukonga....athukkaga thala ku counter podratha vechukathinga
Arouna Madi (7 months ago)
Thalapathi Mass learn to respect every human being
vishnu raj (7 months ago)
Thalapathi Mass vijay ku adu kuda veika mudiyadu valuka mandayan
Renugaharini Harini (7 months ago)
Anyone note Nayanthara 'teeth when she laughed, she had sottha pal.....????
Swizz Chocolate (27 days ago)
Deppa Naidu (7 months ago)
unglukku illa la ...apdiye irunga...avunga mari yarum vara mudiyathu..
Little Champ (7 months ago)
Renugaharini Harini .... Haha....funny
Alex Paul (7 months ago)
Mysterious Lotus that* makes*
Mysterious Lotus (7 months ago)
Renugaharini Harini Thats make her look more beautiful 😚😚
Kalaivani K (7 months ago)
Avanga character pathi pesa yarukkum rights illa. ippadi think panra neengallam very character less people.shame on you people.
Kalaivani K (7 months ago)
Mysterious Lotus thank you bro.
Mysterious Lotus (7 months ago)
Kalaivani K Wow intha comment aa na rombe like panren sis ☺☺well said !
Jeyanthi s. viji (7 months ago)
Cutee Abi (7 months ago)
I hate nayanthara......
Swizz Chocolate (27 days ago)
Cutee Abi me too i hate her soo much i want to punch her face untill her teeth drops on the floor
Priya Indira (7 months ago)
I love nayan❤
Mysterious Lotus (7 months ago)
Madurai ponnu The more ppl hates her the more she is being loved actually 😊😊😊she is very dedicated when it comes to work. Someting to be appreciated.
Aishwarya Venugopal (7 months ago)
I love Nayan.. Lady super star.. She is an awesome human being . very dedicated..
Abishan Rajkumar (7 months ago)
I love nayan
Mafa Đøņ (7 months ago)
s vennila (7 months ago)
vetri vel (7 months ago)
Nayanthara is Indian lady super star ...
Swizz Chocolate (27 days ago)
Lakshmi Neethinesan (7 months ago)
Vignesh Loafer true definitely not a diva type like Sri ji Nayan is neither a good dancer nor a best natural actor
Vignesh Loafer (7 months ago)
Waste nayanthara what she did man?
surya thomas (7 months ago)
Purus S (7 months ago)
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