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Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Review | Featuring Michael Maze

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Subscribe to TableTennisDaily: https://www.youtube.com/user/TTMediaDaily?sub_confirmation=1 More reviews on the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber here: https://www.tabletennisdaily.com/equipment/rubbers/7218-tenergy-05 Hey guys, today we are joined by none other than the table tennis legend Michael Maze reviewing one of the most popular rubbers of all time, Tenergy 05 by Butterfly. This is by far the most requested rubber review we have ever had, so it is finally time to find out if Tenergy 05 lives up to hype. Used by many of the top players including Timo Boll, Zhang Jike, Michael Maze and of course many others. Last week I headed to the Denmark National training Centre to pick Michaels brain about this rubber and find out why it has become so popular and what makes it so special. Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks to Michael Maze and Butterfly for this fantastic opportunity. Watch our previous review where we look at the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC with Timo Boll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAiMy8vtylE TableTennisDaily's Shop: https://shop.tabletennisdaily.co.uk/ Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TableTennisDaily Twitter: https://twitter.com/TweeTTDaily Website: https://www.tabletennisdaily.com Music Credit to: Jim Yosef - Eclipse [NCS Release]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WP_YLn1D1c Toby – Candyland [NCS Release]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIrCDAV3EgI
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Text Comments (254)
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey guys, thanks for watching, who would you like to see us do a review with next? Let us know in the comments what you think of Tenergy 05 💪🔥
lolxd yugiohpro (1 month ago)
review ma long 5 with ma long
Captain Amarnath (2 months ago)
Tenergy 64 with Chaung Chih Yuan
Dawson Schrader (4 months ago)
You should do training videos!
Subhasis Chattopadhyay (4 months ago)
Hi Dan, your video clips are always a good review for specific rubbers or blades from single brand. Could you please make some comparative videos/reviews with critical information. For example, T05 vs MX-S/ BLUESTROM Z1 ....where the viewers may get the essence of comparative information, which may suit for the price and requirements based on the playing standards. You may please consider this request. Best regards...Dr. Subhsis Chattopadhyay
Jaffar Lone (5 months ago)
good review. One good and bad thing with T05 is that you may not like any other rubber once you have used tenergy for an extended period of time.. it is that addictive.
cs noobs (10 days ago)
I Think it is the best rubber but i dont like to serve with it.
Nazar Rahama (18 days ago)
troll (1 month ago)
If you spent as much time training as you do focusing on the rubber of your bat,maybe every single person wouldn't beat you in your own video....
TableTennisDaily (1 month ago)
Cool username bro
Pabz Roz (1 month ago)
How did i get on this side of youtube... who knew the padding on a ping pong paddle made a difference. Screw it you got a new sub
john sbrinis (2 months ago)
Zhang jike plays with a viscaria blade, and for rubbers he uses a hurricane 3 national and tenergy 80 not 05...
Dhiraj k (2 months ago)
What's a good upgrade for mxp evolution?
דוד חצבני (2 months ago)
A few percent turn?
דוד חצבני (2 months ago)
How many spin
Captain Amarnath (2 months ago)
Please review Tenergy 64
Dingstar Ding (2 months ago)
Zhang jike does not even play with Tenergy 05. He plays dhs hurrican blue sponge on the forehand side and tenergy 80 on backhand!
Ümit Ünlü (2 months ago)
Hi. I've Tenergy05 but some says it's not original. Could you please check it for me if i send the pictures of it from mail?
Grumbel Bumbel (2 months ago)
As long as most pro players are sponsored by butterfly, they will praise their rubbers to heaven and people will believe it's the best rubber although you can generate more spin and speed with 20 euro Chinese rubbers -.-
ÆCELEROID Tank (2 months ago)
Dan i thought you are a stiga player XD
Mats Olsson (2 months ago)
Zang Jike play whith tenergy 64 not 05
TheD (3 months ago)
Would you please ask him why does he choose timoboll alc / spirit than his old michael maze alc blade ? Highly appreciate
Diuable (3 months ago)
man that slow mo of micheal maze chop block, requires insane timing and top notch skill
Rufuss Thoo (2 months ago)
And Michael has bucket loads of both :).
A B (3 months ago)
certainly Michael is not playing school book tt. Pulling the topspin forehand from far too deep. But who are we to criticize such a player. He looks like the fittest of them all with tons of energy and muscle tension. But I am also pretty sure that his career won' t last that long as you need great fitness level for his style of tt.
Danny Edwardo (3 months ago)
I’ve recently started playing after a long break, I’ve started using DHS hurricane because it’s cheap in China. However, I feel so uncomfortable using hard runners because I used to use Stiga Neos. Which modern rubbers are fast, spinny, but also SOFT. Soft is the key for me I think. I’d appreciate some recommendations, thanks 🙏
Pong Saigon (3 months ago)
My level is around USATT2000. I can't control T05 against high level players, say USATT2300+. I don't have that problem with T80.
Lucas Dias (3 months ago)
Oh my God 4:33
Mhajan Ngullie (4 months ago)
Okay, it was all fine until he put his foot on the table. I mean, we all know he a good player, and okay he might've been tired but was it really necessary to put his foot on the table?
Nexion (4 months ago)
You are about 10 years late
TB 303 (4 months ago)
What is the name of the grey Butterfly short Michael Maze is wearing?
sports lover (4 months ago)
How did you make your intro
IYANGZ _ (4 months ago)
Do they come with black
Subhasis Chattopadhyay (4 months ago)
Hi Dan, your video clips are always a good review for specific rubbers or blades from single brand. Could you please make some comparative videos/reviews with critical information. For example, T05 vs MX-S/ BLUESTROM Z1 ....where the viewers may get the essence of comparative information, which may suit for the price and requirements based on the playing standards. You may please consider this request. Best regards...Dr. Subhsis Chattopadhyay
Alex Desbiens (5 months ago)
Hey! It would be great to see a rewiew of the donic ovtcharov true carbon blade if you can☺ Btw all your video are really greats!!
Nathan Samuel (5 months ago)
For a moment i felt like hao shuai loll
TT Lucas (5 months ago)
Can you review tenergy 25pls
Roberto Largo Taborda (6 months ago)
How does the Nittaku FastArc G1 compares to this rubber?
ÆCELEROID Tank (6 months ago)
I thought this channel was pongfinity XD
dunia pimpong (6 months ago)
Kumpulan Cuplikan Pertandingan di Pekan Olahraga Pelajar Wilayah (POPWIL) ACEH TAHUN 2018 https://youtu.be/YC_pjcNv-f4 https://youtu.be/dmT_2bIZOQA https://youtu.be/-izKpN9kpcA https://youtu.be/nqb7RS0R9Mo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnpxwPJn0UQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_vwdrnI6LE
Fat (6 months ago)
Better is Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 80?
zlatyklas (6 months ago)
I though, that Michael play with blade btf maze or freitas alc. When he did change the blade?
George Christou (6 months ago)
ive used this rubber once and loved it. really helped my power (my technique is good enough to handle and control the shots) but concerned about the longevity i get out of it. i keep hearing it dont last long. feedback pls guys, really want to buy these rubbers but i need to know how quickly they die on me. thanks in advance
Can we use tenergy 05 as forehand by red
jack boyette (6 months ago)
Did you know T-Mobile uses this rubber?!?!
NIKHIL NIMJE (6 months ago)
Plz review best budget rubber
MKWKezer (6 months ago)
„Downspin... open your eyes!“ ;D
Edriel Plurad (6 months ago)
Pls review victas v15 extra
K. Emil (6 months ago)
I would love to see a review of the Nittaku Fastarc series :)
Ryuxx (6 months ago)
''For a moment I felt like Hao Shuai'' only real TT fans will understand this xD
super lord (2 months ago)
Memorable xD
kerim abdul cabber (6 months ago)
so michael maze drives an hyundai. Verified once more that table tennis players are mostly poor.
ammar ali (6 months ago)
I'm a casual player Any cheap product u guys can suggest for me and my brother I want to upgrade our game Currently using pre made dhs a4002
Ignacio c (4 months ago)
The 4002 has nice rubbers (careful with the fake dhs). But the blade is really bad. Recently I have buyed the 4002 but I removed the rubbers and used them in a new Yinhe v-14 pro. I'm very happy with the result, the hurricane III is nice with the v-14. I think Yinhe is the best option for blade and rubbers. I coulded take the rubbers off easily, but I think that was the case because it was original. I buyed both blades in Aliexpress, dhs in "Runjia and xin wang da shopping mall" and the Yinhe in "xvt table tennis" shops. You can trust them.
Mr Krabs (7 months ago)
I have recently bought 2 sheets of 05 after many years of not using Butterfly. The difference of Tenergy to other rubbers is still tremendous, table tennis finally makes fun again even with plastic balls. I can honestly only recommend if you have the money to use tenergy rubbers.
phigo4kins (7 months ago)
It was expensive at $75, Now, it's $80 Per Sheet. Like, why did You shoot yourself in the foot Butterfly?
Geoffrey Cheng (7 months ago)
pops for all the rubber reviews u've done, but why u need to do t05? almost EVERYONE I know used it at one point or another (many are still using it), and its properties are super well known. The only issue everyone has with it is its price. about $80 a piece that last like only 2 months if you play 3 times a week. That's like $40 a month on 1 rubber alone, and $80 for 2 pieces. Most people don't even have to pay that much for a monthly membership. Also as some have mentioned, tenergy has its max speed topped out rather early even if u have extra force, so mid-long range loops aren't as powerful w it. 05 is more consistency and spin, not speed.
Isma Dp (7 months ago)
Hello! I want to ask which rubber is better, this or the andro rasanter 47 resently reviwed by u guys! I am using now a donic bluefice jp 01 turbo in both sides. Was thinking of using a slightly softer rubber with as much speed but a touch more of spin on my FH, and I am considering getting a tenergy (idk which), or the andro R47 that is suppose to have 9.5 of speed and spin. My bluefire is lacking a bit of "feeling" when hitting the ball on my FH, thats why I might change it. PLEASE PLEASE ANSWEAR ME¡ thanks!
Damian Kar (7 months ago)
Killerspin stilo7 SVR Ping Pong Paddle - Limited Edition (Carbon Fiber blade primarily) (And thoughts on opening up the potential for different blades for ITTF) Tenergy 05's Any top 10 player and their view on the blade, would they be interested in moving away from just 85% compositions!
Nice Video Bro!!
Der Boss (7 months ago)
Can u Review the tenergy 05 hard
お好み焼きTV (7 months ago)
shiraz qureshi (7 months ago)
What rubber would you reccomend for an amatuer flat ball player?
gkvallabh (7 months ago)
Can you guys review good shoes for TT? Can’t really find any reliable one?
Aldri Sya (7 months ago)
Why you not review tennergy 05 hard
Niranjan Nagesh (7 months ago)
Wow awesome l believe its still the best rubber
Sblinger (7 months ago)
That chop block was 💪👌
OSfrog (7 months ago)
review Hurricane 3 Neo
FelMusik (7 months ago)
Please some review with Joo Saehyuk.
phaniraj patel (7 months ago)
Palio AK47 RED sponge. Please do a review on this TTD.
Jian Lu (7 months ago)
too expensive
Crimson Resonance (7 months ago)
I was thinking of using this for chopping on my forehand with the JSH blade. is that a good idea?
Tom Wei (7 months ago)
My opinion on Ten05 is that it's an old design pre plastic ball. So it's not optimized for plastic. Newer rubbers have caught up and surpassed Tenergy at a cheaper price. So IMO Tenergy is obsolete.
Lukáš Ledecký (7 months ago)
if new rubbers have surpassed T05, then why the majority of professionals still play with T05? :)
Marc Walmsley (7 months ago)
Tom Wei millions of people would disagree
One man (7 months ago)
Can you make a review about the genesis 2 rubbers
roydon dsa (7 months ago)
I used to use tenergy 05fx first few weeks it feels good but later on it feels too mushy and slow and you really have to work on spin by using lot.of brush technique since the rubber gets very slow quickly ..I now prefer hard rubbers like calibra lt plus ..they generate little less spin but monsterous speed and power ..
Narayan.S. Kulkarni (7 months ago)
Review Andro hexer powergrip
Yves Steven (7 months ago)
Can you help me suggest what rubber is great for my blade? My blade is Yinhe y14 and I wanna use Stiga rubbers on it, can you suggest what should I use on forehand and backhand
Alejandro Dominguez (7 months ago)
Dan why your screaming when made tops, and after what number of topspins you "coming"????????))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
IamMotionMedia (7 months ago)
another downside is the cost of tenergy the prices now are just ridiculous
Diamond real (7 months ago)
Pongfinity vs Dan pls
Hong Xiang Lin (7 months ago)
We want Tenergy 05 Hard review!!!!!!
VICTOR ISAAC (7 months ago)
Nice Review. Dan kindly review DHS Gold Arc 8
C0BEX (7 months ago)
Have to say this is the most unexpected review ever. Especially in 2018. I mean T05 ? I don't think there is any other rubber, which has so many information about it on the internet like T05 in the entire table tennis history. Basically every other rubber review has to answer the question, how does it play compared to Tenergy 05, because thats the rubber almost everybody knows.
Harry Law (7 months ago)
Boll ALC or Boll Spirit?
Seema Bisht (7 months ago)
Li Xiang (7 months ago)
The only real issue of Tenergy 05: it's too bloody expensive.
Speedcubing Central (1 month ago)
ironically i use butterfly stuff including tenergy
Grumbel Bumbel (1 month ago)
@Speedcubing Central oh well, no problem. Good to know that other people also can see through butterflys overpriced garbage. :)
Speedcubing Central (1 month ago)
and btw sorry should have made that more clear
Speedcubing Central (1 month ago)
i wasn't talking about your rubber. I was replying that tenergy rubber doesn't last that long
Grumbel Bumbel (1 month ago)
@Speedcubing Central I don't agree. And it can't be right eighter. The physical properties of my mentioned rubbers are superior when it comes to durability. You can feel the difference right away. The sponge ist harder, the topsheet firmer. Needless to say, that a softer sponge and topsheet, like the tenergy ones, wear out faster.
Tobias Kienast (7 months ago)
Zhang Jike uses Tenergy 05? I tought Tenergy 64.😅
riejay alabata (7 months ago)
I really love your videos and i love tt but i am lacking out of equipment i hope that you can donate☺
PawelTableTennis english (7 months ago)
Epic review!
CARTOON SKY (7 months ago)
Hurricane 3 featuring Ma long
Pablo (7 months ago)
On the market there are many rubbers with excellent performance about spin and speed...too much similar 05 and the price is incomparable...The difference between Tenergy and another rubbers is the weight you can transfer on the ball. A really good alternative is Xiom Vega Pro for 25 euro is a great choice!!! Maze is fantastic...great talent...
Keith Lin (6 months ago)
xiom vega pro feels diff than t05. A boosted xiom vega pro do resembles a t05 though.
IHadToChooseThis1 (7 months ago)
And in 10 years from now we'll get a review about the tenergy 05 hard 😂
FelMusik (7 months ago)
Денис Давыдов thank a lot Denis, do you know Chile? Well yes it’s quite similar the lanscapes! But here in the Center of Chile beach are bloody cold! I will write you if I have some questions. TT join cultures and make new friends and it’s one of the most complex. (NASA). Thanks!
@FelMusik I think central parts of Chile's coast is very similar to Crimea. We also have mountins, sea (ocean), near sub-tropical climate. But now you wait summer, and we wait winter. Thanks for our conversation and communication. If you need any quations about russian's life - you can to write me.
FelMusik (7 months ago)
Денис Давыдов yes, i have 1 month and half to improving! by the way I know that Crimea has very nice beaches and they are very warm. Thanks for your advises!
@FelMusik You are right, a bit russians can speak english well, therefore you need more practice in russian language. My brother live in Moskow and he don't know english. I live in Crimea and here many people don't know even though one forein language.
FelMusik (7 months ago)
Денис Давыдов конечно благодарю! I know some words in russian but I need to talk more because maybe in Moscow they don’t talk at all in english
joonnytt (7 months ago)
I guess you get money for that.
Wahgwarn (7 months ago)
Get your foot off the table... Who do you think you are, Michael Maze? 🤔... 😂 ...
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Haha Michael told me he owns that table, no one else is allowed to train on it 😂
Joshua Su (7 months ago)
Please do a xiom Asia 4 review
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey Joshua, we will see what we can do :) Stay tuned!
Chintan Mashroo (7 months ago)
Hey Dan, It always a pleasure watching your videos, its quality, editing and the content. I always look for review comments from upcoming/club players rather than players who are well versed with the marketing strategy of brands; one of the reasons being that players who are using such expensive products have got them without paying anything whereas an upcoming player would've bought it and will know its actual value. In your next video, I expect a female player from your club, who is a league/local tournament player, who is not sponsored by any brand. I do understand that it is difficult to get equipment sponsor for such videos, but that is something what I look forward to. Cheers
Fob Boss (7 months ago)
Chintan Mashroo “expect” 😂😂
たか たか (7 months ago)
Ilove maze ! he is God !
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hes awesome!
aeros sunico (7 months ago)
It would be amazing reviewing 05 hard. Or h3 national bluesponge boosted or non boosted with ML blade. A lot of people want to see that.
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey Aerox, 05 hard review coming soon. Ma Long review would be nice will look into it. Thanks for the comment!
Adamundane Edge (7 months ago)
Please review the stiga pro carbon racket
Adamundane Edge (7 months ago)
Can we please have more of the fpov? It looks awesome
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey Adamundane, glad you like it. I didn't think it was going to be as effective as it came out. Will be doing more go pro in the future :) Thanks for the suggestion :)
loozmi (7 months ago)
hey dan ! what is your classement ?? (number of points). your videos are awesome ;). PS: i also use the t-energy 05 , it' very cool !
loozmi (7 months ago)
ah okay. you have a great level ^^ thanks for your videos. I like when you play with professional players, its amazing :)
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey Loozmi, good question aha. I'm not that active in competition anymore but recently got back into competitive play. Playing in the British League currently :)
Yves Steven (7 months ago)
Do a review of hurricane 3 neo
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Hey Storm, will look into this 💪
Frank Gonzales (7 months ago)
Best tables around
Stephen Phoenix-Roberts (7 months ago)
I used 05 for a bit awesome rubber. But I say it not very durable. I played 3 time a week for 6 months.then dead, It’s good for pro as they change rubbers more often then a club player.
Pragati Kakoty (2 months ago)
it's dead because rubbers lifetime is 6months only
Benny Dook (7 months ago)
why not the H3 NEO plz
Happy Cadava (7 months ago)
Really really nice Video!!! Good Job!!!!!!
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Thanks buddy!! :)
Tevin Tech (7 months ago)
Review tenergy 05 Hard!
Tevin Tech (7 months ago)
TableTennisDaily Yeah Please! I’m considering buying it, and it would be so helpful if you compare the Hard with 05 :)
TableTennisDaily (7 months ago)
Working on it Tevin ;)
michal234486 (7 months ago)
The modern tt training is build around tenergy05. This is why it's so widespread. Just an 'industry standard'
dola adel (7 months ago)
05 Hard plz !
co siek (7 months ago)

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