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Pet Peeve: Duct tape will NOT keep someone quiet

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You've seen it in the movies. Does putting a strip of duct tape across someone's mouth keep them from speaking or calling out? Answer: Absolutely Not.
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Simon R (2 years ago)
Greetings from the UK.  Great video re the use of duct tape to silence someone.  As I've got older I have got more annoyed with the lame use of a single strip of tape being an effective way to silence someone as a gag.  Me and a couple of friends have debated the art of gagging at length and worked out that you can gag someone effectively with tape, but it has to be applied very tightly, securely and artfully.  Don't have a video of this, only some photos and I don't think you can post photos on youtube. But there is an art to effective gagging but whether a kidnapper/hostage taker would have the time/inclination to tape in the way that we think would do the job I am not sure!  It needs a lot of tape and I can't imagine the captor spending ages sealing the victims mouth when a couple of strips might do a temporary job, albeit poorly!   For a good gag you need tape over the mouth, round the head and under the chin so that the jaw is clamped up.  Bet you never thought that your videos would create so much comment and debate!
Mary Freebed (2 years ago)
Yes it will, if you use enough. Never just the one strip, though.
domsau2 (2 years ago)
Susan, it's your turn!
MrBoxerbound (5 years ago)
More research, with an old sock stuffed in the mouth first, also put the bag over his head again :P
kp22kc (6 years ago)
Great video. But if the person is knocked out and wakes up with duct tape over their mouth it is a little more likely that the tape would be actually stuck to the skin and is harder to remove. Also with a stuffing where the mouth is open and there is no way to open the mouth wider would be harder to get the tape off. Try a stuffing video, or open your mouth when the tape is applied and see how it works that way. I know most movies use a single strip, but that is just suspension of disbelief.
Czolgosz, Workin' Man (6 years ago)
If you really want to keep someone quiet, you have to put a hole in their head.
Jordan Schlansky (1 year ago)
Excellently said, sir!

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