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Utopia- Line Rider 2

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The song is called Love Song by Sara Bareillis. Sorry for the lag. I learned the "M" trick right after I posted this. I learned it on an awesome site called www.weridethelines.com. I found it incredible that my posts were answered right after I posted.
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efrazable (8 years ago)
@HappyGuyxlii I sure hope you aren't the kind of person who goes around to videos remotely related to what you are encouraging people to do in a repetitive copied and pasted text. That would be horrible. I'm sure that you wouldn't do that.
Emma (8 years ago)
Nice song choice. xD You have a huge potential. If you want, you could join elitelinerider. I'm a moderator there. Dang, I sound like an advertisement bot now. But I do hope to see you and your tracks again. :)

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