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Welcome to Sea of Thieves Central. Your source for absolutely everything Sea of Thieves; news, discussions, speculations and analysis and more. Join the crew for all your pirate needs. ~ There are plenty of creatures and animals in Sea of Thieves for players to interact with so here is a complete list for you to hold on to. ~ Sea Of Thieves Website: https://www.seaofthieves.com/ Links for this Video: Sea of Thieves YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtt2... ARTICLE: https://seaofthieves.gamepedia.com/Creatures Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts8hYek1hGE&t=10s Thumbnail: https://goo.gl/images/zMrZLH /// Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Paladin_Topaz Subscribe to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFc_... /// Sea of Thieves Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SeaofThieves ~ Live that pirate life!
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Text Comments (50)
pawel tasmanski (1 month ago)
So there are no enemies like pirates or something just skeletons
Biffy JBman (3 months ago)
The mermaids are actually sirens and there singing is actually used to lure salers to there death so ive heard
Seblastian (3 months ago)
Phantom AngelOfTheDead_ (7 months ago)
Roses are red, voilets are blue, i clicked for the thumbnail instead i got you.
Seblastian (3 months ago)
Muhammad Faris (8 months ago)
I hope theres a megalodon or great white shark
Seblastian (3 months ago)
Derpy Dude (11 months ago)
I want cuthulu
Seblastian (10 months ago)
Calvin (1 year ago)
Has anyone seen that other megalodon i havent seen anything online about it its all blue and stuff
Calvin (1 year ago)
Seblastian yes
Seblastian (1 year ago)
It was awesome!
Generic Name jpg (1 year ago)
I wish there were other shark types in different areas, like hammerheads or tiger sharks. And whales should be there too, just there
jack gaming (1 year ago)
Smashing Competition (1 year ago)
I would love to play as a mermaid you could help your crew by scouting
Defult (1 year ago)
That should add more sea enemy
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Jake Toms (1 year ago)
Just add sh#t loads of stuff
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Its heard that when a kraken is near the oceon turns black of ink and you see tentacles come out of the water
were both waiting for sea of thieves DX
Seblastian (1 year ago)
I have to wait until March 28th
what time do you have to wait or can you not get it
Seblastian (1 year ago)
I can't either! It sucks.
I can't even paly it on march 20th I have to wait till april 2nd to get sea of thieves for me but atleast I get it I feel bad for people who want it but cant get it
Fin Hudson (1 year ago)
they should add meat that you can throw overboard to attract sharks to swarm the meat. this could be a cool way to make your enemies walk the plank
Fin Hudson (1 year ago)
Seblastian.Al And again! if you didn't see, before i said that its good that you always answer peoples comments, but are you like always active replying to people?
Seblastian (1 year ago)
That's actually super interesting.
Snappy Playz (1 year ago)
I would love to see other sea creatures like dolphins or swordfish
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Dolphins would be awesome!
arkinyte13 (1 year ago)
Add Sea Serpents and Gillmen.
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Travis Macord (1 year ago)
Moby Dick!
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Kormit De Frag (1 year ago)
I want ship pets like a parrot or a cat
Dragon spirit (1 year ago)
Pets will be added in the near future updates for sea of thieves. They did talk about it and they what will eventually add it.
Seblastian (1 year ago)
That would be so cool.
Gryphyd (1 year ago)
Hey, just wanted to let you know that in a datamine of the sea of thieves beta, they found out that mermaids are enemies in the game files, the one that saves you is the nice mermaid (what it's actually called).
Fin Hudson (1 year ago)
Justin Boudreau. i think sirens should act like mermaids but when you talk to them they transport you to a secret island with only a single row boat to escape. but if you try to you will get attacked by the sirens
Justin Bou (1 year ago)
It's called a siren
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Oh thanks dude appreciate it.
Fam5Gaming (1 year ago)
Can’t wait to see the Kraken. Just found your channel through twitter- great vids!
Seblastian (1 year ago)
Thanks dude glad you are here.
Cala say (1 year ago)
Id like to see monkeys and alligators (or crocodiles), maybe some sea themed monsters coule come out of thr ocean and attack you when your on an island. NPC pirates could be cool. I dont believe traps are in the game and they could be interesting to deal and interact with
Seblastian (1 year ago)
No I haven't heard of traps but, crocodiles would be a good fit for sure.
Techzor (1 year ago)
Still lovin the daily uploads man, showing me things I have yet to look into :P
Seblastian (1 year ago)
You know it. Here for ya.

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