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Green Hell - GOING DOWN THE ELEVATOR THE HARD WAY - What's at the Bottom? - Green Hell Gameplay

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Green Hell Early Access Gameplay Part 10 - We Went Down the Elevator Area! What's Down There Besides Pain? - Welcome back to Green Hell! Today in Green Hell, we take a break from surviving and building and we see if we can make our way down the Elevator area and see the hidden location! Can we make it down? Let's play Green Hell! Want more Green Hell gameplay? Let me know in the comments! Join my Discord and chat about stuff: https://discord.gg/vBzHaWd More Green Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE73JvEc2pQ&t=540s&list=PLVxH6E2fftrfE_6weuplxYAOq7JEOH7l1&index=2 ---------- Green Hell on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/815370/Green_Hell/ About Green Hell: Green Hell is a sweltering struggle for survival in the Amazonian rainforest. Clinging to life, the player is set on a journey of durability as the effects of solitude wear heavy not only on the body but also the mind. How long can you survive against the dangers of the unknown? Having only a radio at your disposal you will follow a familiar voice through a seemingly endless and ruthlessly inhospitable jungle. Bit by bit, you will unveil more of the mystery of how you came to be in this hostile situation and what you discover just might be worse than what you fought so hard against to survive. ---------- Want more IGP? Check out these links: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/IGP_Subscribe IGP Twitter: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twit IGP Twitch: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twitch #GreenHell
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Text Comments (312)
Cris John (10 hours ago)
Completely full of questions😂
DelScorcho S R (20 hours ago)
an oasis? in the middle of the jungle?
Lexie Luff (21 hours ago)
Untamed_Insanity (1 day ago)
As the hatched fell down from the tree at 14:26.. It would be epic if you actually died by your own hand.. Come'on devs..
James Ashcroft (1 day ago)
0:50 "I am apparently very healthy and sane" Sanity: *is one leech away from hearing voices*
Andrew Blough (2 days ago)
So I did this. The only way to get down there "alive" is to use an infinite health cheat. There is a kill zone down there. Go to mrantifun for a cheat trainer.
Jason Alcatraz (3 days ago)
I don't get why you didn't realize that that area is incomplete and not meant to be explored yet.
Skar (3 days ago)
I think down there is where the story takes place
Tasty_Dizaster (3 days ago)
Y U NO use mod API for God mode?
Maureen Frame (4 days ago)
the princess dragon (5 days ago)
thank you for noticeing theres girls waching this too :)
Gun Master (5 days ago)
4:11 fuck don,t hit me ...o_o.. ass hole. >D
nosrednaable (6 days ago)
Hey IGP, check out this guy, he actually got down there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJgP881nXw
James Hite (7 days ago)
Halloween…? 5th of October....? Since when...…………?
Weyland Yutani (8 days ago)
Where's from, ingame or outside of the Game, i would like to know that thanks.
Luke Shea (9 days ago)
IGP, did you consider that they may have used code that kills the player when it goes below a certain Y co-ordinate, rather than a set 'plane' that kills the player.
Chicken Oof (9 days ago)
I have a idea igp use your fire starter when you are falling it might think you are throwing something down like you said about the logs going through the blocks.
LanskiGER (10 days ago)
Ever thought about going around that cliff and find the spot? As far as i remember, its pretty close to where you initially spawn ... but then it has been some days since i played it, could be wrong.
Bruce Kirk (10 days ago)
Last episode?? You know what the definition of insanity it...lol And when do you find the tribesman and the wife
Bowen Dishner (10 days ago)
Dr Chillum (10 days ago)
I love green hell but I can't wait for the next episode of visage
Morgan Freeman da 3rd (10 days ago)
I found your channel today i was watxhin visage
RobotKatChickenGamer (10 days ago)
Can you maybe mod the game to make it so that you can float around the map and disable the "death floor"? Then you'd be able to explore everywhere!
Gotobar 1313 (10 days ago)
God I hope they plan on adding onto the lower part, because it looks so cool. I’m thinking if they were to do it, they could make it like a muddy dirt road or something, and maybe an abandoned hut or mining thing you know?
Ventcelot (10 days ago)
I love green hell with IGP but can we have more of the survival game in space because it is too funny
Test Type (10 days ago)
Igp i just saw the podcast but i couldnt stay for long sorry you are the best, but what i heard you hate your"titel" and i habe a idea how about IGT what stands for Indie Game Tester 🤔let me know i you think about it xD
Kaden Mcmurtry (10 days ago)
I love this game
PolskiGaming (10 days ago)
Maybe Try noclip of godmode
yaboizak (10 days ago)
play radiation island
Clayton Haight (10 days ago)
Yes we enjoy green hell!
That1Guy (10 days ago)
It's an invisible wall that kills you on contact.
The Dirpyteabag (10 days ago)
More more more 👍🏻
Frankie Rasmussen (10 days ago)
have you tried to make ropes and see if you can four you down
Jost Pustovrh Lencek (10 days ago)
Do you play any free games?
chricton J (10 days ago)
A squirrel-suit or bamboo-frame hang glider would be awesome.
Doddy Syahputra (10 days ago)
hey IG you should make , a metal IGP compilation i think that would be funny
A R (11 days ago)
@IGP here is a tip if you block death with Cheat Engine you won't die and can see the center!
Luciano Ari (11 days ago)
Jump in to pit
sheldon pereira (11 days ago)
Like do you ever notice that you have a meter when you carry logs or long sticks, if shows the carry limit
Cherry Dragon (11 days ago)
This game is looking really good from what i've seen sofar IGP. Hope you enjoy it
-_- Lil Lump XD (11 days ago)
I wish my pc could handle this, what I just found out is my graphics card is a 460 😂. I died when finding out
octavian tiberiu (11 days ago)
you know you can just click the leeches and they drop off. at least for me it does. it's much faster and easier than drag and drop
Damonenegel The Dragon (11 days ago)
Heey.. look at IGP, trynna Skyrim his way on cliffs
STORM GAMING (11 days ago)
Fun as hell green he’ll Pun intended or not
Annber Taylor (11 days ago)
I wonder if the rest of the way out where you are trying to go will be added into the game
animalgeek22 (11 days ago)
I have four questions for you IGP... 1. Why was you're last episode so long and it was something so horrific that I couldn't watch it. 2. When are you going to upload The Isle videos again or are you never going to again. 3. When are you going to make another video w/ Icy. 4. Are you going to try fortnite? Just for the laughs when you rage.
001 002 (11 days ago)
it just wont let you down seems its auto killing
Muhammad Erza (11 days ago)
Been waiting forever
Gio Hamrick (11 days ago)
You should play breathedge
Galen Wolfe (11 days ago)
what if that entire area you've been trying to get to is the STORY area and you're gonna come UP the elevator and be stranded in the upper area later?
Cory Whitley (11 days ago)
Still interested in this series
Thinh Ngo (11 days ago)
The natives probably think you are one of those people making drug and doing illegal things in their forest, that’s why they wanna kill you.
Alan Williams (11 days ago)
Finally I'm waiting for this like a year
Gabriel Chirila (11 days ago)
that down place is gonna be added for sure bc the map is very tiny and the game is only in alpha or beta sooooo...yeah
william manzuk (11 days ago)
Ztey out side of the map clitch where ther is no water watch dregast ro see how he got out and mabie there is a way
bizzwag (11 days ago)
i think thats the area from the tutorial
C0RRUPT3D D4T4 (10 days ago)
bizzwag oh good idea
mungosaw 2 (11 days ago)
How about going outside the map then trying to get back into
Nikoli Sponagoff (11 days ago)
Hey IGP, you can throw rocks at coconut trees if u have any rocks in ur inventory. You can also nock nuts and coconuts down if you have a good aim.
0 Betts (11 days ago)
For Halloween you should play green hell and go completely insane, then go out into the jungle at night while unarmed and see how long you can last.
Aleksi Mustajärvi (11 days ago)
Could you some how spawn under the "killzone"
Clorox Bleach (11 days ago)
Try and get close enough to the floor, place a bed, build it, and then try sleeping on it. You might teleport beneath it.
Alan Tan (11 days ago)
What software fix did you do for this high fps.. The most laggy place would be the drug lab and bamboo area.
Shadow Heart (11 days ago)
You could just go into the ini files and change certain things like pretty much enabling god mode and maybe even opening up that area but of course i will say if you change the ini files make a fucking back up and dont save the game because if that is locked off for dlc or even a later update you wont wanna fuck up your main saves.
GroundPound 69 (11 days ago)
It ain't Halloween...
igp, your awesome, funny and suck. why i love you. oh and determined. very determined
XsCode (11 days ago)
Hey IGP... If you're still an IGP, I would love to see some Disdoored gameplay. You are my go-to-guy before purchasing Indie games and I was surprised not finding Disdoored on your channel.. Sleep when you're dead I need some Disdoored :)))
killer fox (11 days ago)
Um fuck that and um fuck that and uh fuck that
Flex Plays (11 days ago)
Am I the only one that immediately thinks of the Misfits when I see the words "Green Hell"?
Mr. Blackwood (11 days ago)
*P R A I S E T H E L O G*
Felix Edelman (11 days ago)
Halloween is next month
Chase Cummins (11 days ago)
Igp, You keep hitting a kill barrier you need to find a way to glitch past the kill barrier and then you can explore that plain
Ioan Bugheanu (11 days ago)
Dude you should have tried climbing up that dead tree hanging over the cliff. Also pls make more vids of this game!
f in the chat (11 days ago)
Hello future igp
Bolle Boos (11 days ago)
IGP: gimme that nut dude *snorts*
Vojta Kolář (11 days ago)
maybe its a silly idea but you can try build shelter right next to bordet (if its possible) than save and load and see if glitch you thru ... the buildings materials you can drop from above before heading down
Mohammed Fahd (11 days ago)
Thomas Girou (12 days ago)
As I already said, the « unknow plant » is a powerful anti-poison to eat. Lili’s dressing is useless on the other hand.
Molly Swift (12 days ago)
Continue to build log beds on the way down the mountain, and possibly save each time you build one?
misterblobbys (12 days ago)
Er today isn't Halloween
Zenovia Chan (12 days ago)
I guess That "Zone " Is not Allowed to be explored Considering Igp Keep Dying when touch The buttom of it .
Tide Guide (12 days ago)
The best gameplay of the hell it is
Sven isonfire (12 days ago)
A for effort at the end!
theodore mamalis (12 days ago)
We enjoy it
mmm zzz (12 days ago)
whears rar lone sails
FestersUncle (12 days ago)
Whats on Bottom of the Elevator Watch this video and you will see ALL ! , you will die everytime unless you hack a god mode as in this video the bottom is insta death everywhere ! https://youtu.be/LIu8GQ3kQIc
Jacob Ellinger (12 days ago)
Hey +IGP @IGP I don't know if it's just my imagination but a while back I ask you if you could stop using "god damn" so much and it seems like lately you might have actually been trying to mind your words so in case you actually are trying I want to tell you I notice and I really appreciate it. "god dang it" is much more acceptable. thank you.
CamelTow (11 days ago)
7eventy 5ive (12 days ago)
U can make soup out of the human meat and it doesn't lower ur sanity. Soup can be stored inside bidon.
Damian Nunn (12 days ago)
Dead Gamer (12 days ago)
You can create a Debug file somewhere inside the game files and give urself god mode if u still die it might be because that region is not a gameplay area
emerson mediano (12 days ago)
Why dont you try to sleep while falling?if it works it works but if not its the border that kills you
Ethan Smith (12 days ago)
It might be a death barrier
weediestbroom (12 days ago)
Hahaha "stop giving me nuts!"
Dragonslayer SM (12 days ago)
Next time go to the area without tree's, just to see if it's finished, because the last time, that area was not finished
Bluenosedwill1 (12 days ago)
I love it still, my wife will even watch you with me playing green hell
Pha Php (12 days ago)
Hey igp just found out that if you get food poisoning you can eat some yellow mushrooms and it will go away
Krisha Watanabe (12 days ago)
Cook the human meat in a coconut with water or the pot. It wont hit your insanity.
Bryan Taylor (12 days ago)
Love it
מיתר אדרי (12 days ago)
love you IGP

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