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Top 6 Hottest Thong Scenes From Movies - NATALIE PORTMAN, GWYNETH PALTROW (2017) HD

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Top 6 Hottest Thong Scenes From Movies NATALIE PORTMAN, GWYNETH PALTROW, JAMIE LEE CURTIS (2017) HD SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Hotties HERE: https://goo.gl/WiC41U A selection of the finest thong moments from movies. Check out our most popular HOTTIE PLAYLISTS: HOTTIE TRIBUTES: https://goo.gl/AFwcyf HOTTIE TOP 6 LISTS: https://goo.gl/FlBDXH HOTTIE OF THE MONTH VIDEOS: https://goo.gl/1AIwac SEXY TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/p1Lz30 RED CARPET PREMIERES: https://goo.gl/Fld3hS JoBlo Movie Hotties covers all the latest sexy trailers, red carpet premieres, but also features exclusive Top 6 lists, Hottie of the Month videos, Tributes to our favorite hotties, as well as exclusive interviews and photo shoots with behind-the-scenes videos. Check out our other channels: MOVIE TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/kRzqBU TV TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/IoWfK4 MOVIE CLIPS: https://goo.gl/74w5hd VIDEOGAME TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/LcbkaT JOBLO VIDEOS: https://goo.gl/n8dLt5
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Text Comments (271)
dean adams (2 days ago)
Grossly overweight??????? I like your video, however, that's fat shaming, not cool😡
Hatta1973 (3 days ago)
Jamie Lee so dam hot
Tampa Bay Lightning (3 days ago)
Whole clip smells like ass
BEBE F (4 days ago)
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Bert Alan (4 days ago)
what about the chick from deep blue sea?
Scott Davidson (5 days ago)
Kelly Lynch in Cocktail. Omg!!! And that ain't at least top 2...c'mon man....google it. Men dead in caskets hop up with eyes WIDE OPEN.
Logic Hammer (9 days ago)
#3 almost gave me a shwing.
fabio rocha da silva (11 days ago)
isfak iftu (14 days ago)
well what about deemi moore from striptease movie??i think you didn't watch this before make this video
TheGodParticle (16 days ago)
Hal's face, LMFAO!
Retro dealer 64# (18 days ago)
😅 I couldn't stop laughing when I seen Kirk Russell glaring at Goldie Hawn back then. So the chick playing pool. That means her big snatch was hanging out then hey😨☺. Wow! Jamie Lee Curtis back then I think she was a professional dancer at one time?.
mike plays (20 days ago)
hippity hoppity no nudes on my property
kevin hasch (22 days ago)
Palto is not hot. She has no curves
fredd Mc (25 days ago)
damn i wanna eat curtis 's ass=)
m.bella queen (27 days ago)
Lace booty shorts r good 2. jamie lee made my temperature rise. Strong and sexy woman😯😅
mike powell (27 days ago)
you missed one jessica beil in stealth or chuck and larry
ronald henderson (28 days ago)
I seen overboard Last night
Irsyad Musyafa (28 days ago)
my cum ia out
Where is the Jennifer Anistos????????????????????????????? Shaqe had a lot of hot scenes
Friendly Yt (1 month ago)
Brandon Jimenez (1 month ago)
Spot on pick for number one true lies wins flat out what is Shane how Jamie Lee Curtis has turned into a slob now though
Gordon Music (1 month ago)
Crocks a lil randy
Brian Shields (1 month ago)
Look at Linda's long 80s satchel ass.
because this has an age restriction
Hope Yefimova (1 month ago)
! 10v3 53x, my 53xy v!d30 h3r3 -- babez.fun/laHR1cHM6Ly9iYWJlei5mdW4l
Matt Olivier (1 month ago)
Your list is WAY off man. Demi Moore from striptease, Jamie Presley from ANY of her films.
Zachary James (1 month ago)
Jessica Beil in Powder Blue beats all of these.
DotOrgasm (1 month ago)
Need to see Men in Hope.
Laurent Ditilyeu (1 month ago)
Robert McCann (1 month ago)
Jamie Lee Curtis. Then, now, anytime. I'm in.
James Bond (1 month ago)
IMO Linda Kozlovski is the best of all the others and the most natural
sonny crockett (1 month ago)
When i see jamie's legs i think that God exist
Erika Eleniak from Under Siege
あき ら (1 month ago)
Please tell me all work titles!
busnut33 (1 month ago)
AH butts.... We love em. 😫3=👊D💨💨💨
Marko Ingram (1 month ago)
Jessica beil chuck and Larry...
Vic Toza (1 month ago)
2:15 Not Paltrow. It's a stand-in.
RLaneSports (1 month ago)
More scenes for the beautiful lady in red Vica Kerekes https://youtu.be/Rif7wxpOgng
mark hamer (1 month ago)
Where is Halle Berry?
Definitely Jamie Lee Curtis should be number one. She had the best body of any woman. And one of the most Beautiful woman who has ever lived.
Veinous (1 month ago)
Jamie lee Curtis is man
alex gibbs (1 month ago)
Nah.. Lol best body on the list for sure, but her face is eh
Goutam Deb (1 month ago)
Kylie Farris (1 month ago)
What about Selma Hayek?
Benjamín Maldonado (1 month ago)
Gracias Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇵🇷
Shahbaz Khan (1 month ago)
Lee James (1 month ago)
"Gwyneth Paltrow" scene was a body double!
Trouser Trout (1 month ago)
I would have bangbros Marie
SuperDark1lord (2 months ago)
of course my favorite Vica Kerekes
avijit3001 (2 months ago)
True Lies
Sauvy Dob (2 months ago)
I ain't gonna lie... I had to get the baby oil and a towel on that Jamie Lee Curtis seen...a few times.. OMG 😋
brucenatelee (2 months ago)
2:50 I assume, according to Wikipedia, her name is spelled Vica Kerekes.
brucenatelee (2 months ago)
I've seen True Lies a few times and Jamie lee Curtis never did it for me as a kid. As I got older and more open minded about attractiveness (she doesn't have the "cutest face," just saying), I've realized I missed out on paying attention to what mattered the most in the dance scene. Now, if only Natalie Portman showed us what Jude Law saw in the VIP room one day...
Jose Lobos (2 months ago)
La mejor jimie curtis un trasero que se leve tremendos cachetes
Happablapp (2 months ago)
im australian and i love thongs...
Zac Garrison (2 months ago)
Wow! What an incredible b-o-d-y Jamie Lee had! She was a real sleeper, until she took her clothes off! Va-va-va-vooom!
Arodgers12 Fan (2 months ago)
3:12 Cott Damn She's Fine!!!! 😍😍😍😍
RLaneSports (1 month ago)
More scenes for the beautiful lady in red Vica Kerekes https://youtu.be/Rif7wxpOgng
brucenatelee (2 months ago)
Time to learn Hungarian!!!
Fredrick Roomer (2 months ago)
golde hawn
Julius Davis (2 months ago)
By the gods ! What a list! I mean DAMN!!!!!
gcrouton (2 months ago)
Imagine being Arnold in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Jamie Curtis, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your tight body and horrific androgynous monster face. I would totally have sex with you, both my character and the real me." when all he really wants to do is fuck another 16 year old in his dressing room. Like seriously imagine having to be Arnold and not only sit in that chair while Jamie Lee Curtis flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and leathery skin, and just sit there, take after take, hour after hour, while she perfected that dance. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on set tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, JAMIE LEE CURTIS LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been fucking nothing but a healthy diet of blondes and supermodels and later alleged rape victims for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Austria. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her dimpled stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to sit there and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous months. And then the director calls for another take, and you know you could kill every single person in this room before the studio security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Arnold. You're not going to lose your future political career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.
William Spain (2 months ago)
I wish Jamie looked like this in the new Halloween movie. I’d be in the front row 😉
Chris Konsorka (7 days ago)
William Spain w
Rhamsody Phage (2 months ago)
It's so cruel the way women are made. No one should have this much power.
Cyber Swiper (2 months ago)
My favourite isn’t in this video My fav is Salma Hayek from dusk till dawn 1996
Jay Smith (2 months ago)
Salma Hayek in from Dusk til Dawn blows most of these picks out of the water. Especially that nasty Goldie Hawn
Robert Vega (2 months ago)
Gwenyth paltrow got the thongs right said
Frank (2 months ago)
Check out Paula Trickey in maniac cop 2
Progamer376 (2 months ago)
So fking ugly skinny wh0r€s and almost puking to everyone. Where is natural real womens who dont need fking makeup and gym? YAK!
paulo J Caos (2 months ago)
1 uff very sexy
Steel Fury (3 months ago)
*Linda Kozlowski was definitely woman you wanted to fuck and I mean silly!*
gil lehrer (3 months ago)
0:47 After this scene, Hogan, of course, married Laura Kozlowski in 1990, they had a boy. In 2013, Kozlowski filed for divorce from Hogan, citing irreconcilable differences (???!!!). She's 60 in 2018, I wonder how she'd be today a one-piece thong swimsuit like that!
davsny5 (3 months ago)
I love Ryan Gosling but seriously, what can of man leaves someone like Rachel to go have a baby with his Latin Grandmother? He must seriously have a screw loose or a head full of bad wiring. I mean, her ass alone is enough to drive a man wild, but her legs, face, eyes, skin, lips and hair are divine. She is a total babe, so sweet, so gorgeous and very talented. Love Rachel
andres adames (3 months ago)
paltrows is a body double
Donny Estee (3 months ago)
dave4248 (3 months ago)
Where's Kelly Lynch from "Cocktail?"
carlossanchez31 (3 months ago)
La mejor jamie lee ese baile sensual para Arnold
REN MACHIEVELLI (3 months ago)
That Czech babe's hair now smells like pussy and butt
REN MACHIEVELLI (3 months ago)
Crocodile Dundee let me know white women could have ass
Antonio Oliveira Wolski (3 months ago)
Jamie Lee Curtis the best
Adeel Asif (3 months ago)
I want that women last one
NoobsShadow (3 months ago)
Too bad it's not Natalie Portman's ass. It was a body double, just like Black Swan. The "water was too cold" for little miss Portman.
fibreoptik (3 months ago)
Jamie Lee Curtis is disgusting
Joe Casson (3 months ago)
#1 is way off... all of those others are much hotter women...
Jay Bubblez (3 months ago)
Natalie was in "The Professional" when she was a kid right?
John Muhleisen (1 day ago)
No she was 12. 12 is not a kid.
Zachary James (1 month ago)
More like 12 in Leon The Professional.
Joe Casson (2 months ago)
brucenatelee (2 months ago)
Yeah, like 14 or something.
Willie Batie (3 months ago)
Number three should not be on this list.
Michael Paul (3 months ago)
Natalie Portman doesn't have much of an ass
Michael Paul (3 months ago)
Unfortunately that Gwyneth Paltrow scene is not her it's a body double ☹️
hitman47 suckass (3 months ago)
Michael Paul what that mean?
Supa SilverSurf (3 months ago)
Only booty on her is jamie
Supa SilverSurf (3 months ago)
No ass
Tom Johnson (3 months ago)
OMG, I have to find #3. #6 is still one of my all time favorites. #1 funny, sexy and she was hot; not too many could have pulled that off...so to speak.
J Arellano (3 months ago)
Your Highness that wasn't Portman....Unfortunately 😥😥
Dmon Strikes (4 months ago)
Goldie is the best only scene sexier for me is salma Hayek in from dusk till dawn
John Jonathan (4 months ago)
How do I masturbate with that idiot talking in the background
Dave Padilla (4 months ago)
Chris Konsorka (7 days ago)
Dave Padilla
Chris Konsorka (7 days ago)
Dave Padilla
Varinz (4 months ago)
On this list, only one actress didn't look borderline anorexic, and that's Jamie. Seriously, they need to eat. Especially Gwyneth, she's become even skinnier after Shallow Hal.
Tarjinder Singh (4 months ago)
Does hogan have to be in there also that's not Gwen's butt
Jackson King (4 months ago)
Hot Chicks in thongs has always been in style and will never end.
KT MOVIES (4 months ago)
Wrong turn
Dhai Katto (4 months ago)
My indo9ßhđ
deivid games4 (4 months ago)
Cómo se llama la película número 4
Anthony Robles (4 months ago)
where the colored woman at?
Nancy Toner (4 months ago)
Gwyneth is so hawt
Joe Casson (2 months ago)
she's hot... what the fuck is "hawt"? oh it is one of those fucking retarded non-words made up by fucking retards
Alfonzo Valero (4 months ago)
como se llama la numero 2????

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