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Swimsuit Bikini Model Alana in Mission Beach | Mission Beach Girl Alana

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Come with as we hang out in Mission Beach with Mission Beach Girl and swimsuit model Alana on a photo shoot with SoCal Beaches Magazine. For more photos of swimsuit bikini model Alana visit the SoCal Beaches Magazine websites at www.socalbeachmag.net www.youtube.com/socalbeachesmagazine www.myspace.com/socalbeachesmagazine
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Text Comments (11)
culturphile (7 years ago)
@Double00AA Just how they say white girls have an ass, lol. Very rare in fact.
HRRyan2 (7 years ago)
hot til i saw her face
IamMasterPatrik (7 years ago)
@Velor5 lol soz bro high standards
Jinn (7 years ago)
@IamMasterPatrik you mad?? shes obviously a 7.
IamMasterPatrik (7 years ago)
she is like 5 out of 10
vegasbob007 (7 years ago)
This women should be cloned.
Michael Prophet (8 years ago)
Your definition of flabby and fat differs from mine. And the usa doesn't glorify fat/flabby asses, we like girls with curves. I'm assuming you like stick figure girls like run way models ??? *barf*
Michael Prophet (8 years ago)
@Flyyyy You might want to check your glasses cause this girl deff. doesn't need squats. Shes got just the right amount of fat to muscle proportion.
Ricky Higdon (8 years ago)
thats just the way i like my women! More cushion, more pushin!lol very nice
FuckGoogle+ (8 years ago)
toutagamon (8 years ago)
Yeah me too. First 69 and after I was done with her, 911.

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